How to Use ChatGPT: Ultimate Beginner’s Tutorial 2023

Right now over 1.8 billion people are Using Chachi BT every single month and There's good reason for it whether it's Learning faster writing better coming up With new ideas or even coding Applications so much can be done faster And better using chat GPT by watching This video till the end you're going to Be saving yourself hours of time and Potentially be making life-changing Amounts of money based on what chat GPT Can do for you by the way guys this is Going to be a fully updated video Because chat gbt has announced a bunch Of new features such as gbt4 with browse And even a full IOS app that I'm sure You guys didn't even know about so Before I get into the first Point Let's Quickly go over exactly what Chachi BT Is and how you can utilize it for this Start by going into the search bar and Typing in all right from there you Log in or sign up if you don't have an Account already you can sign up for free You can use your Google account your Apple account or even your Microsoft Account once you're in you're going to See a screen similar to this and you can Type in something simple like What's Up Chat GPT next let me give you a bit of a Basic rundown of how this current Updated version works so first on the Top left corner you got the new chat

Button by pressing this you're going to Be opening up a completely new chat log So say you have one on give me cooking Tips but then you want to switch your Tasks and go into tell me about how Beautiful a Bronco raptor is normally What happens too is after you make it a Prompt it's going to automatically label What kind of conversation that you are Having here but just in case it doesn't You can always manually put it in so Bronco Raptor all the way to the bottom Of that you also have the option to Check your profile out to go into the FAQ section you can clear your Conversations and you can also upgrade Your plan within that you also have the Settings bar a lot of people overlook This because there's not a lot of tools But as they continue to release more Upgrades we're definitely going to be Seeing more implementations of different Settings that you can utilize Now ladies And gents the free version will Definitely get you by but if you find That you're using Chachi BT often they Also have an upgraded version for about Twenty dollars a month once you start Paying for that you also have access to Gpt4 and you also get GPT plugins such As browsing the internet with Bing and Then additional plugins that you can Also enable connecting it to the chat Gbt site so by paying for Chachi BT

You're going to be getting faster better And more accurate results I'm not Sponsored by chat gbt in any way but I've been paying for it for the last few Months multiple people on my team have Chat gbt the paid version and I just Think it's a very valuable tool and the ROI is definitely there as an example One thing that I can add in to the gpt4 Is by going into plugins this is cool Okay and you have different apps now Like searching flights stays and rental Cars uh you have notable you have Scholar AI where you can unlock the Power of scientific research with Peer-reviewed papers you have speak so You can learn how to say any anything in Another language with your AI powered Language tutor I mean the list goes on And on and they actually have about 19 Different pages worth of different Plugins it is crazy because this stuff Wasn't around like in the past few weeks This is all brand new stuff that you can Continue to optimize and use and it's Only going to get better from here so The first way you can use chat EBT is Pretty much like a search engine okay I'm not even gonna go to gpt4 I'm going To go and stay on gbt 3.5 so if I went Over to Google and I typed in something Like who created bitcoin as an example We're going to be getting this article Here something about Satoshi Nakamoto

Now if I wanted to learn more I'd have To go through the search result I would Have to add more prompts and do a bit More research after clicking some links If I end up typing that same question Into chat EBT I'll get the same answer But with a bit more information now the Best part is that in my conversation With chat gbt it'll actually remember What I've said and it'll continue to Learn from it so let's say this answer Here that they gave me was too Complicated and I don't understand no English so I could say hey can you Actually explain it to me like I'm five So Chachi BT gave me an example where Imagine you have a toy car but instead Of being a physical car you can hold It's kind of a special car that exists On the computer and that special car is Called Bitcoin just from that I have Information where I mean it's a little Literal right here where it's trying to Explain to me like I'm five from this You guys should get the general idea I Just want to chat gbt to give me the Information as simple as possible and Instead of going through Google and Typing this out myself it would give me The answer directly now there is one Problem though with chat EBT and it's Just the fact that if I asked it a Question like what's the newest model of The iPhone as of now the knowledge cut

Off for Chachi BT is September 2021st And the newest model of the iPhone is The 13. as you can see clearly it's Wrong we're at the 15th reiteration of The iPhone and this is actually a good Time for you to see some of the updates That they made so here's what I'll do I Could copy this just by Ctrl C I'll go Into new chat I'll go into gpt4 I'll Press browse with Bing I'll copy and Paste that in and this would be a Workaround so right now we can see Chachi BT actually using the internet Similar into the way that we would and It's right now looking up what the Latest information on this question Would be now it's going to take it some Time to develop the information it's Currently reading the content now it Finished browsing and it actually told Me a new answer the newest model of the IPhone is expected to be the iPhone 15 So it's updated all of the information That it didn't have from its previous Model ladies and gents this is huge Because this was formerly one of the Biggest barriers to chat gbt up until Now if one of the major issues of using AI just recently got solved within the Past few weeks I'm sure the next two Downsides which we'll cover will also Get fixed eventually and that is the Fact that Chachi BT can sometimes be Biased and it can also sometimes just be

Outright wrong this reiterates the fact That we're early but it also means that You need a double check your work and You can't solely rely on chat gbt for Complete 100 accuracy next up for the Second use case we know how to learn new Stuff but what if there's a concept that We're struggling to understand where as An example I asked Chachi BT to explain The concept of what Bitcoin is like I'm Five but I can actually go ahead and Take that idea and apply it to pretty Much anything so let's stick with the Concept of Bitcoin so just in the case You didn't know Bitcoin uses something Called blockchain Data your average Joe Doesn't know what blockchain actually Means and Chachi BT is here to make it Even less complicated so I'll ask it to Explain how the blockchain works for an Absolute beginner and I here got a Full-on explanation with Chachi BT going Ham right now now this is kind of long So I can say hey this is still Complicated for me to understand explain It like I'm a dummy now this explanation Is a lot more simple than this where They're using the analogy of how Blockchain is similar to a notebook Where you're recording transactions Checking transactions agreeing on Transactions and then you're chaining The notebooks together and keeping the Notebook safe now if you're wondering

Why it's necessary to dumb down any type Of explanation you obviously could learn From the traditional way of education But I believe like right now even for The year 2022 by being able to break Down complicated ideas it makes learning Easier and faster and even more Effective for other people instead of Having to get definitions for words and Extending the time of you learning some Of these more simple Concepts you can Understand it right from the get-go now The next use case is really similar to This as well but flipped around so let's Say you're reading an article but Struggling to understand what it's Actually saying so you could copy that Article and ask Chachi BT to explain What it means for you so recently I was Reading an article about the US debt Ceiling crisis and I had to do even Further research about how this tied in And how it played out before within the History of the US government so as an Example debts stealing crisis will pull Up you know one article here I'll copy That in all right so what I'll do is go Into gpt4 click on browse with this and Then I would type in summarize the Article In one paragraph now we can see Chachi BT getting to work and out of all of This it's just so amazing to see that we Can find ways to save time and to get

Even just essential points instead of Having to read through several different Resources constantly now in this example I wasn't super clear on where the debt Ceiling crisis stood so I could also ask For another update what would happen in The case that our government Can't reach a decision now Chachi BT is Literally like a a teacher that I can Just ask these type of questions to I Really love how it just organizes their Points and if I ever wanted verification On this information I could even ask Chachi bt4 its sources on why it Believes it's right so basically I think This is an overpowered tool just because It can save people hours and hours of Research if I had this back when I was a College student maybe I wouldn't have Dropped out to pursue entrepreneurship Maybe I would have stayed in school Thinking I was smarter than I really was All right use case number four ladies And gents let's flip this around in the Topic of Education once again because You know we talked about Bitcoin we Talked about debt ceiling but what if I Actually wanted to test my knowledge Well you can do that in the traditional Form of what schools do and that's Through quizzes so I can actually get Chachi PT to quiz me on the information I know to make sure that I really Understand it so maybe going back into

Our blockchain text I can say give me a Quiz on this that I can interact solve So here it is chat gbt is literally Typing up a five page quiz oh sorry There's seven questions going a little Crazy out here and it's also giving me The answers so if I wanted to go through It test out my knowledge and test it Here it could also reinforce my Understanding of the concept of Bitcoin And blockchain Technology I can even go A layer deeper than that I can ask it Questions on you know hey I got Questions two and three wrong can you Help me learn and solidify my knowledge Within this or I could also ask it Things like based on my answers what Would you recommend I learn next to Improve my understanding just remember Chachi BT is more than just a tool that You know summarizes things for you but It can get really creative all right Next one up is one that I hear a lot About which is writing so one of the Best features that chat CPT is that it Can fully automate the writing process For you as most you guys know writing is Not most people's Forte and it could be A super time consuming process Especially if it's something you do a Lot of the essential things that you Need to know about this is that it can Format things and style things very Differently to fit what you need let's

Say as an example you're looking to Write a finance YouTube video like the One that I'm doing right now which is All automated and written out by chat GPT just kidding no it's I it wasn't but Maybe it was or maybe it wasn't anyways Real talk though if you're trying to get A skirt for a video you could type in Hey so as an example I could give it a New prompt such as write me a one minute YouTube short on how sharks are not Actually dangerous and boom I got myself A YouTube short right here now there's Definitely a lot to this so I could give It another input like hey this is too Over complicated simplify this now if You do want something change if you Think you need to start from scratch you Can give it even more feedback until you Get the answer that you want now this Year is amazing because with script Writers oftentimes you need to go Through multiple rounds of revisions That might cost you a lot of money but With chat gbt you can have unlimited Iteration until you perfect it outside Of scripts though you can also write Email templates you could reach out to Co-workers family members write up Letters if you got to do a speech that You're really putting off you could have Chat gbt assist you in that way too guys Chachi BT can literally write you Anything as long as you're specific with

Your prompt so if you wanted to even get Creative like you want to write a poem Because you're feeling a little Shakespearean for the day or if you want To tell your kid a bedtime story just Keep in mind the key with this is to be Specific Chachi BT is not perfect and I Don't think it's at a point right now Where it could fully replace what people Can do but it's getting pretty close I Haven't really touched on how to use the Best prompts and everything we covered Before this it didn't really matter how Specific you were with those prompts Both writing and everything after this You need to actually be as specific as You possibly can so the rules for this Is to just give context to who you are What you're looking for why you're Looking for it how to format it and as Much information as you can possibly Provide generally the more information You give the more reference points chat GPT has to give you the results that You're looking for on top of that if you You use the feedback and responses it Gives you to the initial prompt you can Also guide the outputs that you get Alright so for use case number six on Getting feedback let's say for now Instead of getting something written out For you maybe you've already written Something and you just need a little bit Of feedback on it well there are tools

That have exist for a while like Grammarly that helps you to understand How your writing sounds to someone else But it's usually limited on how far it Can go so let's say you're working on an Essay for a school or a presentation for Your job how can you make sure that the Point comes across well and that Everything sounds convincing or whatever Manner you're trying to get it to it's Easy you literally just ask chat gbt for Help with that so first you can make Sure that your point is clear by typing Something like hey I'm writing an essay On the impact of World War II on the US Economy can you summarize my essay in Two to three sentences for me and then Paste it in so what's gonna happen here Is that it'll go through the essay and It'll do that summary for you and you Can read that summary to make sure it's In line with what you're hoping for from There you can find out how to adjust it To get the points you're hoping to get Across and this essay a is written to Show mixed effects so both positive and Negative from the war but maybe I want To argue that it was financially bad in The long run as a follow-up I could ask How can I modify this essay to argue That the war had negative impacts on the Economy over time so here it is to argue That World War II had negative impacts On the economy over time you can modify

The essay as follows chat GPT just gave Me some ideas to adjust my writing from There but it goes way farther than that So you can ask what your tone is to make Sure it sounds professional you can ask How your formatting is to make sure that It looks a bit more proper and you can Even ask whether the points are strong And clear now this year is going to give You a ton of valuable data to help you Become an even better writer now the Seventh use case that you need to know About is brainstorming so maybe you're Stuck in your chair stuck in a studio With the pair of glasses and a light Green shirt on and you don't know what Kind of video you need to write about Next I'm describing myself well chat gbt Has helped me out a ton and I know it Can help you guys out too because for Anything that might require idea Generation BT can be like it can be like Your homie that you bounce ideas off of So for an example maybe I want to start A new e-commerce business based around Fitness what are 10 products I could Sell in e-commerce Drop Shipping Store That are Fitness focused from here it's Going to give me a bunch of ideas for That and if I'm looking for ideas on Content on a marketing agency that I own I could also input those type of Characteristics too so for this I've Created a new chat and I would say

Something like I run a marketing agency That specializes in social media Marketing for restaurants in my local Area what are some viral video campaigns I could try now someone who has Literally done this I had a marketing Agency I've blown up restaurants back in The past few years I literally blown Them up guys we've brought in a lot of Traffic utilizing Facebook ads and some Of these ads and let me tell you with What chatgpt has suggested this is Really really good stuff food pairing Local influencer collaborations recipe Tutorials customer testimonials food Challenges it is unbelievable pretty Much you need to know is that Chachi BT Can accelerate brainstorming for you and Act almost as that second brain to come Up with even more ideas and hone in on The best ones beyond that ladies and Gents we all need advice okay none of us Are perfect people and sometimes you Know you don't want to go to friends With certain advice that you may need Well Chachi PT can also help you with That recently over on Twitter I saw that Someone actually had a chat with chat GPT on using them as therapy and a Journaling tool that allow them to get Advice on how to solve their problems in Real life obviously this isn't going to Be perfect I don't know if it can beat a Therapist but there's a ton of objective

And logical advice that Chachi BT can Help you out with so this could be Things like you know if you're owning Your own business and you don't know how To train or hire first employee you can Give it the prompt hey I have my first Employee that I'm hiring and he's going To be handling this type of service what Are some tips and Leadership things that I can do in order to make sure that he's Trained as efficiently as possible so Chachi BT says congratulations on hiring Your first employee and it's giving me a Lot of actionable stuff like this stuff Is so good provide an orientation Develop a training plan use a Combination of training methods provide Ongoing feedback encourage Independence And problem solving conduct regular Review sessions lead by example guys as Someone who's you know hired multiple People in the past few years this stuff Is good stuff is real good as a Follow-up I can also say give me a Step-by-step action plan and boom got my Sop my scope of procedures all happening Instantly which would have taken me like Two three hours to actually type up now Guys moving forward to Chachi BT also Released a brand new app and it works so Well alright so for this just go into The app store if you have an iPhone or If you use Android get an iPhone just Kidding I don't judge y'all use whatever

You want go into chat EBT you can open Up the app and right here you have 3.5 In gbt4 and pretty much everything that We're doing on the computer you can do It at the touch of your finger right Here on your phone and guys let me say Like usually these apps feel a little Clunky but man it's solid it's Straightforward and I use the Google Search feature a lot but instead of that I've been replacing it with chat GPT on My cell phone which is a great Day-to-day tool which I think could save You a lot of time and help make Decisions as an example A lot of the Times my girlfriend and I can't figure Out where to eat for the night you know I'm trying to be more healthy but at the Same time I need more protein but I'm Sick of eating at certain places I could Literally have Chachi BT do that for me And if you have your phone all you got To do is press this icon the mic icon Hey Chachi BT I am uh trying to figure Out where to eat tonight my girlfriend And I can't decide we want to be healthy We want a place that has no Dairy we Want it to be high in protein also it Needs to be affordable okay boom I just Gave it the prompt there it's typing it Out now look if I wanted to give me some Actual restaurants and I'm stuck on like Three I could say hey help me to choose Between going to Chipotle and getting a

Burrito going to Sardi's and getting a Quarter piece of chicken or should I be Eating at Chick-fil-A I'm trying to be Healthy and save money so it's as Considering both health and Affordability Chipotle might be the best Option and this is exactly what I would Probably go for I think Sardis is good Too but sometimes that puts me in a Little sleepy mood food coma you guys Ever have that all right for the ninth Way that you can use Chachi BT I think This can save you a lot of money it can Make you a lot of money if you're in the Right industry and this is by using chat GPT to optimize coding languages so Chachi BT is really good to help you out With coding but it's best used when it's Needed in very specific purposes I think In the future it'll literally be able to Code out websites for us and I've spent So much money like giving it to website Developers where I feel like in a few Years if you guys just hold it out you Can get very beautiful stuff made all With AI so let's start here with the Basics maybe like me you don't know much About writing code but you can ask it Very specific questions and get examples Of how it actually works so as an Example I would say hey what is a binary Treat with reference to coding and just Like that it'll explain how it works What it looks like visually and also

Show you an example of how to put one Together but to take it even further you Can ask it something like can you write A function in Python that allows me to Populate the binary tree by taking text Inputs and it responded certainly here's The example of a python function that Allows you to populate a binary tree by Taking text inputs it also States at the Bottom you can run this code and enter The values one by one when prompted and Enter Q to stop entering values and Build the final binary tree so from this I was able to see that it was able to Code everything out pretty quickly and Also explain inwards how it works now It's important to always test the code And actually make sure that it is Working instead of just thinking that This is a full automated way to code and You know it's going to replace your work That you need to do for your job the Whole point of this is that it can Create smaller functions and eventually Help you solve bigger pieces of a puzzle Now the 10th use case for chat gbt is Also the fact that it can go ahead and Review a code for you so when developing A program oftentimes you're going to run Into bugs that can be really hard to Solve and understand as an example I'll Go in and type in this code fix this Code for me and boom They just fixed this code for me now

This here is a super simple example of a Bug but this can go much further and can Be used for even more complicated codes To find things and be optimized if They're broken if you happen to work for A large company you might have other People to help you and look over your Code but if you're an independent Developer you might need a second set of Eyes this is where it can really come in Handy so those are the 10 best use cases For you to use with Chachi BT but this Is where things only get even more Exciting Auto gbt has started to become Much bigger lately where you're Effectively able to stack AI on top of AI to optimize and get even better and Better results not only that but AI has Only really become mainstream in just The last six months or so you know we're Still very early to this type of Technology the whole point is that the More you learn and the more this will Continue to be able to benefit your life In the future as well as it is now if You want to learn more about AI be sure To subscribe to this YouTube channel I Also have a full AI newsletter that you Can sign up for and this is also the Best way that you can make sure you Don't miss out on anything new on top of That if you guys also want to pick up 20 30 free stocks I know it sounds Ridiculous but there are offers for that

Check out MooMoo and Weeble link Down Below in the description and on top of That if you guys want to join my inner Circle Community where I post buy and Sell alerts for you guys to help make Money within these markets and I post Even more stuff within my patreon the Link for that is down below for just 14.99 thank you all so much again for Watching today's video take care have a Blessed day and I'll see y'all soon Peace


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