How To Use ChatGPT for Crypto Research

You've heard of CHA GPT but did you know That it can help with crypto research in The next 60 seconds I'll explain how This AI can save you hours of work first Things first have Chad gbt summarize Complex white papers it'll break down The key details in simple terms so that You can understand the problem that Project solves and also the technology Behind it next get chai GPT to Crunch Those tokenomic stats for you prompted To break down total supply distribution Utility and demand then ask chatgpt to Assess Community engagement get it to Evaluate social media media coverage and Development activity of that project on GitHub and don't forget governance Models as child gbt how the on-chain and Off-chain governance of that project Works finally evaluate financials Provide data and have chat GPT calculate Valuation metrics the trick is asking The right questions to get the info that You need chatgpt can deliver a detailed Analysis of new crypto projects in Minutes instead of hours of research if You want a step-by-step tutorial on how To give chanchipati precise prompts for Crypto research check out the article Linked In this video


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