How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners | $5000 per Day 2023

All right so ladies and gents this here Is going to be the most valuable video I've ever made here on YouTube so Whether you've heard about my story from The CNBC news article and how I was able To make millions of dollars or you've Just been along with me aside on the Journey since day one when we had just a Couple hundred YouTube subscribers here And now we've always surpassed a million Subscribers kind of crazy one of the Business models that has allowed me to Generate significant amounts of income And I'm talking about millions of Dollars has been affiliate marketing so This here is going to be the ultimate Beginner's guide on making passive Income through affiliate marketing first We're gonna go over what affiliate Marketing is and how it works what we'll Then do after that is go into the Computer to share with you my own proof On how I've been able to make thousands Of dollars every single day from this Business and on top of that I'm going to Be showing you a step by step on how you Can start generating income for yourself Today as well so I believe affiliate Marketing is not only the most easiest And best business model but it's also One of the most scalable ones to exist You don't need to hire hundreds if not Thousands of employees you can actually Do this all with just a laptop and a

Wi-Fi connection for anyone who doesn't Know what affiliate marketing is it's Actually a very simple process where you Promote other people's products and earn A commission for each sale that you make So let me give you here some real world Examples and some of the things that I've done so as an example this ring That you see on my finger It's actually An aura ring and this is genuinely a Product that I've been loving so much Since I got it it's because something Like this gives me data on how much I Sleep how well I sleep how well rested I Should be it tells me my heart rate and How active I am throughout the day and That type of data allows me to calculate Whether or not if I should take it Easier if I should be getting more sleep So with this being a product that I Genuinely find valuable if I'm able to Get other people to see what I'm seeing And get them to sign up as well I can Also earn a commission on the side when It comes to affiliate marketing there Are many different products that you can Promote and there are lower tier items That cost maybe five to ten bucks where You'd earn Maybe 5-10 sense Commission On versus some higher ticket items where You know this one isn't a cheap ring It's more than two to three hundred Bucks but if I'm able to sign someone up And I get say 20 to 50 dollars but I do

That five times a day you then begin to Realize okay this could look like it Could replace nine to five incomes or Even more now affiliate marketing is That simple you find a product you find A way to Market it or advertise it you Get someone to sign up using your Affiliate link there's then a tracking Cookie and if they sign up for it or if They make the sale they get an item that They love and you also get commission This is also what I consider to be one Of the best business models because it's Low risk and low cost and it also Creates what I call a trifecta of the Business world so as an example with the Aura ring save this company here they're Actually gonna be really happy if you're Able to drive traffic because they're Getting business their business is able To generate their own profit and they Wouldn't have to pay that same affiliate Commission which would have normally Gone to a paid ads now that goes into You which you're collecting the Commission for you're able to feed Yourself and your family and then the Consumer whoever signs up for the Product they're getting something good That they love but by following a Healthy Trifecta where you promote an Item that you genuinely love to a Company that is doing well to a consumer That needs it when everyone is able to

Be happy that's when I say you have a Good sustainable business when it comes To this Market there's a huge variety of Products and niches to choose from so You can find something that you're Passionate about and that also resonates With you and your audience now I know a Lot of people are also thinking about Well Brian how can I drive traffic I Don't have any social media following I Don't got a million subscribers like you Well we'll go over exactly what you can Do and what I would do if I had no Audience either so the very first step To becoming a successful affiliate Marketer is by choosing a niche a niche Is simply a specific area of interest That you want to focus on and it's Important to choose a niche that you're Interested in and also knowledgeable About back before I got into the whole Finance world I was actually really into Fishing I was into going to the gym I Was into playing rugby and believe it or Not there are a lot of affiliate Products that you can promote in order To still generate income from that if I Were to take phishing as an example There are a ton of fishing lures fishing Rods fishing lines fishing gear I mean You name it there's a lot say there's a Successful fisherman in the area of Maryland which is where I currently live And they've gone to the Potomac River

For their entire life and they know all The secret spots if they're selling a Guide for 30 to 50 bucks and I'm able to Get say a five to ten percent commission That would be earning affiliate income On something that they have back when I Was fishing though what I would do is Actually go on Amazon Associates and I Would get affiliate links to some of the Products that I would use and I would Make fishing videos and Vlogs I'd also Have a phishing Instagram account I had Built up from zero I would follow a Whole bunch of accounts I would then Unfollow them and if they kept following Me that's how I actually grew that first Account but I was able to grow up pretty Successfully with some videos getting a Decent amount of views at the time it Was at that time when I was using some Items that there were then companies Sending me products for free I was then Also getting affiliate Commission on Some of the fishing year that I was Using and quickly this was something That turned from a hobby into a possible And viable side hustle for me to get Consistent income from now there are Definitely a lot more markets than Phishing you have other very profitable Niches like Health Wellness personal Finance technology and even there's a World of mattresses which I would Consider some of those higher ticket

Items that we'll get into later on so Once you've decided what Market or what Niche you want to be in you need to find Some affiliate products to join at this Point ladies and gents it is so Important for you to do more market Research and to make a list of at least 10 to 20 different markets where you can Find a viability in in talking about Creating content or something that you Have a little bit of passion for so Aside from all this YouTube stuff I Really love like technology I also love Like knives like EDC carries and Anything any product that you know that You like you can actually find a way to Get affiliate commission for you know Some things have their exceptions like Sometimes knives don't fall under the Radar of that but I'm I'm also really Into mattresses I know a lot of weird Stuff I actually did a ton of research Back in the day trying to figure out What mattresses are the best and believe It or not there are a lot of mattresses Paying out huge amounts of commissions If you're able to set someone up so to Even get a viable business model within This Market starter I'll give you the Full like secret cheat code hack rundown This is actually what I would have been Doing if I'm not doing what I'm Currently doing right now and that's to Actually start a mattress blog or to

Start a mattress YouTube channel back When I was researching mattresses a lot More like six months to a year ago in my Previous apartment I realized that there Aren't that many YouTube channels Actually comparing different mattresses And the ones that did exist I knew they Were making some bangs you can actually Go ahead and use different tools to see How much traffic that they're getting on Their website and from there if you Calculate a one to two percent Conversion rate off a two to three Hundred dollar commission per each sale You realize that there are some of these Blogs and YouTube channels that have Less than 10 to 20 000 subscribers Making literally millions of dollars per Year the the whole mattress thing you Have to realize that this is a Competitive market because when someone Does buy one mattress they're usually Holding on to it for life and this is a Higher ticket item where everyone needs To get a nice mattress at some point the 100 to 200 one that you get off Amazon Is not going to do you good for your Back for a long period of time so it's Not that difficult to Market it is a Beneficial product to a lot of the Consumers and because it is that higher Ticket item where it costs a lot more Money there's going to be more room for You to make money on the side that is

Just one example but I want you to take At least 10 to 20 different ideas like Literally pause this video come up with 10 to 20 different ideas and go through And rank them on the ones that you see Viable or fit so this is just an example Of how powerful this stuff can be but There are a ton of different products Where you don't even have to get a Physical giant mattress you could find Virtual digital products so this could Be subscriptions it could be to other Apps it can be to like a VPN company Something that I've done a lot on this Channel you know vpns are one of those Things where it does provide a lot of Benefit it protects a lot of people it's Very cheap for them to sign up for and They will do things instead of giving You commission up front they would pay You a certain amount every single month Instead based on a percentage of what Someone else is paying the company now If the consumer doesn't like that item They can just cancel it they get their Full money back too most often they do a 30-day money-back guarantee and you're Left with no risk at all so guys if You're finding any value at this point In this video what I'm gonna do is give You my list of some of the top affiliate Markets right now that you can get into I know I mentioned a few but these are The ones that I truly think are untapped

And I'll also be providing you some Resources on some of the AI tools that Can save you hundreds of hours and I'll Also be giving you my secret tips and Tricks that I've learned over the last Four to five years to generate me Millions of dollars so I'm not gonna be Sending you no type of spam in a can This is literally just for me to collect Emails to send you some follow-up Information to build my own email list And if you feel like you know this email Is not valuable just unsubscribe from it Block it put it in spam do whatever you Want but I'm gonna try send you guys Some more additional details there so Open the link Down Below in the Description for that once you're able to Determine what Niche or Market you want To start in all you have to do then is To check out one of these different Marketplaces now for me I've used many Of them um the oldest one I can remember Is the Amazon Associates one where I've Been using them since 2021 where it Looked actually it looks very identical To the way it still looks now and with This affiliate program here out of all Of the items listed on Amazon if you Really like a certain product I know Tick Tock has been going crazy with this Where you buy a certain home item or you Buy that mushroom lamp that everyone's Raving about and you get a easy viral

Video on Tick Tock you get people to Check out the link Down Below in the Description and anytime someone goes Through there and then they buy that Same item on Amazon they actually earn a Small commission for it now here's just A report of my Amazon Associates I Didn't make that much crazy money but You'll notice that I did ship out about 11 882 dollars in revenue and that is Coming from about 2 22 000 clicks a Decent amount and that left me with About 404 dollars in total earnings Amazon is not known to be good to their Affiliates but there's actually a lot Better ones that I'm going to reveal to You in this video so going back in my Computer reversion is actually a recent One that I decided to pick up I have one Affiliate partner off of this uh Marketplace and it's actually been doing Decent uh just with this one partner I've made over six thousand two hundred Fifty dollars and with this I've Actually been able to find a ton of Great different products a wide variety Of different companies have been listed On here and this is just an example of What you can use recently I got a dog His name is Astro very cute boy and I Realized dogs are a lot more expensive Than I ever thought they would be Because I'm constantly buying poop bags And I'm buying food and I'm buying

Treats and toys to keep them busy and I Realize this is a whole Market too I Love my dog so much that I created a Whole Instagram page for him called Credit Astro and I was even thinking to The point wow what if I take this to the Next level what if I create a YouTube Channel reviewing some of the toys that I got him because I could create a full Guide on what entrepreneurs can do in Order to make sure they have a Successful puppy while it doesn't ruin Their business because I've learned a Lot of tips and tricks to make sure that He's fully potty trained as soon as I Got him I made sure to get all the toys That would keep them occupied from Biting things up or things to keep them Occupied or tired out so I could work When I needed to every single one of Those things has changed my life it was So beneficial and what I could do is Actually promote them to another person Who's interested in getting a dog and You'll notice if this dog chew toy right Here is ten dollars per item and I'm Getting 15 per sale off a 90 day cooking Trackie 90-day cooking trackie a 90-day Cookie pretty much where if they click On my link once for the next 90 days They decided by any time I'd still earn Commission this is just another one of Those ideas that come to mind on how I Can continue to monetize different

Things that are already normal within my Life so this is another Marketplace that Has been decent a lot better than in my Opinion Amazon on Associates but let me Take you through another one this one Here is called impact and this is what I Believe is the best Marketplace to date So I've been using impact for four to Five years and just as an example you Know I had 135 000 clicks on my Dashboard here and at one point uh there Was a time where I was making you know Let's see five thousand dollars a day Seven thousand dollars a day six Thousand dollars a day eight thousand Dollars a day we had little spikes Little Peaks every here once in a while To eleven thousand dollars a day I don't Really talk about this here on YouTube But from affiliate marketing I was able To make over a hundred thousand dollars Per month consistently for many many Months now one of the reasons why I Really favored impact is just the fact That they had a ton of different Companies on here that weren't just like Dog chew toys or like you know low Budget cost items that uh you add to Your Tick Tock these are like apps Subscription Services as an example one Of my favorite cell phone service Providers that I've been using for the Last four to five years is mint mobile So when it checks all my boxes and I

Make the switch over and I realize how Amazing it is and I tell other people to Sign up for it I realize wait a second This is affiliate marketing here this is A referral program I looked up within Their app I got a referral program I was Able to get like 15 to 35 dollars for Signing someone up and basically I ended Up getting free phone service even to This day a free phone service for the Rest of my life because I ended up Talking about mint Mobile in one of my Previous videos like a few years back a Ton of people signed up they all said They loved it it was one of those Trifecta moments again win win win the Reason I bring them up is because mint Mobile is actually listed under one of The brands on impact as well and they Would actually pay me a bit more if I Brought them traffic through this Platform what is absolutely amazing About all of this too is that impact is Not like gatekeep you don't need to have A certain LLC or look a certain way or Be a certain person in order to have Access to this it's not imitation only I Have a link Down Below in this Description if you guys want to sign up For impact you guys all can too impact Is also awesome because they have some Of the biggest Fortune 500 companies on Here like Shopify so if I promote Something like Shopify they'll pay me a

Commission for someone signing up for That too and I only work with Brands and I've used that I have experience in and The experience has to be positive it Needs to fit within my own checkbox they Do have some of the best affiliate Programs to date so after you're able to Find a niche or Market that you want to Be in you have a general idea of how you Might drive traffic we'll figure that Part out soon and then you pick the Marketplace you want to begin in use the Marketplace to cross-reference different Products or companies to some of the Markets that you thought about so ladies And gents what you will do is go into Brands find Brands and it's as easy as This on this homepage you'll notice that There are some very popular stores and Anytime you refer anyone to any one of These you will be getting commission so Even like instacart something that a lot Of people use or GrubHub if someone Activates it using your link you'll Apply for the program you'll then be Getting commission for every time Someone pays and then if they go for the Subscription you'd be getting 20 to then Find some additional Brands you can go Into All Brands right here you can find Different companies you can research Them you can see what payout they may Have and based on this is where you can Then figure out exactly what Niche you

Want to narrow down into now impact also Has a ton of different categories they Also have different relationships Between you getting invited if they did Accept your application they also have Different payout models so do you want To get paid out per lead or do you want To get paid out per sale a lead is like A person doesn't need to commit to Buying whatever subscription but they Just need to put in their full name and Their address or whatever detail they Want and you would get paid based off That sometimes you don't even need a Person to spend a single dollar but if You can get them to install like a free App you can actually get paid based on That too what I like the best about Affiliate marketing is actually clicks So this here is one of those things Where if you're able to get someone just Click on a link you can actually get Paid a small commission too if you think It's too hard to get people to sign up For certain things things and then you Know put in their entire bank account Details and their ID this one might be More for you now going back into my Dashboard just to give you an example of What you're seeing clicks are pretty Much just any clicks you get on a Specific tracking link and action is an Action that they take so once they click On the link what do they do do they

Um you know just go off the page or do They actually click on the next item do They click on a related product do they Scroll down to look at the additional Details the payout is actually how much Money you're getting the sale amount is Actually the money spent a lot of the Products that I have promoted are more On the subscription or the digital side Whether it's in exchange or it's an app Or it's like you know a VPN product That's why my sale amount isn't that High but usually if someone is getting Paid close to a million dollars they're Selling about 10 to 20 million dollars In a product the conversion rate here is Just how many people based on clicking It are actually going through and then Successfully getting you the affiliate Commission and then the EPC is the Earning per per click so you're pretty Much going to divide the amount of money You've made per the amount of clicks That you've had or the actions that They've taken and then you'll come Across the EPC amount so pretty much Every click that I'm getting it's worth About four dollars and sixty cents That's just based on the math that's not Actually how they're going some of these Products people need to go ahead and Fully sign up for now there are also a Few other websites like Commission Junction that is one that I used before

And if you just look on Google type in Best affiliate marketing programs There's a lot I mean Rakuten advertising They used to own Ebates and then they Bought them out and they actually have a Lot of money you'll notice that there Are a ton of different programs that you Can get into find a product and you Ideally want to find one that you've Used that you really have had good Experience with and then find a way to Market it alright so ladies and gents at This point what is going to be extremely Important is to find a good website Solution oftentimes the barrier to entry When it comes to affiliate marketing is Not finding the right products or the Right deals because everyone has access To that but it's actually figuring out How you set up the website and doing What they call the it side of work Before what I've had to do was use a Different domain provider than I had to Go on like Google admin to create a new Gmail account then try to figure out a Way to link everything up with the Proper URL and making sure everything Works smoothly and whatever I'm using Whether it's Squarespace WordPress it Was just a lot going on so hostinger Provides an all-in-one website solution Where you only pay for hosting with Their web hosting plan which has some of The best rates around with their

Services you can register a domain name For free you can set up a professional Business email address for free you can Optimize your workflow that is also Managed by WordPress hosting or you can Also launch websites quickly with their Own internal hostinger website builder Without any additional costs all right So you guys know I'm all about giving You the best kind of deals possible and I was actually able to work out Something very special with hostinger to Make sure you all get some of the best Promotional offers today now in order to Get started all you have to do is go Through the link Down Below in the Description sign up and from here you'll Actually see three different plans so by Clicking on that link you're going to be Able to find a website that allows you To claim a deal here for 2.99 a month And you also get two months free which Ain't too bad either and with this You'll also have access to 100 websites So if you're trying to go crazy with the Affiliate marketing websites and scale It to the moon you're going to be able To access a ton of that you also get a Ton more storage 100 gigabytes of SSD Storage you get unlimited bandwidth you Get a free domain you get unlimited free SSL you get weekly backups you get Pretty decent security Cloud flare Malware scanner you also get some free

Bonuses like a free email and website Builder and then you also get manage WordPress WordPress acceleration and if You want to sign up for this all you Would have to do is add to cart put your Credit card information in and if you Have a coupon code go in here and type In Brian Jung normally it would be 575 Dollars but you'd be getting a 78 Discount so only pay 129 dollars for all Of the benefits so after signing up the Next step is quick and easy just go Through the setup wizard claim a domain With a few clicks and you're done you Don't need any coding knowledge to set Up a properly functioning website and You'd be on your way to get started Today so at this point setting up is Very simple I'm going to premium web Hosting set that up I'm gonna start now And I'm creating it for myself building It for myself just go through a few Things this is going to be for a Blog From there I'm gonna go into create a New website I'm going to select Hostinger Builder or if you are more Familiar with WordPress you can go ahead And select WordPress as well which is Another great option from there I'll Just do another one Brian jungrocks and then afterwards we can Either claim a free domain that comes With this benefit or if I've already Bought a domain somewhere else say from

Google I can also transfer that existing Domain onto here too so I'm gonna claim A free domain here just to show you guys And Astro Something like that all right so is available I'm Gonna set that up finish setup right Here so ladies and gentlemen I mean just In a few clicks is as simple as that in Starting up your own optimized website So one of the reasons why I believe Hostinger is just probably the best Right now for affiliate marketing is Because they offer just a ton of Different benefits all packaged into one If you try to pick up some of these Services and many different brands and Companies it often gets confusing with All the different login information but On top of that it can get pretty Expensive so check out the link Down Below in the description and you'll be Getting that exclusive deal that I was Able to hook you guys up with today now Let's take it to the next level we'll Have our so-called website set up and I'll show you guys exactly what you can Do next in order to get started with Affiliate marketing and you can try to Go to rank on search organically without Ever having to pay a dime on paid ads But if you wanted to there are some People who also utilize paid ads Alongside affiliate marketing because if

You're getting 300 Commission on a Mattress as an example that means you Could spend up to three hundred dollars In ad which is your break even point Before you start losing money now Websites these days are very easy to Create uh I made up my own website Countless amount of times with Squarespace it's like literally drag and Drop templates but you can also use Things like WordPress if you have any Background in coding you can also use Something like Shopify so if you're Trying to sell certain items that you're Manufacturing or you know you want to Get into Drop Shipping Shopify has been Perfect I made over a hundred thousand Dollars in Revenue the first year that I Did it while still going to community College and they're still doing a great Job now and making it easy beginner Friendly for y'all by the way with Things like Shopify I do have a link Down Below in the description if you Guys want to check them out it's like One dollar for 30 days and then you can Cancel it after that and yes guys that's An affiliate link too but Shopify you're Getting a good discount I'm getting Commission I mean it all works so a Website is one great way for you to own The real estate digitally for you to Promote a specific affiliate deal but You can also utilize social media if you

Have Tick Tock and Instagram account if You're shy about the internet you never Have to show your face it can create Accounts where it like owns a certain Market and you can just create content Using that you have to be behind the Camera you never have to be in front of It and on top of that if you really Wanted to you could also get into YouTube I think YouTube is still one of The best just because video translates So well to others and YouTube is also Owned by Google which a lot of people Forget and anything that's people search On Google will oftentimes come up on YouTube for them the best is if you're Able to combine all of them together Because the website can serve as the Home base for your affiliate marketing Deals and then you can drive different Affiliate commissions to your website From your social media accounts now once Your website is up and you got your Social media accounts going it's time to Start creating content because content Is King when it comes to affiliate Marketing you're gonna need to create Content that provides value to your Audience and promotes the product where It feels natural and in a helpful way Now some types of content that work Really well for affiliate marketing just Include blog posts product reviews and Also how to guides if you're trying to

Sell that mattress make a review video On it if you're trying to get two Different types of commission on two of The top mattresses that you like compare Both of them maybe a buyer who is like In your situation could make the Difference after reading your blog on Which one they would want to commit to And you'd still collect the affiliate Commission for that making good killer Content is gonna take some time it took Me like one to two years in order to get The hang of it but with the use of AI And social media there are so many tools Where it'll help you to make even more Better content if I were to do the whole Mattress thing I would use something Like Shopify or just WordPress or Squarespace to set up my blog I would Then utilize a completely free tool like Chat gbt and I would just put in the Prompt create me a Blog reviewing this Mattress and get me affiliate marketing Commission with a call to action at the End of it chat gbt will generate that Whole entire blog that all you do then Is copy and paste it into the website And then you see if you can continue to Build organic traffic driving it to that Product if you're unable to do this Organically you always have SEO which is Search engine optimization so trying to Get ranked on Google you also have paid Ads which I mentioned a few times

Already now the key to all the different Models is just the fact that you need to Realize what works best for your Specific Niche and your audience ladies And gents I mean once you're able to do All that and you get a better idea You're going to be wearing a little bit More hats than usual but these are a ton Of different strategies for you to at Least start making money today with Affiliate marketing now I'm not going to Go into the whole world of upsells cross Sells and then even building Relationships like newsletters or you Know getting your audience to sign up For one thing and then if they enjoy it Having a tracking cookie that allows Them to get pushed another product that Relates to that and then for you to get A commission on that too but just know That in the beginning a lot of this may Seem overwhelming but it's actually very Very easy the key to all this is to be Patient it's to track your progress and To optimize your strategies based on What's working best you may go months Without seeing any type of results and That's okay because if you have one blog That's suddenly pops up on the first Page of Google or you have one viral Video on Tick Tock that right there is Going to be your lucky break it's going To pay off all of the different times That you're hustling for for me I didn't

Start seeing a significant amount of Money from affiliate marketing until Years later it was after constant Delivery of actually doing YouTube where I kept making content for a really long Time not pushing anything not ever Taking a sponsor in the beginning and Then when people start to realize okay There's some value that this guy's Saying that's when things picked up just Remember this is one of the best ways to Make that Wi-Fi money people be talking About but just know it still takes the Same amount of time and effort as you Would into any type of work I will say This is very rewarding it is one of the Most scalable businesses and it's a huge Huge way for you to take advantage of The growing Trends and just the evolving Nature of what we've seen happen in the Markets if you did enjoy this video be Sure to drop a like down below comment Down Below guys I read almost every Single comment one part that you found The most amount of value in I'm also Going to be giving away some more Information just like this or maybe even Some of my favorite secret key markets That I'm seeing where you should hop Into now within a newsletter down below So if you guys want to sign up for that Newsletter drop in your email down below In the description box so thank you all So much again for watching this video

Have an amazing blessed day and I'll see Y'all soon peace


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