How to set up a cold wallet in just 6 minutes | by Arculus

Foreign Wallets have long been the industry Standard for safe crypto storage but Many lack the convenience of hot wallets Requiring cords USB or Bluetooth Connections some even require charging You definitely don't want your crypto Loss to a couple drops of water In this video we will explain how to set Up a quick safe and easy to use Hardware Wallet that marries convenience with Security [Music] Foreign [Music] Wallet is a Next Generation Solution by A publicly traded premium payment card Manufacturer called compost secure Compost secure has been around for 20 Years and is leveraging its innovative Payment card technology and security to Enter the crypto cold wallet Market but How do payment cards and crypto wallets Come together well we can show you Here we've got an unopened Oculus key Card Foreign [Music] Let's see here we've got the thank you Card it tells you how to download the App and all of that and then it looks Like there's a getting started Card over here there's an Oculus sticker That you can put on your phone computer

Wherever and then this is the my Recovery sheet for your seed phrase that You can write down over here and then Keep that in store it someplace secure So you don't lose that that's very Important and then it looks like on the Bottom tier you have the Oculus card Which looks and feels like a credit card It's a really good design And this is what you use to Put your phone to to allow for Transactions to take place So yeah great design they make it really Easy with this QR code all you have to Do is scan it with your phone to get Started so let's go ahead and do that [Music] Okay See welcome to web three let's get Started so download the Oculus Wallet App okay and then all we have to do is Scan the card with the phone it says Ready to scan the cool thing about Oculus is that it presents a convenient Form factor independent of charging and Connection means all you need is a Mobile phone with the Oculus Wallet app And this Oculus key card you can see That it looks exactly like a premium Payment card with an NFC chip securely Inside the card is secured by three Factor authentication biometric Authentication a six digit PIN code and A tap of the card against the phone it's

Like the Fort Knox of crypto wallets now You're probably wondering what happens If you lose the phone or card amazingly Even if the card or phone is lost it is Virtually impossible for someone else to Get access to your funds the Oculus Keycard is certified to fit Cceal6 which is a fancy way to say that It proves it is able to protect high Value assets against significant risks All of that security in an innocuous Metal card that fits right inside your Wallet now let's finish setting up the Wallet okay so it says ready to scan tap And hold your card to the back of your Smartphone so let's do that Cool that was super easy Configure your wallet create new wallet Restore wallet or cancel so I'm first Time user so I'm going to create a new Wallet So create a pin code I'm going to do That real quick okay now hold your card To the back of your smartphone And 100 perfect Okay now it says recovery seed you need To keep the secret phrase this is Required to access your wallet So this is the secret phrase right here And it says please write down and keep These 12 words carefully So within the Kit We have the my recovery sheet right here Foreign

[Music] We are going to blur that out right Okay so I'm going to hit I wrote down The phrase Confirmation please click on the words In the correct order so I'm going to Look at my The little Chart that I wrote the picture phrases On okay so now I'm going to get my seed Phrase out of the way so you guys can't Steal my coins and I'm gonna get to the Home page here And boom it's done super quick and Simple I can see where a wallet like This could be especially useful remember When Luna crashed and caused the whole Market to implode sometimes it's crucial To act fast and get your coins into or Out of your cold wallet with Conventional Hardware wallets you might Not be quick enough the Oculus key card And wallet app also supports multiple D5 Applications as well as easy to conduct Nft transactions whether you want to Sell through super rare mint or utilize Nfts in the newest protocols Compatibility with wallet connect Provides both security and smooth Operability all you have to do is use Face or fingerprint recognition on your Phone enter the pen tap the card and It's done just like that you become your Own bank I unfortunately learned that

The hard way I actually had a small Amount of Bitcoin on a crypto lending Platform that is now bankrupt what Everyone says is true not your keys not Your coins Oculus gives you the keys to Your coins and all you need is a phone And a card now that's what I call NextGen


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