How to MAKE MILLIONS w Crypto Airdrops! (explained in under 10 minutes)

There is a ton of money to be made in Altcoins right now I'm not trying to be Irresponsible in this video but I just Need to tell you that there is so much Money you can make in crypto right now I'm going to reveal the hottest airdrops Which is basically free money understand The bare Market is over the bull market Is back of course we were sharing with You this info very early subscribers of This channel are doing well now the good News for you is this we're probably only About 10 15% into this current crypto Bull Run meaning we have about 85 90% Upside ahead of us there will be Pullbacks of course but if you're smart And you make just a few correct moves You can change your life in crypto it Happens every cycle this is very much Possible here's my list of the hottest Airdrops free money save this video save This video come back to it send this Video in the group chat post this video On social media if we do well in crypto We do well together and we bring up our Friends and family let's get into it Before I show you specific projects Specific tokens specific airdrop Opportunities I just want to reiterate This to you that the total altcoin index Is breaking major resistance on the Weekly things are getting very real Things are getting very serious this is Really good news for us and most people

Don't know about it I know about it my Friend who I sent this video to knows About it that's it and let's just keep Things 100% real because that's very Important to me on this channel my goal Is to give you an edge in cryptocurrency We put out one video every day keeping You informed on the entire Cryptocurrency Market if you're Interested in making money in crypto Subscribe to the channel and again my Goal is to keep things real with you so It's important to me to present to you Different ways this cycle could could go Cuz it's not just going to go the one Way everybody thinks it's going to Happen it could go one way it could go Another way it could go a third way so I Really liked Raul Paul this guy's a Legendary investor he kind of spells out The three different broad ways this Cycle could go and broadly speaking 100% These are the possibilities listen I've Got three outcomes in my head that I'm Juggling with the 60% probability is we Have kind of a very traditional cycle And that pushes you know Bitcoin up to That 100,000 to 200,000 range and you Know all the other assets accordingly Where they are on the risk curve there's A 20% chance this early start is Signifying something much bigger which Is the the larger adoption and the more Capital into the space which leads to

Larger price Rises Than People expect Because people are quite scarred because The last cycle seems shorter than most People expected everyone thought there Was another final leg high and that Never really happened the kind of 100,000 Bitcoin the laser eyes idea Never got there but maybe this time the Shock is for excess returns Beyond Expectations the other side that I I Grapple with as well is well maybe the Whole Cycle's front loaded and in fact It's shorter but more violence in 2024 So whether this cycle is bigger than any Of us are even thinking about because we Got burned last Cycle Plus the ETFs Whether it's bigger than ever before or Maybe it's underwhelming or maybe it's Right there in the middle foure cycle Like has always happened either way Still we're only about 10 15% into this Cycle bitcoin's having is on the way the Black Rock ETFs are still ahead of us so Let's get into it let's talk about Airdrops first specific airdrops you can Claim free money because I'm sure you've Seen the comments that people have been Making crazy money with airdrops and It's not just ethereum like it was maybe Last cycle now there's salana air drops There's all different kinds so over the Last couple weeks people have made tens Of thousands of dollars from salana Airdrops like GTO and pyth this has led

To a massive tvl increase across the Salana ecosystem now the good news is There are so many more salana airdrops And airdrops in general to come so There's a lot we can't talk about all of Them here we'll talk about more in Future videos so make sure you subscribe But here are four airdrops that nobody's Talking about and again gito was Lifechanging the salana one we just Talked about but there were only 10 10,000 wallets that were eligible and That's partially the reason why it was So life-changing because 10,000 people Split the free tokens so instead of Following the herd let's focus on a few Airdrops that are still going under the Radar this first one is on eth layer 2 Stark net again hardly anybody's talking About this it's called eek ubo it is a Decentralized exchange points system Live as of three weeks ago to get points For the air drop the tvl is barely 6 Million your main task for this one once You Bridge on to the starnet L2 is to Just provide liquidity snapshot for the Stark net token has already been taken But projects building on their chain are Rumored to receive tokens for their Communities so the Eek ubo token plus Stark net rewards equals you with a big Smile in 3 to 6 months next airdrop Nobody's talking about is monad it is a High performance L1 with 10,000 TPS Yes

Actually 199 million in funding and Costs zero they're running an Incentivized private test net right now So this is how you're going to get that Airdrop points and tokens I expect all Users to be handsomely rewarded now the Hard part is getting into their Discord And then bringing value as a community Member to get into their private Telegram the public test net is q1 2024 A grind but one worth doing number three Is parcel on salana it's leverage Trading for Real Estate 11.5 million in Funding 1.2 million TBL now the tvl is Shamefully low compared to the funding The basic idea for to get this token is To provide liquidity plus trade a couple Times with small amounts they also have An nft which boosts your points and then Number four actually equals two airdrops In one so it's eth based actually on a New L2 called scroll 6.5 million raised 18 million tvl it's launched onscroll The new Layer Two so equals two aird Drops in one how do you claim this well The tasks are simple provide liquidity And swap between tokens guys the best Time to start farming airdrops was 6 to 12 months ago the second best time right Now there is risk but allow your future Self to look back 6 months from now and Be proud of the actions you took today In addition let's talk about airdrops on Cosmos there's tons of airdrops on

Cosmos there's tons of big things Happening on Cosmos the season has just Started if you want aird drops this is How you'll be able to claim so many aird Drops on cos OS so here is what you need To do you get these 1 2 3 4 five Different Cosmos based alt coins Injective osmo Adam itself Coogi Tia and With these you are ready just get these In some way shape or form all of them Will cost you about $1,000 today but Your chances of a 5 to six digigit Airdrop are are high so how do you do All this there's many different ways to Do it this is one way these are two Wallets you can use binance is an Exchange you can get this stuff on but This is basically how to do it you start Staking as in you know you set up a Validator and and note some projects Will have a validator and want you to Stake with them specifically to qualify You might have to get on specific Validators to get some of the airdrops And then after you stake them all you Need to do is participate in the Governance proposals good luck my Friends look guys there are actually Even more airdrop opportunities specific Ones that I like that I'm going to share With you in a video and you know maybe The next week I'm seeing some of the Comments and you're right the hardest Thing about the bull market is that

There are too many opportunities every Day there's a new coin new chain a new Narrative to focus on but don't let this Fragment your attention guys have a plan Specific to you stay in your lane Focus Stay in your specific Niche and there's Many many ways you can do well the fact Is people in the US and those around the World are finally starting to realize That crypto is here to stay Bitcoin Ethereum crypto is Revolution AR the Protocols are not just ideas now they're Actually generating real Revenue they Have real users and then even just with Bitcoin specifically think about it There are 22.7 million millionaires in the United States each one couldn't accumulate one Whole Bitcoin if they tried I'm Extremely bullish on the future of this Space send this video to your brother Send this video to your dad post on Social media airdrops are a great way to Spend no money buying the asset itself Bridging money you already have just to To play on their chain and then Receiving tons of free money and the Fact we're at the beginning of a bull Market means that once those tokens Launch of course there'll be volatility But they could also really go up so guys The opportunity is in your Hands subscribe to the channel we're Going to have many more videos like this

Coming out over the next week next month Or so you want to be a part of the Altcoin daily team I'll see you tomorrow It's going to be a great 2024


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