How to Invest in Crypto in 2023 – Full Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin Dogecoin even Pepe coin if You're watching this video now chances Are pretty high that you've heard about One of those cryptocurrencies at some Point in your life but hearing about it Is one thing and truly understanding What it is is another I'm going to also Show you how it works by taking you Through step by step in investing a Thousand bands of my own money into Buying a piece of Bitcoin and not only That I'm gonna guide you through on how You can get up to 400 worth of crypto All for free Brian did you save 400 Worth of crypto yes there's no payments At all there's no hassles no gimmicks All I ask for you is to watch this video Till the end and if at some point you Find any value drop a like down below so Before we get into all of that let's get Into the first part of this video and That's explaining what crypto is and how It all works so my favorite way of Understanding the concept of how crypto Works is by taking an example of payment Processors that I'm sure we're all Familiar with whether that's cash app Venmo ozell PayPal if you've ever tried To send or receive money digitally to a Family member or even a friend you've Probably used something along the lines Of hey yo just you know venmo me half of That dinner or hey it's all good I'll Buy the round of drinks just you know

Make sure you sell me later tonight well Essentially this is what cryptocurrency Is in a nutshell but just imagine Removing the middleman or the company Payment processor out of the transaction Explain that further when you use venmo Or any one of those apps that I Mentioned there's usually a company in The middle that facilitates that Transaction so if I go ahead and I venmo Someone venmo will go ahead and check That I have enough money to transfer the Money from my account to my friends Account and then they're gonna go ahead And record that transaction onto their App where I can view what other people Have done in other words venmo just acts As the intermediary or the middleman and Facilitates the transaction now just Imagine a world where you can send money To your friend without needing venmo to Facilitate that transaction instead your Transaction is going to be checked and Recorded by a network of computers Spread all around the world once they Agree that this transaction is valid It's added to a long list of all Previous transactions called a Blockchain which I'll go into a bit more Detail in just a bit now the money in This case cryptocurrency moves directly From your digital wallet to your Friend's digital wallet with no company Or Bank needed to make the transaction

Happen now this is essentially how Cryptocurrency works it's a completely Decentralized system that allows for Peer-to-peer transactions to occur all Secured by cryptography and recorded on A blockchain through the use of Miners And no not those kind of Miners and no Not those kind of miners either so let's First explain what a blockchain is so Say for an example if you run a little Iced coffee pop-up stand you might have A ledger that records each time someone Buys a cup of iced coffee from you The Ledger here is going to list the buyer How many cups they bought the cost per Cup and the total cost this way you can Always open this Ledger up and look back To see every transaction that has Happened at your very own iced coffee Stand so blockchain is like a digital Ledger but instead of recording Transactions for an iced coffee stand It's used to record transactions for a Particular cryptocurrency which in this Example we use Bitcoin so every time Someone sends or receives Bitcoin that Transaction is recorded into the Blockchain just like a ledger the Blockchain is going to list out the Details of each transaction and for Bitcoin this would be the sender's Address the receiver's address and the Amount of Bitcoin sent now here's where Things get a little different instead of

Pages a blockchain is going to be made Up of something called blocks where each Block contains a list of several Transactions and once a block is filled With those transactions a new block is Then created and linked to the previous One forming a chain of blocks and if You're wondering where the name Blockchain ever came from well this is How it originated you'll also realize Within the world of crypto a lot of These names end up sounding like what They already are as another example Cryptocurrency came from the word Cryptography and cryptography is just The art of writing or solving codes now Going back into blockchain though what Makes all this special is the fact that The blockchain within crypto is kept as Public normally when you think about an Ordinary Ledger you know an accountant's Gonna tuck away their ledger so no one Can see it or the ice coffee stand They're not gonna have their Ledger Pointed towards the customers where they Can read every single transaction Usually these ledgers are locked away in A drawer or something when it comes to The blockchain Ledger this is actually The opposite of that they have made it Where it is open for everyone to see Anywhere in the world at any time now This here ties into the fundamental idea On how and why the blockchain was

Created now it's important to understand That this public and transparent nature Blockchain technology isn't just a Feature but it's the very heart of the Philosophy of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that core idea is the gift Of trust from Central authorities like Banks or governments to a completely Decentralized transparent system where Anyone can verify transactions for Themselves and this is a massive shift From traditional Financial systems where Transactions are normally hidden behind Bank doors and only accessible to a few Privileged partners by making all Transactions visible on that public Ledger also known as the blockchain Cryptocurrencies allow us to imagine a World where Financial systems are now Open and accessible to everyone you see When we're talking about Cryptocurrencies we're not just talking About a new type of digital asset we're Talking about a transformative Technology that has the potential to Redefine how we perceive and interact With financial systems removing Intermediaries and opening up Financial Transactions for verification by anyone This is why when we invest and decide to Use cryptocurrencies we're also Participating in the larger vision of a More open and decentralized financial World now I'm sure there's going to be a

Large percentage of people who don't Even care about the philosophy behind Crypto but just think about it like this In the past few years the U.S money Supply has increased at an enormous rate Just because someone within the Government decided okay let's start Printing as much money as we can that Has led to multiple Banks getting shut Down that has led to Poverty Skyrocketing we've seen the recession Take place here throughout the U.S in Addition to that inflation right now is Currently affecting every single person Imaginable gas is going up food is going Up housing is going up renting is going Up even the price of cars are hitting Some all-time highs what bothers me the Most is just the fact that a lot of People are going to still have the same Income that they've been earning for the Past couple years or even decades but The cost of everything is going to Continue to go up just because a few People within the higher ups decided to Turn on things and get that money Printing Now ladies and gents I'm sorry Sometimes I just get super fired up when It comes to the topic of this stuff but Let's go back into blockchain so we Talked about how blockchain Works what It is what a ledger is what you need to Know next is that once a transaction is Recorded onto the blockchain it can't be

Changed or erased this here makes the System really secure and it's also Achieved by complex mathematical Processes and the consensus of many Computers also known as nodes in the Blockchain network that then validate And verify each block of those Transactions so Bitcoin blockchain and Next miners so following up on that Let's think of Bitcoin miners as Auditors or bookkeepers in the Traditional business World an auditor Normally checks the company's Financial Records and transactions to ensure that They're accurate and legit in the Blockchain world with crypto a miner Does a similar job but with a bit of a Twist basically when it comes to the Bitcoin system when someone makes a Transaction it's like they're writing Down that transaction in The Ledger but Before it can be added to the Ledger or In this instance the blockchain it needs To be checked to make sure that it's Actually valid so this is where the Bitcoin miners come in where miners use Their computers to solve complex Mathematical problems that validate the Transaction and the process here Involves confirming the details of the Transaction and ensuring the sender Actually owns the amount of Bitcoin that They're trying to send once a Miner's Computer solves a problem the

Transactions are grouped into a block Which is then added to the blockchain And this is the equivalent of closing a Page in a ledger book and opening a new One as a reward for the work normally a Bookkeeper an accountant gets paid and In the same way the miner is also going To be paid in the form of Bitcoin this Is also how new Bitcoin is created and Enter circulation where in essence Bitcoin miners are just getting paid for Their auditing work with Bitcoin now the Mining process makes the Bitcoin system Transparent secure and self-sustaining And it's transparent because every Transaction is recorded on a public Ledger it's secure because transactions Are then checked and verified and it's Also self-sustaining because award System incentivizes people to continue Mining now in the early days of Bitcoin Around 2009 mining Bitcoin was a lot Simpler than it is today the network was A lot smaller the mathematical problems That needed to be solved for mining were Much less complex and back then anyone With a reasonable computer like if you Just had a regular Dell computer or even A Macintosh you could go ahead and mine Bitcoin for yourself now as time went on And more people started to mine Bitcoin The difficulty of mining has increased Dramatically this year was done Intentionally through a built-in feature

Of the Bitcoin system designed to Regulate the rate at which new blocks Are added to the blockchain now the more Computational power that is collectively Dedicated to mining the more complex the Problem becomes now what this here means Is that the supply of Bitcoin begins to Slow down where if demand continues to Increase and Supply continues to get Slower and slower and less and less also Known as a Bitcoin having we then get The natural higher fluctuation due to The basic principles of supply and Demand where the price of Bitcoin goes Up now fast forward to today Bitcoin Mining has become a whole industry of Its own and if you haven't ever seen Those images or videos there are Literally areas more specifically in Iceland where they are using more Designated special Hardware in order to Mine Bitcoin at a larger scale these Here are referred to as mining farms and These Farms are usually filled with Hundreds if not thousands of Asics Working together to mine Bitcoin now if You're wondering why they're in places Like Iceland or you know some places That look like Antarctica because the More you mine the more that you're going To generate a lot of heat within your Computers and in order for it to all Function properly they need to be cooled Down so by now you should have a full

Understanding of how the largest and Most popular cryptocurrency in the world Called Bitcoin works at this point I Think it's time we finally get into the Fun stuff on teaching you exactly how You can make money from all of this and How you can pick up anywhere from 200 to Even 400 or more before we do that you Gotta know what big coin really is Outside of how it works if you didn't Know Bitcoin has often been called the New digital gold due to its potential to Appreciate in value over time if we look At the charts historically it has gone Up a significant amount since its Release now this comparison arises from Similarities as well such as scarcity And its use as a store of value but it's Important to keep in mind that bitcoin's Value has fluctuated significantly in The past as of this moment bitcoin's Value is down by over 50 percent from Its previous all-time high from November Of 2021 one of the most memorable Markets that we have but since then We've also been up a drastic amount Since the start of 2023. now here's the Interesting part historical Trends have Shown that Bitcoin tends to follow a Cycle with periods of rapid growth known As the bull market this is Then followed By normal periods of Correction or Declines called the bear Market which is Currently what a lot of people would

Consider us to be a noun now these Cycles happen every three to four years Which bring us to an interesting Possibility that we could potentially be On the verge of a brand new bull market In fact Bitcoin has already seen some Resurgence and like I said its value has Gone up over 60 percent since the start Of this year if another bull cycle does Come around and you've bought and held On to your Bitcoin there's a chance that You could see substantial profits now The strategy of buying and holding Bitcoin involves purchasing it through a Trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform And then keeping it in your digital Wallet despite the Market's short-term Volatility this approach here is based On the belief that over time Bitcoin is Going to go up in value of course Investing in anything especially like Bitcoin is called an investment for a Reason Investments all carry risk and The price of Bitcoin like I said can be Volatile where it can increase or Decrease rapidly therefore an important Rule of thumb with any investment to Make is to just invest only what you can Afford to lose and to conduct as much Research as you can to understand the Market to the the full potential before Putting your own money in it now I'll be Honest though I haven't been the best at That myself when I first bought into

Bitcoin it was when I was still in Community college and I could not Articulate to you back then what a Blockchain is But Here we are now so Let's now turn our attention back to That 400 worth of crypto that I Mentioned earlier so just below this Video in the description box or Appearing on your screen as a QR code You'll go ahead and see a link this link Here will take you directly to Coinbase's website which is a secure and User-friendly platform for buying Selling and holding cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin coinbase has also recently Introduced a fantastic offer especially For newcomers I've not seen an offer This high in the last four to five years That I've been here within the space so If you sign up using my link or by Scanning the QR code you can receive up To 200 by spinning a wheel that they Have and on top of that they're going to Give you an additional 200 in benefits If you take advantage of all the things That their app has to offer so if you Look on your screen you're going to see A landing page here sign up and get up To 200 dollars in crypto by scrolling Down it's gonna say get up to four Hundred dollars in rewards with coinbase And if you click here start earning They're going to have another landing Page as well where you can earn crypto

By taking a few easy courses to learn About how crypto works and on top of That you can unlock different features They have such as staking your crypto And I'll share with you exactly how much I've made from staking my own crypto and On top of that they give you crypto Rewards through some of their own Products like the coinbase card what I'm Going to do next at this point is go Ahead and create an account I'll type in My name my last name an email certified That I'm 18 and then create my free Account so after you sign up for Coinbase and you fund your account You're going to be prompted to spin a Wheel and you'll receive up to 200 in Free crypto once you're logged in your Account should look something like this Where you can see your balance and guys I've been using coinbase for a while I'll go into my all-time charts when I First opened my account it was back in Before 2018 near 2017 actually and from Here I was still a broke college student I didn't have that much money to my name I would have a couple hundred dollars Working with my dad doing hardwood Floors I would put that into my coinbase Account I would see if it went up I Would go ahead and sell it transfer it Back so you know you can see here went From like 230 dollars down to 171. I Would transfer it back then I would go

Ahead and at some point deposit money Back in it again and then eventually I Started to average back into the market More consistently and this is where Things started to go crazy so in the Last bull market I had maybe a thousand Dollars in my account slowly that amount Started to go up I had nine thousand to Even twenty one thousand dollars at one Point it went back down to about ten to Seventeen thousand dollars and at one Point it was just going higher and Higher so this is the first time I was Seeing about a hundred thousand dollars Or close to it in my coinbase account a Little bit after that another dip but it Kept going up even more and more and During the peak of the bull market I had Up to 258 000 in my coinbase account this is a pro College student with parents who don't Make that much money you know having This much in their account crypto has Truly changed my life and I wish the Story just ended right there but frankly That wasn't the case as you guys know The market went down we entered a bear Market and I slowly started seeing my Quarter million dollars going less and Less as the days went on at a certain Point I also did transfer some of my Money into other wallets and other Exchanges in order to buy nfts and Things of that nature but for a majority

Of that I actually saw my portfolio at The lowest dip 2 33 000 on June 17 2022. Now still up a decent amount especially Compared to what I started with but it Definitely hurts seeing just how little It went down to since then though The Story Goes On where I was actually able To start making my money back and now at The current time I'm sitting at a Balance of a hundred eighteen thousand Dollars and up about 56 000 in my All-time gains now if I was able to do This I am confident that you guys can Too and back then my investing principle Is nowhere near what it is now and I've Learned a lot of lessons along the way Way after I buy a thousand dollars of This crypto let me share with you what Those lessons are so you guys can make Sure that you end up profiting out here And you don't end up seeing another dip Like I did real quick though one thing That I love about coinbase and something I wish I started much earlier was just The fact that you can earn additional Interest just off your investment so you Can't say that you do this with stocks Because you you can't but you can do This with crypto as an example I went Ahead and staked my Cosmos atom and Staking is pretty much just allowing Your crypto to sit on their exchange Where you can earn interest and you can Unstake it at any time now that rule

Also depends on which cryptocurrency it Is generally that is the case though but You can read the fine print so before You actually stake something it'll tell You what the unstaking period may be so Far I've made fourteen hundred dollars In passive income from staking Cosmos Which is giving me 17.66 percent Um annually and then I'm also getting 3.3 percent with my ethereum and so far I've made 608 dollars back and ethereum Was the latest crypto that I started Staking I only started staking this About two months ago and and since then I've made about six hundred dollars back Which isn't bad at all now buying crypto With coinbase is really simple I'm gonna Give you guys a huge tip right here Instead of going ahead and buying just Natively on their app like this because What will happen is so say I buy a Thousand dollars worth of bitcoin right Now I'll use my Chase account so Normally I would have to pay a Significant fee it would be about 14.68 In order to buy crypto using their Exchange but you see I'm able to do it For free and this is because they have a New subscription model where if you buy Coinbase one and you're trading Frequently you're gonna be saving much More money I remember at times in the Bull market I was buying five ten Fifteen thousand dollars worth of

Bitcoin every single week and I was Paying anywhere from couple hundred to Even a thousand dollars or more in Transaction fees so to set this up you Just go into the more tab you go into Coinbase one and here you'll be able to See for thirty dollars right now you get Zero trading fees which I think is Fantastic on top of that you can go into Something called Advanced trade where it Turns into a bit more professional Version version of coinbase and from Here you can also buy your crypto as Well now if you're a beginner you can Get away with just using the regular Coinbase all right so what I'm going to Do next is go into linking my bank Account got a thousand dollars I can Also invest weekly so I could dollar Cost averaging to the market if I wanted To but I'll just buy this now so it's as Easy as that and being able to now buy Bitcoin you can simply just link your Checking account purchase it go ahead From there and you could even take it a Step further where you'll notice right Next to buy and sells it says send and Receive and this is where you can send Crypto from one wallet address to Another if you're wondering why you Would ever do this it's mainly for two Reasons so just like how we talked about The principle of venmo cash app Zell Earlier if you're able to get the

Address of whoever you're trying to send Your crypto to you can then just send it So I bought a thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin I love you all so you know if One of y'all want to give me your Address I can go ahead and send that Thousand dollars to you there another Way you can make use of this is by Sending yourself in another wallet that Same amount so if you are unable to Trust some of these exchanges because I Don't blame you a lot of these exchanges Have been going down luckily enough I Think coinbase is the safest exchange And I'm confident in keeping my money on Here you could still take your security Up a notch higher and transfer your Crypto balance over into a cold storage Wallet Now ladies and gents I take Security very seriously so here in my Hand this is something called a UB key So with two-factor authentication what Normally people do is they use your cell Phone never do that I've seen so many People get SIM swapped constantly on a Day-to-day basis and if they have your Phone number they can do 2fa to your Phone number get into your account you Lose your money with something like this You would actually have to physically Plug it into your computer through the USB port and you have to press the Button in order to log in this is Normally what government employees

Actually use and this is what I've set Up on almost all my accounts that take It if you want to take it a step further There are things like cold storage Wallets I have a bunch of them these Ledger devices Ledger also this past Year had some stuff going on with their Open source code and how they could Recover their password words for you but They shouldn't ever be able to do that So this year we decided to actually work With another company this is called Trezzer if you want to check out Tresor Check out the link Down Below in the Description as well they have some Fantastic different products that you Can use all at different price points so If you like the most functionality like The Prototype they got the expensive 200 Version but they also have the Affordable beginner version too I highly Recommend for anyone who plans to buy Even 10 bucks worth of crypto to pick up A cold storage wallet because this can Save you a ton of money down the road Because you're going to make sure that You fortify your own security now if you Don't plan on doing any of those things I don't know why you wouldn't but if you Don't and you don't plan on getting a UB Key either this will also be linked Down Below in the description make sure that You use an authenticator app instead of Just using your phone's cell phone text

Message two-factor authentication now by The way we recently gave away over a Thousand dollars worth of trezor Cold Storage wallets in our patreon if you're New to crypto but you want to join a Community and you want to get access to My Buy sell alerts you want to join our Discord and get Monday Wednesday Friday Exclusive news alerts for the price of a Netflix subscription be sure to check Out the link Down Below in our Description for the patreon as well now We're almost at capacity for this round Of group openings so if it happens to be Sold out and you're already checking but You want to join be sure to check out The link down below for our waiting list As well now prices for this group is Only going up from here last year we had Over thousands of members at a price of 70 a month this year it's 14.99 all Right I'm hooking you all up with the Bear Market special now depending on When you're watching this video if it's Months after it was actually posted Chances are it's not going to be 14.99 Anymore it's going to continue to Increase in price and it's never going To get cheaper than where it is now so Click the link down below if you want to Join all right so last but not least Ladies and gents I want to give you my Own personal experience of the last two To three years because I've gone from a

Zero figure portfolio to a seven figure Portfolio down to a six figure now going Back upwards to a seven figure portfolio I've learned a lot on the way one of the Big biggest takeaways I want to note is That you need to be patient you need to Realize the bull market seems to come About every three to four years and We're still about one and a half years Out since the last one even better if You have a time frame of at least five Years I bet you'll find even more Success on top of that time in the Market is oftentimes going to be timing The market so this means just buy early On forget about it okay you can Uninstall the app or whatever it is but Don't look at it so much constantly Because there will be volatility and I Know at many times I've sold out of Emotion out of fear and there are times Where I kept my money out of greed keep A strategy and stick with it what I like To tell myself is buying Now isn't going To be a guarantee of how much money I Make but it's going to be a heck of a Lot safer than regretting it when I hear That in another one to two years crypto Is trending again Bitcoin is near its Previous all-time high I'm not going to Be feeling that fomo a lot of people who Get into the crypto space tend to look For a lot of the gambling ones as well But I'd recommend staying with safer

Higher market cap assets like Bitcoin And ethereum look you'll hear a lot About people making a ton of money on Meme coins but you need to be cautious Because I believe this is still Essentially just gambling think about Dogecoin one of the most popular tokens In the last bull market but even with That volatility it'd end up coming down To a low there are even other Influencers at that time like the Dogecoin millionaire who decided not to Sell at the top of that market despite Being able to make life-changing money From the money that he was earning Before and his entire wealth came down Came down faster than FTX collapsing Rest in peace just know that hype is a Fleeting thing and a lot of these Smaller tokens rely solely on hype to Grow over time but that is going to be Bound to end badly this is why we here Focus on a lot of the high market cap Tokens we don't like to gamble our money We like to invest for the future if you Guys agree with any of the things that I Said in this video be sure to drop a Like that supports this channel so so Much and if at any point you found it Value and you want to learn more be sure To check out the links Down Below in the Description as well thank you all so Much again for watching and until next Time peace out


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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