How To Invest in Crypto For Teens

So in this video here today I'm going to Explain to you what crypto is for a Complete beginner I'm going to take you Through some of the very lessons that I've learned in going from a zero dollar Portfolio while I was a broke Community College Student into eventually taking It to a quarter million dollar all-time High portfolio to now still over a Hundred thousand dollars on top of that I'm gonna hook you guys up with a Special deal coinbase actually went Ahead and reached out to me by the way This is not sponsored but they did reach Out to me telling me yo Brian we got a Brand new special offer where your Audience can get up to 400 in free Crypto so I'm gonna make sure that you Guys have all the information on that Because when I first signed up for Coinbase using my cell phone right here I went on the App Store typed in Coinbase downloaded it back in 2017 to 2018 I didn't get no bonus I didn't even Get a 10 gift for signing up for Coinbase but because you guys have Somehow stumbled upon this video here Too I'm also going to explain to you What crypto is how it works in very very Easy to understand definitions and words Because frankly you guys could actually Go on look up the white Paper read through it but then it's Going to feel like a school assignment

And we don't want to do that we want This to be very engaging easy to Understand and we'll start with taking You through a screen recording on my Computer showing you exactly how much I Was able to do over the past few years Here's my portfolio back in the day I Was actually working with my father Doing hardwood floors I would be moving All these heavy hardwood floors he'd be Putting it in and there were times where I was actually working my other job Where I was wearing kids with Disabilities now back when I was working With my dad there were days where I Would end that day you know making a Hundred dollars and that was a lot to me Back then because my bank account didn't Have that much money back when I was Working with kids with disabilities I Was getting paid I believe it was like 12 or 13 an hour and I was working that Job only part-time in addition to me Going to community college and taking my Full class prerequisites so I could Eventually transfer over to a four-year University if you guys know my story Obviously I didn't do that decided to Drop out of college pursue YouTube Pursue opening many many different Businesses and here we are now seven to Eight figure entrepreneur here's just Living proof of all that not much money To my name I had 10 30 bucks into

Coinbase at some points when I was able To have a couple hundred dollars I would Actually invest all of that into Coinbase was not the smartest decision And eventually over time that started to Grow um there were times where I got Scared of the market I ended up selling It at a drastic amount too but then it Came a point where I started to invest More consistently I started to invest Um on a weekly or even a daily basis and Then over time I actually saw my account Growing significantly so this huge Incline had to do with the part of the Enormous Bull Run that we had so if you Guys actually look up on your own charts On your own phone of the days that are Lining up this is in the peak of the Previous bull run so I essentially went From a zero dollar portfolio or even a You know at the lowest like a 12 Portfolio to even a 258 000 portfolio and if I could do this Thing right here I know that you guys Can too now one thing I want you guys to Pay very close attention to is that I Had a peak but I also had a falling off I did not learn to sell my Cryptocurrencies I took profits off Every here and then but I continued to Invest into the markets and over time When the bear Market entered the scene Where after the bull market bear Market Came I lost a lot of that money luckily

Since then I've been able to hold Through it where that 250 000 ended up Being 30 some thousand dollars this was This was frankly quite depressing for me But since then I've held it I've held it I've continued to ride it and so far for This year my portfolio is now sitting at 120 000 where I actually have gains of Over 56 000 that I could cash out now so ladies And gents my point here is the fact that If I started from zero I know that you Guys can too feels like I was 21 just Yesterday I am actually 26 now it's been A few years since I've been within the Market we've definitely learned a lot And I'm gonna share with you exactly What some of those lessons are before I Do that let's actually go over what Crypto is how it all works because Before we even look at crypto in the Terms of just simply making money crypto Serves a purpose even greater than that So my favorite way of understanding the Concept of how crypto works is by taking An example of a payment processor Whether that's cash app venmo Zell or Even PayPal I'm sure if you've ever gone Out eaten with your friends and they've Paid for your tab you feel bad you want To venmo them okay or your parents owe You a hundred bucks or something you Know maybe you're doing the dishes and You tell them okay you know just vemo me

It's free it's easy to use well Essentially that's what crypto is in a Nutshell but just imagine removing the Middleman out of the transaction the Middleman in those instances is going to Be things like venmo or cash app or any One of those companies it's these Companies where they facilitate the Transaction and vemo normally checks That you have enough money so you can Send it off they then transfer the money From your account to your friends or Your family's account and then they Record the transaction into the app so Just imagine this imagine a world where You can now send money to your friends Or family without needing venmo to Facilitate the transaction at all Instead imagine a world where your Transaction is checked and recorded by a Network of computers all around the World once those computers all agree That the transaction is valid it's then Added to a long list of all previous Transactions which is then called a Blockchain and then this is actually What cryptocurrency is all about so Crypto is instead a completely Decentralized system that allows for Peer-to-peer transactions to occur all Secured by cryptography that's where Crypto got its name from and they record Everything on a blockchain through the Use of miners so if you're wondering

What is a blockchain what is a minor Let's first start with a blockchain so Say for an instance if you run a little Lemonade pop-up stand you might have a Ledger that records each time someone Buys a cup of lemonade from you this Ledger here is just going to be like a Little notebook with a pencil and it's Going to record how many cups a person Bought the cost per cup and the total Cost of what you sold it for this way You can go ahead you can open up your Notebook called your Ledger and you can Always look back to see every Transaction that has happened for your Lemonade stand now blockchain is like a Digital Ledger but instead of recording Transactions it's used to record Transactions for a particular Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin just like a Ledger the blockchain is going to go Ahead and list the details of each Transaction so for example a bitcoin's Blockchain ledger would look like this It would have the sender's address the Receiver's address and the amount of Bitcoin sent all this is real stuff I Can go on something like And I can go ahead and see the latest Transactions that are happening right Now all these unconfirmed Bitcoin Transactions these are different people Sending someone else some money and We're seeing it come in real time this

Is the public Ledger now so we're taking That little notebook that we talked About earlier this is digital now here's Where things get a little different Instead of having Pages within a ledger A blockchain is then made up of blocks And each block contains a list of Several transactions where once a a Block is filled with a new transaction a New block is created and linked to the Previous one forming a chain of blocks Hence the name blockchain now what makes A blockchain special like I said it's Not locked away in a drawer or like Private so no one can see but it's Public and it's meant for every single Person to see and this is exactly why Crypto works the way it does by making All transactions visible on that public Ledger cryptocurrencies allow us to Imagine a world where Financial systems Are now open and accessible to every Single person with the blockchain you Simply cannot lie to the blockchain Alright you cannot fake a transaction Everything that goes on here that gets Confirmed is a real transaction that we Can all see this is where accountability Comes in and this is where we can verify That things are legit now in the Bitcoin System when someone makes a transaction It's like they're writing down their Transaction in The Ledger but before it Can be added to the Ledger it needs to

Be made sure that it's validated this is Where Bitcoin miners come in where Miners use their computers to solve Complex mathematical problems that Validate the transaction and the process Involves confirming the details of the Transaction and it ensures that the Sender actually owns the amount of Bitcoin that they're trying to send now As a reward for the work the miner is Given some new Bitcoin and this is how New Bitcoin is created and enters Circulation and in essence Bitcoin Miners are paid for their auditing work With Bitcoin so that is pretty much in General how crypto works you got your Miners they are processing and Confirming these type of transactions That you and I are trying to make to Send each other money outside of that Bitcoin has been seen to be a solid Investment as you guys are able to tell From my previous portfolio and I want to Make sure that you guys are getting Started right so I mentioned earlier you Can get up to 400 worth of Cryptocurrency well in order to do that Be sure to check out the link Down Below In the description or on your screen Somewhere there's going to be QR code Where you can scan with your phone as Well this link here will take you Directly to coinbase which is a secure And user-friendly platform for being

Able to buy sell and hold Cryptocurrencies pretty much do whatever You want when it comes to crypto Coinbase also notes that you can get up To 400 in rewards with coinbase and this Is because if you participate in like Their free educational earning programs Like you just take a quick little quiz On the graph they'll give you four Dollars here this stuff starts adding up On top of that you can get up to 200 When you sign up so this is going to be Spinning a wheel and you have a small Chance of winning up to 200 but even if You get anything like 10 20 30 40 50 Bucks it's still free money that you can Get all for the cost of zero dollars Pretty much it means you're getting Money for free what I like to do is Stake my crypto I've gone ahead and Staked a bunch of my ethereum where I'm Currently earning about three to four Percent in interest on something that I've had invested anyways all right so At this point we've pretty much gone Over everything you need to know about Crypto and how to buy crypto for Yourself but let's cover a few basic Tips for Success that you should know About first of all something that I do Is I take security very seriously I've Been hacked before I've talked about it On this YouTube channel many many times And unlike with your local bank there is

No FDIC insurance if your crypto gets Hacked and it's gone it's gone for good So if you're using a hot wallet or an Exchange make sure you use a security Key like a UB key this is pretty much What government employers use and this Is where you can set up your two-factor Authentication you buy a UB key and in Order to ever log into one of your Accounts from a new computer you have to Physically press the button on that key Which is then plugged into your USB port Now if you don't want to use ubikey if That's too much work for you or you Think you lose your stuff all the time Just make sure that you use an Authenticator app instead of just having Your cell phone text message two-factor Authentication I've done the whole cell Phone two-factor authentication cell Phone thing that is an L do not do that And set up 2fa with an authenticator app If you can because this is all about Protecting yourself and enhancing your Security as much as possible on top of That a majority of crypto hacks happen With hot wallets or with exchange held Wallets this is because all a hacker Needs to do is hack into your exchange Your computer log in and then send your Crypto out or if you're using a hot Wallet like metamask they just need your Seed phrase I don't think it's too Difficult to get if they you know put

Like a virus or they're able to screen Your computer in some way if you're on Maybe like the Starbucks McDonald's Wi-Fi and someone is on that like Observing that and they find your Keystrokes it happens from time to time So another way you can protect yourself Is by getting a cold storage wallet what I personally like to use is the trezor Wallet for this year where you would Actually need to plug it in in order to Have someone send the crypto out so Typically what you would want to do is Sign up for something like coinbase use A reputable exchange get that free Crypto then go ahead deposit your own Crypto if you want to buy some Bitcoin Go ahead and do that there and then Transfer that Bitcoin off that exchange Onto your cold storage wallet that you Bought with that cold storage wallet you Pretty much are holding your Cryptocurrency there if you lose it as Long as you have a piece of paper where Hopefully you wrote down the key seed Phrases for that device you'd still be Good to go now by the way we recently Gave away over a thousand dollars worth Of trezor cold storage wallets in our Patreon if you guys want to go ahead and Join we have a Discord Community you get Monday Wednesday Friday exclusive news Alerts you get my own buy and sell Alerts and on top of that you get

Everything for the price of a Netflix Subscription so check out the link Down Below in the description if this also Happens to be sold out you can also join Our wait list down below because chances Are it will be sold out as well now Ladies and gents other than that my Biggest tips for getting started into Crypto is to not get overly greedy Within the markets it's to not be so Concerned about trying to time it every Time I know you're like hoping for the Next Bitcoin crash or Bitcoin goes under Sixteen thousand dollars but what I've Realized over this space is just invest Into it on a consistent basis you can Set up reoccurring weekly Investments You don't have to invest a thousand Dollars at a time but it could be fifty Dollars a week or twenty dollars a week And slowly keep building up your Portfolio and with the extra time you Have on your hand look into starting a Business look into getting your bag up That's exactly what I would do if I was Starting over everything again as a Teenager because I back then I was a Lost boy I was you know messing around I Was partying all the time doing things That I wish I wasn't doing so I could Have made a better Financial back for Myself now and eventually I turned my Life around at the age of 21 20 I Decided to say no to all the parties no

To going out no to video games and I Just continued to invest my time into Learning about business reading books Reading things on entrepreneurship Watching videos like this taking Advantage of deals that existed and then Continue to surround myself with Like-minded people and eventually right Now I'm making multi-million dollars you Guys want to learn about how I was able To do the same I have a bunch of videos Here on this YouTube channel but you can Also just subscribe to the channel so For any future content or any alerts That I have or if you follow me on Instagram I'll let you guys know on any Courses mentorships things that I have Coming up as well so I can make sure That you guys can do the same thing that I've done over the past few years if you Want to learn more about my own story be Sure to check out the CNBC money make it Video that I did about a year ago where They covered how much I'm made how much I spent and how I was able to get to Where I'm at as well by the way if you Are starting out now into the crypto Space you have a huge Advantage because You are younger than most people if You're actually a teenager you got you Got a big time Horizon okay so start now Buy early don't buy too much okay be Careful about investing not too much of Your entire net worth you know always

Have some money set aside on your hand But getting started earlier is going to Be better and you're going to have the Advantage of time on your side one last Thing you're going to be hearing a lot About different meme coins like Pepe and Doge and all these derivatives be Careful about that because I still Consider it to be high risk gambling and If we look at some of these other YouTubers like as an example Dogecoin Millionaire this person ended up making A lot of money but he wasn't able to Sell it despite you know making Life-changing amounts eventually he is Now at a point where his wealth has come Down dramatically and if you end up Getting lucky don't ever get greedy Don't ever think it's gonna you know Keep riding to the Moon because Oftentimes it doesn't Okay it really Doesn't hype is a fleeting material Listic aspect and if any token grows on Hype then it oftentimes is not a great Investment to make that being said you Can definitely make quick money pump and Dumps they come and go just don't get Dumped ride the pump you know how it is Overall though I like to stay away from A lot of those things and I like to just Invest in a consistent pace and just Stay in my own lane and I think you guys Can still make a killing if you guys do That if you guys did find any value in

This video be sure to drop a like down Below thank you all so much again for Watching if you want to go ahead and Take advantage of any of the offers that I mentioned be sure to check out the Links Down Below in the description and On top of that be sure to join our Patreon if you guys want to have a Chance of joining another Community Because we'd love to help you guys out We'd love for you guys to join the squad Thanks again for watching and in the Meantime peace out


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