How To Invest For Beginners In This Recession To Build Wealth (2023 Edition)

Are you interested in getting started With investing but you feel overwhelmed In knowing where to even start well look I got y'all because in this video here I'm gonna guide you through everything You need to know on how to start Investing as a complete beginner next I'm also going to invest a thousand Dollars to my own money into stocks to Show you the exact process on how all of This is done and let's begin so why Should you even care about investing at All well there's two main reasons for This investing is one of the few ways Where you can build true wealth over Time this is because when you're Investing you're generating passive Income which means you can make money in Your sleep normally to make money as Most you guys should know you need to Trade time for money you need to go to Work you need to clock in and they pay You money for the hours that you submit By doing something like investing you're Allowing your money to work for you the Second reason is that investing beats Inflation inflation simply put is the Fact that the value of the dollar Continues to stay the same but the cost Of everything you buy goes up for Example if a cup of bubble tea I love Bubble Tea as you guys know it costs one Dollar today and the inflation right now Is three percent next year that same cup

Of bubble tea might cost you a dollar And three cents but look if you guys are Saying Brian it's only three cents That's not gonna make a big difference Let me tell y'all over time it does Right now a gallon of milk especially if You get organic and then you go into Like moms or Whole Foods it can cost you A pretty penny maybe five or six bucks But back in the 1960s a gallon of milk Was only 49 cents in the 1970s a loaf of Bread would only cost you 25 cents right Now a loaf of bread is about two dollars And fifty cents or more and in the 1980s A gallon of gas was only a dollar and 25 Cents for today the average cost of that Is about three dollars inflation is one Of those things where you're not going To see an immediate impact but it does Add up over time and it compounds Exponentially now the importance of Preserving your wealth or investing look Guys it can't be overstated enough Without a plan plan to grow and without A plan to protect your wealth inflation Is going to eat away at your savings and It's gonna make it a lot harder for you To achieve whatever financial goals you Have such as saving for retirement Finding your future children's education Or just even having enough money to buy Yourself a decent house or even just Getting a decent looking car so by Investing you you could potentially earn

Returns that can keep Pace or even Outpace inflation therefore helping you To preserve more wealth over time so Brian how does all of this investing Stuff work well let me take you through One example right here one of my best Trades that I've made was investing into A company called Academy Sports and Outdoors this is literally just like a Sports and Outdoors shop where you can Buy like lawn chairs grills basketballs You know a little bit of apparel things Like that I had actually invested into This company back in 2020 around the 15 To 16 dollar price range what's even Cool is that this company pays me Dividends for owning the stock every Single month and I've been able to hold It over the past few years and generate Myself a return of over 260 percent back In unrealized gains by the way a Dividend is kind of like how parents Might give a kid an allowance every Month to spend just for living under Their household now as another example At the start of this year I went ahead And bought ethereum at around the 1200 Price level I bought about fifty Thousand dollars worth of ethereum and I Was able to sell my bag I think it was About right here around the 2100 Mark And since then I was able to cash in at About 14 to 18 000 in real money back in My pocket now I know I'm throwing a lot

Of figures at you and I know a lot of This might seem impossible but trust me Guys I grew up with very humble Beginnings I didn't come from a family That was well off that was rich I never Had my own allowance or anything like That everything that I learned today and All the success that I've made came from My own work and it's something that you Guys can do too so how does this all Work well when it comes to that stock in Crypto that I just told you guys about The price of those assets generally go Up when there's more demand for the Company stock or that crypto project and Others begin to buy in now people could Buy in for several amounts of reason They could be buying in because a Company performed well and it exceeded Expectations or if a new industry just Broke through into some new AI revolving Space and it's becoming even more Popular or say there's more use cases Like when it it comes to crypto and more People and businesses start using Ethereum for various purposes the Overall theme just comes down to the Principle of supply and demand where if There are more buyers than sellers in The market of whatever the asset is the Price will generally go up now investing Isn't just limited to non-tangible Things because I would say Academy Sport Outdoor stock and ethereum stock it's

Kind of non-tangible like I I can't Really you know I can't really grab it I Can't throw it around it's like digital You know well here are some better Examples so I invested into a restaurant That I am a co-owner of called guzo the First Japanese barbecue spot here in Rockville Maryland and after my initial Investment I'm able to get a check for Owner's distribution every single Quarter that can range to multiple Thousands of dollars other examples I Bought several watches over the past few Years a handful of them being Rolexes And these I treat as an investment Whereas an example the Submariner that I Bought from my father is up over 44 Being worth around thirteen thousand Dollars in market value where I Initially purchased it for nine thousand One hundred dollars at the ad now those Are two more tangible Investments Because if I buy a Rolex from an ad and Then I sell it to someone else boom I Can see the item I can see the Transaction happening now there are Plenty of other Investments too if you Know what right cars to buy and you're Able to flip it for a profit you could Consider those being an investment Rather than a liability or say there are Things like Angel Investments where if You watch the show Shark Tank you know You got Mark Cuban Kevin O'Leary sitting

Up there investing into startup Companies this is more high risk it's Something I've done but if you just meet The requirements which means you have to Be an accredited investor or you have Over a one million dollar net worth or You're making at least 250 000 a year You go ahead and invest into smaller Stage companies if those companies end Up doing well you'd be making way more Money so just think of the example what If you invested into Airbnb where it was Just two guys working out of their Garage or you invested into Uber when it Was just a concept and they didn't have An app or what if you invested into uh Chipotle before they started to take off With their many franchises all over the Country if you gave any one of those Guys say even just a thousand dollars of Your money and their valuation happens To go up which it has then you would be Seeing an incredible return on your Investment where it's not just a Thousand dollars you put in and you get A thousand dollars back but that a Thousand dollars you put into a High-risk company could give you back at Least a hundred thousand dollars or even More back in return so what does this All mean uh go out and buy as many Rolexes as possible try to find the next Chipotle try to ask the nearest business Owner for them to take your money it's

Not that it's just the fact that if You're a beginner and you're just Getting started out with not too much Capital there are plenty of ways to Invest but one of the best ways to get Started today is to invest into the Stock market there are four reasons for This number one historically stocks have Generated higher returns than any other Types of Investments such as bonds or Real estate bonds will yield you some of The lowest returns I mean right now in States are kind of up so bonds are not Going to be as bad but as an example Real estate too if you invest into the Wrong commercial property you'd be lucky To get some of your money back where if You buy into some other real estate you May not even have the cash flow or the Capital in order to see any type of Return within the first few years where Within the stock market if you're able To make the right trades don't even need That much money you can use something Called Leverage which is borrowing Someone else's money take on some debt To put it into a stock which I don't Recommend for beginners but it's Something that you could do to make an Outsized return on top of stocks I also Believe cryptocurrencies are another Viable asset that you could invest into Because these two things are very liquid Meaning if you buy a Rolex you need to

Find a buyer if you buy a you know used Car you freshen up you can try to flip It you need to find a seller when you're Investing into stocks and crypto the Sellers are normally there you usually Don't have an issue trying to liquidate An asset now the third reason is that Historically if you look at the lifetime Charts of both the S P 500 or even say Something like Bitcoin they have Continued to go up significantly over Time and value just like any other Markets or assets yes bubbles pop yes Markets crash yes markets correct but if You look at the long-term Horizon you'll Know that over time it's still been Performing fantastic now the last reason Why I prefer investing into stocks and Crypto compared to other more tangible Assets is just the fact that you're able To diversify your portfolio into many Different types of investment spreads You could be into the energy sector the Health sector you can invest into Precious metals real estate you could Choose to invest into a basket or a Collection of different stocks which Would be something like an ETF it can Also be pretty cost effective than Investing in assets like watches or cars Which can also come with high Transaction costs and ongoing Maintenance expenses so hopefully by now You guys have a better idea on why most

People choose to invest into stocks and Crypto rather than just investing into You know one Rolex it's also one of the Reasons why my stocking crypto portfolio Will usually be a lot bigger than some Of my other Investments so before I Start investing a thousand dollars of my Own money into the stock market and I Show you exactly how you guys can pick Up some free stocks let me explain to You exactly what stocks are and what Shares are because you're going to hear That term quite often when someone buys A share they become a part owner of the Company and companies issue shares to Raise money to grow their business and People buy shares in hopes of making a Profit or getting rewarded as an owner When investing at the stocks is a Complete beginner you have a few choices But you need to know the principle of Risk versus reward before we explore What those are so as an example you Could buy into a single Company stock With a small market cap that has a Possibility of generating 200 returns But you could also lose your money on The other hand you could invest into Something a bit more safer like an index Fund which is a type of investment that Makes up of many different stocks into One just think of it like a basket that Holds a whole bunch of different fruit And each fruit is a different company

The whole goal and the purpose of an Index fund is to match the performance Of a certain Market or a sector and it's Also helped you diversify instead of Doing research on 50 different stocks Investing in all of them where you can Invest into a whole basket all at once Now another very popular way to Conservatively invest into the stock Market is by checking out the S P 500 The S P 500 tracks the performance of 500 of the largest companies in the US And the well-known companies that Includes it's like apple Microsoft Amazon and the S P 500 has been used as A general Benchmark to compare the Performance of other stockster funds to It and the S P 500 it includes a lot of Things Tech customer Goods Healthcare You name it with this you're getting an Exposure to a diverse range of companies Similar to an index fund which helps you Reduce your risk of losing money going Back into the whole principle of risk Versus reward if there's less risk There's generally going to be less Reward but if you risk more money you're Going to see a bit more of a higher Return when's the right time to actually We start investing well they'll say that The best time to invest was yesterday But the second best time to invest is Now this is because investing is a Long-term process ladies and gents and

The sooner you start the more time you Have to grow your money there are also Three reasons why you would want to Start right now reason number one is the Idea of compound interest when you Invest your money it can earn interest And grow over time and the longer you Leave your money invested the more time It has to grow and the more interest you Can earn the more money you're gonna Make now investing also involves some Level of risk in the earlier you start The more time you have to ride out any Market fluctuations and recover from any Losses as you get older your risk Tolerance May decrease and it might make It more challenging to recover from any Losses by investing earlier to you focus On the principle of time in the market Versus timing the market so how much Money should you have in order to get Started let me tell you back in my good Old Community College days I had maybe a Thousand dollars to my name or even less Than that guys but I decided to invest a Couple hundred dollars at the time and It still worked out really great this is Because you know right now my portfolios Have been able to hit multiple six Figures but it's also the fact that Right now many brokerage firms have no Minimum investment requirements and they Offer commission free trading which Allows you to buy and sell stocks

Without paying a fee now in me being a You know Finance YouTuber I've used Pretty much every Robo advisor and every New fintech app that exists within the Space where they'll invest on your Behalf and try to you know outbeat that S P 500 Benchmark most of the time They'll require a minimum of a thousand Dollars to get started but for the most Part I've seen other tools where you can Still get started with less than 100 Bucks now this includes acorn acorn has Actually been phenomenal it has made me A ton of great consistent gains even Throughout the recent market crash I've Used Titan invest I think they also have A bit of a higher percentage fee that They would take out from you guys using That platform and there are many other Things that you guys can use for me Acorns has been the most consistent even Though some people don't like it just Because it is too hands off but Sometimes a lot of people are looking For more of a hands-off experience in Just getting started with investing if You guys want to check out acorns have a Link Down Below in the description as Well for that generally if you want to Take control and you want to have access To the most amount of tools possible I Would say using an online brokerage is Probably your best bet keep in mind Before the creation of online stock

Brokerages an investor would normally Have to call or visit a brokerage firm In order to place an order to buy or Sell stock nowadays these online Brokerages are completely free you don't Have to pay a single penny in order for You to get started and all you have to Do is link your bank account the money Will deposit in there usually within one To three days and from there you can Start investing into the market during The opening hours now here's what I Would recommend and what I would do if I Was starting all over again first of all Back in the day Robin Hood was around so I used Robinhood in order to get started With my trades but back then there were No incentives for people to sign up and Get started with free stocks nowadays There are a lot more brokerages that Exist now that weren't around a few Years back and in order to get you to be More uh Allegiant to them they're going To be giving you all of these welcome Bonus promotions which I think you can Utilize in your favor I know Weeble Right now they're giving out 12 free Fractional stocks at the time of filming This video MooMoo is giving 15 free Stocks and then additional five free Stocks if you deposit a thousand dollars Into their app and then you keep it Within that app for like 60 days it's a Pretty good deal especially if you know

That you have a thousand dollars you're Not doing anything with it just put it In there have it give you those free Stocks and if you don't like the Platform for whatever reason you could Always just cash it out instantly to get Exclusive access to these links if you Know someone in real life who already Owns one of these brokerages hit them up So you guys can both get a referral Bonus but if you guys can't find one of Those you can always use my links Down Below in the description as well to do This fill out your information and also Don't get intimidated when it asks you For your Social Security address and Also your personal address because these Are all the things that brokerages do Right now where right now there are know Your consumer laws kyc laws and this is For the government to verify you're not Like a Kingpin money laundering drug Lord or anything and by the way if you Are you could still apply and I think That they're going to catch you anytime Soon after you sign up pick up those Free stocks something that I would do Though before even using your own money Is to start utilizing a paper trading Feature now a lot of these stock Exchanges are going to offer paper Trading and this is pretty much what it Sounds like you're trading with paper This is not your own money so you could

Say as an example you create a fresh new Portfolio and try trading with that First see if you're able to make money Or see if you're constantly losing money And to see why that may be but be sure To play around with the paper trading Feature just so you don't risk your own Money and then when you get confident Enough move over into the actual money And then from there what I would Personally do is to not even touch a lot Of single individual stocks but to look Long term and invest into index funds in The beginning you're not going to be Seeing huge returns you're not going to Be a multi-millionaire overnight but This is one of the ways that you can Continue to grow a good foundation of Having a healthy portfolio because Statistically most people will lose Money in the market they say it's like 80 to 90 percent of people but you do Not have to be within that percentile You can be one of the people that Continuously makes money and that's by Taking this more conservative and more Safe approach so let me show you guys How you can actually buy a stock by the Way here's that paper trading account of A million dollars of paper trading I can Always reset it too it's so amazing all Right we're going to ETFs I see that the NASDAQ is down quite a bit today sqq I'm Gonna open this bad boy up in the last

Five days they're down a significant Amount they're down in the last one year They're down in the last five years you Know what we're gonna we're gonna avoid This one actually I like the S P 500 I Like spy this is very uh consistent so Here's what I'll do I could either buy You know 500 of fractional shares with This or by going to shares I can just Buy three shares which is equivalent to 1 257 I'm gonna set this to buy and Normally if I'm within the regular Trading hours then I would be able to do That now here's the benefit of having Many different exchanges and brokerages I can just hop into another broker that Might allow me to buy so go into S P 500 Maybe we'll go back into spy 419 let's See if I can buy this here in the after Hours we'll buy three shares review Swipe up and it looks like on Robinhood I was able to do that I was able to buy Three shares of spy I got a Discord and Patreon too so normally I'd make an Update about any one of my purchases but In this case it's for the purpose of This video so now that I bought this Asset you'll see I'm actually up a Little quarter right there instantly if I wanted to I could sell it right now For that amount and if you keep doing This over and over again and you Compound those profits that's how people Start making money from day trading so

Ladies and gents that right there is a Full video on just how you can get Started out in investing for complete Beginners if you did enjoy today's video If you learned anything new be sure to Let me know Down Below in the comment Section like always be sure to check out The links down below if you want to get Started and I also have a patreon group Where it's meant for anyone who's Getting started with their investing Journey if you guys want to tag along if You guys want to have the right support And get a better chance of joining a Community he focused around all of this For someone who's been doing it for the Past four to five years link is down Below in the description as well follow Me over on Twitter on Instagram share This with a friend and be sure to like This video and comment down below one Thing that you learned


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