How To Increase Your Credit Score (FAST)

So a good credit score can unlock lower Interest rates easier approvals and even Higher limits on your loans and credit Cards knowing that it still turns out About 40% of Americans still have a Score of under 700 now if that's you This video is going to help you out a Ton so I've come up with a simple 10-step strategy that I'm going to share Where you can hyper increase your credit Score fast starting even as soon as this Month before we go into those points Let's go over what a credit score really Is and this is broken down into five C Categories this is going to be your Payment history your amount owed your Length of credit history your new credit And your credit mix so if any of that Seems confusing at all don't worry Because in the next 10 steps I'm going To break it down super clear and easy For you all to understand going into Number one which is reviewing your Credit report and submitting a dispute So real quick this here is what a lot of Credit repair companies charge people Hundreds if not thousands of dollars to Do and it's for good reason it turns out 66 million people or at least 20% of Americans have at least one error on one Of their three different credit reports Here in the US those three credit Reports are generated by the credit Bureaus and that's going to be Equifax

Experion and Transunion these scores all Collect and interpret information Differently so you'll have to check each One of them for any potential error now To do that it's actually very simple First of all go to the website this company is Directly vetted by the FTC on the Official government website so you know You're in the safest hands possible your Goal here is to go through and comb for Any errors that you notice this includes Addresses payment history credit ped Audit everything about your credit Report and make sure that things add up And that there aren't any mistakes look Even if you're paying your credit cards On time because of the mistakes that These companies make they could still Damage your score and all it takes from Here is to then figure out what that is And then to file a dispute to do that You're first going to need to get Documentation so if a credit bureau is Saying that you missed a payment get Confirmation showing that you indeed Made the payment now if the report shows An account you closed as open get the Document that shows that the account was Actually closed this here will be the Proof that you need for your dispute Claim next what you want to do is then Find the dispute form for the respective Credit bureau if it turns out TransUnion

Might have reported an error on your Report but not Equifax you want to make Sure that you're disputing it with the Right agency now by the way if you need A link to the dispute forms I can go Ahead and send you an email on that with The link Down Below in the description As well now from here if you have all That done the next thing I would Personally do is to utilize a free AI Tool and this is chat GPT in the past You could literally just go on Google And you could still do this now where You look up a template for disputes that You can automatically send to some of These credit bureaus but I think chat Gbt right now is going to be able to do A better job because a lot of these Credit bureaus get the same template Over and over again and sometimes they May automatically decline you because They know internally on their system That you're not spending much time and That this is amongst many different Templated responses that they get all The time get the information put into Chat gbt put in the prompt help me to Dispute this inquiry on my credit report Which is not true it's going to then go Ahead and generate a whole prompt you Copy and paste that insert it into the Dispute form and then from there when You send it off you should be hearing Back within a few weeks or even a few

Months because I know a lot of these Credit bureaus move at snail mail time Very slow but once you hear something Back and they go ahead and remove the Inquiry or the false information on your Account you should see an instant Positive remark on your next credit Score cycle now I also know that a lot Of people have gone through many Different Financial issues and turmoils Over the last 3 to four years especially When we had the pandemic happening the Lockdowns so don't beat yourself up if You have a huge ding on your credit for Missing multiple payments whatnot this Is a time where instead of just finding Errors too that the credit bureau might Have made you can go ahead and plea your Case so just let him know hey it was About 2 years ago where I missed these Months of payments but as you can see Since then I've been on time with Everything would it be possible that you Could remove some of the mistakes I made Before I'm trying to improve my credit Now because of the financial situation I'm living in and even just a message Like that surprisingly does well now Earlier when I broke down the factors That make up your credit score the Biggest one out of all of them was at 35% and this is your payment history This section here is rather simple but Can make a huge difference when it comes

To maximizing your payment history you Want to be paying your balances off in Full every single month to do this start By setting up automatic payments on all Of your credit cards and Loans if They're not already turned on if you Have a mortgage a car loan a line of Credit and multiple credit cards all it Takes is one slip up to miss a payment Now automatic payments make it Effortless and remove any potential for Human error now if you are purposely not Turning on automatic payments because You have more bills than the income that You make we'll talk a little bit more About what you can do in that situation In a few minutes regarding the topic of At least just staying on top of your Current payments The Next Step here is To then know what your deadlines are so Something I used to do way earlier on Was to go into my Google Calendar and to At least input the notifications and set It monthly to remind me the day before Of when a payment was due and when it Was pulling out from there you want to Go ahead and pay off the balance to your Credit cards before it actually reports To the credit bureau and this actually Segue very well into Point number three Which is just keeping your overall Utilization low now this aspect here Makes up 30% of your credit profile and Credit utilization is going to be the

Biggest portion and simply put this is Just the amount of available credit that You're using now one method to improve This category is to Simply open more Credit cards now look if you have a Habit of having credit card debt skip This tip here but if you can use cards Responsibly there's no reason you Shouldn't have at least 20 different Credit cards this is something that I do And it turns out each new credit card You apply and get approved for increases Your total credit limit so if I had two Cards with $5,000 limits for a total of $10,000 and each one has a balance of $2,000 each then I'd be utilizing 40% of My available limit now say I didn't just Have two credit cards but I instead had 10 cards and all of those had a $10,000 Limit assuming that my spend is the same This would mean my utilization would go Down drastically because I would have $10 $1,000 in a total credit limit Across all my accounts but if I'm using Only $4,000 of that my utilization then Becomes less than 5% now I highly Recommend you always keep your balances Under 30% and if you're looking to get The perfect credit score in 850 and Beyond if there is anything beyond that I I don't think so it would be to make Sure that you keep your utilization at 1% now how do you keep it under 1% Automatically well this is something I

Do within all my accounts and that is to Pay your card before the statement Balance due date so when setting up Automatic payments a lot of these Companies will ask you when do you want Your balance to be taken out a lot of People will do statement balance in the Middle of the month but if you go ahead And do it a week before or even two Weeks before you can pay off that Remaining amount before anything gets Reported onto your credit score so this Is one of the techniques that people do In order to reduce the amount of Utilization shown on your credit score And thus improving your own credit score Drastically now on the off chance that Your credit utilization is rather high And this is because you can't pay your Balance off in full well I got a Solution for you going into step number Four and that's simply just Consolidating all of your debts so if You're carrying a balance on your credit Card chances are you're paying some high Interest debt which can go up to even 20 To 30% or more with Rising interest Rates from the federal government you Want to make sure that you're able to at Least save the 20 to 30% which can add Up to be a significant amount a lot of People still don't know this one simple Trick here which can save you thousands Upon thousands of dollars and this is

Simply to just get a credit card like The Chase Freedom Flex the Capital One Saver one or the Capital One Quicksilver Card where these cards offer the benefit Where on the first 12 to 15 months Depending on the cards terms you can get A 0% APR and a $0 balance transfer fee So this means when you apply for one of These cards you can actually have a Balance sent from One credit card over To the new one with the 0% interest APR Offer so by doing this you're going to Be able to avoid paying any interest on Those balances for a set period of time Usually this is anywhere from 12 to 15 To even 21 months it's the longest I've Seen so just make sure that if you do Transfer your balance to another card That you work on paying that balance Down otherwise you're just moving your Debt from one another and you're Prolonging the eventual coming of the Fact that you need to pay off your Credit card debt now if you want to get Started with one of those cards or even Open a new one to increase your total Credit limit I'll also have a resource For checking out some additional credit Cards linked Down Below in the Description now if I'm being fully Transparent out of all of this stuff if You want to get the most fast results You'll need to put the work in look Carrying a balance on your card is a

Hole you want to dig yourself out of so Don't shy away from saying no to going Out just drinking at a bar spending Money with people that you don't care About but say yes to starting a new side Hustle or picking up a new side job to Earn extra income to put towards that Balance look I've been there okay even One of my first few businesses almost Put me into debt my mom had crippling Credit card debt for many many years That I grew up dealing with and I still Know people in my own life that have Credit card debt to this day and in Order to tackle the problem headon this Stems from an issue of overspending Versus the income that is coming in for Me I like to play offense and get active Income in rather than saying no to Eating out which is what I grew up doing Pretty much my whole life now look Everyone's situation is different some Of you I know may be terrible Spenders And you buy things you don't need like Designer shirts or shoes or jewelry so Please try to minimize your spending if You think you have an issue there so With the first four steps we've covered The two biggest categories that make up 65% of the profile I believe this will Easily get you to at least the 700 Credit score but to get past that and Into the 800 Zone you need to focus on The smaller details here starting with

Credit age this is going to make up 15% Of your score now turns out one of the Most common mist mes that people make is Closing credit cards that they're not Using and the mindset is usually Something like oh I've had this card Here for Macy's and JC Penny and I Haven't used it so might as well just Call it to cancel it Well turns out this Is actually very detrimental if you have A card that has no annual fee do not Cancel it just put it in a sock drawer And close it up this is because if you Cancel the oldest credit card you'll see Your credit age drop so say as an Example that Macy's card you've had you Got it 10 years ago and then all the new Cards you got was within the last one Year if you cancel your oldest card it's Going to reduce your average age of Accounts and this is going to Significantly damage your credit score This is because Banks really value Consistent time that you've had in being Able to have credit and pay it off so if You close your oldest account and that Disappears off your record this could Show to the banks that you just got into The credit game a bit more recently and You're more of a higher risk so Solution On this simple keep your cards open Don't worry about it tuck it away on top Of that it also means means that maybe Every once a year you want to put some

Type of small spend on that card so if You're going out to buy some chewing gum Use a card then make sure automatic Payments is set up so that the banks Don't also cancel your card for Inactivity now going into step number Six we've pretty much at this point Broken down the factors that now make up The first 80% of your credit score now What if I told you that simply by paying Your bills off that you'd be paying off Anyways you'd be able to optimize those Categories and increase your credit Score further well in this section we Actually had the honor of getting Getting in touch with stellari who has a Unique solution to also help you Increase your own score so stellari is a Credit building tool that uses your Bills like rent and streaming services To increase that credit score these Expenses are non-negotiable but often Don't get reflected on your credit Profile the way they do this is they Provide a virtual card that you can then Use to link and pay your utilities and They'll then make sure that your bills That you pay by the due date immediately Get authorized and then on your end Nothing changes but you're still making The same payments as you've always been But on Stellar fi's part they'll go Ahead and report your payments directly To all three of the major credit bureaus

To help you increase your score with These simple expenses on top of that When you sign up they'll also give you a Free current credit score and access to A full credit report to help you find Areas to improve and correct stellari Also helps to boost your payment history By spending and paying it off right away And they can also get you a reported Limit of as high as $25,000 to help you Improve your credit utilization now each Bill you pay through stellari will Incrementally increase your reported Limit every single month and since these Two factors alone make up 65% this is More than great now I believe this Product is seriously a huge help in Boosting your credit score and I'd Recommend it and it all comes at a price Of as low as 99 Cents for the first Month and then $9.99 after that if you Want to check them out and learn more be Sure to see the link Down Below in the Description and with that being said Let's move on to step number eight and This is going over your credit mix next So your credit mix is going to make up 10% of your profile and this is best Optimized by having a wide array of Different credit options on your profile So it turns out Banks want to see that You don't have just one or two types of Credit cards that you reliably use but They want to see a big blend of the

Whole pie so this includes having credit Cards car Loans mortgage payments lines Of credit your phone bill like we just Talked about in the last step or even Things like your student loans the more Diverse the mix is it turns turns out The better your reliability is now for You to go ahead and improve this I don't Recommend you to walk into a car Dealership and start getting all these Crazy loans I just instead recommend That you get a couple of new card Products every time you get a good offer In you can also know what the good Offers are by watching these videos here On this channel and making sure that You're subscribed because I'll let you Guys know in the community post or even In our email News Group at the end of The day if a bank sees you paying your Credit reliably they'll even extend you An offer for a line of credit which can Also help you increase your credit score Too now going into step number eight and This next one has a huge if attached to It so if you need your score as high as Possible the last 10% of your score is Made up by your new credit this means When you get a hard pull on your account You'll have a temporary drop in your Credit score and in a situation like This I'd recommend you avoid opening new Accounts because new accounts will drop Your score a bit in the short term but a

Huge disclaimer here is that your score Will recover in the next one to two Months so don't let this also deter you From picking up new credit cards I also Need to emphasize this here only makes Up 10% and if your utilization improves Drastically you could still offset the Score reduction you would get in opening A new account next up is a simple step But just always make sure you're Monitoring Your Own Credit so I like to Set email and text reminders for my Credit card companies like AMX Capital 1 Chase and more this means anytime I see An inquiry on my account I'm going to Know right away what that is now this Has also been very helpful because I Have gotten my identity stolen before in The past if back then I was paying Attention to all the inquiries coming in I would have been able to save myself a Lot of headache but at least for my Mistakes I want you guys to make sure That you are taken care of so at least Always ensure that you are monitoring Your Own Credit get those alerts where It tells you oh your utilization went Down or oh your utilization actually Went up and see what you can optimize From there now if you've done all those Things here is the last method and Probably one of the most powerful ones And this is called piggybacking so when It comes to getting a score even as high

As 850 this isn't about being the best In all the categories that we mentioned But it's actually about time so it turns Out the longer you have a good report of Credit the better your score will be and That's what's going to push you from 720 To the 850 level now look I get it it's Not easy waiting 5 plus years for your Credit to slowly climb up so one Technique that people utilize to Fast Track this aspect is piggybacking to do This find a close family member or Friend that you can trust that can add You as an authorized user to their Account by the way this person needs to Have a good score they have a shot off Score it's going to do the opposite Effect but what's going to happen in This situation is that they're going to Transfer their account history to your Account history which can improve your Credit now I've done this with my own Family members to help them out when They weren't having the best credit and I know even from this just within the Next month I saw the biggest difference If you have bad credit and someone adds You onto their account and they have an 850 credit score don't be surprised if You see your credit even jumping up over A 100 points now that being said keep Consistent with your good habits and Take into account all the things that I Said within my 10 step sequence from

There I'd be more than shocked to hear That you don't see any result of your Credit score improving now if you enjoy This video and you want to keep in touch Subscribe down below follow me over on Twitter and Instagram and I'll see you All next thank you bye


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