How To Have Your Own Personal Assistant For FREE with Chat GPT

Have you ever dreamed of having your own AI assistant kind of like Jarvis from Iron Man well I've been using chat gbt Every single day for the last few months Now and I believe I've cracked the code And turning Chachi BT into my own Full-time personal assistant now as a Seven figure business owner I've been Blessed to have my own personal Assistant for the past few years and While nothing can fully replace a human Assistant I Believe by knowing how to Properly use chat gbt you can come Pretty close to the real thing like I Said it is completely free so yes you Even you watching this video will be Able to get tremendous value just by Watching this all the way till the end Now the first easiest and one of my most Valuable use cases a Chachi BT has been Using it to help you write emails and Messages more effectively by suggesting Words and phrases based on the context Of your message now all you have to do Is provide chat gbt with some basic Information such as the recipient name The purpose of your message and any key Points you want to include and you can Let it generate a draft for you and from There you can refine it and decide if it Suits your style and preferences before Sending off the message so as an example I'm going to draft up an email in the Scenario that a company reached out to

Me asking if they could sponsor a video And I just want to say no for this I'm Just going to put in the prompt draft me Up an email declining a sponsorship Request for the reason I personally just Don't like the company make the email More friendly and let's see what it says Okay so chat gbt is going to generate This email right here for me I hope this Email finds you well thank you for Considering me for a sponsorship it was A pleasure to learn about your company The work you do however after careful Consideration I've decided to decline Your sponsorship request please note That this decision has nothing to do With your company's Mission or the Quality of your product it is solely Based on my personal preference with the Use case of chat CBT helping me write up My emails let me tell you I use it day To day and it has saved me a significant Amount of time this year is just one Example where it does a better job than What I would have said I would have just Simply said nah I'm not interested maybe Next time but it really just allows me To retain a good relationship with Whoever I'm chatting with now I know This might not be applicable to a lot of People but it could be simple emails so Whatever you're doing for work if you're Trying to make a request just more Straightforward but you have a hard time

Putting it together in words or say you Know as an example you're interested in Buying a new car and you're trying to Reach out to some dealerships about an Allocation chat GPT could help you out There too I'm gonna put in the prompt Draft me up an email asking for more Information on my car allocation and as You can see on your screen here I mean The details of this is just so good no Matter what profession or business You're in chances are you're sending off Some emails whether it's trying to get a Return item for a certain clothing brand That you've ordered that doesn't fit you Right or you're just trying to emo your Boss for a specific request chat gbt Speeds up the process they do a great Job and they can allow this process to Be a lot easier and to eventually take Over things that normally your ideal Personal assistant would be doing now The second use case that I've had for Chat GPT that has helped me out a ton is By using it as my own personal vacation Assistant so For an upcoming trip that I Have planned for this year I'm going to Be visiting the Cayman Islands for the First time and I can actually have chat Gbt help me plan out not only where to Go but even offer me some of the things That I'd want to do I'm going to put in The prompt help me plan my vacation to The Cayman Islands just with that it is

Going to work it's going to help me Decide and narrow down on some of the Essential things that I need to do Before I book a trip such as deciding on My travel dates booking my flight Choosing My accommodations I could also Put in the prompt recommend me some top Hotels to this trip and I can also go Ahead and put in some additional Criteria must have nice pools can't be More than thousand dollars a night also This is kind of fun but I like to put in The prompt only address Me by Lord Jung Now that last part obviously is optional But chat GPT will remember your answer And they will apply that for this entire Chat conversation okay okay so here we Go Chachi BT kicked this off by saying Certainly Lord Jung based on your Criteria here's some top adult only uh Hotels in the Cayman Islands with nice Pools that fall within your budget okay So one of the ones that they recommended Is the Kimpton seafire Resort I like it If you guys didn't know fast junkie is Actually my middle name just kidding It's actually not but I used to go Fishing a lot I used to love catching Bass and that is why I have that Nickname so what I'm gonna do next is See if Chachi PT could recommend any Fishing spots near the hotel the Kimpton Seafire Resort so even from here it's Gonna give me five different places that

I can go fishing and tell me even the Types of fish that I could catch on my Next vacation ladies and gents this here Is just a real world example of how you Can use Chachi BT now keep in mind all The prompts that it's giving you Sometimes it could be wrong sometimes You're gonna have to take an extra step To verify it but I will say this usually It is accurate and for the most part if You just do a little bit of due Diligence on your own you can then Verify and take this information in Where it's saving you so much additional Time from when you would have to go out Your own way to see whether or not these Fishing spots for me would be viable for Me to go to by the way real quick guys Before moving on to the next point I Wanted to give a special shout out to Our sponsor for this video MooMoo Starting your investing Journey can be a Difficult task but luckily MooMoo is Here to help you out Mumu is an All-in-one trading platform that not Only allows you to buy and sell stocks But it also offers excellent analysis Tools up to 2500 free investing courses And many other beginners to advanced Level friendly features what I love most About MooMoo is their Hands-On paper Trading feature this year seriously Elevates your knowledge as a beginner Investor to test out a new investing

Strategy or even practice trading stocks Options without risking a penny now Paper trading is completely free and Easy to use all you have to do is go Into the app and search paper in the Search bar then you can start your paper Trading with the real time quotes So if You guys want to go ahead and check out MooMoo be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description where you Can receive up to 15 free stocks now the Third way that you can use Chachi BT as Your own personal assistant is by using It as your own personal trainer so guys Personal trainers are not cheap by any Means so being able to use chat gbt in This way can help you achieve your goals And also to save you additional money The way that this software would do this Is by helping you stay motivated and on Track with your fitness goals providing You with workout plans tracking your Progress and also giving you tips and Advice on what you should do for Nutrition and overall exercise for this You can tell chat gbt many different Prompts but the easiest way to get Started is to just give it your fitness Goals your preference and it can also Create that customized workout plan for You right away so here's an example I've Been going back to rugby practice and I'm gonna want Chachi PT to help me Figure out a good split from rugby

Practice that I have on Tuesday and Thursdays versus what I can do at the Gym so I can continue to make sure that The gains are progressing towards an Upward Trend so we're gonna put the Prompt in here you're my personal Trainer I got rugby practice on these Days give me a workout regimen and meal Plan boom so right away chat gbt Instantly is going to work and it's Going to tell me Monday Wednesday Friday Here's what I should be doing squat Bench press deadlift pull-ups Tuesday And Thursdays here are my practices Saturday and Sunday optional rest day or Active recovery day and then a meal plan To support my performance and body goals It's going to tell me to eat some Oatmeal in the morning with scrambled Eggs Greek yogurt for a snack lunch Grilled chicken Snack hummus with carrot Dinner Steak or tofu it's it's gonna give me Like a very detailed plan but even Knowing this I can give it even more Criteria to help narrow down exactly What I'm looking for so I could say Right now I'm trying to lose weight and I want to drop down to 170 the next 60 Days from here Chachi BT is going to Give me a prompt on what I should be Doing including just another updated Meal plan and even with the meal plan Ladies and gents you could have this

Even more detailed where you can input How much protein you want on a daily Basis and it'll go ahead and split the Macros up for you when it comes to Working out or having a personal trainer It's an extra mind that is assisting you In what you need to do before going to The gym by properly using chat gbt Inputting some prompts here and having It to get to know you a bit better You're going to be finding some pretty Tremendous results now the next way that Shot gbt can serve you as a personal Assistant is by helping you generate the Right ideas and do additional research For you on starting your side hustle or Whatever business that you may own by The way if you don't even own a side Hustler business and you're just a Full-time employee I know that this can Still be such a useful and helpful tool For you now if I were to use chat gbt to Help me create a side hustle here's what I would do I just want an idea how can I Make 100 a day so chat gbt right now is Going to give me five different options But say that you have just a preference And something that you always thought Would do well as your own side hustle on The topic of fishing that I mentioned Earlier let's see if I can find a way That chat gbt can help me monetize one Of the favorite things that I like to do In life so I'm going to copy and paste

This help create me a side also a Business plan for a hundred dollars I'm Into fishing Outdoors any business ideas I can pursue now from here chat gbt is Going to give me five more different Plans in starting a phishing blog offer Guided fishing tour self fishing gear Online offer fishing lessons create and Sell fishing lures as someone who has Actually tried a few of these things Listed on here let me tell you these are Actually really good business ideas and The answers that I'm getting back from This is still very very accurate whether It's product research whether it's Trying to get advice on if you should do This or if you shouldn't do this or even Giving you a risk analysis on how much Money you can make versus how much you Could lose or what the worst case Scenario could be pretty much guys when You're looking for a good personal Assistant I mean someone who can ship in And weigh out things without emotion I Feel like is very valuable in itself Another way that you can fully maximize Chat EVT as your personal assistant is By getting it to be your personal Finance assistant so believe it or not Chatgbt can help manage your finances by Tracking your expenses creating a budget And suggesting ways that you can save Money so as an example here's a prompt I Make five thousand dollars a month I

Have rent that is twenty five hundred Dollars a month my car payment is 600 a Month give me a budget of what I should Spend per month so even right there chat Gbt will tell me based on my monthly Income of five thousand dollars on my Fixed expenses it's gonna tell me how Much money I can spend on groceries what Can go towards utilities how much I Should be spending on Transportation my Savings account or even my discretionary Spending such as entertainment dining Out and other Hobbies so I gave chat gbt Just a few more prompts like hey I want To save and invest more of my money so It gave me some more actionable steps on What I could do I also told it how can I Invest more based on the budget that I Gave you above so it would tell me you Have basically 1900 left over each month After your fixed expenses here a few Ways you could potentially invest that Money and these are not bad uh Financial Advice options like max out your Retirement contributions investing in a Brokerage account investing into real Estate starting a business these are all Things that normally I would say too but To go even deeper and to get Chachi BT To think just a little bit harder I told It write me a new budget of putting Aside a thousand dollars into my Investments and it wrote it out for me Now my total expenses did go up on this

But it gave me some alternatives on what I could do to make sure I still Accomplish my financial goals all while Being able to survive it told me look For ways to reduce your current expenses Increase your income and adjust your Saving goals from there if I needed to Follow up and even have it just tell me Some actionable steps on what I could do I believe I could take it even further And try to either raise my income or Lowering my expenses now let me tell you Guys even most wealth managers that are Supposed to be under your wing full-time Will not be giving you precise Information just like this on how you Should be using your own personal money Now the next way that you guys can use Chat GPT is by helping it become your Own a personal Mentor look ladies and Gents as like an introvert myself let me Tell you all this there are moments Where I do not want to go to event but I Know that I should be and not only that There are times where there's a decision Where I know I should be making it Versus the one that I don't and you're Just stuck on the line if I happen to be Struggling with communication or a Decision that I need to make oftentimes A good reliable friend or personal Assistant in real life could be a really Just a Saving Grace for you but if you Don't have access to that you don't got

Too many friends then you could use Chachi PT to help you make these Decisions without any type of human bias And you can also maximize just what it Will tell you in a logical standpoint so As another example I'll tell Chachi PT a Listen my friends want to go to the Movies but I want to stay home and work On my business so literally I mean it's Like your own personal Mentor telling me It's important to prioritize your goals And responsibilities but it's also Important to maintain a healthy social Life with your friends and it's possible To find a balance between your work and Social life here are some suggestions so Communicate plan ahead evaluate your Priorities ultimately the decision is up To you but make sure you weigh out the Pros and cons and I feel like even just Reading this logically will help a lot Of people to feel less stressed out and To make a better decision now ladies and Gents last but not least but if you Struggle in any additional way I believe Chat gbt can just come in and fill the Gap one example is not knowing what to Wear for a certain occasion so if you're Going to a wedding you have trouble People you know trying to understand What kind of color suit you want to wear Or say you're going on a date night it's During the summer time where it's a Little bit warm you could ask it for

More suggestions there I believe this Tool is so powerful and these are some Things that I would personally not even Bug my own real life human personal Assistant for where Chachi BT is going To be able to provide it to you at any Time at the click of a button I hope now That after finishing this video you guys Are inspired to take action and to use This completely free tool for yourself As well if you guys did appreciate this Video be sure to drop a like down below Follow me on Twitter and Instagram Subscribe to the channel if you haven't Done so already and I'll see y'all later


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