How To Go From $0 to $100,000+ With Crypto in 2024

So I've invested over $100,000 into the Crypto market and with the recent surge That Bitcoin has had I've been able to Make over $20,000 in the last 7 days Just from holding my Assets Now let me Open up my coinbase account and by the Way if you don't have coinbase and You're looking to score some free crypto I got a special link for you down below In the description but opening this up We are up about $188,000 for this past week with the Recent Surge from Bitcoin now even Though I'd say I'm up a pretty Significant amount in a short period of Time I've made the collected decision Here not to sell now in this video I'm Going to be explaining my reason behind This and I first wanted to kick this Video off by talking about a huge Misconception that I see most new Investors still have in the markets and That's the fact that they think you must Be Allin or you must be all out and There's no way to play Both Sides when It comes to investing I've learned in The last 5 to 8 years that the ultra Rich and a lot of successful investors Do this one thing and this is the Ability to play both both sides of the Market means that even if the asset Crashes or it goes up you're still going To be able to benefit from both chances Happening now if you want to be able to

Do this where you're investing in both Sides you're going to need to First have Capital that's already invested all Right guys so here we have my iPad and Let me show you just the biggest mistake That I see a lot of people making say on Average you're making $50,000 a year After taxes after expense after rent Mortgage and all that you have $1,000 Left a month that you can invest into The markets now I'd say that's even on The higher side for most people um even While this economy is crashing this is On the rare occurrence but it's going to Make this analogy a lot easier to Understand so a lot of people will Either dollar cost average into the Market with this or they'll just go all In to play both sides of the market you Do not want to do this you actually want To hold on to a certain amount of cash Where I'd say even pull out about 50% of This and hold it as backup so this is Going to be what I call your ammunition Your ammunition for Anytime there's a Major crash but the other 50% of that Continue to play both sides now I've Seen other people who are able to do This on a more advanced level where you Actually put in you know the 50% into The market here and then what they do is They actually call short positions and In turn you're actually hedging against The market in case your current bag

Isn't going up so another way to explain This is I have a good amount of cash Within even just my exchange here on Coinbase and I'm playing both sides the Way this is happening is because I have My investment that is still in there and Then I'm continuing to average in but I'm also holding cash if there is a Major crash that happens I'll be ready To buy up that dip but if nothing Happens and the market goes up I still Have a sizable position within my Investment Portfolio that will also ride Up this scenario might actually be a lot More common for people and you guys may Not even recognize that you are doing This right now just because the majority Of people I know got overly greedy in The last Bull Run and they ended up not Selling out because they're average is Also just too low it's not even worth it For them to take out their crypto at This point and if that's the case follow This one rule here to save a lot of Money and that's to never sell when You're down significantly unless you Have some reasoning behind there if it's Tax loss harvesting I get it that's Something that we've done too but if I Take you through even my coinbase Account earlier this year I was at $53,000 if I sold here when everyone Saying it was going to crash even more I Would not have been able to ride the

Upside to an account that has now 132 Grand That is more than double of what I had In here since the beginning of this year We're not doing the advanced level stuff We're not making Futures and doing these Different call options um on Bitcoin in Case it goes down even further hedging It against our portfolio of money that Is writing it up we're simply just being More conservative with our money and our Expenses dollar cost average slowly into The market because it turns out that Even since year to date Bitcoin is up Now over 100% if you're you averaging at Any point you would be up today on your Investment if you started within the Start of this year so basically easy way To do this if you have anything within Your crypto accounts leave it and you Want to then build businesses you need To have side hustles because it'll pay Out more than any investment you make Look when it comes to crypto if you make A 10x that's actually pretty good but With businesses you make a 100x or more And I believe it's easier for the same Amount of work and the level of risk That you're putting in as someone who's Done it myself someone who went from Trading crypto during the Bull Run Constantly and the stress that came with It versus building businesses throughout The past few years I'll say this the

Business aspect is a lot easier it's a Lot easier to control your destiny when It comes to that and I know a lot more Successful business owners today who've Made their wealth Than People day Trading even the best day Traders in the World that I know eventually get stopped Out think about it like this too if You're new and competing against a Trader who's also been in the market for Multiple Cycles you're going to be their Exit liquidity a lot of people assume That you can get in you can get lucky Once and you're going to be good but in Most instances you're competing against Not just experienced Traders but hedge Funds and Quant Traders and people who Have capacity with different algorithms And systems underneath their belt who Have even more capital and more tools That they can leverage now this isn't to Say don't ever invest into the market This is why I want to focus on the Aspect of still being able to play both Sides but at the end of the day here's One thing I've realized if you are a Newer retail investor or you started at Least within the last few years and you Haven't been able to make a ton of money I would say the best way to still get Started is to make sure that you have a Good Community surrounding your Long-term goals having a community is Huge not only can you surround yourself

With like-minded individuals but within A community you can get the help that You need stack that up with the Education that exists around trading and I believe you can at least improve your Odds of being able to make money within The market now if you guys have have Been looking for a community I have a Link for that down below in the Description you also have access to five Top trading analysts and coaches that Are posting their entries their stops Their exits and the reasoning behind Their trade this group here is going to Cost you $166 a day to join and I Personally think that right there is so Worth it for the amount of value you get In return now we have a 14-day money Back guarantee policy if you don't like It for whatever reason no hard feelings Just cancel it you'll get your money Back looking back in my investing Journey I wish four or 5 years ago when I was getting into the space that I had A community just like this so it could Stop me from making the Reckless Mistakes that I've made even across my Investing Journey even right now if you See me up like $20,000 on my account I've lost way more in different assets Whether it was the nfts or even the Whole AMC run that we had there were Moments that I look back on and I'm like Did I really need to buy this asset at

This peak with no fundamental reason Look sometimes hype can get the best of Us and just as it got the the best of me I want to make sure that you guys have The best resources at your disposal to Make sure it doesn't happen to yourself All right so with all that being said What's my plan moving into the next year How am I playing both sides well I've Been stacking up on cash I've been Reducing the amount that I've been Dollar cost averaging into the market But that is still always something I'm Doing consistently every single month Regardless of whatever happens within The space if the bull market happens Tomorrow I'll be ready for it just Because of my current value that I have Within all of my different portfolios And assets but at the same time I still Have a manageable cash position where I'm ready to invest in case there's any Other crashes to even get to this level Where you have the option of playing Both sides like this you need to have Money you need to have Capital you need To then have different sources of income And if your 9 of5 is not cutting it if That's just covering your rent which is Extremely high your mortgage your car Payments the food that you need then you Need to consider having a different Stream of income than ever risking the Money that you're using to feed yourself

And your family so for me I think Businesses are the way to go I think That's going to be the Silver Lining at The end of the day and if I was able to Build multiple successful businesses I Know that you guys can too give it a Shot I have a ton of resources on this YouTube channel we're going to be coming Out with even more guides for you guys To get started with businesses that I've Had experience in and some of the things That I would even do now in order to Make six to seven figures if you guys Found any value at all within this video Be sure to drop a like down below let me Know in the comments section and be sure To check out the links Down Below in the Description if you also want to pick up Any free stocks got free stocks with Weeble and with Mumu there's also a Little promotion if you happen to be in Canada right now shout out to my Canadian viewers Mumu is accessible for You to there so check out the link Down Below in the description there's an Elevated offer currently at this time And if you guys also want to follow me Over on Twitter and Instagram my handles Will be down below for you as well thank You all so much again for watching this Video I love youall I'll see you all Soon peace


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