How to Get the Amex Centurion (Black Card)

So the American Express black card is by Far the most exclusive credit card Reserved for only the highest spending Wealthiest people on the planet with a $10,000 Initiation fee and a $5,000 Annual fee it definitely comes at a Pretty hefty price for what you pay Though a lot of card holders actually Justify keeping this card from the Insane luxury benefits you get like Having your own personal concierge line Where you can make reservations and get Exclusive access to service unlike Anything else now in this video here We're going to be taking a closer look At what you can do to get an AMX Interion card we'll go into more details On the rest of the benefits that this Card has and we'll be sharing with you a New update to new insights and data Points to see what people are now having To do in order to even get invited so You want to know how to get the Invitation well here are three things That you must do so number one have a Good relationship with American Express Now this here is going to break down Into three additional specific factors You need to become a card holder for at Least one one year number two you need To spend a consistent amount every month On one card and number three you need to Make sure that you're paying that card Off in full every single month by doing

Those three things you can qualify to Maybe one day get invited for this Elite Tier card but if you're serious about Actually improving your odds here's what You need to know so think of it like This every credit card company generally Has a built-in algorithm to score your Profile based on several factors this is One of the reasons why a credit score Exists because we have a score tied to Our profile and if we don't have a good Enough score even if we apply they may Not ever approve us now with American Express it's pretty simple with how Their algorithm Works generally the more Different products you have with them it Shows that you are more invested into Them raising that score we're talking About as an example if you've been a Card holder to since 2001 versus someone Who just became a card holder in this Past year that grading would be more in Favor of the person who's been a card Holder for many many years out of all These factors the most important aspect Comes down to how much you can spend Though on your American Express account And not only that but it's how well you Can consistently paid off look I know There's some people who think spending $100,000 on your card is going to get You invited right away but that is not The case because if you're not paying Off the balance on your card you can

Forget your chances of getting that Invitation now one actionable step that I recommend that a lot of people Actually tend to overlook is the fact That if you get a card more specifically The AMX platinum card to put all your Expenses on this year alone is going to Raise those odds significantly if you Want to get improved but we'll talk a Bit more about that later on now say You're doing all of this right now and You've completed step one towards Getting your AMX interon card well the Second thing you're going to want to do Is then update your income if you go on Your account click on account services You'll see the button update your income Down in the bottom left corner now you Want to keep this updated because your Income your credit and payment history Are all additional factors to contribute In you getting invited for the card now For those questioning even all of this American Express actually helps us a lot They go ahead and specifically State on Their website in their terms and Conditions that if you want to get Accepted for the Centurion card you need To have an annual income of over $250,000 a year keep in mind American Express does also have something called The financial review program so if you Decide all right I'm not there just yet Making qu million dollars but I'm going

To say it anyways just so I can get Invited for this card maybe one day yeah Well in this instance I'd say you might Want to reconsider doing that American Express does something which is often Called a financial review where they Will ask you for your tax documents your Bake statements or other proof of income To verify your income that you're Stating that you make now by the way American Express is pretty Shameless in Triggering multiple Financial reviews as Well so if you change your income Regularly you are putting your account In a hot spot for them to ask you for More additional information I even got Hit with the financial review one time And this isn't because I stretched my Income it was just because I had made Such a drastic amount obviously you guys Know what I do here from YouTube but my Income changed so much I think it was Like 4 years ago to the last 3 years Where they're like yo this boy's capping During that period of time when they Were reviewing my books and my tax Returns I actually had a limit on all my American Express card accounts and Anytime I hit that limit I would have to Manually pay off those cards in order For me to continue using it now last but Not least when it comes to the three Essential things that you need to do in Order to get invited is that you need to

Meet the minimum spend requirement on This card so similar to the income that They require you to make according to Most sources it turns out American Express actually requires that you need To spend minimum of $250,000 a year as well now we'll talk a Bit more about this later on but it even Shows through recent data points that $250,000 a year in spend still isn't Enough in fact I've even seen more People all across Reddit in different Forums where they're spending a million Dollars a year for multiple years and They still haven't yet gotten an Invitation so then the question is what Is the actual requirement well first of All you should actually know that there Are two different versions of the Centurion card you have the personal Version and the business version now if You're spending A4 million dollar a year On your personal card you actually might Have a pretty good chance of getting Invited but when it comes to the Business card this is a bit of a Different story you're going to be Needing to spend a lot more money on the Business side and this is where if you Get invited they'll give you a business Interon card invitation rather than the Personal one now as a business owner I'll tell you guys it is pretty easy Being able to rack up expenses on a

Business credit card so naturally this Is the reason why the minimum spend Requirement on the business version is Significantly higher than the personal One interesting data point that I found Is the fact that the longer you've had An American Express card it seems like There's a trend where the lower your Annual spend in order to get invited Might be so if you got a card recently It turns out you might need to spend 5 To 10x of what someone who's been a card Holder for many many years might have to Spend it turns out that AMX actually Looks at even the median income in the Surrounding area that you live in so if You're a millionaire but you live in the City where there's also hundreds of Thousands of other different Millionaires there American Express will Not find you to be that much more Special but say you live out in the Middle of nowhere and you're the only Millionaire there you're actually going To have a better chance of getting Invited to the Centurion card based on Your geographical location now in the Past few years American Express Introduced a new request form that you Can use to get their attention basically On this website it got your information In front of the review team at American Express and potentially increase your Invitation odds now it seems like right

Now they've taken that page down and It's not yet 100% sure when they'll Reintroduce it back there is also Another strategy though once you have a Large amount of spend going into a card Like the business platinum or the Personal Platinum eventually American Express will give you something called a Personal account manager now this Personal account manager manager is Someone where if you are able to develop A good relationship with them they might Know someone who might know someone who Actually approves the applications on The Centurion C look if there's one Thing I've learned over the years it Just comes down to knowing the right People even for me there's always people That I know who end up getting that Dream job offer where it seems like they Have the least skill possible and They're getting way overpaid for the Skills that they have but it's simply Because they know the right person so if You are able to build relationships Within American Express through Something like your personal account Manager I believe this could also be a Huge key in getting you approved for a Centurion card now at this point we Haven't even covered probably the most Important part and that is what does a $155,000 credit card actually get you so AMX has made some updates with Benefits

That you get from being a card holder One of the biggest benefits that you're Going to get with the Centurion card is Status and no I'm not just talking about The prestigious status symbol you get Every time you lay that card down but You get status at different hotels so The three hotels you're going to get Status at is the Hilton Hotel where you Get diamond status you get Marriott Gold Status and you also get IHG Platinum Elite status now it is worth mentioning If you get a Hilton Aspire Credit Card You'll automatically get Hilton Diamond Status which is also the highest status Amongst Hilton Resorts when it comes to The Marriott Gold status the Platinum Card by American Express will also give This to you for free but where this card Really comes special is actually IHG so Platinum Elite is one status away from Diamond Elite which is the highest Status and with the Centurion card You're automatically going to be getting That too now with the Centurion card you Also get immediate room upgrades when Booking through the Centurion Hotel Program this here is an exclusive travel Portal similar to American Express fine Hotels and resorts now the main Difference here is that you get Immediate room upgrades when booking Through the Centurion Hotel program and It's a bit more exclusive than the fine

Hotels and resorts program which is Something that I would say nowadays is More commonly used just because of of How many people carry and hold the Platinum card if you take a look at your Screen you'll be able to see more of the Differences between the two but there're Going to be a lot more similarities than Those differences including free Breakfast for two people guaranteed 400 P.m. late checkout early check-in at Noon which I think those two benefits by The way they're Fuego fire love them and On top of that you're also going to get In room complimentary Wi-Fi and property Credits now the Centurion card is also One of the best credit cards for car Rental insurance so for whatever reason If your car is lost or stolen or gets Damaged you're going to be able to get a Lot of that money recovered and this Card is actually so good that it would Be okay to decline that additional Insurance fee that you would pay Whenever renting a car not only that but With this card you'll also get 247 Premium roadside assistance with up to Four compliment Services per year now With this card you're also going to be Getting two additional benefits so Herz Gold Plus rewards president Circle you Get that with this and then you also get Avis's president club which this is Normally an invitation only Elite status

Now by the way these benefits are not Too bad at all I'm not going to go Through all of it but you can just see It here on your screen and pause the Video if you need to now the last Benefit here that we can't just gloss Over is going to be the Platinum Medallion status with Delta so Platinum Medallion status you get unlimited Complimentary upgrades when riding a Delta flight and you also get a series Of waved fees including baggage charges And same day fees and you also get Higher earning categories when booking PID flights and you also one more thing Have access to Choice benefits including Regional upgrades extra Sky miles and More anytime you can get status at an Airline I think that right there is Pretty powerful with Airlines you Actually have to fly a lot so it's a lot More exclusive and it means a lot more When you can actually get it from Holding a card like this now on top of That let's talk about airport benefits So first of all you're going to get a Clear membership I'd say this comes Pretty standard across most luxury Travel cards but no we don't don't take It for granted it's good to be there now When it comes to Lounge AIS this is Where this card is truly special not Only do you get to skip the entire line Outside of the Centurion Lounge but you

Also get access to private sections of That Lounge too don't ask me how I know This don't ask me another benefit by Holding this card is that across 32 Partner airports they can go ahead and Speed you through customs and baggage Claim with exclusive service now I've Also seen instances where if you have The Centurion card and you go to a Partnered Airport they will literally Transfer you from one section of the Airport to the other place in a private Car on the tarmat not only that but You're also going to get free Equinox All access gym membership which is Valued at $3,600 annually you're going To be getting a sax Fifth Avenue credit Very similar to the platinum card but Instead with this one you're getting $250 per quarter or $1,000 per year to Shop at sax fith Avenue now by the way With the Centurion card you're also Going to be getting 30X on the flights That you book using this card all right I'm just kidding about that part right There you actually just get 1X back on Everything that you spent on this card And they keep it simple okay this card Is not a card that you're going to be Seeing a direct Roi from compared to the Annual fee that you pay and also that Initiation fee you pay within that first Year you know at least they give you one Xack right all right so those are

Majority of the benefits regarding this Card but let's not forget to talk about The most exclusive and op benefit to Exist and this is their concierge line So what can they do through this Supposed coner line well basically Sources say if it's legal chances are That they can make it happen for you an Example of this is if you're looking for A reservation in a booked up restaurant Last minute it turns out they might be Able to help you out say you're also Trying to send someone a gift and it's a Really hard item to buy maybe like a Concert ticket that's already sold out Basically these are the people that you Would call that would be able to get you Access to things that seem impossible One data point on Reddit also mentioned That when graphic cards were nearly Impossible to find a few years back they Called up AMX and got buying options Within 48 Hours another data point also Mentioned that at 4:30 p.m. on the Busiest day of the year at a popular Chicago Steakhouse they were able to get A reservation for 15 people just 2 hours Later so look the choice is entirely up To you whether or not it's still worth Getting a card like this but if you're At the point where they're inviting you Chances are money is not an issue at all And these are going to be additional Benefits that do make your life a lot

Easier they also give you benefits where Sometimes money cannot buy including the Coner service line or the experiences That you can get at certain hotels now If you happen to be a regular everyday Joe like myself my favorite option out Of all of this is to just apply for the American Express Platinum Card first a Lot of people overlook this card because Of its $695 annual fee but it turns out If you compare the benefits of the Platinum card to the Centurion card the Platinum Card Stacks up really well now You're not not going to be getting all The benefits but you're at least going To be getting a positive Roi back on Your card first of all the platinum card Is going to give you an 880,000 Point Welome bonus offer after you spent $88,000 in the first 6 months and with That you're not just going to be earning 1X like the Centurion card but you're Also going to be earning 5x points on Flights booked directly with Airlines or On you're going to be Getting 5x on prepaid hotels booked on Amx's website and then 1X points on Everything else now the list goes on and On and on about all the benefits that You get with this card and I've made Several videos here on my channel going Through that I've calculated the firste Value alone from just even the welcome Bonus to being $800 but you're then

Getting on top of that thousands of Dollars of free credits so whether You're just curious about the benefits Of the Centurion card or you're really Trying to get a centurion card one day The platinum card is going to be one of The most important stepping stones in Order to even get the Centurion card if You want it so if you want to learn more About that I have a link Down Below in The description if you want to at least See what the platinum card has to offer I also have a link to a tool called card Match where basically you put your Information it's going to be a soft pull On your credit and they're going to Match you up with some of the best Offers and through this there's a Possibility you can score on the rare 100 50,000 welcome bonus offer on the Platinum Card 2 so if you enjoyed Today's video be sure to check out the Links Down Below in the description drop A like share this with a friend who may Not know what a baller card like this is And if you also want to follow me over On Twitter and Instagram I have links For that down below thank you all so Much again for watching this video I Appreciate you guys I love you guys and I'll see you in the next one peace


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