How to GET RICH in Crypto!

You take your disposable income you Decide to invest in a particular project You have a trading and investing plan You know a little bit about trading and Investing you've researched this great Project known as meme coin 69 420 12345 Just kidding could be Bitcoin it could Be whatever it is you want you know that You want to take profit at X and you're Planning to hold this for a certain Amount of time then once your first Target hits you then pull out your Initial investment and you pull out some Profit and so what you have is an asset That you own essentially free and clear You've taken your risk out you've moved Money out you can either take your Disposable income pull it out as profit Invest it somewhere else or maybe take Your family out but you still have some Skin in the game with this asset like Let's say you invest subpenny and then Project goes up to a penny and you ten Times your investment but then the Project goes up to 10 cents like a lot Of people that got into Dogecoin early So you're able to remove additional Profit as number continues to climb so You pretty much get to dictate what Happens with that particular investment And you're in control so a moon bag Basically means


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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