How To Get Rich: 10 Step Guide To Wealth Generation!!

Everyone wants to be rich but only a few People ever manage to make it this is Because getting rich isn't easy however It is doable now as someone who's been Lucky enough to spend time with some Seriously wealthy people I've started to Understand the secrets to their success My name is guy and today I'm going to Give you a stepbystep guide on how to Get rich based on what I've learned I Can guide you but you have to reach the Top now I can't guar guarantee that you Will get rich but I can guarantee that What you learned today will bring you at Least one step closer to that goal so Get those pens and papers ready this is A video you'll want to Remember the first step to getting rich Is to understand what being rich means Elon Musk is the richest person in the World but he doesn't have much time he Has lots of stress and he continues to Work 24/7 just to keep up the pace for Most of us that's not what being rich Means at the surface level being rich Means having lots of money Conservatively it means having enough Money that you don't have to worry about Paying bills regardless of the Circumstances liberally it means having Enough money to buy whatever you want Within reason of course when you dig Deeper however you realize that being Rich means having lots of time too as

The saying goes Time is money the difference is that Time is more valuable because unlike Money it can't be made back most of the Richest people have lots of money but Not much time in more ways than one Depending on your age you're already Richer than most of the richest Billionaires when it comes to the time You have left on this planet it's just Hard to see because you can't feel time In your hands or see it on a screen so To speak but it is there and if you're Watching this chances are you probably Have lots of it but being rich doesn't Just mean having lots of time and money There's a third component having the Ability to spend your money in the way You want whenever you want this is the Forgotten definition of Financial Freedom consider that one billion dollar In the bank is worth nothing if you Can't spend it this is a definition of Finan Cal Freedom that most people are Going to relearn when Central Bank Digital currencies or cbdcs start being Rolled out they will make it possible For governments to control what you buy When you can buy it and even how much You can save more about all of that Later now though this ties into the Second step to getting rich and that's Understanding how money works if you Watched our video about how the

Financial system is rigged you'll know That currencies like the US dollar were Once backed by money namely gold however This changed in the 1970s since that time the value of Almost every currency has fallen off a Cliff because governments and central Banks have been printing so much of it As basic economics dictates the more of Something there is the less valuable it Becomes relative to other things in the Economy as such it's incorrect to think That the prices of things like houses Have gone up it's the value of the Currency that's been declining when you Look at the price of things like houses When measured in money like gold you'll See the proof that prices haven't really Risen at all it's the currency that's Falling this is a problem considering That almost all of us are paid in a Currency of some kind the bigger problem Is that we're spending time which is Inherently valuable as it's finite and Can't be made back in exchange change For a currency that is being printed out Of thin air by governments and central Banks this is why so many of us feel Like we can't keep up and why it's so Hard to get ahead it also underscores The fact that you must Factor this in to Your goal of being rich remember being Rich means having lots of money not lots Of currency $1 million today will be

Worth less decades from now so when You're assessing how much money you're Going to need to be rich make sure You're counting in money terms and not In currency terms you'll come to find That things aren't as hard to get as They may seem they just appear hard to Get when you're looking at them through A currency lens by the way if you're Enjoying this video so far be sure to Smash that like button to help others Find it now this relates to the third Step to getting rich and that's to make Money I'm using air quotes because you Technically can't make more money nobody Can the supply of money is fixed by Nature in the case of gold and fixed by Algorithm in the case of Bitcoin which Many consider to be digital gold you Technically can't make currency either Only central banks and Commercial Banks Can do that in truth the only thing you Can do is convince others to give you Their currency in exchange for your time That's ultimately what you're doing when You're working for someone or for Yourself and unfortunately exchanging Time for currency is the only option Most of us have besides most countries Requiring you to be paid in currency Being paid in money would make you Progressively more expensive for your Employer or customers to the point that You become unaffordable that means

There's only one option and that's to Make and keep as much currency as you Can on the making side you want to Maximize the amount of currency you're Getting in exchange for your time on the Keeping side you want to keep as much of The currency you're getting for the Former that means improving your skills Gaining experience and expanding your Network these will occasionally require Reducing the amount of currency you're Getting paid as your time is being spent Elsewhere put simply the experience Might be worth it even if you aren't Directly earning money from it for the Latter this means avoiding taking on Debt when it's not necessary and Reducing your taxes where possible if You watched our video about how to get a Job in crypto you'll know one easy way To do this is to see if you can become a Contractor for the company where you Currently work as an employee that's Because the money you spend on things Like food and transportation can be Deducted from your taxes as an expense And the company can deduct any money They pay you from their tax taxes as an Expense too in many cases this means you Get paid a lot more as a contractor than As an employee the more you know this Pertains to step four and that's to Invest in an informed manner once you've Made some currency the next step is to

Turn that currency into money and things That will make you more currency some Assets such as real estate offer a mix Of both they have money- like qualities And earn currency turning Curr Cy into Money means investing in precious metals Like gold and store of value Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin if you Agree with that narrative turning Currency into more currency means Investing in equities like stocks and Bonds particularly those that pay large Dividends or yields however you'll Recall that part of being rich includes Having the ability to spend your money However you want and whenever you want If you don't keep your gold in a vault Don't keep your BTC on a hardware wallet Or have a mortgage on your property then You technically don't own these assets If you're unable to self custody your Various forms of money then you need to Be Diversified globally that means Having your gold and BTC custodi in Different jurisdictions and having real Estate in other countries that's been Fully paid off ideally you'll have Citizenship or residence in these areas Pro tip look into your family history to See if you can get a second or third Passport now you'd be forgiven for Thinking that this is something you only Have to worry about once you have lots Of wealth given the current geopolitical

Situation economic circumstances and Ongoing cbdc development it's possible If not likely that many countries will Attempt some form of capital control in The future when investing don't forget That you don't just want to make more Currency you also want to keep as much Currency as you can this means being Careful about when you sell and Borrowing against your assets rather Than selling whenever possible because This isn't taxed not Financial or tax Advice and if you happen to be Interested in investing in crypto the Coin Bureau deals page has the biggest Trading fee discounts and up to $40,000 Of bonuses on the best crypto exchanges It's also got the biggest discounts on The best hardware wallets for self- Custody now these deals are only open For a limited time and are available Only through our exclusive deals page so Be sure to make the most of it link will Be in the description now the fifth step To getting rich is to become quote Exceptionally good at what you do this Is billionaire investor Warren Buffett's Advice for those looking to make money Or rather currency regardless of Economic conditions he is 100% correct And and it's not actually that hard to Do this is mainly because most people Don't have that much of a drive to Improve so long as it earns them a

Paycheck that's often sufficient you'd Be surprised at how much better you can Get at things relative to others if you Take the extra time to be conscious of What you're doing and how it can be Optimized it goes without saying that The effectiveness of this strategy Depends on where you live if you live in A place where lots of people want to Improve It might actually be harder to do so Yourself that's mainly because you'll be Competing with other people who are Putting in as much or more work than you Are as the world becomes more connected The bar for being exceptionally good is Being raised across almost all Industries now on the one hand all this Competition can be intimidating and Rightfully so on the other hand though This allows you to improve yourself by Learning from the best of the best and As some of you will know there are Countless studies that suggest that you Pick up the habits of the people around You this means you must be very Conscious of who you spend your limited Time with and ask yourself if they help Or hurt your goal of being rich assuming That's number one to you on that note Becoming exceptionally good at what you Do requires a massive investment of time And occasionally money this often Requires sacrificing spending time and

Money on other things speaking from Experience you'll come to find that most Of those things were a waste of time and Money to begin with and speaking of Which becoming exceptionally good at What you do also requires ensuring that You're mentally and physically healthy This means exercising daily sleeping Enough eating well and spending quality Time with friends and family this is all Easier to do with a routine make sure You stick to it the sixth step follows From the fifth and that's to go where There's growth to quote Frank Underwood From the House of Cards Netflix series Or indeed any real estate agent you care To find location location location if You're lucky you won't have to go Anywhere to find growth in the modern Day this isn't always necessary either Where you need to go ultimately depends On which Industries will see growth in The coming years this ties back to the Fourth step about in formed investing as You do research for equities that offer Lots of currency creation you should get A sense of which Industries are growing If you watched our video about the Bricks countries you'll know that it Appears that a new commodity super cycle Is beginning or will begin towards the End of the decade this means that Industries related to energy food Fuel And even chemicals will likely do very

Well in the coming years and this ties Back to the previous step of being Exceptionally good at what you do Ideally you want to become good at Things that these and other Industries Will require once they really start to Ramp up this will put you in the perfect Position to maximize currency from them Using what you learned in step three if You want to speed things up you can try And build skills that are applicable to Niche industries that are seeing Exponential growth and only just Starting to gain adoption one example Here is the crypto industry where Everything is so new that it's easy to Become an expert and the pay can be Pretty good another example is 3D Printing which has likewise seen Exponential growth and has jobs that pay Well but barely anyone knows about it The nness of these and other Industries Means that it's also easy to get to know The key players in them which puts you In a perfect position to succeed in The Next Step the seventh step to getting Rich is to start your own thing or or Join a startup once you've made Connections in an industry that's Experiencing growth it's likely that You'll come across many opportunities at Upand cominging companies in these Industries that are hiring believe it or Not but these upand cominging companies

Can and often do pay more than more Established players in the industry this Is in part because many of these Companies receive large amounts of Funding in their early stages allowing Them to pay top dollar in a bid to Attract the top talent it's also in part Because you're going to be working your Butt off to build whatever product or Service your startup is offering the Silver Lining is that you will actually Have a say in how these products and Services are made if you're lucky you'll Be early enough to get a stake in the Company itself now from what I've seen Though this seventh step is where things Can get difficult that's because by this Point you've probably already Accumulated a decent amount of wealth And are already making a decent salary I've seen seen many get too comfortable And complacent but you can't lose sight Of the end game if you manage to get to This stage you must constantly ask Yourself how you can achieve escape Velocity that is how can you put Yourself in a position where you've Created so much currency from working And investing that you can become rich In the actual sense time money and Financial Freedom depending on the Circumstances though this might feel Like an impossible task for instance Maybe the startup you co-founded or were

Working for Fails news flash most of Them do don't get discouraged though Take what you've learned and try to put Yourself back in a position where escape Velocity is possible and escape velocity Is what the eighth step is all about and It's one that every rich person has Achieved with the exception of those With inherited wealth as far as I can Tell there are only two ways to achieve Escape velocity Cash out of the upand cominging company You worked for or take it public via IPO the best way to cash out is to sell Your company to a larger company in your Industry something that will be easy to Do if you executed step six correctly if You go and look up the profiles of rich People you know chances are you'll see That they sold their company to a larger Competitor in the past but if you want To become truly Rich then IPO is the way To go to put things into perspective More than half of Elon musk's wealth Comes from his Holdings of Tesla stock It's a similar story for most of the Richest people on the planet they all Hold or held large amounts of shares in The company they helped build and then Took public that's the Open Secret to Their wealth note that you don't Necessarily need to be a part of a Crypto startup for instance to achieve Escape velocity if you make the right

Connections you could be given the Opportunity to be an investor in these Companies when they're in their early Stages in Practical terms your payout Could be the same or even larger just Don't forget what I said in step three You want to make as much currency as Possible but you also want to keep as Much currency as possible with a bit of Luck you'll find accountants who can Help you sell your stakes in startups You own or co-founded without having to Give half of your gains to the Government and this is especially Relevant to step nine which is to stay Rich now this is by far the hardest step Not that I would know in all seriousness There's a reason why 70% of lottery Winners end up broke after a few years Besides the fact that they didn't learn The first eight steps staying Rich isn't As easy as it seems for starters there's A high likelihood that you'll face Pressure from your friends and family to Share more than you should and there's a High likelihood that you will they're Your friends and family after all Meanwhile others who've heard that You're wealthy will actively try and get A piece of your wealth for themselves After all money and currency can't be Made you can only convince others to Give them to you if you've gotten Rich By following something like the eight

Steps that I've just mentioned then you Need to be on the lookout for those who Will exploit the fact that you're an Avid investor of money and currency You'll also need to be on the lookout For what's going on politically when Times are tough people tend to blame the Rich for their wo governments typically Respond with taxes and regulations this Highlights the importance of having Assets in many jurisdictions and the Ability to move there if need be more Importantly you need to ask yourself What would happen to your wealth if Something happened to you this could Include anything from a lawsuit to Sudden death there's a reason why rich People are so fond of trust funds these Are all things you'll have to look into When the time is right and this brings Me to the final step to being rich and That's to enjoy the journey if you think About it having lots of money Fundamentally means that you have more Time to do the things you enjoy with the People you love not sure who needs to Hear it but you don't need to be rich For this sure being rich helps but for Most of us being in the middle is Usually more than enough to live a happy Life this is easy to forget when you've Grown up in a society where you're being Taught that more is always better that's Not always the case hence the song More

Money More Problems at the same time Though you can't let yourself be lazy in The modern monetary system the currency You earn for the time you work is losing Its value as you watch this video this Means that your time is literally being Stolen from you if you allow this to Continue unchecked you will inevitably End up poor that's why it's imperative That you follow the steps I mentioned in This video even if you don't plan on Getting rich particularly the first five They will ensure that you can retain the Value of your limited time and that you Can weather whatever economic storms Blow across the course of your existence When all is said and done you might look Around and realize that you're one of The richest people you know just because You're the only one who remembered to Convert their currency into money just Remember that any asset you don't Personally custody technically doesn't Belong to you I can't stress just how Important self- custody will be in the Coming years governments appear hellbent On taking total control of people's Assets through Digitization if all digitized assets are Made to trade against dystopian cbdcs Then you really will own nothing and be Happy you can learn more about that Using the link in the Description and that's all for today's

Video folks so if you found it helpful Let us know by Smashing that like button If you want to keep getting more helpful Content subscribe to the channel and Ping that notification Bell if you want To help others be sure to share this Video with them and if you happen to be Saving or Trading digital gold don't Forget about that coin Bureau deals page Remember that it has up to $40,000 of Airdrops and the largest discounts on Trading fees on the best exchanges as Well as the biggest discounts on the Best hardware wallets the link to that Will be down in the description as Always thank you for watching and I'll See you next [Music] Time


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