How To Get Approved For Any Credit Card 2023

In this video I'm going to be taking you Through exactly how you can get approved For any single credit card now normally When you apply for a credit card two Things happen as most you guys should Already know you get approved or you get Denied when you get approved you get Approved there's not much to it work on That credit card make sure you hit that Welcome bonus offer make sure you Maximize the spend and the categories That you get for that specific credit Card move on with your life this video Is probably not going to be of use to You but for anyone who's ever been Denied for a credit card this is where I'm going to be dropping these gems so When you get denied for a credit card Oftentimes a lot of people look at it Like it's a terrible thing but I want to Shed some light on why Banks may even Decline someone in the first place for Anyone who might even be new to the Credit card Space by the way if a bank Ever declines you for a credit card They're obligated to share with you the Exact reason why oftentimes it's going To be because you have a shot up credit Score you maybe had a default in the Past you might not have a large credit History the banks will often times 99 of The time tell you exactly why in the Form of a letter that comes in the mail On why they said no to you now if you do

Get denied for a credit card the reason Why this ultimately happens is because Banks at the same time want to protect Themselves from anyone who might default On the credit line they extend to a Customer so as an example if I have a Friend his name is Jim say Jim is known To be that one guy who everyone loans Money to but he never pays them back do I want to loan him on an extra hundred Dollars probably not but say you have Another friend and his name is Billy you Loan Billy a hundred dollars and every Time he makes sure he pays everyone back On time and if he doesn't he pays him Back interest this is pretty much in a Nutshell how the entire credit card System works and if you happen to be More on the side of Jim where you're Known in the industry to not pay people Back on time chances are you're not Going to be getting money from me now on Jim's side this actually might be a good Thing because he's probably overwhelmed With a bunch of credit card debt and He's trying to get another credit card To suffice but he's not really solving The root issue of the problem tend to Look at everything that happens in life Through an optimistic lens and if I was In the situation where I kept getting Denied for credit cards I would tell Myself this might not even be a bad Thing while banks are trying to protect

Themselves I believe in essence they're Also protecting me from myself as well If I had no Financial discipline and This is because if I had access to even More credit maybe I'd put myself into Further debt that I wouldn't be able to Recover from now that you guys have a Better understanding of how the whole Credit card system works when it comes To approvals and denials let's then Focus on the little minority group of People that may get denied even though You would say you pay off your credit Cards on time you have a good credit History and there's no reason for the Banks to actually deny you now the very First thing that you're going to want to Do in this situation is to prepare Before you go into any War you want to Make sure you prepare all your defenses And when it comes to credit card Applications it's kind of the same thing Not really but kind of the best way to Prepare is to make sure you have an idea Of your finances you know which credit Cards you have you have an idea on why You got denied and the next thing you're Going to want to do is call something Called the reconsideration line over the Last three four years of doing this Whole thing on YouTube teaching you all About credit cards saving you guys money Making sure that you guys come out Financially free I've learned a few

Things here and there one of those is The power of the reconsideration line if You ever get denied basically the way it Also works is that an algorithm will Automatically go ahead and just deny Your application and throw it into the Dookie abyss of other denied Applications but you can also go ahead And do something unique you can call a Specific phone line number and with this You'll actually be connected to a real Human representative where they have Full Authority in order to reverse your Decision and actually get you approved So just imagine someone on the other end Of the telephone call like with like a Mouse and a button where they can Literally just click something that says Approved to First find the Reconsideration line it's not one Universal line every single bank has Their own phone number and to make sure You're calling the right place you can Go ahead on Google and type in Reconsideration line for whatever Bank Always double or even triple check the Resource to make sure it's coming from a Credible place this is because there's a Lot of scammers out here who might be Running a Google ad and they may take You to a foreign website and they may Take all your information for the Purpose of simply just scamming you and Ruining your life from here ladies and

Gents you have to realize the customer Rep is someone who's going to be helping You on your side of getting approved a Lot of people end up calling customer Reps and just think they're not like a Real human being but in reality it is And I think it's going to work in your Favor if you show politeness honesty and Just being an authentic person maybe Even asking them how their day is going Whenever I talk to someone even no Matter what outcome I'm trying to get I Try to act with honesty I think that's Just a great virtue for everyone to have And it also humanizes the relationship And it could also potentially help you To get approved on your credit card Application all right so the next step Here is probably the most important part Of this entire process and this is Because you want to make sure that you Can explain to them certain marks on Your account and why you want the credit Card remember you're talking to a real Customer rep here and by preparing those Documents like I told you earlier to do You're going to be making sure that you Have all the proper resources in order To reverse that decision so as an Example say I rang them up and they told Me yo Brian we actually denied you for The Chase Sapphire Reserve card because We see that you know your credit score Just barely made the cut but on top of

That we also saw some pretty sus things That happened to your credit score two Three years ago so at this point I would Try to explain to them why I've certain Marks on my account like hey as an Example if you pull up my credit report You'll notice that I had some dings back In 2019 and this is because I was a College student and I was going through A really bad breakup so I was buying a Whole bunch of Chipotle if they see that You had a mark on your account but You're able to explain it and show them This time around things are a little bit Different financially because maybe you Have a new job maybe you've been able to Save up your money and this time you Believe you're ready for this new credit Card on top of that you want to combine Points of negotiation that also favor You to get a specific card so as most You guys know we're in a free country Right here if you're based out of the US Y'all should know that but basically Some credit card issuers would rather Keep you within their ecosystem rather Than having you spend money with some of These other issuers an easy example is Instead of getting the Chase Sapphire Reserve I have the option of getting the Capital One Venture X card or have the Option of getting the American Express Platinum Card and whichever company I Decide to go with they will probably be

Making a lot of money off of The Interchange fees that I pay every time I Swipe that credit card so it's in favor Of these companies to try and still win Your business all while at the same time At mitigating that risk if it seems like They're unable to approve your Application let them know Hey listen if You're not gonna approve me this time Around I probably won't apply anytime Soon because I'm going to be signing up For a card with another competitor if You don't want to go that route and Maybe that's not the truth either maybe You really want a card with a specific Issuer just be honest and let them know Story like hey I plan to do some Traveling in the next few months and I Would love to be putting all of my hotel And flight spend on that certain credit Card because I've heard about the Certain rewards that it offers it's by Taking these steps where I believe you Can further your chances of reversing Those decisions but in the case that it Doesn't work out what you can do is Something called hookah hang up and call Again in this instance you'll get Another representative and you can go Ahead and try the whole entire script That I mentioned you know there's no Real limit on how many times you can Call the reconsideration line like you Could try four to five different times

If it happens that you're denied every Single one of those times I would put a Pause on it and reevaluate on why you Might actually be getting denied or Decide okay let me actually fix these Things on my credit report before Applying in a future date made a ton of Videos by the way on how you can Instantly improve your credit score be Sure to check that out there are still Many other options sometimes during a Specific time of year issuers are going To be a bit more strict on who they let Get approved for certain credit cards so As an example if we're going through a Recession and interest rates are already Really high and the banks are worried That there's going to be a mass default Coming they may not be approving as many People as say for example during the Pandemic if you didn't know there are Also quotas within every single credit Card issuer and Company and this is just Naturally because when companies grow to The size that some of these Banks do and They are corporations or they need to Reach certain numbers and they're very Calculated with getting a certain amount Of users signed up for certain cards if They've already met that quota it might Also reduce your own chance of getting Approved so sometimes you might have Better odds at getting approved at the Beginning of the month where your credit

Score is completely the same but then You get approved at the end of the month With nothing changing with your own Profile basically what that means is it Just depends on what time of year you Apply and sometimes you could have the Perfect credit score and the banks could Just be in a mood where they say all Right we don't want to approve you at All now for some reason all those things Didn't work out because you got a 200 Credit score here are some other Alternatives that you can look into Apply for a lower Tier credit card Especially one with a zero percent Interest offer this is one of those Credit cards that allow you to carry a Balance on it without paying additional Interest and by applying for some of These lower Tier credit cards with these Promotional offers you can also look Into having a credit card that offers The zero percent interest but also the Zero percent balance transfer if you Don't have the best credit score take Your credit card debt move it onto a new Credit card okay that has the zero Percent promotional offers and you'll Actually find that you can instantly Improve your score that way because You'll notice that your utilization goes Down and you've opened another line of Credit which also extends your entire Credit limit so ladies and gents I hope

This video here helps if you guys did Enjoy it be sure to drop a like down Below subscribe to the channel and Comment down below the word worm badaka Do I don't know you know just for the Algorithm now by the way guys uh we have 30 000 so members within our Facebook Group and I would love for you guys to Join if you guys want to be a part of a Great community and also get access to Some of our exclusive emails on credit Card tips and the highest offers that Come about be sure to check out the link Down Below in the description and on top Of that if you guys found value at all In this video and you also want to pick Up some free stocks I have links for That down below in the description you Can pick up anywhere from 20 to even 30 Free stocks with Weeble and MooMoo down Below ladies and gents thank you all so Much again for watching this video Stay Blessed stay beautiful and I'll see Y'all soon peace


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