How to Get A Perfect Credit Score in 2023

Want to know the secret to achieving a Perfect credit score even though Statistically only one percent of the Population will ever get a score of 850 Or higher now whether you need a good Credit score to get approved for a Certain credit card you want or you want To get a car loan or eventually a Mortgage for your dream house you are in Luck because in today's video I'll be Revealing to you the exact secret Methods on how you can increase your Credit score insanely fast I won't even Be shocked to hear that some of you were Able to achieve a perfect credit score In just a matter of months so what is The first step in getting a good credit Score well we need to know exactly what Factors make up the entirety of the Score so starting at the first one this Is going to be payment history which Makes up 35 of your credit score next is Going to be the accounts owed at 30 After that it's going to be the length Of credit history at 15 then you have New credit making up 10 and then credit Mix making up the last remainder 10 of Your entire credit score now ladies and Gent since the first three a payments History account owed and length of Credit history will make up for eighty Percent of your credit score so let's Focus on getting those factors up first So starting with payment histories if

You want to go ahead and increase this Here's what you need to know first pay Your bills on time look payment history Is going to be the most important factor In determining most people's credit Score so it's essential that you learn To pay your bills on time every month by Setting up automatic payments or Reminders to ensure that you don't miss Out on those dates now although that one Is more of a cardinal rule and something That you should put into practice before You even get into credit cards this next Tip here is something that you can get Started with immediately this here is to Dispute any errors that you might have On your credit report if you've ever Made a mistake such as forgetting to pay Off a certain credit card and that's Been marked permanently on your account Sometimes just by reaching out to the Credit bureaus they will show some Leniency the worst that can happen from This is ringing them up and them just Telling you no the next thing that you Can do is work work with certain credit Card issuers if you happen to be Struggling with any on-time payments go Ahead reach out to whatever company you Have that type of credit balance with And see if you can work out a payment Plan or negotiate a lower rate as an Example American Express even offers a Financial relief program so if you

Happen to be just one of those people That are going through some tough times Reach out to see if you can negotiate Anything with some of these companies Even on their website they State we may Be able to help you by temporarily Lowering monthly payments and interest Rates to fix the amounts owed on your Credit score which makes up 30 percent Of your entire credit score follow these Next tips first pay down your credit Card balances because High credit card Balances can negatively impact your Score and if you want to focus on doing This right there are a few ways that you Can utilize paying down as little as Possible but still making a dent this is By applying and getting approved for a No interest promotional card there are a Ton of credit cards out right now that Offer anywhere from 12 to 50 team even 18 months of no interest where you can Even transfer your balance over from One Credit card to another if the current Credit card that you have some debt on Right now is charging you anywhere from 20 to even 30 percent interest that can Add up to be a significant amount the Next way to pay down a lot of debt is by Doing something called the snowball Method this year is one of my favorite Ways to work down debt and it's where You start paying off the smallest Amounts of balances that you owe to

Someone first before moving on to other Credit card balances the whole principle Behind this is using momentum kind of Like pushing a snow ball down a big hill And as you continue to roll that Snowball it gets bigger and bigger and You're able to accomplish more of those Goals the next thing you can do within This category is to also just apply for A new credit card by applying for a new Credit card you would be adding an Entirely new credit limit to your Account which would bring down the Overall amount of money that you owe one Of the few questions that I get asked All the time is Brian how can I quickly Increase the amount of credit that I Have the fastest and easiest way to do This is to either apply for a new credit Card or the next thing you can do is to Request a credit limit increase with any One of the issuers as an example American Express has an unspoken rule Where they will triple people's credit Limit to be eligible for something like This you typically just need to have an American Express card for at least six Months and have a good credit history With no late payments or other negative Marks on your account to request a Triple credit limit increase you don't Even have to call someone on the phone Or even chat with anyone they make it so Easy where they have an option on their

Account where you can click on the Credit limit increase button and from There they'll ask you to provide any Information from your income employment Other Financial details and they'll Perform a soft credit pull and from There you can find yourself getting a Triple credit limit increase Automatically aside from American Express when we're talking about some of The other key issuers by calling them up They usually allow people to increase Their credit limit but you have to make Sure that you are prepared to give them A stated reason things that have worked For me in the past is when I've told him Hey look I got a big purchase coming up Or hey look the competitor Um you know the Chase Sapphire palooza By the way it's a fake card they're Offering me a 20 000 credit limit and I'm more inclined to use their card over Yours because their credit limit is Higher would you be able to match that Offer and historically reasons where you Bring in other competing issuers are a Good enough reason for them to go ahead And increase your credit limit or to Meet any other demands that you have That 15 we have length of credit history And this one is so important to get this Part of your credit right keep your Oldest credit account open a lot of People assume that if I'm not using a

Credit card I'm going to close the Account I'm going to chop up the card And boom I don't need it no more let me Tell you if there's one tip that you Need to take away from this video is to Never close a credit card unless you Have a valid reason so that credit card Costs you 700 a year to hold okay that's A viable reason but if you're closing a Credit card just to get organized for Your books or you know you don't want to Own like 30 credit cards because it's so Confusing that's not a valid reason look Ladies and gents even if you're not Using certain credit cards regularly a Long credit history will show lenders That you have experience managing credit Over a long period of time so just Simply put never close or cancel a Credit card that you've had the next Thing you can do so you can score a nice Little a plus within this category is to Become an authorized user let me explain The whole concept of this so if you're New to credit or you have a short credit History becoming an authorized user on Someone else's credit account can help You build your credit history very fast You just want to make sure that whoever Is going to add you to their account is In good standing they also have a good Credit score and they also have Responsibility with paying off their Credit cards on time if someone who has

Terrible credit adds you as an Authorized user it could actually do the Opposite effect where it impacts you Detrimentally to the negative side I Think I could have said that in a better Way but y'all know my flow and the Second terminology is called trade lines So trade lines is a very interesting Concept think about like this if you Have a really good credit score you can Go ahead and use this as a side hustle Where people who don't have good credit Scores can go ahead and get added to Your account and you pay them to get Listed as an authorized user under your Name by taking a look at this website Here you'll notice that there are people Literally selling certain credit limit Spots there's a Barclays card with a Credit limit of three thousand dollars Where they're selling it for 262 dollars For you to get added as an authorized User it's really just uh it's a very Fascinating world that's what I'll say Very fascinating world now by doing Those few things I'm telling you you Should be able to get your credit right And I hear that trade lines are one of The fastest ways that you can instantly Boost your score overnight if you ever See any click bait headlines or titles Saying like you know increase your score Like 300 points overnight they're Usually going to talk about piggybacking

Authorized users or a few other mentions That I'm going to follow up with you Right now starting with credit mix where This just refers to the different types Of credit accounts you have within your Credit history so all this really boils Down to is how Diversified are you with Different types of credit are you only Just with credit cards or do you have Other loans do you have an auto loan That you've been paying off successfully And do you have a mortgage that you're Paying off successfully a diverse credit Mix is going to help demonstrate to the Credit issuers that you are very Responsible with your finances and that You can manage different types of credit Accounts now although this makes up About 10 percent of your score it's Still really important now there are a Few little tips and tricks here that I'm Going to share so that you can increase This very quick starting with building Your credit by paying utilities and rent For any utilities or bills that you have To pay automatically you can go ahead And find additional ways to earn credit While doing that as an example the built MasterCard gives you an option that when You rent at a built Alliance Property You can have your rent payments Automatically reported by built to the Three major credit bureaus each month to Help build additional credit history and

The types of credit on your report Another way to do this is by taking Advantage of something called Experian Boost so the way this works is as Experian goes ahead and takes a look Into your bank and credit card records To find on-time qualifying payments on Your utility your internet your phone Bills rent and certain streaming service Payments now Experian boost is Completely free so it's one of the quick And easy ways that you can also take Advantage of in trying to boost your Credit score one last thing that you can Do if you've exhausted most of your Options and your score is still not Going up is by taking a credit Builder Loan so the way credit Builder loan Works is instead of getting the loan Money up front the lender holds the Money in a savings account or a Certificate of deposit while you make Payments on that loan generally these Credit Builder loans will go anywhere From 6 to 24 months there's one company Here called self and they State pick a Plan make your payments and get your Money back at the end and you would also Then get a higher credit score at the End of that now say this if you've tried Every single method that I've said in This video and it has not worked for Whatever reason that's the only time I Would recommend something like this or

If you're willing to pay money up front In order to get this done quicker I Would say it's worth it but unless You've exhausted all your options I Wouldn't resort to this as the first Thing to do now last but not least the Remaining factor in making up a perfect Credit score is the new credit category Within this it's all about just keeping Balances low and limiting your credit Applications to as little as possible The secret method within acing this Category though is just time and Patience look I'm someone who has a Pretty good credit score but I will say Even for myself that I'm applying Constantly for new cards or if I'm Getting a mortgage like I recently did Or if I pick up a new auto loan that new Credit is always going to be in the red Because this only makes up 10 of your Score it's not enough for you to Completely tank it if you focus on the First three aspects of your credit score Which make up eighty percent of that pie Then you will be set on your way Although this is important for you to Achieve Perfection it's not something I Would focus too much on because I do Know the importance of how much money You can make back by actually going Ahead and using credit keep in mind if You do apply for a new credit card you Get a new loan and your credit score

Takes a dip it is what I will say Temporary so usually it goes up the Month after that now if you made it till The end here's what you can do step by Step in order to get started first make Sure you sign up for from this website You can get a completely free copy of All three credit bureaus this year will Give you an idea of out of the five Things we mentioned which ones you Should be working on first by doing all These things that I mentioned you'll be On your way and raising your credit Score a tremendous amount so ladies and Gents if you take any action from the Steps that I mentioned in this video Come back to this video here I read like Every single comment that gets posted Anywhere on this channel and it means The world to me to know how much this Information is helping you guys out if You want to learn more about some of the Best no annual fee credit cards or just The best credit cards in general be sure To check out this video here on your Screen like always if you guys did find Any value as well be sure to drop a like Down below share this with a friend and If you guys are interested at all in a Buying for any credit card at any time If you're struggling with debt ignore The segment right here but if you have a Good credit score and you're ready to

Get started with your journey be sure to Check out some of the affiliate links Down Below on this channel the next time You apply now thank you all so much Again for watching and I'll see y'all Soon peace


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