How To Find Crypto Alpha on CoinMarketCap!

So in our last CMC tutorial we made a Video about how to avoid fomo using coin Market cap now you might be having a new Recent problem which is how to find Crypto Alpha Bolt rest assured coinmarketcap has got You covered on that as well so here are Five ways on how to find crypto Alpha on Our landing page so let's get started Start browsing categories the easiest Ways to open the categories Tab and Check the indexes of different coin Categories Coins are grouped into different Categories with different analytics the Average price change of the category in The last 24 hours the top performing Cryptocurrency in this category the Market cap and trading volume of the Category the number of cryptocurrencies In profit and loss over the last 24 Hours and if you click on a specific Category then you can dive deeper into The individual cryptocurrencies and of Course you can check the hottest Categories coin categories are not Created equal the hottest and most Relevant ones are listed at the top of The list each of these categories lists The top cryptocurrencies and let's just Say that you want to dive into the Liquid staking narrative categories are A quick and easy way to find similar Projects or browse for cryptocurrencies

In a hot narrative but how do you find What's hot and also trending today Coin market cap does all the hard work And lists the top turning coins on the Home page it literally does not get Easier than this if you click on more Then you'll find the cryptocurrencies That people are searching for on coin Market cap and these aren't necessarily The top performers but they are Definitely in demand this page has a lot More Alpha for you as well find the Coins in the spotlight Click again on more in the trending Coins there are some interesting Categories there to discover click on Spotlight for the cryptocurrencies to Watch the page conveniently lists all of The biggest gainers and losers of the Past 24 hours along with the most Popular cryptocurrencies and you can Click on the gainers or losers for more Details then there's the most visited Tab with the cryptocurrencies that have Sought after coin pages and finally the Favorite of every altcoin connoisseur The Recently Added tab where you can Find recently added cryptocurrencies and These are probably not your new Bitcoins And ethereums but that's not what you're Looking for on this page one your own Categories then filter away If none of these are hitting your Buttons then you can hit your own

Buttons by filtering for what you like Click on the filters on the home page And you will be able to filter across Categories mining algorithms platforms Or even custom filters so there's going To be something that you'll like and if You want more then you can let us know If you have any more suggestions or Ideas for features to include then sign Up for our community and tag the CMC Account for your suggestions


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