How To Find 100x Cryptos Early?! Complete Step-by-Step Guide!

Are you looking to make 10 20 or even 100x gains well if you really want to Achieve those returns absolutely then The trick is getting into good projects Early but that is of course easier said Than done easier said than done often The most promising projects are reserved For a privileged few high-powered VCS And influencers with massive audiences Well in this video you're going to learn Just how you can get access to these Early stage projects tokens and Deals so If you're looking for sizable gains this Is a video you literally can't afford to Miss before we jump in it's important to State that none of this is financial Advice in any way please consult your Financial advisor and Dy before Investing in any crypto early stage or Otherwise now finding the best Strategies to maximize your gains in the Crypto space is not as straightforward As it may seem It's usually the seasoned Veterans who know precisely where to Position themselves to get those rois You always hear about but don't worry we Understand that the crypto space can be Overwhelming with so many facets to Consider and that's why we recommend Keeping it simple and sticking to what Is more likely to work and that has Consistently been getting in early so Before we dive into our first method Launch pads if you could do us a favor

And smash that like button it would be Greatly Appreciated okay so for those of you who May be unfamiliar with the term a crypto Launchpad is a platform that helps new Crypto projects raise funds while giving Investors first access to tokens it Allows crypto investors to discover and Invest in early stage crypto projects Before they're listed publicly as a Result they can secure tokens at a lower Cost and therefore potentially profit When when their value increases if it Does in most cases launchpads operate as A decentralized exchange for project Introduction and funding they also often Bring additional features and benefits To participants such as Early Access Exclusive opportunities and a vetting Process for project legitimacy trusted Launchpads may also perform due Diligence on behalf of users and Investors which could include Third-party kyc verification to create a Secure environment for both Founders and Investors now most launchpads feature a Native token that can be purchased and Staked directly influencing your Launchpad allocation size and Guaranteeing you access to promising Projects on the platform they usually Provide a comparatively generous Allocation window as well ensuring a Smooth process which is always nice as

One would expect the larger your staked Amount the higher your allocation in Each project will be and since most Projects attempt to capitalize on the Momentum of a bull market acquiring and Staking these larger amounts can end up Costing you an arm and a leg when you Need them most with that in mind you Want to consider accumulating tokens Before a bull market so you can get them At a reasonable price before everyone Else Apes in later on you can look at Binance's Launchpad as an example it's a Well-known Launchpad that you uses BNB To determine allocation size now BNB Cost over $600 per coin at its peak not The best time to buy it was more Reasonable to pick up some when it Dipped to around a third of that last Year so you can see why this is worth Considering though it's important to Remember that this is not Financial Advice of course furthermore if getting Involved in launch pad sounds like Something that interests you consider Getting there through the coin Bureau Deals page linked to below and signing Up for a c coin or okx account C coin Spotlight is a token launch platform That delivers early stage crypto Projects and allows users to participate In early Investments while okx jumpstart Is another such platform that provides Similar opportunities oh and by the way

If you don't have an account at okx or Kucoin then we have something extra Special for you head on over to the coin Bureau deals page where you can get Access to trading fee discounts of up to 60% this is a limited time offer so be Sure to make use of it while you can Link to below now our next tip for Getting into projects early is joining An alpha group this is essentially a Network of information hungry people Working together to get an edge on Investments you can't really argue with The more eyes the better principle the Idea is to share and access valuable Information about upcoming drops project Updates and other news before it's Released to the general public and as With almost everything in this space There are different types of alpha Groups each with its own benefits some Are as simple as a few guys in a Telegram group chat passing along Information on the down low While others Are Discord groups with hundreds or even Thousands of members providing pages and Pages of Intel so let's explore some of The most common types of groups you'll Come across such as smaller private Telegram groups tool Len groups and Larger nft access-based projects Although we'll discuss each one Separately it's worth noting that Members of alpha groups often

Participate in all of them this means That even groups with 10 or fewer people Can have the combined knowledge of Hundreds or even thousands of investors So firstly let's go over the smaller Private groups these are usually small And exclusive communities built on Discord or telegram that can consist of Friends and Friends of Friends a place Where you can kick back in trade tips And Such these shouldn't be overlooked Because if you can gather some quality Members you can really benefit from the Collective knowledge and experience and It's not uncommon to have that one Person who seems to magically rhyme off Projects before they moon but rarely Discloses his sources ideally of course You want everybody contributing because Well it's such a small group so if you Can't find deals by scraping media Outlets like X or Reddit maybe you can Be the technical analysis guy or that Gaming expert who actually knows the Difference between one good online Multiplayer and another okay let's move On to Tool heavy Alpha groups which You'll also find on Telegram and Discord These Alpha groups are typically more Sophisticated and can be less personal They often incorporate features such as Market analytics and wallet trackers as Well as nft Rarity analysis

Quick buy options and portfolio tracker Extensions these groups will usually Incorporate expert calls educational Resources on Project evaluation mint Alerts listing Bots and regular updates On nft related Market information to Further enhance the experience and Finally some nft projects are known for Having incredible Alpha but they usually Come with a high entry fee ranging Sometimes from thousands to even tens of Thousands of dollars as a result these Projects tend to attract people who are Already well off and well connected Resulting in some of the best tips Albeit at a hefty cost now if joining an Alpha group seems like something you'd Be interested in we here at coin Bureau Have launched a subscription service Called the coin buau club members get Weekly altcoin reviews of crypto Projects that they voted for us to cover They also get access to our research Feed where we share exclusive crypto Insights and members get to see the Personal crypto portfolios of the core Members of Team coin Bureau as well as Which cryptocurrencies are on our watch Lists talk about Alpha and to top it all Off members get access to an exclusive Set of Discord channels where they can Discuss all of the above and much more We're also running a giveaway for a trip To Dubai by the way so be sure to sign

Up by checking out that link in the Description Now moving on to the next topic joining A community VC is another excellent Albeit less well-known way of getting Involved in projects early now these are Harder to come across but well worth the Effort now because it can be challenging Or even impossible for the average Crypto Enthusiast to attain accredited Investor status which usually requires a Net worth in the millions being part of A community VC is a great way to get Around this obstacle this way you can Still participate in projects that are Usually reserved for the big players in The industry so how does one go about Getting into one of these communities Well it's actually quite simple some Projects allow you to Simply buy an nft Join their Discord group and you're Ready to go an nft will give you a Specific allocation in any projects that Come to the table stacking low tiered Nfts can sometimes lead to a greater Allocation On the other hand purchasing higher Tiered nfts may give you immediate Access to a greater allocation higher Tiered nfts may also come with Additional benefits such as guaranteed Allocations as well allocations for Lower tiered nfts are usually Distributed on a first come first serve

Basis or through a raffle system this is Because there are typically a large Number of lower tiered nfts available Due of course to their lower cost which Means that the investment amount is Usually usually spread across more People one of the great things about a Community VC is that you're not just Investing in a project you're investing In a community as well so it's important To do your due diligence and ensure that The project has qualified researchers Responsive member support active Moderators and a streamlined deal Platform quality deals are essential for The success of any group so it's crucial To ensure that the Project's leader has The skills and expertise to secure them So before getting financially involved Spend time in the group to ensure they Meet the mentioned criteria if they give Off a very professional impression it's Likely that potential deals will see Them in the same light keep in mind that Most VCS charge a fee for getting the Deals together as it can be a lot of Work negotiating them however there are Some fee-free VCS that take part just Like anyone else in the community Very admirable it's important to keep in Mind though that deals can vary Significantly from Project to project The terms of a deal can be influenced by Many factors such as the cliff vesting

Periods and the percentage of tokens Released at tge or token generation Event and just to clarify a token Generation event refers to the creation And distribution of new cryptocurrency Coins or tokens to the public whenever You hear of a token launching that is The tge so be sure to familiarize Yourself with these factors as they can Help you determine whether or not the Conditions are favorable enough to Consider investing and lastly one of the Key advantages of working with a Community VC is that the community Itself can be involved in the vetting Process this means that members can Share their thoughts and go back and Forth with pros and cons to understand The project and where it sits in the mix Of simil similar type projects this is Especially beneficial for new investors Because they can observe how more Experienced investors approach a project There's a lot to learn and gain in these Situations and the end result is that You will be better equipped to conduct Your own research and for our last tip On how to get in early on promising Crypto projects we've got something for You all that will require a bit of elbow Grease and a smattering of patience yep The good old a drop now the Cryptocurrency ecosystem is teeming with Opportunities for those willing to

Invest their time and resources and one Such opportunity that has caught the Attention of both veterans and newcomers Alike is the practice of airdrop farming It isn't necessarily A New Concept in Fact it actually goes back quite away an Early example is Gavin Andre's Bitcoin Foret this was essentially a mechanism For drip feeding small amounts of BTC to Anyone willing to claim them back in 2010 Gavin gave out over 19,700 Bitcoins that's $788 million at Today's prices to users who did nothing More than Sol a capture who wouldn't Love to point out crosswalks for a bit Of BTC we also can't forget the massive Airdrop that took place in El Salvador In June of 2021 the president of El Salvador najib buk declared that Bitcoin Would become legal tender in the country On the 7th of September so to Commemorate the event the government Offered a free Bitcoin airdrop of $30 Worth of BTC to every citizen who signed Up for the state sponsored crypto wallet Cho the government provided wallet Incorporating facial recognition can be Used on devices without a mobile data Plan the airdrop was anticipated to Distribute around $200 million in Bitcoin to more than 6 million people Okay but enough with the history lesson Back to the airdrops we're accustomed to These days at their core airdrops

Represent a unique method for Distributing tokens or coins often as a Marketing strategy or for incentivizing Users to participate in a project the Premise is simple invest time and effort And get rewarded with a share of the new Cryptocurrency but how effective and Lucrative are these airdrops in reality Well airdrops can be a double-edged Sword for participants on the one hand They offer the chance to acquire new Cryptocurrencies with minimal Financial Investment on the other hand the crypto Space is notorious for its volatility And unpredictable nature which can Sometimes leave participants questioning The actual value of their rewards it's Important to note that most projects in The space may not be worth your time as They often fail to deliver on their Promises however a carefully considered Approach can pay dividends for the Discerning investor creating a chart or Checklist highlighting the critical Factors of a successful airdrop can help You evaluate potential opportunities More effectively while there are no Guarantees being organized and strategic In your approach may increase your Chances of uncovering rare gems whose Token prices May Skyrocket and just so We're clear about what participation Entails and why it's often described as Grinding engaging in airdrop farming

These days will likely include tasks Like following social media accounts Retweeting posts joining telegram groups Or referring friends these activities Show your genuine interest and boost Your chances of receiving airdrop tokens Some airdrops can be more challenging Though and require you to take a few Extra steps for instance you may need to Visit their blockchain foret to get some Devet tokens which you can then use to Test test out the platform you may also Need to borrow or lend tokens on their Platform or provide liquidity to one of Their pools Additionally you may need to Practice leverage trading and use their Vaults so you can see how complicated it Can get and in many cases projects Reward their community members for their Past Contributions this is done to ensure That the rewards go to the truly active Members and not just those who are only Interested in airdrops pith network is Running one of these reward programs as We speak and has been since early November they designed it to reward Previous Community contributors and Active defi participants within the Ecosystem however with their staking Service recently beginning rumors have Already started circulating about Additional airdrop rewards when asked Directly some team members deny that any

Airdrops are confirmed but they also Suggest that there may be hints on their Social media accounts if you search Carefully enough like I said it's called Grinding for a reason and there are some Folks who actually do this around the Clock and in some instances do quite Well what a way to make a living eh so My friends there are four ways that Could help you get into cryptocurrency Projects early in 2024 we've discussed Launchpads that allow you to participate In early Ventures depending on how much You stake we've talked about the alpha Group which consists of Intel Gathering Crypto afficionados working together in Order to be early then there's Community VCS which are projects that bring you The big boy deals without being an Accredited investor and lastly airdrops Where you put in a bit of work and Hopefully get some tokens for your Troubles all in all some fantastic ways To bring in those X's just remember Though that getting in early doesn't Automatically mean you get Lambo you Still need to d y r after all if a Project turns out to be a load of old Cobblers well it doesn't matter how Early you Were and that brings us to the end of Today's video so if you learn something New let us know by Smashing that like Button if you want to keep learning

Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification Bell if you want to help Others learn take a second to share this Video with them don't forget about that Coin Bureau deals page either not only Will you get up to 60% in trading fee Discounts and signup bonuses of up to $50,000 but we also have some of the Best deals on Hardware wallets too all Linked to below okay that's enough from Me for one day thanks for watching Stay Classy stay crypto and I'll see you Again [Music] Soon


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