How to Earn a Passive Income With Crypto: 5 Top Strategies

Many people dream of earning money while They enjoy their free time or even while They sleep cryptocurrency offers a range Of tools to generate such income we Analyzed several options for earning a Passive income using crypto and Identified five that seem the most Attractive to US based on multiple Criteria we'll delve into the benefits And risks of each one to accomplish this Task I reached out to several experts in The field most of my money is in ether I'm comfortable staking all of it if you Don't understand the source of the yield Or where the yield is coming from it is Most likely that you are the yield I'm Javani your host let's Jump Right [Music] In taking is a way of verifying and Securing transactions on the blockchain Unlike traditional Financial Services Which are managed by a centralized Entity cryptocurrency networks allow Anyone to contribute to running them and Get rewarded for it that is the beauty Of crypto in staking you essentially Lock up your crypto for a certain amount Of time and earn yields from it this is Pay to you because you help secure the Underlying protocol staking is available On proof of stake blockchains such as Ethereum Solana cardano poka do Avalanche and many more most of my money Is in ether and among my ether uh pretty

Much all of it is Stak I have what I Feel is a particularly reliable staking Setup and so uh uncomfortable staking All of it it's like if you have uh cash And you could put it in a bank account And an interest you'd be better off Doing that than just sitting on a pile Of cash at home there are mainly three Ways to do staking the purest form of Staking is by running a node directly on The blockchain that is called native Staking this method gives you Significant control over the staking Process but requires a high technical Expertise additionally not everyone Meets the requirement for this for Example to stay natively on the ethereum Blockchain you need at least 32 e this Presents a high barrier for many people If you run the staking yourself at home Uh you're a hero it's very important for The network and you need to make sure You're keeping your software updates up And running because if your staking Computer gets hacked that could be very Risky for your for your money the worst Case scenario is to lose everything so You want to make sure you know what You're doing there so the second option Is to let your exchange handles staking For you many centralized crypto Exchanges offer staking services in Exchange for a fee this is the easiest Way to do it you don't need any

Technical knowledge and there are no Barriers to entry for participating However the downside is that you face a Centralization risk if the exchange goes Under you may lose all your stake crypto At the end of the day you're trusting This exchange to give you your money Back you're also trusting them not to Get the validator slashed the third Option is called liquid staking in Liquid staking protocols you can stake Your crypto in exchange for a liquid Token which is equivalent in value to The amount you staked the advantage of This method is that you can still access The value of the Stak asset through the Liquidity token and use it for various Purposes popular liquid saking platforms Include Lio and Rocket pool you're Essentially trading your asset for a Different asset which is like a valet Claim so if I go to a restaurant and I Want to valet my car they still have my Car but I have a ticket that says I can Get my car back at any point that I want To the drawback of liquid staking Solutions is that they still carry some Centralization risks you're trusting Their governance process and you're Trusting their their uh Oracle to update The status of the staking system now They're they're battle hardened and a Lot of people trust them but it's still A relatively complex system so how much

Can you realistically earn in staking That highly depends on the crypto you Decide to stake and the platform you Choose for example if you stake $5,000 Worth of Solana using the P2.41 APR assuming the price of Solana Remains The Same as at the time of recording This means you would earn $323 in staking rewards over the course Of one year remember don't select a Cryptocurrency for staking basing your Choice solely on the reward rate higher Rewards often come with higher risks Ensure you believe in the long-term Potential of the cryptocurrency you are Staking also remember that by locking in Your crypto you you may not be able to Withdraw it quickly if you decide to Sell so it's important to know the Details of your staking operator how Custodial is it who who am I trusting How magic is this machine if you're not Comfortable with it you know stay stay Away from [Music] It another simple way to earn a passive Income in crypto is via crypto savings Accounts several platforms allow you to Earn interest on your crypto similarly To depositing money in a Traditional Bank savings account as in traditional Fin your funds are lent to borrowers who Must pay a certain interest rate the

Advantage is that these platforms Usually offer significantly higher Interest rates than traditional savings Accounts while interest rates for most Deposit accounts in the US and Europe Are in the low single digits crypto Savings accounts offer interest rates Higher than 10% on certain Cryptocurrencies the risk with this Method lies in again centralization You're not in control of your crypto and These platforms do not off offer the Same safety guarantees as traditional Banks remember not your keys not your Coins the way that they're able to offer You these uh enormous rates is they do Unsecured lending to high- risky Borrowers such as hedge funds and Trading desks they're going to be Lending that unsecured to people who Think they're great Traders a good Example of this risk is the story around Celsius a crypto lending platform that Used to be run by Alex machinski it was Offering interest rates as high as 18% Posing as a reliable crypto Bank however It turned out to be a fraud resulting in The loss of most customers funds in Crypto gambles if you don't understand The source of the yield or where the Yield is coming from it is most likely That you are the yield I.E you are Likely contributing to a Ponzi scheme Where you could end up losing everything

I had currency at blockfi they were an Exchange and a savings and interest Platform in one And I almost lost currency there they Were able to get it all back to me um And I withdrew and had to pay their um Agent company a huge fee to get my money Well my money back I would lend Centralized crypto savings account but Only with exchanges that are maximum Level of Trustworthiness and only exchanges that Are paying you uh no better than the uh Prevailing us interest R so Kraken pays You 5% why is that cuz that's what they Make with lowrisk us Bill Investments They're not out there giving your cash To these unsecured crypto Cowboys so if You decide to go this route make sure to Understand how the platform is paying Out interest rates where do they come From how is the platform using your Crypto this video is supported by storm Trade a Cutting Edge Perpetual decks in Telegram trade Perpetual Futures on Crypto Forex equities and commodities Integrated with telegram wallet for easy Onboarding with a $10 million daily Volume it's perfect for both beginners And advanced Traders join storm trade on Telegram and start [Music] Trading yield farming is very similar to Staking the difference is instead of

Contributing to the functioning of a Blockchain protocol you are providing Liquidity to a decentralized exchange as A liquidity provider a decentralized Exchange operates on a blockchain Protocol meaning it's not controlled by A centralized Authority so how does it Work exactly liquidity providers usually Deposit two assets that form the trading Pair in a liquidity pool by providing Liquidity you earn a share of Transaction fees from Traders using that Pool getting started with yield farming Is fairly simple you just need to sign Up on a reputable yield farming protocol Such as curve compound a and uniswap Then you download a non-custodial wallet Like metamask and connect it to that Platform finally you deposit your tokens And start earning yields annual returns Can vary significantly depending on the Cryptocurrency pair you stake for Example you can earn about 68% on the g E pair on Sushi swap while the more Conservative usdc e pair on the same Platform offers around 5% now let's have A look at the pros and cons of yield Farming unlike a crypto savings account In yield farming you usually keep owners Ship over your crypto reducing Decentralization risk however there is a Potentially High technological risk bugs In the protocol and exploits are common You're putting money into a smart

Contract if it's not audited properly or Has security vulnerability you could Lose all your money so it's going to be Much riskier typically speaking than a Very secure network like ethereum it's One of those things that can be quite Lucrative or you can end up being exit Liquidity you'll see on a lot of these Like rug poles or like mem coins Z will Have extremely High aprs just apply Liquidity on a pool um and the reason For that is they once you LP they use That usdc that you have that that you Have uh supplied to the Unis swap pool And they use that as exit liquidity Pretty much right they'll just grab all Of your usdc so you have to be very Careful additionally rates provided by Liquidity pools often fluctuate making It challenging to generate consistent Returns finally pay attention to what Currency your yield is denominated in so If I'm doing yield farming and my yield Is in Usdc then all right I know it's US Dollars I know it's locked in or if my Yield is in ether I know I know I'm Getting that ether gold standard of of Onchain money but if you're doing yield Farming and you're getting you know 138% Apy but your yield is in a food token Like who knows if you're going to be Able to exit

[Music] That mining stands out as another Popular method to generate passive Income in the crypto sphere miners play A vital role in validating transactions On proof of work blockchains and are Rewarded with block rewards however Mining requires technical expertise and Significant initial investments in Mining risks that is why most people opt For cloud mining Cloud mining allows Users to lease a certain amount of Hashing power from miners without the Need to invest in expensive mining Hardware and run it to start you simply Sign up with a cloud mining provider and Buy a plan that best suits your needs Costs depend on the amount of hash power You want to rent once you pay for the Contract the provider will start mining Cryptocurrency for you the advantage of Cloud mining is that you Outsource the Mining process eliminating the need for Technical knowhow and reducing The Upfront costs yet Cloud mining comes With its drawbacks returns from Cloud Mining as in traditional mining are Influenced by several factors including Cryptocurrency prices and Mining Difficulty with Cloud mining you won't Have the flexibility to upgrade your Hardware and adapt it to market Conditions additionally Cloud mining is Subject to a high centralization risk

Your investment is fully dependent on The provider that is mining on your Behalf there's a huge trust Factor uh When it comes to mining pools where You're paying to be a part of the pool Using someone else's Hardware there's a Possibility that the pool could earn a Reward and the operator of that pool Will not pay out as much as they're Supposed to be aware of scams in the Space this video is also brought to you By Zoros a perpetuals decks transforming Futures Trading with boosted reaking Vaults leveraging liquid staking and Raking tokens zaros offers unmatched Liquidity and a userfriendly interface Trade 15 assets easily with upcoming Features like cross margin support and Highfrequency trading backed by top Venture funds and investors zaros is set To lead the derivatives Market visit the Website to start trading [Music] Today with affiliate programs you can Earn money by promoting a specific Crypto platform or product many crypto Platforms especially cryptocurrency Exchanges have affiliate programs simply Check their website for the affiliate Section and sign up you'll receive re a Unique referral link to share on your Social media or with your network every Time someone signs up on the platform Through your link you will earn some

Rewards this could be a one-time Commission or in the case of a trading Platform a percentage of every Transaction fee earning passive income With affiliate programs is pretty Straightforward and doesn't require any Technical expertise it's probably the Least risky method to earn a passive Income among those covered in this video However making signif ific income from It is challenging unless you have a Large social media following some Programs require you to already have a Certain number of followers on social Media for instance with the binance Referral program you need to have at Least 5,000 followers on one or more of Your social media platforms you have to Build a lot of traffic to your site you Have to build trust with an audience and Then build those affiliate relationships And have traffic going to those Affiliate pages and people signing up so I wouldn't say that's passive that's a Lot of work before signing up for an Affiliate program consider factors like The commission rate payout frequency and The reputation of the platform you'll be Promoting choose established platforms Like coinbase Kraken or binance as they All offer their own affiliate programs You don't want to associate yourself With Shady crypto [Music]

Platforms so as you can see there are Multiple ways you can put your crypto to Work and earn an income from it each Comes with its own risks and advantages Yes earning a stable passive income from Crypto is not that easy returns still Highly depend on market conditions your Monthly revenue is likely to change Significantly depending on whether you Are in a bull or bare Market still Earning a passive income with crypto is A good way to limit the negative impact Of high volatility it helps you offset Some of the losses you may incur during A bare market and maximize profit during A bull market now I'm curious to know Your favorite methods for earning a Passive income in crypto let us know in The comment below I hope this was Helpful I'm joanni your host see you Next time [Music] [Music]


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