How To Build a Rock-Solid Investment Portfolio (with $1,000) in 2023 | Mark Yusko

On this topic I want to give you now More of a fun slash critical thinking Question as you were just getting into The stocks for crypto for stocks Whatever if you were starting again from Zero how would you build a portfolio so If you have a thousand dollars how would You diversify fantastic question So Uh Different answer for me Um you know one just being old I have You know accumulated enough to get past The stupid accredited investor standard Let's say you're 20. the accredited Investor standard you know that's to Protect the little guy no it's not it's To protect the big people it's a gated Community that allows all the good deals To go to the rich people so I can do Things like private Equity Venture Capital hedge funds that the average Investor can't do which stinks so I'll I'll answer it more from a a typical Investor non-accredited investor You can't really do as much in in Venture Capital private Equity Energy Natural resources real estate so I would I would try to use proxies there And you know that's Innovation as an Asset class which means you're going to Be overweight Tech now I just said Tech Was overvalued well big text overback I Think there's a lot of small cap tech

Companies Um biotech is a great example biotech's Gotten punished this year so I think Starting to accumulate biotech Healthcare looks interesting so I'd Probably take 20 and I'd put it in a mix of healthcare Biotech small cap Tech Uh and maybe kind of energy Tech but not Tesla Tesla's like stupid price Um Then I would take probably 20 into like A commodity backed portfolio so hard Commodities physical Commodities Um maybe even some AGS maybe uh although I'm not super bullish in that space But But Metals Um for sure uh gold and gold miners have Just gotten punished I think they're They're super cheap uh so probably 20 in That commodity basket I probably still keep 20 in cash or or Our cash substitute like we run Something called CSH which is SPAC Arbitrage that basically takes the the Specs before they buy another company And just converts the the treasuries Into cash and so we make you know low Single digit returns so I I know some Real cash that's liquid I would would Hold I probably have you know again if you're Younger not accredited I'd probably be In the 10 to 20 percent in in crypto uh

And to me that's you know three to five Percent in Bitcoin uh probably another Three percent in ethereum There are a couple other projects but This is not my expertise I mean it's What you guys do on your show You know I want to like things like Avalanche I want to like uh things like Cosmos and polka dot but they just have Struggled so much Um you know I want to like what's Happening in algorand I really do but It's just struggle I wanna I wanna own You know I want to own the D5 protocols But the problem is the protocols aren't Really linked to the cash flows so that I struggle with that I mean the closest One I guess maybe is uni but even that's Not a perfect match Um So that's so and again and then I would Try to do some private and say I would Do private investments in in digital Assets the average investor can't do That so that leaves me another 20 and Then that last 20 percent I put half of That I put 10 in China particularly China Tech uh you know something like K Web or something Um and then that last ten percent I Probably float around the other Emerging Markets you know the Brazil's if you Could do Russia I would buy Russia but You can't buy Russia so that's tough uh

India is interesting Um There's some interesting stuff in in The frontier markets there's a frontier Market ETF I can't remember the ticker But uh rather than the Russia piece Maybe I'd take that that uh two and a Half percent and put it there For the for the crypto aspect of your Portfolio one like I think everybody is Always you know over or perfectly Weighted on bitcoin and ethereum Obviously they're the Market Movers from For me personally like I'm an L1 guy Like I don't know Um which one will make in the end but Just like a basket of five or six just Because no matter if uh if D5 makes or What aspect of D5 or nfts or whatever Like the value is accruing on those Underlying chains yes as well so besides Bitcoin eth like do the L1 look I Totally agree with that and so I you Know look most people know you know we Made and and lost a lot of money in Solana uh I still think there's there There I I struggle with the one thing About Solana Is Well there's two things one it tends to Go out which I don't like and two it's Not a hundred percent accurate so there Are certain use cases that you just Can't use you know if I'm rendering a

Game it's got a little glitch I don't Really care I mean I was playing Pokemon Go with my son last night and my whole Thing glitched like okay it happens Um and that's not even on on chain That's just you know typical uh be Software but you know glitches and Gaming that happens if I got an nft that Doesn't render perfectly at first okay No problem but if I'm doing accounting I Gotta have 100 per you know you know 100 Not 99.99 I need 100 So so then I probably lean toward Avalanche and You know I like them polka dot and and Cosmos I think You can make really good cases why they Could be winners Um Beyond those those big four I said I do Struggle I I want I mean I don't know so what would you Add to that I mean I'm curious I I mean I agree with you I mean Gavin Wood even though we just stepped down as CEO you know I have huge value add for Polka dot uh cardano has a huge Grassroots Community like the engagement Like that the average people love Cardano Um There's something there the invest the Invest see that that one to me reminds Me of xrp

Right the people love it but the Developers and the users don't seem to Love it and that's the part I don't Really get I just I just have a you know Look I don't think xrp and and cardano Are like Doge and Shiva which are just Total literally dog I mean literally Like I mean must go to zero Um I just don't understand them in fact I I You know the only thing it was and it Looks like maybe I'm right is I said you Know the bear Market can't be over until Those are zero I mean I actually said That on television six months ago And then you know I really thought we Had bottomed in June and I didn't see Hurricane Sam coming but I I was Struggling with that right I was out of Cognitive dissonance that those things Didn't go to zero Um And at least would Doge there's there's Some prayer that Elon somehow gets it Into something so it could be used as an Exchange maybe I mean parlor was going To try to use it as a token on their Platform but no one goes to parlor Anymore Um you know someone's going to figure Out a decentralized Twitter Please please to watch the full Conversation there's a link Down Below

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