How To Become RICH in The 2023 Recession (LIFT METHOD)

So it's no secret that over the past few Years I've been able to break out what Some call the rat race and what others Call The Matrix No money did a thorough extensive report On how I made close to four million Dollars last year and it's one of my Goals where within the next few years I'll hit the eight figure Mark at over 10 million dollars Now most you guys should already know But just in case you don't my journey Did start with some humble beginnings in The preparation of this video here I Literally found a screenshot of my TD Bank account from back of 2015 where I Had less than just a thousand dollars to My name now granted this was about eight Years ago but my finances were still the Same up until about you know four to Five years ago when I decided I had Enough after years of constantly Worrying about money and watching my own Parents struggle I decided that I wanted To give this whole new thing I had heard About a few times called being an Entrepreneur out of shot ever since I Made that decision I've been committed To grow Non-Stop and to hit goals that I Set for myself through the Miracles and Blessings from the Lord and the Perseverance over the last few years I Can finally now say that I've been able To accomplish many of the things that I

Thought were once impossible this even Starts with me being able to make just a Couple hundred thousand dollars because Even back then I didn't think I would Ever be the type of person who could Ever make millions now I'm sure you've All heard about the stories of people Who made millions of dollars Accidentally from investing into things Like Bitcoin early on or they invested Into you know one of the top growth Stocks out of a thousand X over the last Five years or some people win the Lottery or other people who have like Parents that end up starting a Traditional business and they got lucky And they made Millions too I mean those Stories are pretty Bountiful but you Rarely hear of the story of the guy who Started from nothing started to document Their journey and have been able to show People that anything is possible from Building up real cash generating Businesses the whole point I want to Make is that if I can do it you guys can Too The other day I was at the mall too I Ran into a subscriber we talked for About 10 to 20 minutes and the Conversation was really based about how She can be successful now this girl Asked a lot of great questions and I do Appreciate the persistence and wanting To understand what this formula of

Success looks like and how I was able to Master it it's kind of crazy saying it Out loud now but I have made millions of Dollars through one of the worst Global Pandemics that we've all gone through it Was a Miss unknown times where we were All locked down we were unable to leave Our homes where I kept looking for Opportunities and when things start to Get really bad like I thought YouTube Was done I thought I'd have to go back To the nine to five I decided to Continue persevering to continue giving It a shot and it turns out it ended up Being one of the best decisions I ever Made so look if you missed the whole Wave of the pandemic of people being Able to make money that's fine too Because right now we're actually going Through one of the worst global economic Recessions and I believe if you're able To play your cards right that over the Next three to five years you're gonna be Making making more generational wealth Than you ever would have been able to Imagine in your entire life they say the Best time to invest or to start a Business was yesterday maybe it was During the pandemic or maybe it was 10 Years ago when you had first heard about Bitcoin that best time is gone but the Second best time to start anything is Right now within this moment today so to Get Uber rich in this market I'm gonna

Share with you my own plans to make over 10 million dollars at the ripe age of 26 And through that I'm also going to be Giving you a step-by-step blueprint on What you need to be doing over this next 12 month period so that you can also Prepare to make life-changing wealth as Well things get serious when I bring out The glasses so realize that some fire is About to be dropped in this video so Here are four actionable steps that you Need to take in order to start today and I call this the very own Brian Jung Patented lift system so L is going to be Learn and master skill then you're going To want to invest you're also going to Be wanting to find a side hustle and You're also going to want to take action So let's break down what each and every Single one of those things mean and why Before starting anything I believe the Most important thing that you can do is To learn a skill thanks to the Internet Thanks to YouTube thanks to tick tock And all the resources we got even the Abundance of books that are available For us at still what I believe is a very Ridiculous cost for the amount of Roi And growth and in knowledge that you get Is that you can learn a skill because This is going to imply that you get the Lowest risk versus some of the highest Reward possible a lot of people get Ambitious when they hear okay you know I

Can make millions from Airbnb I can do Amazon FBA I can wholesale drop ship and Do all that all those things cost money And that means that they're going to Carry risk so by First Learning and Mastering a skill you have to realize That there is no upfront cost but the Potential is unlimited because you can End up finding a passion that you Genuinely like that you can start Monetizing so Brian what are some Examples how did I first start well I Actually first started with Drop Shipping I would say Drop Shipping was One of the exceptions because I ended up Learning and mastering many different Skills from the use of trial and error Back then the first year that I started My company I ended up making over a Hundred thousand dollars in revenue and From that and wearing many different Hats I've learned invaluable skills that Kept on leveling me up and it kept Allowing me to start different Ventures And growing during that time when I had Nothing people have this misconception Like you gotta be Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban where you gotta have millions of Dollars and you got to invest into Companies that's a later stage we're Gonna be talking more about that a bit Later on but in the beginning what I Recommend you to do is to find a skill In something get good at it and to see

How you can monetize it so the first Things that come to mind for me is even Being more on the Creator side just Because this is the field that I'm in if You've ever had a passion in photography In videography you can learn how to Master a camera even learn how to use Something that everyone has an iPhone to Take really high quality videos or Photos and it's a simple as you know Even looking up some car dealerships Within your area and let them know hey I Can do this you know how about 20 to 25 Dollars per car I'll give you a gallery Of 50 photos high quality videos I'll Send them to you and even right there if You do the math if they have a lot of 10 Cars for that dealership you give them Some updated photos they win because They're going to be getting even more Business from the high quality photos They can also expend a little bit of Marketing money towards you and you'll Also get in return from losing nothing At all just showcasing a skill that You've developed completely for free in Helping out another business in trying And learning different skill sets you're Gonna realize there are some things that You really don't like doing there are Some things that you realize okay this Was actually a lot easier and you may Also even get to a point like I did Where I realized hey you know running

These ads isn't really that hard I think I can do it for other businesses I think I can teach someone else to do it and Boom at that point if you have clients And you're ready to go you just started An agency so I've had A Drop Shipping Business I've had an agency that was Cash flowing Um I had a social media marketing agency I I've done a lot of different Businesses I've talked about it on this Channel even Consulting even getting Paid from some of these huge huge Companies to come in and chime in and Just give them a little bit of my Thoughts and some strategy and all this Literally just started from information That I was getting from the internet so Do that and take action because the next Thing you want to do in this day of age Is to start investing wow I mean look Guys the markets right now they are shot We are not just talking about crypto We're not talking about stocks we're Talking about everything the car market Is collapsing the watch Market is Collapsing I even heard like comic books Are starting to pull back and you know The whole Pokemon craze we had going on Things are relaxing back in price and We've even seen Bitcoin drop nearly over 70 percent if you decided to invest and You decided to go shopping and you've Had the mindset of investing within the

Market over the course of three to five Years I can almost guarantee through my Non-financial advice through the Investment of most major assets you will Be up on your money you will be glad That you invested during these times When things are still sliding a bit down Now I'm a strong believer that we will Be seeing much higher highs than we did Before it might take a little bit of Time but we are not going to be in the Same situation where the market just Continues to go down and down and down We talk so much about Cycles how we have Bull cycles we have bear Cycles it's Like peanut butter and jelly it just Happens it comes and goes it sticks you Need one to have the other but at the End of the day we're going to continue To grow I don't know PB and J now that I'm just thinking maybe that wasn't the Best analogy but hopefully some of y'all Understand what I mean aren't able to Make money if it keeps going down you Can at least tax loss Harvest for the Future or you can learn a lesson as an Example like in the previous bull market I got over ambitious I was investing What was it like 300 to 500k into some Nft projects uh you know the top ones Obviously right now the whole Market is Dipped even within nfts I'm not Complaining because the floor price of Them have still been holding like my

Board eight that I bought there are Investments that I've made which now I'm Looking at it's like maybe I should have Been a bit more conservative but huge Lessons were learned it made me really Value and appreciate the dollar and in Addition to that there were some Investments that I made like my Restaurant which is actually one of the Best choices that I made because right Now it's cash flowing positive I'm Seeing a check come in every single Month and it is doing very very well When we talk about Investments it Doesn't need to just be crypto or stocks You can also find yourself investing Into things like real estate without Having to put your entire portfolio or Your entire house on the line in order To buy more property there are websites And fintech companies such as fundrise That exist which is not sponsored but it Allows you to crowdfund real estate so You can still get diversification within Your portfolio grow the money that you Have without having to take those huge Risks to these sources weren't available Five to ten years ago these are things That are coming about now but I'm Telling you people are seeing returns People are seeing money come back so This is going to be that wake-up call Invest find different things and make Sure that you have money set aside so

That when the dip comes or if it Continues to dip that you're able to Take action and priority within that Market so the next part of the system is To find a side hustle find a side hustle That one day overtake your main source Of income I know during a recession Things can get scary it's because a lot Of people are either hating their jobs Or they want to find a new job or maybe They're getting laid off or maybe you're Trying to be in a situation where you Can improve the income because your main Job isn't cutting it by being able to Find different Ventures by trying out New side hustles and even adding an Additional hundred dollars per week that Really adds up that is what will allow You to invest and to take action into Other businesses and Ventures now there Are a ton of side hustles that exist Nowadays you can even do things such as Doing ubereats delivery you can go about Walking dogs and make money or you can Even think outside of the box right now We're in the winter season there are Going to be some driveways that need Shoveling this was one of my favorite Ways to make money in high school where You know legally you can't work and I Had to find a side hustle to make a Couple hundred dollars in cash you can Find ways to scale it if you can't do it During the winter you can mow lawn

Stirring the summer or the spring people Always have different tasks that they May not want to do I'll make a full list On some of the best side hustles that I Believe exist right now because there Are even tools where you don't have to Do physical labor either there are Things such as AI tools where you don't Need to have the brain but as long as You're able to build the proper system You can build these huge companies all While doing better work than if you had A team of over 20 people with AI you Know I made a video on this it didn't Get that much attention but this is Going to continue to grow this is going To continue to develop because AI is Truly truly remarkable I've been testing It out within our own business and I've Been seeing the power of it man it just Saves a lot of time and boy does it do a Good job so when we're talking about AI I'm talking about it being able to write Certain content being able to mark Market advertise create different Businesses create a full website code Different things the side hustles that Were once viable before you can change It up now now last but not least out of All of this you need to take action Everything that I say in this video Ladies and gentlemen none of it means Anything unless you choose to take Action we can talk about the top five

The top 10 the top 20 best side hustles But there's really only one really Really absolute amazing Elite should I Just keep going or not the best side Hustle is actually no side hustle at all I know it sounds crazy Brian what do you What is this Hocus Pocus that's because Even if you have all the knowledge on Every side hustle and the one that can Make you the best amount of money for Where you live and for what you do it Doesn't matter unless you take action so After watching this video most you guys Are gonna go back into binge watching Other videos on YouTube or you know You're gonna just chillax maybe watch a Show on Netflix I don't know maybe some Of y'all are gonna go play video games Regardless please just take the Information that I said today realize That it is possible this means you know You're trying to grow your social media If you're trying to come out with a Blog If you're you know trying to do all These things that you know that you can Do in order to start moving forward and Accomplishing your dreams and goals Don't keep putting it on the back burner All this takes is just one step at a Time a little bit of consistency and You'll see in no time just how fast the Ball starts rolling the momentum starts Going and before you know it you've Accomplished things that you never would

Have dreamed possible so that is going To be my video right there that is the Formula of success take action educate Learn a skill adapt to it find a side Hustle and invest by doing those four Things and taking action I believe that You will be able to find success within The next three to five years and you'll Come out abundantly ahead now if you Guys did enjoy today's video be sure to Drop a like down below follow me over on Instagram and Twitter if you haven't Done so already is day two of monetizing The dog he needs to pay rent so we would Appreciate if you guys continue to Follow along on this journey more than That we would appreciate it if you guys Took action have an amazing blessed day And I'll see y'all soon peace


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