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How much Solana crypto do you need to Retire by 2030 or sooner let's actually Do the math and how much cardano or how Much ethereum or other crypto coins will You need watch today's whole video Because the 4% rule really offers us a Jumping off point to see how much we Need to accumulate 4% rle refers to the Trinity study and The Trinity study came Out I think in the 1990s if I remember Correctly as explained by heavily Respected author investor JL Collins and They measured what would happen to a Portfolio depending on how that Portfolio was constructed everywhere From 100% stocks to 100% bonds if you Adjusted a given withdrawal rate to Account for inflation as opposed to not Doing it and they came up with some Remarkable sets of data so this rule Suggests that because markets like the Stock market tend to always go up over Any 30-year sample and the average stock Market Market return is 7% per year or 10% if you reinvest those dividends but Because of this the 4% rule suggests the Retirees can safely withdraw the amount Equal to just 4% of their savings during The year they retire and then adjust for Inflation each subsequent year for the Next 30 Years and safely have enough Money to live off of but somebody and I Think it was somebody in the media Noticed that if you had at least 50%

Stocks and you with 4% a year and you Adjust it for inflation every year which Is a pretty high bar that portfolio Would last for 30 years in 96% of the Time another way to say that is it Failed only twice only in two start Years did it fail and whoever observed This said that's a pretty impressive Success rate and that became what's Commonly now called the 4% rule so the 4% rule says that you can withdraw from A given portfolio 4 % of its value each Year and you can adjust it for inflation And it will last and your portfolio will Last for 30 years so it's I I would I I Look at it more as the 4% guideline Because there's nothing that's Guaranteed so right now one Solana is Valued at around $109 with its all-time High happening back in 2021 at $259 per Solana coin let's do both but Let's just start with this price it's Cool because we can just have ai do These calcul ations for us and then I'll Give you my thoughts how much Solana Valued at $111 do I need to retire based on the 4% Rule if my annual expenses are $100,000 Per year and some may say 100K is a Little high actually if you look at the Latest data as of 2020 the median Household income in the United States Was only $675,000 according to the Census Bureau and that's income total

That's not expenses some of these Expenses might be even a little less at Least it's definitely not more than Their income but according to Forbes They actually have slightly different Numbers for expenses the average Expenses of us households in 2022 in 2021 for a family of two average Expenses are $76,000 per year for a family of four Average expenses are over $100,000 per Year now even if you want a family your Kids most likely will be out of the the House for the vast majority of your Retirement so we'll probably just need The family of two scenario annually but I want to live good so we'll just Round Up to 100K in expenses per year hit the Like Button well it looks like you're quite The crypto Enthusiast to figure out how Much Soul you need to retire let's do Some quick math assuming you're Following the 4% rule you'd need to have 25 times your annual expense is saved up So $25 * $100,000 or $2.5 million now let's Convert that to Solana at $111 per Soul you need to own 22522 Solana to retire of course Assuming that prices only go up about 7% Per year from here now me personally I'm Speculating that prices at least get to Its all-time highs in the next few years

If not higher I mean I can see Soul at $500 per coin again I cannot see the Future I'm not a financial advisor these Are just my opinions but actually just Looking at the chart of the 4% rule or In fact putting this chart another way How much do you need if you want this Salary per year we said $100,000 you Need this salary per month which means You need invested 2.5 million so what I'm saying is whether it's stocks or Crypto or whatever you set your salary There's just a certain amount of money You would need invested to have the Lifestyle you want based on the 4% Rule And I Loved These 90 seconds of investor Graham stefen breaking this down now as You can see from the chart here if You're 100% in the stock market and Spend only 3% of it per year it's safe To say your money is going to last you Indefinitely with a 100% success rate That's because the market on average Returns anywhere from 7 to 9% annually 2% of that gets deducted for inflation So effectively by spending 3% that Leaves you with a 2 to 4% buffer each And every year to let your Investments Continue to grow in value without you Needing to do a single thing now on the Other hand if you're 100% in the stock Market and spend 5% per year over 40 Years you'll only have a 76% chance of Not running out of money by the end of

Those 40 years that's pretty much a one In4 chance you're going to be completely Broke by the end of the time frame which Is not a place you want to be between The ages of 70 and 90 this guideline is Also known as the TR study and from all Of this research the 4% rule was born That means if you want to live off an Income of $40,000 A Year Without You Ever needing to work another day in your Entire life or make any more money You'll need $1 million invested and that Will give you an 89% chance of lasting For the next 60 years without running Out this calculation also works in Reverse as well for example if you have $100,000 invested congratulations you Could effectively spend $333 a month adjusted for inflation each And every year in passive income because That's how much your Investments are Going to be growing by every single year So let's now take this one step further And look at Solana if we can get to $500 Per coin as well as how much cardano do You need to retire how much polka dot do You need to retire how much ethereum and If you have a different coin you want me To break down in a future video number One click subscribe it's an easy thing That you can do completely free that Keeps you informed about crypto and Number two comment down below which coin Or or coins I should look at next so

Let's say that Solana in a few short Years you know Dar to dream in the next 5 years maybe is at its fair value of $500 per coin we still want those same Expenses annually and this is not to say That Solana won't stop at $500 per coin Again the the rule the the reason this Works is because you're assuming that Investments are always appreciating and You're always compounding and the Results are to retire with an annual Expense of 100K per year using the 4% Rule you would need a portfolio of 2.5 Million if you plan to use Solana valued At $500 per coin you would need 5,000 Soul today 5,000 Soul at current prices Is over half a million dollar invested In Solana give me your thoughts on this If we look at polka dot which is another Blue Chip crypto some people call polka Dot the salana killer the all-time high Was $54 per coin over 2 years ago still Down over 86% assuming we can get there In the next 1 to 5 years put in the Calculations valued at $55 per Dot and this says you would need to Accumulate today 4,454 dot tokens so putting that many Tokens at today's current dot price you Would need invested in dollar 327,000 Invested today looking at ethereum which Is around 2.5k per coin at all-time Highs it was valued at 4.8k per coin I

Think it could get to 10,000 minimum now Putting in those eth calculations and Wow you would need today 250 ethereum Today to retire putting in that number At today's price you would need to Invest 600 thou $625,000 today in E and what I'm Deducing in all of this is the higher Cap coins you start out with the more Established coins the more money you Would have to invest today so you would Need to put in more yet it is the more Established safer play yet the lower cap You go the more risk you take on but the Less you would have to invest today so Just something to note cardano right now Valued at around 54 cents per coin its All-time high was $339 per coin let's just dare to dream And say we think cardano can get to at Least $10 per coin in the next 5 6 7 Years and then of course as the Ecosystem builds it's always going to Keep appreciating right that's the Theory we're going with any of these Investments according to this you would Need 250,000 Ada to retire today and wow to Get this many cardano today at the Current Ada price you would only need $135,000 did I do that right I think the Reason you need so much so so less money I think it's probably because I Speculated that cardano would get

Relatively speaking so much higher than What I speculated those other coins to Be either way let me know what you think Down Below in the comment section see You tomorrow


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