How Much Crypto Do You Need to be a Millionaire by 2025?

How much crypto do you need to become a Millionaire by 2025 how many Bitcoin and How many Penny altcoins watch today's Whole video keep in mind investing in Crypto is incredibly risky never put in Any money you are not willing to lose Immediately and I am not a financial Adviser nor can I see the future so just Use today's video as a jumping off point And hit the like button if you Appreciate these breakdowns so by 2025 My conservative estimate has always been For Bitcoin that we're going to hit at Least $120,000 per coin now that may seem like A lot but looking at bitcoin's Price History based on what Bitcoin does Typically 12 to 18 months after each Having the having is a huge deal uh so Just to be clear everyone is aware of The fixed supply of Bitcoin there will Only ever be 21 million but not all 21 Million have been issued to the world Yet and so we're at about 19 million out Of 21 so far and every 10 minutes more And more get issued and the having is When that issuance schedule gets cut in Half so the supply the forced sellers Those that pay money to produce Bitcoins Which then have to sell it to pay for Their costs that's going to be haved and So the really simple way to think about It Ed is if demand Remains the Same and The Bitcoin sold gets cut in half should

Have an impact on the price to the Upside a having happens bitcoin's price Explodes a having happens bitcoin price Explodes exps having explosion the last Having just happened so I just really Want you to understand that to me this Is very reasonable by 2025 because even If demand for Bitcoin just stays the Same and by the way based on all the Institutional on-ramps that just opened Up demand for Bitcoin is actually Increasing but even if demand just Stayed the same if Supply faucet gets Cut in half price has to go up one other Thing I will say about Bitcoin I think People don't and this is part of the Part of the Innovation that's really Important and as explained by famed Investor Lawrence leapard the higher Bitcoins price goes they can't mine the Bitcoin any faster that's fundamentally Different than even gold every commodity In the world if you increase its price The supply goes up if if gold went to 10,000 tomorrow we'd mine more gold If Corn went up if oil went to $300 a Barrel we drill for more oil you would Get more higher price you would get more No matter where the price of Bitcoin Goes the issuance schedule is set There's not going to be any more it Comes out you know every block is you Know 6.25 coins right now soon to be Half of that so you know it's that's

That's unique and and I as a result of That the world has never seen anything That really kind of looks like this Which is why you know I mean Ronnie Stord had a great chart on I mean Bitcoin from inception has grown at 145% Compound annually and it's got a lower Sharp ratio than any other asset I mean Is this is an amazing Beast So based on Bitcoin's current price today and by the Way as I'm recording this Bitcoin is Dipping lower but that just means that The lower bitcoin's price dips the Easier this will be to accumulate and Based on today's current price you would Need to own 8.3 Bitcoin today and you'd Be a millionaire by 2025 now for the Average person owning 8.3 Bitcoin today Is starting to become unattainable Altcoins give you a better chance at Generational wealth but they do come With more risk so if you're willing to Take on more risk I would look at Altcoins I would also subscribe join the 1.48 million people that subscribe and Tune in to altcoin daily for their Crypto Alpha but for ethereum my Conservative projections by 2025 is 9,000 honestly I could have probably Gone even a little higher because if I Think Bitcoin from this price point Could 2x ethereum to me could at least 3 To 4X this would be that low-end 3x but Again I want to keep this reasonable I

Want to keep these realistic and with The ethereum ETF happening July 15th now Give or take 5 days on either side of This but with the ETF happening what is A spot ethereum ETF basically just like The Bitcoin ETF it's now going to allow Traditional Finance institutional money To finally be able to easily Buy Ethereum crypto Casey breaks down what This ethereum ETF means so why is this a Big deal well there are a ton of people With a ton of money held with their Legacy finance and retirement accounts And a spot ethereum ETF would be a Regulated stable way for all of these People to gain price exposure to Ether And their investment portfolios and if The approval of a spot ethereum ETF is Anything like the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF it's likely going to be a Great success as it would allow the Floodgates to a ton of money that's been On the side Lin so again a $99,000 Ethereum with the ETFs opening up even If those ethereum ETFs underperform Still this price still very reasonable In my opinion now how much ethereum Would you need to become a crypt Millionaire by 2025 111 ethereum now how About Solana how much Soul do you need To become a millionaire by 2025 the Comparison it's like Android versus Apple so if ethereum is more like Android versus Solana more like apple

Salana feels like apple it's a closed System but it's very slick very good Will create great loyalty ethereum is Much broader both can Thrive both can Coexist for different reasons where do We expect Soul price by next year Global Macro investor Raul pal weighs in from Our last interview if Sal is at 200ish Today right for it to go up 100% would Be in crypto summer would Be highly unusual at least 300% would be Pretty standard that would be eth Alltime highs versus the previous Alltime highs of that high so that will Put it 600 so let's mark that as like That's a reasonable spot you know if I Use a few charts and a bit of you know Log charts I get somewhere Between 800 and 1200 In a in a complete bubble cycle I think It can go above 2,000 in a short stunted Cycle 750 something like that now me Personally I believe Solana just in Terms of narrative is the gem of this Cycle so price-wise things could get Crazy if price can hit at least 1, 100 Then you would Need 99 Solana today to become a Millionaire by next year now before we Look at Penny altcoins so make sure you Watch today's whole video and give it a Like Unis swap is the crypto I want to Tackle next simply because Unis swap has Real Revenue annualized revenues earned

By liquidity providers on Unis swap in 2023 amount to over 350 million far Ahead of the nearest competitor if we're Looking for cryptos with actual Revenue Which to me means can they sustain will They be around at least another year if Not 5 to 10 Unis swap has actual users Fundamentals it is to me a blue chip in The space if it can get to a price of at Least $220 per token you would need around 4,549 uni in your wallet today now Looking at this I will say maybe I Should have included another tier Listing out the price that this many Tokens would cost today versus the price Of these tokens today just know Generally speaking that the lower cap You go the newer the riskier the lower Down the list of cryptocoins you go the Less it's going to cost you today but The more risk you take on right Bitcoin Will cost you the most but it's the Least risk cardano and polka dot some People call them sana's little Sisters let's say that cardano can get To just under $10 this cycle and polka Dot because of all the marketing they're Doing can get to around $350 per coin how much of each of these Would you need today you would need just Over 100,000 Ada tokens in your wallet And polka dot 2,857 dot tokens to become a crypto

Millionaire by next year injective one Of the Blue Chip gems in the cosmos Ecosystem let's say it can go from $19 Today to just under200 actually $180 per coin this one I actually sort Of undervalued simply because it it hit All-time highs just a few months ago in A Raging Bull Market I I'm still bullish I still think this could go farther Deeper but because I think it front ran A little bit of its gains it topped off At $52 per coin four months ago my Conservative projection would just be Honestly a 2 to 3x to 4X from that so 180 per coin total and you need 5,555 injective tokens today last up I Wanted to include a mem coin and I Wanted to include an AI token I'm Bullish for different reasons on both Sectors these are two that I own but Feel free to put in the own me your own Meme coin that you believe in again my Play for memin coins is usually just a Proxy play meaning pick the best coin in Each ecosystem if the ecosystem that you Choose does well obviously their main Meme coin I think would do well also if You're looking for a great place to buy Sell or trade altcoins join me on buybit Now earn up to $3,020 in exclusive rewards for referral Code altcoin daily link down below with Foxy right now coming in at 1 Cent and Understanding any of these coins this

Low this risky could go to zero but Right now at 1 cent I think top of cycle 25 cents per coin would be awesome today That means you would need 4 million foxy Tokens today to become a millionaire by 2025 an AIT protocol I think a low cap Altcoin top of cycle maybe it could go From 6 cents to at Peak maybe touch $2.50 But if that were to happen you would Need 400,000 AIT tokens today to be that Millionaire if I left a coin off comment Below because I want to revisit this in A few months and also add on a few coins See you tomorrow


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