How Much Bitcoin Do You Need to be a Crypto Millionaire (in 10 years)?

How much Bitcoin do you think the Average person could save up today to be Considered a millionaire within 10 years Be real Within 10 years that would be 2032 or 2020 2033. and I I say within within 10 Years you know so whatever the topic is Okay uh okay so if we say 2025 will be a Top 2029 will be a top 2033 could be a top uh so you know we'll Pretend like it is uh so 2033 I would Say the top could be somewhere in the Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily Today we are joined by the man the Legend friend of the channel Representing Bitcoin Miami 2023 Brandon Green Brandon how are you doing today Dude I'm doing great Aaron how are you Doing I'm doing excellent now for the folks at Home who maybe didn't see our interview Last year Introduce yourself to the old coin daily Audience brag a little bit to tell us About you yeah sure well so I got into The Bitcoin space in 2017. uh uh Literally have been working at BTC Inc Bitcoin uh magazine Bitcoin conference Ever since uh and yeah I mean have grown Up with the space a lot so you know it Was my first job out of college uh uh You know it was a real Hustler but Didn't didn't know much about business And how to you know make things

Successful and you know learned a lot of Lessons uh going through all the bull And bears so uh you know we're back in a Bear but uh that's uh that's fine by me It's a better time to build Totally Let's jump right into it Brandon how Bullish are you on bitcoin long term Uh I don't think that there's like a way To like properly articulate how bullish I am I mean the the truth is is like uh Uh if Bitcoin plays out in the way that We think it will then it's a it's an Entirely different Paradigm like you Can't measure it by kind of the way that You've measured Society or money or you Know human history really I mean this is An inflection point this is the ability To create in a like value system that Unites the entire world around like a Common Language uh uh and you know a Common value metric and so you know Someone in the other part of the world Who's creating value building something That advances human civilization uh uh That value is captured in the Bitcoins You know overall value that I'm holding As well and so I see upside from that my Purchasing power increases because Someone across the world created value Uh uh that's the kind of thing that Aligns us To go up the kardashev scale and become You know something greater than we've

Ever been as a human species so uh yeah Uh tremendously bullish uh tremendously Bullish So why are you so bullish on bitcoin Why am I so bullish on bitcoin uh well I Mean I think that there's a few Different answers to that number one I'm Bullish on bitcoin just because uh uh it Has all of the uh necessary kind of Requirements of a decentralized currency Uh a currency that you know ultimately The entire world can unite around uh and So you know obviously it is uh you know Decentralized in and of itself right Like you know one can control it uh uh And it's censorship resistant no one can Stop you from using it uh you know kind Of the things that people talk about all The time right the reasons why you're Bullish about Bitcoin is the reasons why Everyone's foolished about Bitcoin the Real trick is being able to take that You know first understanding and then Apply like the next couple of steps and Just be like okay well if if bitcoin's What we say it is then like what does That mean and you know it means that you Have the future currency that every Single human being is going to use Period so uh you know And maybe even Beyond right like you Know this can become interplanetary uh This can become you know it probably Wouldn't get outside of the you know uh

10 minute hash Horizon that currently With block times we are limited by uh But that would certainly get us to the Moon and make an interesting Dynamic With Mars uh if we were ever to colonize Mars as well so uh yeah I mean it's just It's it's a new paradigm I'm getting hot over here with you Talking about that before we go any Further Brandon let's pivot to the Bitcoin conference you're representing The Bitcoin conference tell us about it What can we look forward to with Bitcoin Miami 2023 Yeah so you know uh Bitcoin made me 2023 The Bitcoin 2023 conference we're we're Looking you know kind of holistically at The end industry and like uh uh you know Mask off gloves off man it's been a bear Market and a half like we have seen some Of the stalwarts of our industry Absolutely crumble or turn out to be Complete frauds uh and so you know a big Part of what I think the conference is Going to be this year is uh uh a kind of Like reality check to everyone like hey Are you still here are you still alive Are you still working in the space like Are you still building and then the Second question of uh uh really I guess Three questions second question of what Happened right like how did we allow all These companies all these actors to go Off and create you know uh uh terrible

Products or or you know predatory Products or fraudulent products and then Uh uh the third question is where do we Go from here like how do we start Rebuilding uh uh the entire industry From a standpoint a of like Bitcoin Focused Bitcoin only uh and B uh with The principles of Bitcoin and our course So you know things like transparency and Decentralization and uh uh you know a Bit more of a robust and anti-fragile Sort of uh economy at its core I mean Like that's that's what we need to be Doing and the fact that we ever strayed Uh from that kind of vision as a uh Industry I think is the reason why we Had such a bad bear Market uh and so you Know that's that's going to be you know A a big theme and then I would say Outside of that you know we're gonna Have the the cast of bitcoiners that you Want to come see the people who are kind Of leading the charge in terms of Thought leadership in terms of uh Adoption across the world uh you know we We had a conference in Amsterdam uh back In October it was our first foray kind Of into the European market we got to Meet a ton of amazing European Bitcoiners so getting them to come into The the US and kind of uh talk more About what what they're doing and what They're seeing and you know vice versa Getting more U.S folks to go uh abroad

And kind of meet other other bitcoiners Around the world like This does not stop in Miami Miami is Just a launching point for people to go On their Journey learn about Bitcoin Adopt it in like their own use and teach Other people about it uh and you know by Doing so the the mission grows and the Platform grows and you know ultimately We achieve our goals at hyper Bitcoinization I'm psyched I can't wait to go use code Altcoin daily 10 off linked below come Hang out with me come hang out with Brandon now Brandon let's pivot back to Bitcoin itself how much Bitcoin do you Think the average person could save up Today to be considered a millionaire Within 10 years Be real Within 10 years that would be 2032 or 2020 2033. uh and I say within within 10 Years you know so whatever the top is Okay uh okay so if we say 2025 will be a Top 2029 will be a top 2033 could be a top uh so you know we'll Pretend like it is uh so 2033 I would Say the top could be somewhere in the 10 to really 100 million dollar range Per Bitcoin uh and so you know at that Point could you be a millionaire holding Point zero one BTC I think it's totally Possible uh uh you know I would not be Surprised

0.1 BTC 0.01 BTC Holy hell and the the price the actual Prediction of the price you said was 10 Million possibly Yeah I think it could go as high as 100 Million in one of these bull runs uh It's totally possible like the real Question and again this goes back to Like one of these questions that we have As an industry it's just like what's our Appetite for leverage right because what We saw in this past Bull Run in 2021 uh Was that there was you know the classic Mania phase but that that Mania phase Had basically been absorbed by uh uh Paper Bitcoin you know uh uh circulation Credit Pick the Bitcoin Supply expanded in 2021 To serve the need of new interest in Bitcoin and so because of that what Really what happened is people went Leveraged long early in the cycle They're like oh we know this thing's Gonna rip we're going to go margin long Now and then we're not going to sell any Bitcoin until it's time to sell here at The end and so what that meant is that You know those buys that they were Basically pulling from in the future They bought but well you know there was Still a ton of liquidity in Bitcoin when People were still selling a ton of Bitcoin and so uh it didn't have the

Impact on the price that the buys would Have had if they were spread out across The entire Bull Run uh and really you Know I I I say I blame I don't blame him But I think Elon had a huge factor in This right like Elon got into Bitcoin Like tweeted you know the Insight in Hindsight it was inevitable whatever uh It's been like January or early February And this is a bull run that like was Just getting started it was supposed to Be a you know a Mania phase in November December uh and so imagine if he had not Said that and waited until November December and like all the Elon acolytes And all the media craze happened then I Mean we would have already been running Up to 70 80k before he was even saying Anything so like that's where I think uh Uh you know this past cycle was a bit of A difficult one to analyze because a you Had tons of Leverage and then B you Short-circuited the Mania phase early in The cycle uh and so you know if you're Kind of looking a bit more historically What you generally see is close to 100x From the previous bottom so you know uh Uh going back you went what like 2020 or Sorry uh 2013 uh uh you know I guess We'll just go from 2013 right we hit Like 1200 you go back down down you you Trade around like 200 or 180 I think was The bottom there and then we hit 18 000 19 000 in 2017. right so it's a hundred

X you know 180 to 18 000. uh uh you go Back down you know we've now hit a Bottom somewhere around 15 000 let's Call it so if you hundred X from the Bottom from there like I think of 1.5 Million uh in the next full run is like Not that crazy uh at all uh you know I Just think that like the demand is there Like think about the world that is Interacting with Bitcoin today we have a World where the US dollar is losing its Hegemony you have countries who are Deciding between do I want to stick with The US dollar or do I want to go with The communist China regime those are my Two options right doesn't Bitcoin being This third apolitical uh Switzerland Type option for Global Currency already Show its value I mean people are already Holding gold these countries are already Accumulating gold so you know this is Just one narrative but I think nation States are going to get very much into The Bitcoin game and you know they have Blank checks they have they print money And buy things with it so yeah I could See it run up pretty pretty hugely on The next cycle Wow in the next cycle I didn't expect You to be that bullish I knew you were Bullish but not that bullish but so just Like You know sum that up for me so when it Comes to thinking about the next cycle

If it hits over a million or certainly In the future when it hits a million 10 Million 100 million what if if only Where is that demand coming from it is It coming from more elons more business Owners you mentioned some countries Where does the demand come from yeah It's a good question so like I think if You look at the adoption metrics today Uh let's say somewhere around uh 10 of like Americans own a meaningful Amount of Bitcoin all right uh that's Actually an undershoot based on what Like Kraken and coinbase data says uh of Like they're in Gemini like they're us Users but let's just say it's 10 I think That's fair It's not just about going from 10 to 90 Percent U.S uh investors owning Bitcoin But it's also about their allocation Right so you know uh uh most people who Are sitting on uh you know podcasts and This point in the cycle it's not that They've got one percent of their Allocation uh you know their Network and The Bitcoin they've got a hundred Percent or 70 or like something way Higher and so you know where this comes From is not only the adoption of Bitcoin In terms of just like more people buying It and using it but it's also about it Becoming more and more of the financial Asset that people are comfortable with In their own use in general uh and so

That's a huge uh aspect of the driver You know instead of 10 with uh uh you Know 10 of their wealth in it 90 with 90 Of their wealth in it uh uh like that's Where we're headed I'm not saying it's Gonna happen next cycle but that's where We're heading it and so then that's one Factor secondly you've got a lot of Countries around the world who are Flirting with uh Central Bank digital Currencies Nigeria is definitely one to Be keeping track of I think that the Situation there is fascinating uh uh you Know they to catch people up basically They've implemented their Central Bank Digital currency and they've deprecated Cash uh they're saying basically you Can't use cash anymore you have to use Their cbdc and this is already a country That's adopting Bitcoin at a pretty Surprising rate uh and so you know are People going to move to a like Financial Surveillance tool given to them by their Government that it eliminates all like Non-taxable markets you know like uh all Black markets you know you can't pay Your babysitter with uh Central Bank Digital currency without registering That with your tax you know that's just Not what people want right they want to Get government out of their lives on Their financial lives and so I see tons Of people in that situation moving to Bitcoin in a pretty very meaningful way

Uh and so like that's just a Fast-growing country and then we're Talking about uh companies you know Companies that do international trade as More and more Forex transactions become Very difficult to navigate Bitcoin is a Settlement layer for for just about Anyone it's a much easier way to do it Uh don't have to go through any banks Don't have to worry about anything Getting seized you know like this it's So much easier it's a much more simple Process to move money internationally uh Uh if you're just international Corporation and then you get to Countries I think all of these things Are in play in the next cycle I think You will absolutely see like another Country maybe two maybe five maybe ten Like maybe more uh uh start holding Bitcoin on their balance sheet in a Really meaningful way uh so yeah I mean You know and that's on top of like again This like 10 to 90 allocation right El Salvador currently has you know uh a Decent slug of money but you know by no Stretch maybe like uh 10 20 70 mil like Somewhere in that range like tens of Millions of dollars in Bitcoin currently Uh they're trying to issue a Bitcoin Bond for a billion dollars right like They're they're already looking at a you Know 100x of what they're currently Allocated plus you know they have a

Growing GDP like where are they going to Store that uh uh the excess they're not Going to store it in US Dollars I can Tell you that so they're gonna be buying More Bitcoin so you know that's also a Trend to be watching so I don't know There's a lot of different disparate Threads but that's kind of where I see The adoption coming from the next cycle So I don't know if you've ever thought About this I'm sure you know people I know people Who own Bitcoin own some I think a lot Of Bitcoin more than .01 more than 1.1 I Assume you know I don't know for sure But what is to become of those people if Bitcoin hits those big numbers is Natalie Burnell and Peter McCormick now The new you know you know Elon musk's And Jeff Bezos like seriously like the People who own like big chunks of Bitcoin now and will hold you ever think About like what's gonna happen are they Gonna just be the the richest of the Rich Yeah so I mean I think you have to look At like uh uh when when we go to a Number like a hundred million dollars in Bitcoin right like in 10 years uh a bold Claim I know but when you're looking at That all right that is a uh uh roughly What If uh 50 000 X from here five thousand X From here

I'm bad at math right now uh let us know In your comments 5000 x uh from here uh And sorry if I'm wrong on that so That would make uh uh the Bitcoin market Cap somewhere around uh uh in the Quadrillions is that right maybe like Two quadrillion Um So yeah I mean you're looking at a Scenario where like the Bitcoin market Cap is a bit divorced from current Reality in terms of like how big it's Getting and the reason why I think that Happens is because you're going to see Hyperinflation of currencies uh and so You know the the it means like you know To some extent like both bitcoin's value Is going to be growing and the Denominator by which we are measuring it Will be shrinking uh and so you know It's hard to say like what does that get You in terms of purchasing power in the Future definitely a tremendously more Purchasing power than you have today but I don't think it's the same amount of Purchasing power as if you had 100 Million dollars today uh so you know That it's kind of the cop-out answer is To say I don't know exactly what that Will mean for them and how rich they Will be but here's what I do know is That uh uh if you create a system in Which the people who were non-consensus Contrarian Believers in Bitcoin early on

Right and they they poured their souls Into kind of uh uh helping you know Increase adoption around the world those People have a certain set of values and A certain way of thinking that uh Enables them to allocate resources in a Way that Society currently is not and so The the bullish case on those people Becoming wealthy uh uh or the wealthiest Folks in society is that they'll be Funding the things that they think is Important and so that's refunding you Know uh how we do education that's Refunding how we do uh Investments which I think you know you'll see a huge Amount of investment into energy and Energy security and renewable energy and You know uh uh growing energy capacity In developing countries and uh so I Think that's going to be a huge thing I Think uh uh you know Uh uh governance I think some of these People will kind of become the leaders Of their local communities and those Local communities could be way more Wealthy than what you know countries are Today because you'll have like uh Leaders who are willing to give back to Their communities like that so you know Uh it's an interesting kind of topic to Explore in terms of like what do these Whales look like in a hyper bitcoinized World uh there's plenty of dystopian Takes as well uh uh you know it's not

Too hard to imagine the the classic who Will pay for the roads you know kind of Trophy things when when you're talking About like a potential where all these People are bigger than governments right But uh uh you know the short of it is is I think it will be a realignment of the Values of society uh and they those Values will be realigned behind what Made Bitcoin succeed in the first place And so I think that's ultimately a Bullish thing for for everyone Foreign You've given us a lot to think about Altcoin daily audience for more on this Topic and Mining and energy and all Sorts of aspects of Bitcoin attend Bitcoin conference 2023 link below Information below use altcoin daily 10 Off Brandon thank you so much for coming on Today give our audience any final Thoughts plug anything you want plug the Bitcoin conference you know just final Alpha for the altcoin daily audience Yeah you know uh uh I guess my last Thing I would say is uh This is the moment if you've been paying Attention to bitcoin and you love it and You're excited and you're like man I Want to devote all my time uh to bitcoin Uh Enter into the arena there's never going To be a better opportunity to build a

Business in Bitcoin than the next year You have tons of VC money that's been Sitting on the sideline just from a Macro perspective that needs to invest Uh and you have effectively a completely White Clean Slate of competitors across All sorts of financial products you know Uh companies in the Bitcoin space this Is the time to be uh uh you know leaving Your Fiat job and and looking at Bitcoin In a really serious way and coming in And adding your hands into the mix and Building this entire industry with us uh And I'm you know I'm telling you right Now like the people who are going to be Doing that the people who are the Leaders of this industry for the next Decade they're all going to be this Conference they're all going to be uh Getting investment they're all going to Be meeting their business partners They're all going to be making hires at This event and I truthfully like I Really do believe that this will be an Inflection point for our industry uh and So you got to be there otherwise you're Just going to miss out on you know the Opportunity of a lifetime We'll be there Brandon link below Brandon thank you so much for coming on Today Thank you so much Aaron


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