How Many Polygon (MATIC) Do You Need to be a Crypto Millionaire?

This altcoin is only one dollar today For one thousand dollars you can own one Thousand of these for ten thousand Dollars you can own ten thousand of These in today's video I want to attempt To answer the question how many polygon Matic tokens do you need to be a Millionaire this video is not Financial Advice just information speculation I Keep you informed I'm making an educated Guess and I want you to answer this Question too how many polygonmatic Tokens do you need to be a millionaire Before we get into why polygon Matic is A sleeping giant let's talk about what Polygon Matic actually is polygon Formerly known as the Matic network is An ethereum scaling solution that aims To provide multiple tools to improve the Speed and reduce the cost and Complexities of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain polygon is a top Ethereum scaling solution it's a layer Two it's a side chain of the ethereum Blockchain it recently updated with the ZK evm roll-up technology very exciting Like its geometric namesake polygon has Many sides shapes and uses and Promises A simpler framework for building Interconnected networks polygon is a Blue chip altcoin in the space and Certainly No Stranger for Quality Strategic Partnerships so this makes Sense and certainly is a big deal Google

Cloud to support polygon and help grow Its ecosystem this is James strowman's From Google making this announcement at Consensus conference 2023 listen to his Excitement as he talks about Google's Excitement for the crypto space as a Whole and Google's excitement and plans For polygons specifically this is a Privilege and it's probably one of the Most important announcements at least For me and my team that Google cloud is Going to share this year but to set some Context and maybe not everyone knows This but we've been sort of Participating in the web free space for You know at least five years back in the Day we were sort of partnering with the Leaders in the community to help build Up something called blockchain ETL which Is a public good to help make on-chain Data available off chain and since then We've been on a journey and that Journey Has been led by our customers and by our Partners and so we now have industry Experts ranging from folks who love to Talk about tokenomics to do multi-party Computation or ZK snarks which I know is Very close to your heart and it's been a Wild ride and so one of the big Commitments that we made last year was From a true product and Engineering Standpoint So Google really wanted to make sure That we got to learn this space very

Well and so we started building out First party capabilities in Google Cloud Platform we hired a product engineering Leadership we hired Google software Engineers so that we could actually have First party capabilities and bringing to Bear all of the site reliability Engineering that we'll note we're known For and also the scale that we're used To operating at And talking of scale so the reason we're Here today we're super excited to Announce for the first time a new Strategic partnership with polygon We're going to help accelerate the Growth of all polygon protocols thank You thank you [Applause] So this year we're going to leverage That engineering commitment that I've Already mentioned so we're taking our Software engineering capability and We're going to start to make available Polygon proof of stake through our Product blockchain node engine so Blockchain node engine if you're not Familiar it's a click to deploy like Fully managed Google run capability to Be able to spin up a node wherever you Like and we're going to continue to Build that out and we're going to make Sure also that other polygon Capabilities are available through the Marketplace so we have full coverage of

The protocols and yeah it's really Exciting and we're very happy to be here Google Cloud's blockchain node engine a Service for fully managed node hosting For web3 development will support Polygon as part of a multi-year Strategic Alliance the Google blockchain Node engine already supports ethereum And it is also working to integrate Solana in a move that was first Announced last November and now polygon This is what Brendan farmer co-founder Of polygon had to say on the partnership At consensus I think the way to look at This is is for polygon our mission has Always been to scale ethereum and There's this problem there right which Is that blockchains have capacity limits And when they hit those limits uh you Get high fees or bad user experience or Even outages and so at polygon we have a Lot of conviction that ZK technology is The way that we overcome these Scalability limits and so so we launched Polygon zkvm last month uh it's sort of The Holy Grail of ethereum scaling Um it's an evm equivalent uh you know Super scalable and the thing about ZK Technology is we get this scalability Through the use of compute to generate Proofs and so from that perspective why Wouldn't we partner with Google Cloud The sort of leading provider of compute And web 2 and sort of bring that

Capability to increase scalability and To increase throughput to polygon and so Additionally as James said we're also Adding the ability to do one-click Deployments for polygon nodes to spend Up supernets and we're also I believe Announcing a program to support Developers building on polygon Absolutely yeah the Google startup Program so we've recently announced this As well but a really key part is the Partnerships that we have and we're very Proud to announce polygons participation In this as well and access to their Venture fund institutions are getting Involved with polygon Franklin Templeton Expands its unchain U.S government money Fund to polygon listen to the president And CEO Jenny Johnson herself talk about Why their traditional investment firm is Excited about crypto in general and why They're extremely excited about polygons Specifically yeah so Franklin Templeton In 2022 celebrated 75 years and you Don't make it and Thrive as a company For 75 years unless you innovate and we Fundamentally believe that blockchain Technologies can be very important for Asset Management frankly for all Financial services so making sure that We're continuing to evolve we actually Started I think it's early as 2017 And you know since then we have launched An on-chain money market fund approved

By the SEC we have several crypto Strategies that are we do fundamental Research on we are node operators we Have a venture capital fund for our Money market fund we've actually built An entire transfer agency system in this Stellar Network so you know we're we're Very enthusiastic about this space and We think it's very important for asset Managers my polygon and why now what we Do is we manage you know Investments for Clients and so we're looking for Unique Investment opportunities this is a Massive Ecom system for investment Opportunities uh we're it we have to Deliver those investment opportunities In whatever way our clients want to Receive it we think tokenization is Going to open up new and interesting Investment opportunities and it's Exciting we announced today that we've Actually expanded the money market fund To include a level two polygon which Which sits on the ethereum platform and You know one of the challenges in the The blockchain world is the fact that You have these independent platforms and They don't operate the interoperability Is complex and you don't have it in a Lot of places so if you're on one space It's hard to then be in another Ecosystem so we look at a money market Fund it's really important we'd be able To operate across a lot of chains and so

Our first one and it was polygon and We're really excited to be able to offer Our money market fund on uh you know to Any of the users on the ethereum and Using polygon Franklin Templeton chose Polygon as the first evm compatible Chain to host the Franklin Unchained U.S Government money fund the first U.S Mutual fund on the blockchain tldr Institutions are all coming to polygon This is not a win for polygon but for The entire cryptocurrency space so many Different on-chain metrics are up for Polygon 300 plus growth in total value Locked transactions and users unique Active wallets transactions daily Average gas fees developer activity Total value locked net value bridged so Right now polygon is one dollar Obviously if you have one million Matic Tokens you'd be a medic millionaire Today now a lot of people do have a lot Of Matic tokens I mean we've been Talking about Matic for Years yet a lot Of people don't so how many Matic do you Need to be a crypto millionaire going Forward again if any of us knew the Future we'd all be rich this is not Financial advice anything can happen and Because anything can happen it is Possible to see outrageous price runs in Crypto it is possible to be a crypto Millionaire if you have 10 000 Matic Tokens doable and polygon does a 100x

Euromatic millionaire if you can Accumulate 20 000 Matic tokens and Polygon does a 50x you're a millionaire If you can accumulate 50 000 Matic Tokens and polygon does a 20x you're a Millionaire that's the reality my Friends plan accordingly we cover the Cryptocurrency market on a daily basis Like this video and follow for more


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