How Many Bitcoin to be a MILLIONAIRE? 🐳

How much Bitcoin do you think the Average person could save up today to be Considered a millionaire within 10 years Be real within 10 years that would be 2032 or 2020 2033. so if we say 2025 Will be a top 2029 will be a top 2033 could be a top so you know we'll Pretend like it is so 2033 I would say The top could be somewhere in the 10 to really 100 million dollar range Per Bitcoin at that point could you be a Millionaire holding point zero one BTC I Think it's totally possible you know I Would not be surprised 0.1 BTC 0.01 BTC Holy hell and the the price the actual Prediction of the price you said was 10 Million possibly Yeah I think it could go as high as 100 Million in one of these bull runs Totally possible


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