How Long Will This Crypto Bull Run Last? | Bitcoin Crash or New ATHs?

I think the market is too leveraged Right now it just it it happens after Huge runs you have leverage at the max At the highs th there will be a wash out How long will this Bitcoin Bull Run last Because in the last year Bitcoin is up Over 200% in just the last 30 days Bitcoin's up over 60% and with bitcoin's Price now brushing up against the Coveted all-time high resistance Bitcoin Expert Brian Kelly explains what's next As well as funding rates and how this Affects the price you have a asset that Is bumping against a former resistance You look at some of the kind of Internals one of the things that I look At it a lot is funding rates um and Funding rates just a day or so ago got To 100% so effectively you could almost Make 100% Arbitrage so that brings in Sellers we saw it hit 64,000 today and a Lot of sellers came in so in the Relatively short term it would not Surprise me to see a pullback and I you Know I tell my team every single day Even in 2017 when we had you know Ethereum up 4,000% it still had a month that was Down 50% so this is an asset that is Still extremely volatile if it pulled Back 25 or 30% wouldn't surprise me at All but long run I still think we go to New highs so any cool down is healthy in Fact looking at history having a rally

Then a retrace before the having is Normal historically Bitcoin has Performed a local top in its preh having Rally phase approximately 14 to 28 days Before the having before entering a preh Having retrace as a result the danger Zone for the beginning of a pre- having Retrace is shown in Orange so we've seen This over and over again in each having We see a rally into the having in the Circle a preh having retrace in the red The poav accumulation and then of course In the green the PO having parabolic Upside again nobody can see the future Charting is not a 100% predictor these Are just probabilities but again the Danger zone for the beginning of a Prehab retrace is shown in Orange and Currently we're still in the blue or the Preh having rally frenzy and I would say We've gotten the very frothy frothy Levels you can see it in the funding Rates of uh of the altcoin market how Much you get paid to actually lend out Your coins um in Bitcoin ethereum and And and all the alts and so you you saw It in the equities the public Equity Markets um right micro strategy Marathon All the kind of public Equity Bellwethers uh really went parabolic Along with Bitcoin and and so I wouldn't Be surprised to see some correction and Some consolidation and by the way Bitcoin could easily not retrace the

Veteran investors are just trying to Prepare the new investor for everything Maybe we just consolidate near the highs Until a breakout consolidate near the Highs into a breakout like we've seen All year listen in every Mania in every Excitement people are going to buy at The wrong level because it feels easy And then they're going to get washed out And they're going to sell at the wrong Level and then it's going to go back up And they're going to look like I can't Believe I sold like that's just part of Speculation and it's part of investing And if a consolidation like that right Now would happen that may be a little Altcoin cycle I do think there could be A rotation trade coming though because We had a lot of excitement about salana It ran into a little bit of Headway if Today's was this short-term top at 64,000 for Bitcoin what typically Happens in a bull cycle is all the money That was made in Bitcoin and ethereum Starts to look for another home so you Look at salana you might look at Something like a chain link you know one Or two down that have a real use case And a real reason to exist I think they Could actually be the beneficiary of a Pullback in Bitcoin now it's very Possible we do not see any significant Pullback as the inflows into the Bitcoin ETFs continue $2 million into bitwise

Around a 100 million in trading volume And with their total assets under Management now over 1.5 billion a new Class of investors are accumulating There's a new Army of buyers there's an Army of salespeople I mean what black Rock is doing is breathtaking right That's an army of salespeople being Indorsed by their CEO saying guys this Is an important part of the future uh we Didn't have that six months ago and so I Do think um like it's going to be hard To figure out where equilibrium is in The next six to 12 months also justtin The grayscale spot Bitcoin ETF Banner Being hung up on Wall Street today And breaking news black Rock's Bitcoin ETF has now become the fastest ever to $10 billion in total assets this is the Actual Bitcoin accumulation from Black Rock right now the first to ever Bitcoin ETF to hit 10 billion listen I don't Think you're buying it into your 401k And selling it a month later right and So most of this new money I think is Going to be sticky money or HDD money And the Bitcoin ETF inflows in total are Eight times that of gold in one tenth of The time frame this is how fast compared To Gold that the institutions are buying Of course if Bitcoin were to pull back Always look for prior resistances to Then become the supports so around 50 51,000 and then 44

42,000 we broke out from 45,000 uh you know and so that would Probably be what should hold us uh if There's a real correction you never know Why Corrections come something happens And people you know shift mindset and There's a lot of people that have bought Recently uh I don't think it'll get There quite frankly I think if it Corrects it probably corrects to the Mid-50s before taking off to the uh to The new high and let's talk about Ethereum but I do just want to announce That altcoin daily has gone multilingual We have nine subscribers thus far we Have just launched our Spanish Channel Which will just be about syndicating the Content we do Here after all the two most popular Languages on YouTube are English and Spanish and actually more Spanish Speakers in the world than English to me It's a no-brainer if you have a Spanish Friend friend please send them this Channel help us get to our first, Subscribers and all this talk about the Bitcoin having meanwhile the ethereum Supply is becoming deflationary and this Is before an eth ETF the Bitcoin ETF Broke records next up everyone front Running the ethereum ETF but the reality Is we already have an ethereum Futures ETF and that was the logic that got the Bitcoin ETF approved and so my bias is

Happens we could get a 10K ethereum According to Ryan Adams just on that do You think this price action is is the Playbook for when ether has its ETF Approved I think it could be I think People will certainly look at this and Go well boy if ether's going to come Along and do it uh I want to be in ahead Of it and I think that's what we saw a Lot of the action in ether this month or The last six weeks or so um there's a Lot more to e ethereum and some of these Level or some of these kind of second Tier coins but yeah that's certainly a Driver of that price for ethereum be Sure to watch the recent interview we Just dropped how this blockchain stopped A huge amount of theft and click Subscribe for one video per day keeping You informed about crypto oo number one Now you get me in trouble with everybody In crypto because I don't pick theirs But I I I would have to say and it's a Trade that I'm actually doing is the Rotation from Bitcoin ethereum into Salon I think that one's got the next Kind of Pop higher here


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