How Lingo Crypto Will Disrupt the Vacation Industry FOREVER! (Win a Trip to Dubai!)

Most people they go to school they go to College and then they go to jail for 40 Years uh probably the job that they hate So they can go on vacation like once a Year what if we've engineered a Completely different model where we Could take care of that vacation side Like how awesome would you would your Life be we haven't seen a mainstream Brand in crypto yet to be known as the Nike of crypto or the Red Bull of Utility tokens this is what we're Accounting for today I sit down with hm Co-founder and CEO of crypto project Lingo air dropping your next vacations Lingo is the first startup that Leverages blockchain Tech and real Estate to reward its Community with Vacations thank you lingo for sponsoring This video and before we talk about the Team before hm announces a giveaway Exclusively for the altcoin daily Audience so watch the whole video in Your own words what is lingo right so Lingo is the first mainstream token in The world Essentially it's the First crypto for the evidence for the Everyday guy Interesting and what's the use case Because I thought Bitcoin was for Everybody Yeah well in theory it should be but When you look at the at the market today

There's uh how many people that Currently own Bitcoin to 200 million People approximately And uh that's that's what it was Important for us I mean two years ago we Started lingo I've been in crypto since 2016 and uh what was obvious to us is We've seen all these VC back projects Doing we've tried To this point now with hundreds of Billions invested in that space we've Tried nearly every single business model You can think of like D5 layer 2's infra Layer one nfts etc etc and they Primarily we found that most were based On one premise is that we've all seen This BCG stat there's going to be a Billion people joining that space by 2030 and that led to the raise of Hundreds of billions of dollars behind This this industry uh we tend to think Differently Um yes it would be great if a billion People joined that space in 2030 but we Think there's already a billion people Today who would be interested in crypto And no one's interested in that market And that is the everyday guy there's a Stat that we saw that 65 of people in The US are curious about crypto And around the world it's probably a Billion people plus curious about crypto We've all met at a wedding at the party The uh the uncle is saying hey yeah I've

Heard of crypto is it uh is it this Bitcoin thing uh and they don't mention Like forget about like Al Goran and Ave And all these projects uh maybe ethereum Gets there it's like oh this Bitcoin Thing and you feel like these guys are Curious and they kind of wants in like Kind of but but they did it so if There's more than a billion people in That space today why is it only 20 who Actually uh went into crypto so we were Like okay well If we take a first principles approach And see what is blocking the everyday Guy the 800 million people today from Joining that space it boils down to Three things one it's too hard to Understand Number two is that it's risky or backed By nothing and number three is it's not Useful the utility right you can't use It in real life so our thesis with if we Can engineer a token that is easy to Understand that is uh backed by a Concrete model that generates real value And that people can use in everyday life And if we Market this with the proper Brand to millions of people is there a Chance that the crypto Cura says hey I Understand this I see the value in it I Can use it in real life why not And this industry alone is potentially As big as the current crypto industry It's another potential trillion dollar

Industry and this is what Um our thesis was behind the starting Lingo and to be ultra clear like in just In the basic terms of nobody's ever Heard of it what is lingo and how will Lingo lead to those next billion people Right on so I'm gonna answer that in two Ways one for the crypto Community which Is your audience who understands all the Behind the scenes behind who doesn't Need education and the other one for the Everyday guy and I'm going to start with The crypto Community First essentially Uh it's a three-part solution uh that Consists of The economic model uh that's quite Unique it's a utility in real life and It's a community behind on the economic Model side what we've seen after so many Different kinds of business models in Web3 there's really two types that are That have proven to stand the worst bear Market that we've seen today and that Might sound controversial But the first one is meme coins uh you You sing the rise of Pepe and all these Meme coins and and really what you what What they seem to have tapped into is The culture of crypto there's 74 of of Crypto today of people invested in Crypto Who do so because they want to expect Exponential gains they are gamblers they Speculate on crypto we want it or not we

Hate it or not this is a reality crypto Culture out of a trillion dollar Industry 750 billion is people saying Hey I can 10x on this this is what Crypto is about and they got they Understood it obviously I want to go Into the details of why nimkos are doing A bad job Rock pause there's no no docs Team there's no business model behind But the premise initially was was Amazing like the first initial meme Coins in 2021 was hey we're going to Have a fixed supply of tokens we're Going to charge transaction fees and Give that to the community and that way Well the more the community grows the More uh since you have a fixed by tokens The more the trading volumes happens the More community grows and the more we'll Get rich the idea was supposed to change The world but it lacked two things that We think uh if they had these two things Was potentially going to change the World number one is that you can't Create value out of thin air like no Matter how you engineer tokenomics there Needs to be something that produces Value and number two to grow a community Organically over time is you need Utility in real life so what we've done Is we've inspired ourselves with a with A model of pixel Cloud tokens charging Transaction fees getting them to the Community but we've added those two

Missing elements one is real world Assets which is a second business model Um that seems to be uh um the next Future for for web3 like we see BlackRock saying there's potentially a 16 trillion dollar uh industry in real World asset tokenization Well that's true and that's great but Again what's missing there is you you Lack this DJ element of it that doesn't Apply to the crypto culture yeah you can Invest in real world assets but you Can't 50x or you can't crush with it and That that alienates 75 of the market so What we've done is we've taken real World assets interjected it between Transaction fees and the community so What happens is when people trade the Token without the transaction fees but Instead of this going straight to the Community this goes to real world assets That is cash flow producing so that Means that you have a Perpetual concert Guaranteed buying pressure on your token For life and when that happens is when You have this buying pressure in then These tokens get injected in into the Ecosystem and then we have real value That we can use to finance real utility And I'm going to talk about the utility Soon but now you have something that Finances an ecosystem that doesn't Depend on on other business models Whether the token goes up or done you

Still have the Fiat buying pressure Every month so that means you have a Constant engine To have a healthy model where you can Consistently Finance utility for the Community now what happens is when you You send you give great utility to the Community the community grows Organically when you committee goes Organically it optimizes your trading Volume when you're turning volume is Optimized then guess what you charge Even more fees now with these fees your Asset base go up when these go up you Finance even more utility that grows a Bigger community that optimize the Trading volume and that's how you create A Perpetual output Circle value creation At least in theory we're going to test It out and and so that's on the economic Model side on the Um and before getting to the utility We've tried to map out this business Model with Bitcoin like imagine it's Satoshi coded only a 0.1 transaction fee And invested that into real estate from Day one and we and I'm just talking About on-chain unchain transactions here And you would have a 100 yeah I'm sorry I just want to know I just also want to Make it clear to the audience lingo is Airdropping your next vacation it's About investing in real estate I just Wanna two or three sentences on just

Like basic terms what it is and then we Can go into the economic model sure Thing and that's where I wanted to get Into the what do we pitch to the to the Everyday guy essentially the utility the Rewards I was talking about I'll explain Why is vacations it's free vacations So it's essentially What we've done is we said look what Most people are doing in crypto is they Give yield first of all that's a very Very dangerous path to go to uh with the How we test and you don't want to be a Security there and also if you want to Target a billion mainstream people most People don't invest most people aren't Interested into investing getting yields Um what people are interested in is is Real life rewards so what we've done is We've a b tested around 35 different Value offerings and we've found out and We're shocked that the number one reward By far that excites people the most is Vacations and it makes a lot of sense Like who doesn't want to go on vacation It's probably the highlight of Everybody's life once a year like now Most people they they they they they go To school they go to college and then They get a job for 40 years uh probably A job that they hate so they can go on Vacation like once a year what if we've Engineered a completely different model Where we could take care of that

Vacation side like how awesome would you Would your life be which is why yield is Not the utility it's really vacation Reward I love that so so Yeah okay cool that's really interesting To me and you're going into the Comparison of the economic model of Satoshi Ted the transaction fee Yeah so imagine imagine zero one percent Only zero one percent uh transaction Fees on on chain trading volume since Day one Um uh from Bitcoin today you would have Over 50 billion dollars of uh let's say The railroad assets were realistic but However 50 billion dollars of real Estate uh under six percent yield that Would generate around three billion Dollars every single year that could be Used to buy back Bitcoin for life And that could be used to finance Utility for the vacation and so you have A Bitcoin on steroids today Um but obviously for this to work I'm Not getting into uh um the maximalist Idea because I think Bitcoin is Extremely important I have a large part Of my personal savings in Bitcoin you Need the transparency though it's it's We're not competing it Bitcoin Bitcoin Has its place and it's I think going to Change the world uh but this is this is A product this is not a we're going to

Change the world in a financial infra Way this is really about creating uh an Engine where we can just reward people With awesome vacations then the more we Do that the model community grows the Model community grows the more trading Volume gets optimized the more asset Base gets up that can be used for Perpetual buybacks on the token uh and It's it's an interior and infinitely Scalable model but for this to work we Needed the third piece because we've Talked about the economic model and the Utility the third aspect is the Community What we've saw what we've seen in in in The market is that we haven't seen a Mainstream brand in crypto yet we've Seen it for for exchanges like Finance Buybid they've worked on Their brand Equity we haven't seen a Utility token that's created a Mainstream brand like we haven't seen The the Nike of crypto uh you know There's probably eight coin but it's too D-gen for the for my uncle you know so If we can say people and that's where we Explain to people it's like hey this is A crypto let's send you on vacation it's Like it's a crypto it can go up it can Go down but whether it goes up or down Every single month you receive miles and Then you can redeem those loans against Vacations and so best case you Moon and

You're happy worst case even if the Token crashes or goes down temporarily You're still receiving receiving miles Every every month and once you receive Enough you can reclaim those for for Four vacations and And so that seemed to have less Um the risk reward seems to be appealing For the everyday guy so how do you Receive those miles just for holding the Token Exactly you just buy the token and then You receive miles every single month and Then how do you where does that where do You get the miles Right on so what we do the miles are Actually other lingo tokens but what We've done is thanks to Um Part of our team we we've had the uh Except of Expedia friends although it's Hero and Rachel house uh who's the Ex-managing director of is On our board basically what we've done Is we've integrated over 100 000 hotels Um on on our proprietary app so the idea Is you you buy lingo Um you lock it and then you receive Other lingos as Mouse and then once it's Enough you can redeem those out of 100 000 plus hotels And what's in it for the hotels because You have the obviously the team that's Worked in these fields before

They are how are they getting paid Well they're getting paid in Fiat that's The thing because remember there's Railroad assets Um that we own that we use to buy by Coins our own token consistently every Single month so that's how we Finance Um the utility for the community the Hotel doesn't it just they just get paid Okay cool and you kind of already Mentioned this a bit but what problem is This solving is it for people that can't Afford Vacations or want more vacations What are you solving It's it's it's uh on the one hand it's People who Have to literally work for years at jobs They hate because they wanna afford this Vacation and if we can help them not Even 100 financing if we can help them For these vacations in a better way we Think we're gonna have they're gonna Have an awesome life and if you can do That at scale then we're going to change A lot of people's lives and and this is All with a model that keeps that the More we do this the more it shows the Model because it's all decentralized and Is I won't tell you how the web free Works but the more we do this the more It gets powerful the more it gets Powerful the more people can benefit From this Um so that's one secondly is the Loyalty

Um the Loyalty space so my co-founder David he uh he found a company called John Paul which ended up becoming the World leader in premium loyalty it's About Paris based startup it was Acquired for 150 million in uh in 2016. And we found thanks to web3 thanks to This technology a much better way to Tackle Loyalty Rewards because compared To the existing traditional models Um there's three main differences one is That we can give exponentially more Miles to People based on what they spend And the reason why is because we are Community Driven everything that we Generate will give 100 back to the Community versus these big corporations They are shareholder driven so they need To maximize profits for shareholders and Keep the minimum possible for you to get Loyalty and get miles so on the one hand You get like we can uh provide Exponentially more miles on the second Hand you get miles consistently uh Vacation rewards consistently instead of One-off with the existing traditional Systems if you don't pay you don't get Whereas for us as long as you're in the Community you keep on getting and number Three is if you don't like it you can Resell your membership your tokens which Is which you can do in in the Traditional space and then the third Problem we are solving

Is for that billion people who are Curious about crypto who want to sell The body hey I invested in crypto but They never did too because they didn't Understand or they found that it was too Risky it was backed by nothing but they Didn't understand how they can use it in Real life Where are you guys right now in terms of Growth is this out today or where are You We're not out today so what we've done Is we've tested uh it's great to have All these ideas but do you have product Market fit or it's a coin Market fit Um so we've with no marketing we've Approached around 400 investors we made Sure that more than half of them had had Never invested in crypto before and Those had to be sophisticated investors Because we put High tickets and like the Average ticket was 65 000 uh Euros which Is around 70 000 we approached 400 Investors pitched the idea 20 of them signed in a bear market so We've sold around five million dollars Of of lingo today in a bear Market with Um primarily people who have invested in Crypto before and and for the Delta the Remaining 50 these are pure crypto Traders who analyze to economics all day Long and so for us this was the ultimate Proof of coin Market or product Market Fit and uh we were like okay if with

Zero marketing we have a 20 closing rate With high tickets what would happen now If we pitched to millions of people Hundreds of millions of people uh with a Strong brand equity and no minimum Ticket Um so what we've done is we've Approached Uh celebrities and influencers because We we found that this was the Playbook Of the of the biggest brands in the World the mainstream brand so like Nike Red Bull Etc uh initially we approached People with influence and said hey like Instead of paying you The guys we approach have an average of Five five to ten million followers Instead of paying you a hundred thousand Dollars or fifty thousand dollars per Post you're gonna commit to at least 50 Posts uh over two years We're not gonna Pay you and you're gonna be have a tiny Portion of the supply that is locked for Two years so imagine coming to let's say We have five players from the French uh Um soccer team Um Imagine approaching a player that earns 2 million euros of salary a month and Saying hey We we want like 50 posts that we've Never never done in your life and you Have to trust us and in two years maybe It's gonna work 99.9 would say would say

No but they love the idea so much that They first of all they said yes and then The fact that they are token holders now They started calling their friends and When a celebrity because no celebrity The the trust is already there so we've Done that a year ago and today we have More than 100 mainstream celebrities who Sign with us representing around 300 Million followers uh and Quantified at Around 50 million dollars of worth of Marketing contracts that that secured We've also done the same with web 3 K Wells because it's great to have Influence but we've seen what happened With I don't need to to ninja these Projects but if you have people who Don't know what they're talking about uh Pushing something in web 3 then you Don't have the credibility so it was Important for us to get Um the people who have authority in web3 We did the same with web3 inferences and Today again we have over 100 web3 kols We have a lady of crypto I think she's The number one female crypto influencer In the world at least on Twitter uh Travel ad agent from bird nest uh and 100 plus and it's every single week it's Going more and more and more and and That's great because again these guys Get approached all the time hey uh they Never accept tokens only right and and With us it's the exception and so we

Have a mix of in terms of traction some Of the best webpk was and at the later Stage uh 100 plus celebrities uh Combining 300 million followers and so The next step for us now will be Launching an Ico in three months and uh And finally we are we have secured a few Of the top 10 um exchanges Um centralized exchanges uh we can't Name them obviously now but after the ICA will be the actual launch One of the main things that makes me so Like interested or excited about this is The team's background which you already Mentioned because they do come from that Traditional world I just so I can make It Ultra clear for me like if I want to Take advantage just as a consumer like I Want to go on vacation I have let's say Five thousand dollars is it more Advantageous in the business model which Is you know nothing is is guaranteed Investing crypto is risky in general but Why won't I could just put that towards A vacation but you're saying you're Going to get a better uh value if you do It and earn the miles how does that work It works differently because if you're Saying I are you a crypto curious person Who's who always wanted to double in Crypto or are you just someone who Purely wants to go on a vacation uh if You're the the former then what we say Is look well instead of uh Bitcoin that

You don't really understand or all the Other coins that clearly you don't Understand you can still take a bet here So the real problem is hey I can still Say I'm getting in crypto instead take a Bet but the worst case I'm still Receiving the mouse to go on vacations So it's really that risk reward uh That's quite interesting and secondly if You analyze Tit for Tat I mean we can Get into the the yield mechanism behind But we don't want to be positioned as a Financial product which is which we are Now where utility which is why we I Won't tell you Haley if you invest Access is how much you'll get Um but when you dive into tokeno Mexico You clearly see the value in it I Understand you're going for that audit The audience the majority of the world That isn't into crypto yet but is Curious and is trying to find something That can affect examine they want in Their real life Exactly Well for now we've seen that 50 Of our private selling investors are Pure web 3D genes who just love the Model because of this these two missing Pieces in the in the meme coin model are The real world assets and the and the Real life utility that we've integrated And it's also a fully docs team Um but then 50 is really that next Billion wave who are already curious

Today that we want to tap into and this Is why we need massive influence Um to to be able to to pitch it to them And then with the team like I haven't Added but uh you you know Michael hewan From from decentral one of the largest Web free events uh he was one of the First advisors for polygon I think who's Who's on our team uh we have Kevin Maloney who's the CEO of I trust Capital Again it's I think it's a billion dollar Ira platform and they are focused on The crypto cures again it's it's a in a Bear Market it's a billion dollar Company and their Market is the crypto Curious that's what I'm saying dude the Team that you have assembled it's really Exciting so let's just look to the Future in the perfect world in five Years what will success look like for Lingo For Okay as as for the community it's Hopefully sending at least 10 10 million People uh helping 10 million people Afford Vacations or go on vacation by 2030. Um which is not five years sorry it's Seven seven years but 10 million people On week affording Vacations by 2030. and Especially the childhood dream is and And we think we have the team and the Resources and the and the contracts to To make it work now it's just a matter

Of execution and and a little bit of Luck is to be known as the Nike of Crypto or the Red Bull of of utility Tokens no one's built a mainstream run In tokens before and if we can be known Uh as this that would be that would be The dream it's kind of like the iPod uh Before when you had Hardware products And you had MP3s Etc and people were Competing on Tech and then the iPod came In it wasn't revolutionary in terms of Tech but it was so uh appealing to the Mainstream audience it became the iPod This is what we were gunning for Why now why are you launching this or do People need this now Very good question the number one and That might sound surprising given my Whole marketing uh emphasis Is a regulation Um like a year ago the regulatory Framework was not as clear as now I'm Talking about the Europe uh Hong Kong Dubai southeast Asia Um yet But now that there is a clear uh Framework and and we're making sure that We are Kosher uh regulatory wise this Would allow us to really take our vision To the next level and advertise in a Very mainstream way so we're going to be Able to advertise on TV uh Metro Stations Billboards radios uh because we Know that behind the regulatory

Framework is clear we have all the Kycaml compliance Frameworks people have Are secure feel secure and then we can Just say hey this is the crypto of the Future this is a crypto for for vacation And we can be we can be Serene with Advertising Um and and working our brand equity for The mainstream audience without having To have this weird vibe of Are We Illegals are we like trying to challenge The system or we not can we get sued so This is number one and then number two Is The um next potential bull run as you Know like 100 of the times there's been A Bitcoin having uh there's been a bull Run it doesn't mean it will happen in The future but it's it's it's quite Likely Um and then number three is you see the Big guys coming in like BlackRock Fidelity Um this can potentially be huge like These guys get in it's it's we're gonna Have another webping I want to share the giveaway which we Haven't mentioned yet with our audience But before that Um is there anything we didn't mention That that we need to mention on lingo We're going to be at token 2049 we have A booth there let's do next month oh Super cool yeah

Yeah we're gonna do a recatch of uh of Miami yeah yeah exactly dude yeah yeah We met originally at decentral in Miami At crypto conference Exactly are we also doing a a side event Uh that's gonna be uh I think quite cool Uh we aim to have the most bad outside Events like in Miami unfortunately you I Think you were in the on holidays uh you Couldn't join in but hopefully we'll We'll see you at our side events we're Gonna have amazing rewards too for the Community that we've planned and yeah Talking about the community Um look we obviously have big Ambitions We we are putting our money where our Mouth is we're working extremely hard Trying to make make uh and trying to Execute uh as as best as we can so we if We execute well we're probably gonna Have hundreds of thousands of people uh Following us on our Twitter and Discord Um and we literally just open our Discord like literally now now and we Haven't we have special special rewards For the early members of our community And so I'm announcing a giveaway and That's guys exclusively for the altcoin Daily audience Um so we're sending uh two people uh to Dubai uh on the trip and we are going to Literally air drop you your vacation so We're sending you on the skydive in Dubai you're going to be literally

Jumping from a plane and getting air Dropped Um in Dubai and uh we I think we're Gonna share a link below on how you can Participate and that's that's Exclusively for uh for the allcome daily Audience and can we share the steps they Have to do simple steps like following Both accounts or whatever or do you want To just leave that for the video Description Yeah we can we can leave a link that uh Our team will work on but uh they Essentially will be following following You guys on Twitter Alcorn daily Following lingo coins on Twitter and Joining our Discord and we'll send a Secret code uh it can be altcoin daily On our Discord and then yeah hopefully We'll see you in Dubai link down below Check it out I want somebody in the Altcoin daily somebody will uh get to Take advantage of this but awesome Having you on HM links for everything Are down below final thoughts for the Altcoin daily Army we think there's a There's there's a lot of there's too Much emphasis on and that's important on Drilling down tokenomics uh how is it How is it engineered etc etc at the end Of the day it's all about is there Demand for what you're doing and are you Solving real problems and are you adding Value to people's lives you can have the

I was having a conversation with uh guys At flow desk it's a market maker in Paris Who's who's seen hundreds of projectors Integrated with the best exchanges in The world and they told me look it comes Down to demand and Supply at the end of The day you can have the the best Economics in the world if you're not Adding value to people's lives uh and You're not uh uh creating a community Around this value offering then even if You have the best economics in the world It's it's it's it's not going to work I Mean on our side our I didn't mention But our CTO is the executive engineering At consensus we've worked with a lot of Strong experts on our talking makes on Our models Etc and we work hard on this But at the end of the day a project is About are you are you adding value to People's lives and you can have the Worst uh everything but if you're adding People to Value to people's lives and You're impacting potentially a lot of People then it will work so I'm not Saying invest in us I'm not even saying It will work but if it does it's going To change the lives of millions and it Will be a cool story so appreciate your Time guys and uh we'll see you in in Singapore if you're gonna be there


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