How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2023 | BEST Crypto Portfolio Ever

Yes welcome back everybody to altcoin Daily my name's Austin today I want to Share with you how I would invest one Thousand dollars if I was starting over Again today in 2023. keep in mind I'm Not a registered financial advisor so Make your own decisions investing in Cryptocurrency is extremely risky and I'm just sharing what's best for me you Do your own research make sure to do What's best for you So here is how I would allocate a Portfolio obviously this big orange Section is Bitcoin it's what other top Altcoins make the list that's the big Question and by the way we did just have Mark yusco on the Channel video just Dropped the other day where he went over How he would invest a thousand dollars I'll put a link down below be sure to Check that out but while Mark spoke About stocks versus Bitcoin he gave you Top stocks to invest in at least what he Likes I will just be focused on crypto So number one I would put five hundred Dollars into Bitcoin it is the most Decentralized it is the most censorship Resistant and truly just like the Founding fathers back in the day Separated religion from government that Was huge that was unheard of back then Today Bitcoin is our one true shot to Separate money from State for the first Time ever if you want to know what

Bitcoin is why it has value why it truly Is the most decentralized sensory Resistant I will link this video down Below the real reason Bitcoin will hit Half a million dollars per coin by 2030. Great beginner's guide on why Bitcoin Has value but moving forward coming in At number two twenty percent so another Two hundred dollars out of my thousand I Would invest into ethereum and why is That in fact what is ethereum well while Bitcoin for example allows you to be Your own bank like a digital gold Ethereum allows you to build on top of It it's a daf platform smart contract Platform meaning you can build banking Type services on top of it dapps Decentralized apps and while the Internet back in the day the 90s was Around for years and nobody used it it Wasn't gaining adoption it wasn't until The apps were built back then the gmails The Ask Jeeves those early applications On the internet that's what brought the People the masses and led to mass Adoption with Dow platforms or sort of Waiting for the same thing we have these Underlying chains yet no kill or dap as Of yet decentralized application to Bring in the masses and by the way you Could just say Austin if you like eth Man wait till I tell you about cardano Or polka dot or Avalanche Etc there's so Many better options out there than

Ethereum why you choosing the old dog Well for me fundamentally ethereum is Leaps and Bounds still Leaps and Bounds Ahead of the rest this is in a bear Market this is today ethista winning From the metrics I see all the recent Data fundamentals are discussed in this Video right here linked down below And next up now that we've gotten Bitcoin and ethereum out of the way Those were pretty obvious now we can Start having some fun I would put my Next 150 or 15 of my portfolio into a Basket of l1s and L ones to me are smart Contract dap platform cryptocurrencies The base chain so for example ethereum Is the OG L1 while polygon is an L2 Because it helps ethereum scale while Other categories of coins I would say There's privacy coins there's Transactional coins gaming coins D5 Coins I'm talking about the L ones and I Will take you through the first page Which four five L1 coins I'm choosing in A second but for me actually also like I Mentioned in that Mark yusco interview Yep from for me personally like I'm an L1 guy like I don't know Um which one will make in the end but Just like a basket of five or six just Because no matter if uh if D5 makes or What aspect of defy or nfts or whatever Like the value is accruing on those Underlying chains yes as well so besides

Bitcoin and eth like do the L1 look I Totally agree with that and so and Choosing which coins specifically for me I would choose for that category Ethereum that counts we've already got It B and B I'm gonna say no although They are killing it they used to be just An exchange coin now they have binance Smart chain for me a little too much Regulatory uncertainty although huge Respect for CZ cardano yes for the Technology and also the leadership I'll Take a flyer polka dot I like Let's see Solana no Not only was it one Of the best performers in the last bull Market which typically means it's gonna Have a cool down cycle next but also Huge cell pressure from sambang and Freed uh Avalanche yes that's okay it's An option I would go with Cosmos Personally because it is to me for my Research one of the more decentralized Huge Community much like cardano Although you don't hear about as much in Fact subscribers of the channel will Remember this interview with Ivan on Tech Cosmos is one of the ecosystems That is not getting a lot of attention For many different reasons reason number One is that they're very decentralized So they don't have a BD Department The Business Development Department like Many other chains so they're not Coordinating their marketing efforts and

They're not doing as many public deals As someone like polygon for example but At the same time when you look at Developers on Cosmos they're so Committed and they don't really call Themselves Cosmos developers they Because when you create on customers you Create your own chain so for example you Have osmosis chains which is their decks You had Terra Luna which of course Failed but it was one example of a Cosmos project which people didn't even Understand was Cosmos because normally You create your own chain that is Anchored into the cosmos ecosystem and This is one of the ecosystems that is Growing a lot it's a very missionary Missionary attitude among developers not Mercenary where they just you know jump From ecosystem to ecosystem to gain the Airdrops and to get the grants and then Leave somewhere else but they're very Missionary they have a mission they like The approach of Cosmos and and that Ecosystem And the final L1 I would choose in my Basket portfolio either actually either Elrond or where was it near as Interesting I'd like it but I'm not Going to choose it allegrand that's the Other one again for me it's about Finding a basket of probably four to six And then just betting on the space in General and those for me are the four I

Like next up we have this 10 right here That's a hundred dollars and for me my Next 100 would go into ISO 20022 coins Follow the trend and this is going to be A huge Trend I feel in this next year Now which cryptocurrencies fit on this List and what is ISO 20022 compliancy Well essentially it's cryptocurrencies That are deemed good okay by The Regulators from Bank communication ISO 20022 protocol is a standard for Electronic data interchange between Financial Services in the payment Industry in fact Banks worldwide have Already committed to this worldwide Regulatory framework Swift is in the Federal Reserve is in uh the bank of England is in all these major players Have committed to ISO 20022 in fact by 2025 ISO will be the global standard for High or large value Payment Systems in All Reserve currencies and will handle 80 percent of all transactions globally And 87 percent of all transaction value Globally again it's going to be used by All the major central banks now right Now which cryptocurrencies as of today Make that list we have Stellar we have Hbar Iota xdc sort of not talked about That much but actually see Ripple Algrand Quant each of these cryptos was Developed to make a global transactions More accessible and because of this they Could comply with the iso 20022 standard

More quickly by the way more will be Added to this list it's ever updating And also just because cryptocurrencies Are compliant to ISO 20022 doesn't Necessarily mean they're suitable Investments so for me I pay real Attention to the trend without you know Going all in on any one specific Cryptocurrency on this list now I did Already choose algo as part of my L1 Section I want you to comment down below Specifically for this section of the Portfolio and let me know what you would Choose the iso compliant crypto with the Most comments gets put in the portfolio And last but not least we have our final Five percent and by the way Cryptocurrencies that for me I already Own that actually didn't really make the List chain link I think's a juggernaut In the space I have a bag I think a Decentralized Oracle Network like chain Link to me is bullish because again no Matter which L1 makes it in the end Chain link is providing decentralized Oracles for all of them chain links Working with all of them so I like that Very bullish on uniswap the protocol Although I don't really hold that many Coins I am bullish on that one okay so Moving on to the final five percent the Final 50 bucks in my thousand dollar Portfolio would go to Total degening Meme coins 100xers moonshots which have

A high probability will just go to zero They're probably crap but again that's Sort of half the fun of crypto trying to Find that moonshot and obviously higher Risk much higher potential reward but Again much higher risk I do have a Couple coins that potentially may get on This list if we drop a little further I Don't really feel comfortable sharing Them right now I think that would just Come off as very silly but generally Speaking I would just again find low cap People think that Doge or ship would be The 100x moonshots when in reality I Would first start learning what market Cap is if you're on the first page if You're a top 25 you have a high market Cap so for me that doesn't count I would Have to go second third page market caps Around maybe 20 to 50 million you know Depending on where the market is in General but how I choose when I do which Uh 100 extras or whatever potential 100 Extras are good for me again I go with The categories that I'm bullish in maybe It's an ISO 20022 coin but super low Market cap or maybe it's an L2 super new L2 that has a big Community if you are Interested in staying informed about Cryptocurrency make sure you click Subscribe and like always see you Tomorrow


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