How I Would Invest $1000 in Crypto in 2024 | BEST Altcoin Portfolio Ever

Crypto has been the best performing Asset for over the last decade not since The internet revolution of the 2000s we Believe that this is a critical category Formation time have we seen such a new Technology with such big potential but Just like in those early days even after Experts said the bubble has popped the Winners have already been chosen this is Already decades old the biggest gainers For the internet were still to come some Hadn't even been invented yet but the People that paid attention I think the Internet is found the hidden gems among The rubble they financially changed Their lives forever today let's look at How I would invest $1,000 in crypto in 2024 if I was starting out today because I do believe some of the winners most of The winners have not been chosen yet Definitely not in terms of mainstream Awareness so this is my portfolio Breakdown smash the like button if you Appreciate this sort of content it lets Me know you want to see more of it and While a particular coin pick may shock You watch the whole video let's start With number one and two maybe sort of Obvious but Bitcoin and ethereum and by The way I chose this portfolio Allocation and again this is me what I Would do you might do something else but This is under the assumption that we're Heading into SL continuing into bull

Market territory we've been in a bare Market in my opinion for over 2 years And then technically started that new Bull market at the beginning of last Year but because of this because of the Trend change I'm allocating more risk to My portfolio with the goal of the end Game to always be accumulating more Bitcoin or turning those altcoin gains Eventually into Bitcoin which again is Riskier I'm taking that on and the three Reason Bitcoin makes the list number one The having that's happening in 90 days That's literally going to be a supply Constraint on the asset AKA a supply Shock and by the way we've seen this Over and over again the Bitcoin having Is baked into the code and while in Total there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoin ever ever in existence the last One won't be mined from today for over a 100 years from now and every four years We get that Supply shock which leads to Price increase we also know that Bitcoin Has never really had such a clear demand Shock Black Rock has officially backed The asset they're literally accumulating As much as they possibly can right now To sell to their clients through the ETF And just like when the first gold ETF Listed ever was ever publicly available Listed in 2004 yes the price dipped for About the next 3 to 6 months but after That for the next five plus years gold

Almost only went up as now Wall Street Had an easy way to buy now ethereum Comes in at 20% also for my 2024 portfolio and just understand that That doesn't mean I'll necessarily be Holding ethereum you know 5 years from Now or 10 years from now right there's Many ethereum Killers or competitors That may change things Bitcoin is that Long-term hold it is fundamentally Different in my opinion but there's Literally no reason not to be bullish on Eth this year if you're paying attention Case in point Black Rock has officially Backed ethereum as well I see value in Having an ethereum ETF and black rocks Isn't the only one there's a handful of Major companies we've already had Ethereum spot ETF applications filed but It's different when it's black rock Black rock is so in bed with the Government people joke that there's uh Four branches of the government the Executive judicial legislative and black Rock that they do not submit unless They're pretty darn sure they're getting That approval and wouldn't you have Liked to invest in Bitcoin months before They got their ETF approved we have that Opportunity today with ethereum so again That's the demand constraint for Ethereum ethereum also has a supply Constraint that's new because of new Tokenomics which were not here last

Cycle so because of an upgrade called EIP 1559 which technically got implemented At the end of 2021 when the bare Market Had kind of just started every time a Transaction happens on the eth network a Little bit of ethereum gets burned There's been over 4 million ethereum Burned meaning gone over the last 2.5 Years that eth is not coming back that's Taken out of the system and if SL when Enough activity happens on the network Eth becomes deflationary and again that Changes a tokenomics for me to almost The top a four out of five for me this Is how I sort of rank or valuate Different altcoins but let's move on Bitcoin and ethereum sort of the obvious Ones and again the goal for me is always To be accumulating more Bitcoin turn the Altcoin gains into Bitcoin as best we Can although that does come with risk But to me the next 20% is l1's and then Maybe l2s and what smart money does is They understand let's get a basket of 3 To four and maybe two two of these will Do fine one may tank and might not do Well one of those could be that lottery Ticket and might explode so that's why It's not one specific coin it's more of A basket of a few and the reason I'm Bullish on layer ones is because because Unlike in the internet days when you Couldn't invest in the underlying

Protocol of the internet meaning all the Value accured to the top in crypto you Can invest in those underlying chains Meaning no matter what aspect of defi Makes it in the end or no matter which Gaming coin make it in the end the value Is ACR on these underlying chains and Personally the ones I can see doing very Well soana it's already a blue chip it's Already pretty high I think it'll Continue to do well the cycle but Obviously Solana cardano Avalanche and Polka dot are sort of the Blue Chips Polka dot is more regulatory compliant Than the other ones we discussed that More in this video Black Rock Bitcoin ETF approval will pump these next three Altcoins highly recommend you watch Watch this video but also Tron sort of a Sleeping giant it is still hugely Popular in Asia especially with stable Coin settlement but if I had to pick two To three for me and by the way it should Be mentioned basically every coin today I do own because this is literally how I Would spend $1,000 this is this is my Story so I do own these coins I would Pick cardano and polka dot as my high Caps I would pick Cosmos and injective As the midcaps let's come back to that Because my next 15% is defi or Decentralized Finance obviously huge Hype into 2024 for me if I'm looking at High caps for defi I like chain link I

Like Unis swap these two coins are Actively being utilized there's huge Activities on these networks I think They're going to do really really well In the next one to two years I also like The graph because that's more of an Infastructure play it's more of a Decentralized version of Google's big Corey system now next up the next 10% Allocation in the portfolio is gaming or Gamey I think that'll be big the Blue Chips I like are immutable and I would Say Gala midcaps I like would be apoin And alium if you look at the gameplay For alium eluvium it's insane it looks So cool and then if we had to look lower Cap obviously the ones that I recognize Hello they're doing a crypto version of Shark Tank huge TV show that I'm in I Help produce Mira I may start running a Few nodes on that I think that one's Really interesting star Atlas huge in The Solana ecosystem but that brings us To our next 10% in the crypto portfolio For me would be AI coins artificial Intelligence and I would also actually Include storage data storage in that Just because again we're going to need Some place to store the data and right Now Amazon web storage could do it Google could help do it let's go with a Decentralized solution but understanding That all that to me is in the artificial Intelligence umbrella for this list

Number one bit tensor this this is sort Of it's a midcap right now I think this Is gearing up to be a blue chip AI coin In this space if we scroll down let's Get some M let's get some low caps um I Think there's a lot of hype around chain Gbt and actually I am an owner of lime Wire as well I think these two are sort Of separating themselves from the pack Another one actually that's not even on This list but we have talked about this Before the world's first AI data Infrastructure AIT protocol the beta Recently just launched so I like that They're implementing and then the last 5% for me is the D gen play some people May attribute that to memes to me if you Look at any meme I guess we could take Dogecoin is the perfect example if we Put the Dogecoin through this ranking System to me Doge coins team would get a Zero they've come out against the Project they say it was just a joke they Hate the project use case we can give Doge I mean a one it's it's you can use It to pay for things but nobody does That history has showed us that people Would much rather accept Bitcoin is Payment than doge tokenomics is horrible Highly centralized also there's an Infinite Supply meaning Dogecoin will be Printed forever also I would say Technology is a one it's truly nothing Special doesn't do do that much but

Community that is a five out of five and I guess my point in all this is Sometimes with these D gen plays with These meme coins or just low cap coins In general to pump sometimes a huge Community is all you need so my last 5% Would go to something like this now me Personally I'm not that big of a meme Coin person to me what's more of a a d Gen play that I really like much more is You go to these different ecosystems Maybe the Theta ecosystem if you're Bullish on Theta or maybe it's Decentralized identity maybe it's dpin We've talked about this recently and Then you go into these ecosystems or Categories that you are bullish on and Then you try and find the super super Low caps and most of them are probably Garbage but the ones that meet your Requirements in your ranking system That's how you pick them for you now for This final 5% I would rather hear from You down Below in the video comment Section what do you like because for me We're always very transparent on this Channel a reason many of you like Watching that you subscribe and you can See the lower cap coins that I hold if Today's video gets over 7,500 likes I Will do an update because this will let Me know you like this sort of cont like Always see you tomorrow


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