How High Will Ethereum Go In 2023? | Raoul Pal Crypto Price Prediction

I just think it's the most vibrant Deepest broadest ecosystem with the most Institutional style adoption the most That people understand and let's face it There is only one money on the internet And it's not Bitcoin the money of the Internet is ethereum yes how high could Ethereum go in the next few years today We sit down with global macro investor Raul Paul to talk about the potential of The ethereum network today now this is Just one clip of a much bigger Conversation the full podcast drops Later this week where we'll talk Bitcoin Macro cardano Solana specific altcoins But today what's the potential of Ethereum I am Agnostic to who wins I don't care All I do is look at the Chains and think okay I want to allocate Capital What ecosystem do I want to allocate to Right now what has the best risk Adjusted returns So there are going to be several Projects that do much better than Ethereum And we'll do really well I actually Think Solana will do better than Ethereum possibly Um and we'll talk about that later but There's many so I'm not saying I'm an Ethereum Maximus anyway I'm saying it Has observable

Network effects Beyond any other Token ecosystem The number of use cases the applications The number of wallet addresses uh the Kind of velocity of money okay that's Amazing so ethereum is really special There but staking is even more special Another thing the US might try and crack Down on Brian Armstrong was worried About this so Raul is about to explain Why ethereum staking is such an Innovation in such a game changer for Eth I thought this was really Interesting but staking is really Special and most people don't understand It because most people don't come from Finance Staking as we know you get given a yield If you stake crypto and if you do it in Ethereum what you're doing is you have To stake for a year if you're going to Do it yourself or if not use Lido or Rocket pool or whatever and you can You've got but you've got a liquidity Mismatch there because they're providing Short-term liquidity and staking when it Doesn't actually exist so we know that These things can go wrong not saying That they will but they could so I won't Do that But this Shanghai Fork Means that liquidity Is available to any Staker at any time What does that do

That creates a money market curve for Ethereum Which is like You know you you people use CDs and they Use two-year bonds and they use this This is what we're going to create And that means you have Financial Liquidity to build things on top of or You're incentivized to keep your money And stake it because you know you can Get it back at any time As opposed to some arbitrary date in a Year's time when you don't know what the Crypto Market is going to look like So I'm going to stake my stuff if I can Then And particularly if I could do it myself Which might be a little more difficult To do but it's in my control Maybe we can default on me it's in the Smart contract And I'm going to get my money So this is a very very big innovation For what can be built on top of ethereum It's also a very very important Mechanism to what ethereum has created Which is It now has this Burning mechanism that Is making it scarcer in Supply And we've seen that just coming off the Bear Market lows the early stages of Spring the first shoots the bloody thing Went Negative issuance already

Deflationary I'm like huh And right now there's only 16 of all Leak is staked And if you think of steak teeth has Taken off the market that nobody can use For derivatives or anything else Right so you can't create You know Financial products out of it Well all the other big Um ecosystems like Salama and stuff have Up to 40 to 60 staking so let's assume Ethereum gets to 40 35 so doubling at least of the number Of people who've taken Ethereum out of supply and imagine That's happening in this spring going to Summer There ain't any This is a problem it actually I think it May be such a problem in a bull market That It's either going to Force massive upside volatility spikes That become kind of unmanageable Or if if it does drive up fees So much then obviously it bleeds into The layer twos Um but they too consume me so it's it's Still circular yes they they consume Less safe so it's a very interesting Situation so that's why I'm very very Bullish on eth overall I just think it's The most vibrant deepest broadest Ecosystem with the most institutional

Style adoption the most that people Understand and let's face it there is Only one money on the internet and it's Not Bitcoin The money of the internet is ethereum it Is the only ecosystem where we quote Prices in a foreign currency Now what was hilarious today there was a Tweet out about the new Bitcoin nfts and They're like they are one point whatever Bitcoin brackets X number of eth I found That hilarious Because eth is the money of the internet Now And I don't think it's going to lose That But that again doesn't mean it's the Best performer because we're going to Push use cases Elsewhere for Innovation We've got things like sui coming you Know Aptos hasn't fully been utilized Yet we need to see the network effects Solana I think they're aiming for The broadest adoption by using making a Consumer-friendly place you know to Onboard normies Okay that's very powerful if they get That right Then you know and their work with people Like meta and stuff like that Instagram Is very interesting But that's that's super amazing polygon Okay amazing group what are they doing You know they're on boarding a lot of

People they've got a lot of throughput Super interesting Siri hasn't even come Onto the market yet and that is faster Incredible team stuff like that so There's a lot going on here Um but eth is the easiest way because It's probably got the least risk okay so That's really interesting because what Raul is essentially saying is yes Obviously they'll always be other Altcoins that are much bigger gains but If you're looking for the best risk Adjusted return in cryptocurrency Ethereum's in a whole different level When it comes to the tokenomics the Fundamentals the awareness the actual Use of the blockchain and before we get To price expectations my brother Aaron Asked a really good question if you like Eth you probably really like the eth Scalers the layer twos like polygon Arbitrum optimism how do you value those Coins are you bullish on each layer 2 is It worth investing in today are you just Waiting and watching it instead it makes The whole ethereum ecosystem much Stronger but yeah I had a bit of Mathematic But I don't know how to approach it Because I don't know how to measure the Network effects in terms of because it We don't know how it works really yet Because it's it generates so much less Fees so you need so much more

Transaction volume to generate the Network value You know bitcoin's Network value is less Throughput higher transaction values Right that's why Bitcoin is still the Most dominant chain and I don't think That'll last because of the Dynamics of Eth and again there's no diss against Bitcoin there's different things So I don't know how to Value the layer Too so I'm watching them with interest And I got a bit of cash in them Um And I'm sure I'll fomo into something at The wrong point at some point But why don't the Ministries always go From attic first or like the big Traditional Finance guys they go from Matic first why is that I think their marketing team is better Right you know the game of network Adoption Is also attention You know and they've just done a better Job of getting attention they understood That doing a deal with Google which Actually meant nothing actually got them Headlines everywhere that they'd done Deals with Google they did one with Disney too not doing anything really With Disney But oh Matick Disney You know narratives are what wins in This game

Um and you know that's one of the Reasons Bitcoin has kind of not Outperformed in this down cycle is Because it's lost its narrative It became much more insular So that insular narrative is you know You have to Eat steak do nothing but stack SATs and Have this lifestyle of complete Nothingness you know it's not appealing To that many people So it's less vibrant it's just it's Interesting so because these are all all Memes as well as technology but it means That drive the adoption and then whereas People join it they start creating use Cases now the full uninterrupted podcast Conversation drops in a few short days So good make sure you click subscribe And have the Bell notifications turned On also if you want to support me click The like button I would love to Moon the Likes get them over ten thousand but Finally based on all that how high could Ethereum go in this next cycle I don't Know you know there was no upside to Price predictions because your face gets Rubbed in it they cut this clip out and Then say look at you you're a so you know I I hate doing it but You know I don't see any reason why it's Not above ten thousand Um I see no reason at all it's not above

Ten thousand so you know that's a decent Upside from here hey by the way be sure To join us for outer edge La use code Altcoin daily VIP for 10 off your ticket Link down below


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