How communities are built through content | Evolution of Content Series

[Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] One of the interesting things about web3 Is that you can be both a participant And investor and that makes you want to Dive into the community we've seen a Shift that content is no longer a Monologue it's dialogue I think the new Buzzword is no longer engagement is Participation the leader of that isn't Necessarily like I'm the person running but basically you have to string Together a night all of us we are Entrepreneurs we are like owners of Businesses and we are trying to Understand how we can go to this web 3 Space Community is the Grail tell me Where I suck how we can get better and I'm actually that's the difference I'm Actually going to listen and integrate Those and involve you in that process so The way that we did it is well before There was ever a project you know we Were bounded by our shared love of Storytelling a film of television and so I think that's really really important In web 3. [Music]


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