How Cardano Will ‘Solve’ The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Problem…

AI is mostly fearful that is not true The meteoric rise of artificial Intelligence is getting out of control With how fast this technology is growing Charles hoskinson co-founder of ethereum As well as founder of cardano explains How cryptocurrency fits into all of this And how the blockchain can save us Charles with an increasing ease of Creating deep fake AI generated media do You see a future where blockchain Technology has to be used to verify Videos images recordings are legitimate Yes I think in a world of deep fakes uh We are going to need to have a Verification system what I believe is we Are going to migrate from uh basically a World of we see something with our eyes And we believe it too we see something With our eyes and we believe it's false Until proven true So everything is going to move into a Whitelisted with an automatic Blacklist In terms of veracity mindset within the Next 12 to 24 months Indistinguishable video and audio will Be possible for the most part so you Will see videos of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump and Joe Biden murder kids And doing horrible things And they're fake but you'll see them They'll just exist and people will make Them and nation states will make them uh United States will make them for other

Nation states uh to discredit dissuade People and it's going to spread like Wildfire and people are going to up Click the things that they like and down Click the things that they don't but They will spread uh and you'd be used as Instruments of polarization so the only Way to get out of it is to have verified Information verified content so at the Time of creation you need to create an Nft and sign it and have some chain of Evidence that that was created on a Legitimate device it's almost like That Star Trek episode and DS9 where Garrick and Cisco partner up to create a Forgery it's a fake no of a holographic Recording uh for the cardassians and the Uh in the Dominion plotting to take on The romulans and they they recorded on This opolithic data rod that's like a One-time recording and it's used for Archiving in cardassia and they get this Real expert holographic engineer to come In in the Roman Center and the uh well They're based on Rome the Romulan Senator he says it's a Hank Right but then they kill them uh and Then they think the the romulans recover The rod and they think the imperfections Were caused by the explosion Well anyway uh that's like what's Happening we actually have to start Talking about how do we know something Is not a fake because we can create

Fakes that are indistinguishable from Real life and it's gonna hold emerging Area of Technology Um a generative AI proof watermarking And now let's delve further and talk About how specifically cardano offers a Solution but before this Charles Actually does give a great example Really cementing the problem if you hold Cryptocurrency Charles gives his Thoughts on the recent Ledger crypto Wallet recover Fiasco if you don't know What happened with Ledger recover I will Link this video down below check it out Ledger crypto wallet just messed up but As Charles gives his opinion on Ledger He cites how AI could be worse for Crypto holders girls what are your Thoughts on the recent Ledger debacle This is a classic example of you think You know the social contract until we Change it so when you create a device Let's say that this pen here is is a Magic Hardware wallet device and I sell It to you and I say crit cats this pen Right here the keys are generated on the Device locally and never leave the Device and no one has the power to take Them out and if they try to open the pen Up it destroys your keys or damages the Keys You'd say okay that's the social Contract I am 100 in control and in the Driver's seat

For my device Okay then somewhere along the way Somebody shows up and Updates this Device and says okay well you know now Now may we've changed the social Contract a little bit we're taking Encrypted shards of this And we're going to send them somewhere Else and you can use this for Recovery Convenience okay well here's the problem Whoever controls the decryption keys for That One chart two shards three shards Shamir Secret sharing whatever it is If they are subpoenaed Do they have to turn over the decrypted Keys to a third party Such as the FBI or People's Republic of China or whoever is the issuing entity That they care about In Fear And if the Answer is yes Didn't it just mean that the social Contract of this pen is broken So that's the only question we should Ask is why did you change the social Contract and why did you open up an Attack Vector in the device if I design A device with a wall That's a world of difference than Designing a device with a door and just Because you put a really good lock on The door still means that there's now a Door there and if somebody's clever a la Hacker aided by GPT that's getting

Smarter maybe just maybe they can figure Out a way to open that door and when They do you get my That's not what we pay for that's not What we signed up for what's the point Of it uh you know what's to all this Convenience and this other there's Oculus and all these other great wallets Out there that are are built to be used In a more of a hot capacity and they Have a backup solution and people buy Those things okay So why would they then want to buy your Thing Foreign It's just a violation of social contract And and that's why people are so upset Because this industry is very intolerant Of people changing social contracts the Reason you like Bitcoin the reason you Like cardano the reason you like crypto Is that you are so frustrated with People lying to you and changing social Contracts on you and screwing you behind Your back that you want something that a Person can't change Adam back doesn't get to wake up Tomorrow and say you know I think Bitcoin absolutely needs to have 22 Million coins You see they just can't do that that's Why people like these protocols can't Change them after they get enough social Momentum and then when people violate

That they get extra special sensitive to It and to attack those people and to say That those people are wrong or they're Ignorant or they don't understand and This is for their benefit you're no Better than the banking system with Civil asset forfeiture at that point or Any of these other politicians who Lecture us So an elite hacker combined with chat Gbt in Charles's words could pose a Legit threat for crypto wallet private Keys and finally understanding that both Cryptocurrency and artificial Intelligence both are not going away how Can we use cardano and cryptocurrency to Save us from AI hey Charles do you think We can create an ICD-10 World platform To process medical claims under the Cardinal blockchain I think you can use AI to do a lot of that and the Blockchain component can be about the Access control and ownership as well as The brokering of relationships and Exchanges of information so my take on What Charles just said let's not repeat The mistakes we made with web 2 with These big data Facebook's Amazons Googles Etc being in control of Everything let's use the blockchain put The data put the control back into the Hands of the people like always see you Tomorrow


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