How Can You Prepare for 2024 Bitcoin Halving

So I think the Haring is coincidental to The macro cycle but it doesn't matter Cuz it still works things that we most Anticipate generally don't happen and That's what I'm concerned about it's Complete consensus the Catalyst that Should spark the next crypto bull market Is just around the corner we are less Than 200 days away from the Bitcoin Haling haling events have marked the Beginning of the most impressive bull Markets in Bitcoin history but does the Bitcoin haling really guarantee the Price of Bitcoin will go up and most Most importantly what should we expect From the next halving set for April 2024 In this video I'll explain the Significance of the Bitcoin haling its Impact on prices and why the next haling May play out differently from previous Ones I'm joavan and this is a coin Telegraph Report so why is the haling considered Such a booster for prices the Bullishness around the Bitcoin haling is Is based on a very simple rule of Economics supply and demand Approximately every four years the rate At which new Bitcoin is created is cut In half during the haling which creates A supply shock basically after each Haling there is less new Bitcoin Entering the market which means if Demand remains constant or increases the

Price of Bitcoin should go up also the Haling event attracts a lot of media Attention to bitcoin it generates hype And excitement around the asset which Tends to have a positive effect on Prices at least that is how it has Played out so far as you can see in this Chart the price of Bitcoin has gone Parabolic in the months following each Haling so does that mean bitcoin's price Is automatically bound to Skyrocket After each haling that would be awesome But the answer is no and here is why First as I mentioned Supply is only one Side of the equation the other is demand While the supply of new Bitcoin Decreases during the Hing demand does Not necessarily go up and if demand is Stagnating Big upside price moves are Unlikely second the hing's impact on the Supply of new Bitcoin gets smaller after Each one of these events and it will Eventually become irrelevant that means Demand rather than Supply is becoming The main factor impacting Bitcoin prices Third the halving is an entirely Predictable event we all know well in Advance that it will take place and when And that may undermine its influence on Prices imagine that a surprise party is About to happen but everyone already Knows about it so they start partying in Advance when the actual surprise party Starts is not that exciting because

Everyone already knows about it Mike McGlone senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg told us more about this Specific aspect Who has not said anything bullish about Cryptos because of the habing that's What I'm concerned about it's complete Consensus things that we most anticipate Generally don't happen to speak about it This much Beforeand is that's not an issue really Affects markets okay you must be Thinking if it isn't theing then what is The Catalyst behind bitcoin's cyclical Price uptrends well there is always a Combination of factors like Market Sentiment regulatory developments and Adoption Trends but the most important One is macroeconomic factors in Particular I'm talking about M2 or money Supply which is an indicator that shows The amount of money circulating in the Economy essentially M2 shows how much Cash is available to people for buying Goods and making Investments periods of High M2 usually correspond with low Interest rates basically when borrowing Money is cheap and there's a lot of cash Floating around people are more likely To invest in Risky assets like Bitcoin Which means more demel that is clearly Visible in this chart historically peaks In money supply have coincided with Crypto bull markets and money supply

Bottoms are correlated with bare Market And guess what all previous halings Happened during periods of high monetary Supply that coincidence has fueled the Belief that halings are a booster for Bitcoin's price that is why rul Paul Mcro investor and CEO of real Vision Defines the Bitcoin alving as a false Narrative this is what it told us the Harving is coincidental to the macro Cycle it just so happens that in 20089 Magic things happened one all debts all Interest payments on all debts were Forgiven we went to zero interest rates Everywhere zero interest rates and bit Bitcoin are birthed at the same time and The macro cycle is this debt refi cycle Every three and a half years to four Years that happens that exactly Corresponds to the crypto cycle I think It's coincidental and so that leads us To a crucial question is the next Bitcoin haling going to spark a major Bull run the answer is probably not Unless microeconomic factors don't come Into play as we already showed previous Hings coincided with periods of high Monetary Supply and low interest rates But that may not be the case this time Since the beginning of 2022 M2 has been Shrinking and it is currently still very Low while interest rates are high that Has created an unfavorable environment For risk assets like Bitcoin whole

History of cryptos have been in the back Of zero interest rates and now they're Not they're very high particular in the US particularly versus inflation the Fed's got to start cutting rates and add Liquidity and that's what I started with Liquidity right now is negative so Typically for that liquidity to be Turned back on risk assets have to go Down maybe we won't have a US recession Maybe the FED can start cutting rates And risk asset can just go right up but That would be unlikely by the time we Get to April next year which is um when The have supposed to be I'm fearful that Bit cryptos most cryptos will be lower Prices along with most risk assets like The stock Mark so the main takeaway is This unless there is a significant Change in the macroeconomic environment The price of Bitcoin is unlikely to Rally solely because of the haling event Sorry to disappoint you guys the 2024 Bitcoin halving is unlikely to be the Main catalyst that Sparks the next Crypto bull market the macroeconomic Picture is what matters most in Particular Global liquidity would have To increase and interest rate should go Down in order to enable the next Parabolic move however this should not Undermine the significance of the Bitcoin haling in the long term while it May not have a direct impact on prices

The halving Remains a core element of Bitcoin's value proposition that of a Scarse asset with a fixed Supply Comparable to Gold that is the property That has made Bitcoin one of the best Performing assets of the last decade and Potentially of the decade to come that's All for today's video I hope you enjoyed It see you next Time N


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