How Billionaires Are Investing During This Recession

There's a saying that I always keep in Mind when it comes to investing be Fearful when others are fearful and be Greedy when others are greedy just Kidding I'm sure you guys know how the Actual saying goes and this comes from Warren Buffett who alone is worth now More than 150 000 average Americans well over the last Year there's no doubt that fear has Started to take over and has also raised The question how are the richest people In the world continuing to invest in These markets so in this episode I'm Going to be going over three of the most Popular billionaires and we're going to Be talking about exactly what their Step-by-step game plan is so it can Motivate you inspire you or you could Just flat out copy them as well in order To make sure that you guys stay ahead of The curve so first of all let's take a Look at Kevin O'Leary most you guys Probably know who this is by the popular Show shark tank but his Investments go Way farther than that now outside of the Show he owns his own investment fund Called oshares ETF so Kevin O'Leary has Always been focused on investing in Companies that have good fundamentals Growth potential and primarily one ones That also give out dividends over time Now normally when we're not in a bear Market we've actually heard Kevin

O'Leary talking about investing into bit More risky and newer sectors like his Big push into crypto over the last Couple years but it seems like so far in This recession and in this bear Market Things are a bit different I think what Normally happens is when money gets Tight people tend to stop spending money On luxuries so high-end clothing and Shoes will see reduced spending but Sectors like pet food and children's Items continue to stay stable this is Because you can't stop feeding your pet I mean you could if you're a terrible Person but you always have to make sure That generally kids pets those are taken Care of the reason I bring this up is Because if we take a look at Kevin O'Leary's companies and what he's Investing into it turns out he's turning Away from all the crazy crypto stuff and He's looking more towards a safer Categories by taking a look at his Portfolio we see McDonald's Johnson and Johnson Microsoft and even Home Depot And these what they all have in common Very big companies very safe and all pay Out a lot of big dividends now know Kevin O'Leary does a lot more outside of That and he continues to invest on the Show Shark Tank which I would say is Probably some of the most riskiest Investments that you can make but at the Same time he's a billionaire so his

Strategy is going to be a little bit Different so let's take a look at Someone else and this is going to be George Soros now George Soros certainly Has his own interesting takes on the Market and one of those is his theory on Reflexivity reflects reflexivity I mean There's like 10 different ways I could Say this y'all know what I mean Basically he believes that people base Their investment decisions based on a Feedback loop between expectations and Market fundamentals without going too Much into that he's also had quite a bit Of success running his investment Management company called Soros fund Management some of his other key success Points were actually shorting the British pound and making over a billion Dollars in one day back in 1992 as well As managing the quantum fun and Averaging 30 yearly returns for over 30 Years now the biggest difference between This billionaire and Kevin O'Leary is That George Soros is a little bit less Focused on dividends and more focus on That short term money gain now as you Guys know recessions can be pretty Unpredictable we don't know how worse it Can be we don't know how long it can Last so even with this billionaire right Here he follows the investment Principles of investing into safer Options but with a bit more higher

Growth potential so some examples of This are Horizon Therapeutics Amazon Rivian or even Bolero now last but not Least we also have one of the OG Legends And this is Warren Buffett who also has Quite a bit of a different investment Strategy compared to other investors now It's pretty common that Warren Buffett Has a preference for companies with Solid fundamentals and investing for the Long term this principle here doesn't Change because we're in a recession the Market could be crashing we could be in Another world war but I feel like Warren Buffett is going to continue to stick Through his principles the one thing Though that he does end up changing is The pace that he's investing at leading Up to the potential recession last year Warren Buffett was actually holding on To more cash and waiting for some more Uncertainty in the market as you he said Quote bad news is an Investor's best Friend now by the way it's likely that There's still some safer alternatives to Invest in during the recession but it Shows that Warren Buffett's strategies Have been historically strong and worth Following Buffett looks for companies That are still undervalued that have Strong earning potential that are Transparent and also he's a big fan of Those dividends as well it's shown that Some of his Investments that he's

Currently holding is Apple American Express Coca-Cola Chevron and Bank of America so those are just a few examples Of what some of the most popular Billionaires are doing and some of their Investing philosophy and principles but I want to turn this full circle into What you should be doing right now look Guys we're not billionaires but look we Can always draw different types of Lessons and different key things that They may be doing but there are also Things that we might also want to do a Little bit different just because our Risk tolerance is not going to be the Same as if someone who has that much Money so first of all you want to be Sure to be dollar cost averaging and in Case you don't know what this is it's Basically just investing a fixed amount Over a certain period of time to average Out the price you buy in or sell off That so let's say for example you buy One share of Apple today right now at The time of filming this video that Would cost you about 180 bucks but let's Say tomorrow that price drops to 140 Dollars this means you could have bought In at a lower price but instead with Dollar cost averaging you could take That same 180 and invest it over a four Weeks fan so if today you buy a quarter Share at 180 per share then it goes to 140 next week and then 160 dollars a

Week after that and maybe 190 dollars it Doesn't actually matter because you'll End up averaging out a price per share Of about 165 bucks next you also want to Be aware of when investors are fearful Or greedy and you can access fear and Greet indexes for both stocks and crypto And use that to help guide your Investment decisions back to the quote That I shared earlier in this video you Want to be sure that you're always Moving against the rest of the market When it comes to investing this has been A general rule of thumb because it shows That when everyone is trying to buy in And they're greedy usually it shows that The overall Market is overbought and a Correction is due if the markets Continue to stay fearful it may not hurt To begin a dollar cost averaging soon For the third tip you want to make sure You're investing into the long term Because if it's volatile short term You're a newer Trader and you're seeing Your money go down I know a lot of People can end up being just a bit salty When that happens and if you are newer To the market you might not have the Emotional capacity to weather the storm By going long you'll have the long-term Mindset and if the markets are very Volatile and it's shaky you'll be able To make sure that you still come out Profitable through a long-term Horizon

Last but not least you want to make sure You diversify your portfolio because a Lot of people make the mistake of Overextending themselves into just a few Stocks if you end up having one or two Stocks in your portfolio and one of the Companies experience a big loss that's Going to affect a large portion of that Portfolio so be sure to diversify there Are ETFs there are plenty of different Stocks in different markets that you can Check out so remember ladies and gents Recessions are where lifelong wealth is Created and by following these basic Principles and even the simple things That billionaires do I believe that you Guys can find tremendous amount of value And continue to build your own wealth so If you guys do want to get started be Sure to check out some of the other Videos I have on this channel and be Sure to pick up some free stocks Weeble MooMoo they're giving out 20 30 free Stocks it's a crazy amount I use those Apps they've been great and if you guys Also want to score some free money I Mean that's a free way you can do that By the way I also have a patreon if you Guys want to go ahead and join of all This investing stuff is uh getting a bit Overwhelming or you just want to skip All of it and you want to join a great Community and learn what I'm doing Within the markets I have a link for

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