How AI Will Change Your Life

Just about everywhere you look right now People are talking about AI artificial Intelligence AI Has totally changed our world in the Last decade and I'm more than confident This will continue to grow and develop For as long as we know it so in this Video let's talk about how AI got to the Point that we are at today what AI Software is going to be the most Valuable and how you can actually use AI Right now in order to significantly Improve your life so let's start with The history of artificial intelligence Back in 1950 Alan Turing published a Paper explaining the concept of the Imitation game also known as a Turing Test now this concept was pretty Groundbreaking for the time given how Limited computer access was but the Turing test basically put together a Computer and a person in conversation With an interrogator the qualifier that The AI had passed the test is that the Interrogator can't distinguish between The computer and a real human being for Over a decade no one made any Advancements at all in artificial Intelligence computers were too Expensive for most people limiting the Number of advancements that could Actually happen well in 1966 we fast Forward to a time where an AI called Eliza was made this software here pretty

Much took words and generated sentences From that input and although pretty Limited at the time it was still a very Monumental step towards the future of AI Development weirdly enough about a Decade later an AI called Perry was Created that aimed to replicate the Dialogue of someone with severe mental Illness it worked in much the same with As Eliza did but it managed to fool About 48 of the people who used it into Thinking it was an actual real person so Small developments were being made Throughout the years but the biggest Breakthrough later came on Fast Forward At the year of 2001 with the creation of A chatbot AI called Eugene goosman which Was the first big AI to pass the touring Test AIS like this is pretty normal for Us these days but back then it was Groundbreaking as Tech became more Mainstream the development of these AIS Became much quicker and in the last Decade some of the biggest advancements In AI came from the fact that we had Such a large pool of data online to help Us create even more intelligence these Projects grew in scope trying to build AIS that can learn from that data and Become even more like human beings now Fast forward to right now where it seems Like every month a new AI seems to be Going viral for the past two years we've Been hearing about Tesla self-driving AI

Earlier this year we had dally two and Last month there was the lensa AI Profile pictures it seems like the Biggest hype though right now at the Time of filming this video is going to Be open ai's chatbot AI also known as Chat gbt so now that we went over the History of AI and talked about where we Are today I want to next go over what The pros and cons of using AI in our Lives could be I want to start with the Pros the advantages well if you didn't Know AI can make our lives drastically More easier from assisting with driving To even help us writing some more essays It allows us to spend less time Executing and more time thinking instead Of having to format a research paper Scientists can now just input the data Where the AI formulates it all for you Instead of needing to generate artwork Artists can think of unique creative art Prompts that haven't been made before And you just put it in and the AI can Make it for you the common theme is this AI can assist us in almost every way of Life including literally driving a car For us I believe the biggest Advantage Though of AI is just the fact that many People make money through trading Valuable time time is the only limited Resource that we have while we're on This planet and if we have access tools That give us access to more time back in

Our pockets this is something that I Believe is going to be of high value now On the other side to it here are the Cons a lot of human beings right now are Still relying on jobs that could easily Be replaced by AI the best example that Comes to mind for this is I recently Went to the movie theaters I watched the New Avatar movie by the way great movie One of the best movies I've seen Throughout this year and when I pulled Up there were nobody nobody buddy Working at this movie theater it was Just a touch screen and you choose where Your ticket's gonna be and then you go Straight to the movie theater and the Only people that were working were the People that were serving the popcorn Downstairs at the movie theater and the Person that was actually scanning her Ticket and I even thought to myself even The people serving this popcorn and the Person scanning these tickets could all Be automated and replaced too it's not Only that but we have production lines That are already assisted with robots That can do the jobs of human beings Better faster and more safely even Hearing this story about an AI at Amazon That automatically fires unproductive Employees it seems like right now There's a fine line between how AI could Almost take over what humans are doing And it just falls back to like every

Hollywood movie we've seen where Terminator a robot something just comes Over and replaces the human race what it Boils down to is ai's meant to help us Right but how is it helping us when it Would literally have people lose their Jobs well I want to bring some light to The matter at hand I don't think we're Gonna unfold to what Hollywood and Movies have shown Us in the last few Decades over the next three years it's Expected that AI will create 97 million Jobs worldwide where on the flip side Over the next 10 years AI will only be Able to replace an expected 85 million Jobs so the idea that AI might replace All the work that we're doing is Actually a false misconception in the Future it's more than a possibility that We're going to be seeing those less Low-paying low repetitive skill jobs Getting replaced but other more higher Skilled jobs where you might need a Degree you might need a little bit more Experience I believe that's going to Continue to raise up in demand so those Are the pros and the cons in my opinion But I do think that the pros definitely Outweigh the content even with the cons Where we're talking about people losing Their jobs we're seeing on the other end Of that that even more jobs will be Created at the end of the day so with That being said what AI tools what

Programs are the most popular what can You take advantage of right now in order To make sure that you are on the right Side of the big transition is inevitable And that is coming to us we'll start With something more popular just to make It a little bit more relatable and like I mentioned earlier in this video this Is going to be Siri now here in my home We got you know an iPhone right but Let's not forget all the AI That's Getting used right now in our day-to-day Pocket so I could even just Siri are you Alive I'm a virtual assistant not an Actual person Siri would you ever take Over the world I don't have an answer For that little suss now Siri is a very Straightforward AI almost everyone I'm Sure has used it whether it's Intentional or not this is a software That has voice recognition it processes What you're saying and it understands And basically with that information it Plays back what you're looking for now Siri was released back in 2011 and it Has had about 11 years to learn how to Better detect human voices a ton of Other similar products like Alexa Google Home and more use the same technology That has now become a even more integral Part of our everyday lives we're seeing How voice recognition can change our Lives but what about the other AI tools Now dolly is a deep learning AI created

By open AI that was designed over the Last four years where the original dolly Was released back in early 2021 but the One that the world got interested in was Dolly 2 a new and improved version of The AI because AI is constantly learning The earliest photos generated by the AI Were pretty strange but after scraping The internet looking for image text Pairs the AI has now been able to Drastically improve the user data it has Collected nowadays there's nearly no way To tell apart human artwork and what the AI has created just because of how good The algorithms have gotten when used Dolly it literally takes seconds to Generate multiple images for you and if You think of the strangest Concepts the AI will still come up with some really Cool art so let's try out a couple of Prompts and see what the AI can come up With because I watched the movie Avatar And I liked it let's do blue creatures On a horse flying towards the moon with Bunny ears whoa So we got blue creatures on a horse Flying towards the moon with bunny ears How about this let's do Asian guy Recording a video about AI on YouTube Very very interesting I will say folks That there is some common similarities That I am seeing with this so the next AI I want to talk about which is Arguably the most powerful AI on this

List something that you could take Advantage of today start making some Money because this is a huge huge game Changer it's called chat gbt so this is Also created by the same company open AI But instead of generating photos it Takes user prompts and generates a text Response with chatgpt you can write code Essays scripts and so much more to give You an idea as to how good at chat gbt's Writing can be there's a tweet right Here that shows a story of a teacher With a d student who submitted a final Exam that is way above his writing level This is really interesting story because Despite that that essay wasn't Plagiarized they use a system where it Showed okay no he didn't copy but According to this teacher they believe That this student has now found himself Using an AI system like chat GPT and is Able to get good grades and they can't Do anything about now chachu PT didn't Come out of nowhere it's actually Something that is considered to be a bit More of an improved version of its Predecessor instruct gbt which is built To reduce Incorrect and harmful Responses now although this AI software Sounds pretty good there is still a lot Of work that needs to be done uh there Are some answers that it can't come out With it won't solve every single problem That you might be dealing with it is

Still learning it is still getting Developed but as of now this is Considered to be one of the best AI chat Bots of all time now another AI that you Got to be on the lookout for is going to Be lensa because over the last month This went completely viral we saw so Many creators and handsome influencers Like your boy credit Brian and it really Was able to bring out the best of me Through this app you literally only need To add about 10 photos of you with a Clearly recognizable face you pay a Small fee and you get over 50 AI Generated profile pictures with these Pictures you can use them for anything Like posting them on social media or Changing your new profile file picture We're just you know sending it to your Friends and letting them know in Another Universe I could have been looking this Much cooler now the biggest difference Between lenza and even something like Dolly too is just the fact that instead Of this being text to image generation Lenza uses image to image AI generation Now for the last AI tool we have Something called mid-journey mid-journey Is very similar to Dolly too but it has A much more different style basically Mid-journey is a beta text to image AI Generation software but looking at some Of the photos that are generated by Mid-journer you can instantly see some

Differences instead of just trying to Generate art mid-journey aims to create Very aesthetically pleasing images and Photos meant to be almost similar to Reality where we talked about Dolly Earlier which was trained only on image And text fares mid Journey has been Programmed to use complementary colors Good use of lighting and shadows and Composition of the artwork that means if You put the same prompt into both Dolly And mid-journey you'll be getting two Very drastically different results so Ladies and gents we've done a quick Rundown of the history of AI we've also Explored five of the most common AI apps Meaning the only question left now is How can we benefit from everything how Can we how can we take advantage of all The things that are existing right now For number three on this list we have Automated YouTube channels who have Automated social media accounts we have Automated blogs if you use an AI like Chat GPT to write scripts or even create Viral tweets on Twitter such as the one That Ali abdall did where he noted it Was actually one of his best performing Tweets and guess what it was not written By him at all this shows us the power of This where AI is getting better than the Influencers themselves and if you ever Wanted to build your own brand if you Ever want to start your own company and

Have all this copywriting and text in Order to get people to buy your merch or Convert on whatever you're trying to Sell this software can do it for you Almost instantly without you having to Do anything so whether it's a new Faceless YouTube channel I'll be hearing All about those YouTube automation Things or even if it's something where You start writing blogs and you have Affiliate links on that this is one Direct way where you can start making Money with a tool that was not existing Just a few years back let alone even Like a few months back this wasn't Really viable another great business Idea that comes up from this is Automated graphic tees if you ever Wanted to sell your own merch if you Ever had like an idea of starting your Own clothing brand I know I've had that Idea come up like 10 20 times in my life Well now you can do it a lot more easier Where if you use programs like the ones That we mentioned you can get these AI Generated really cool images that could Get printed on a shirt and you use a Print-on-demand service and just sell Them even better you could Wombo Combo With chat gbt to come up with ideas for Those products you can have it laid out On a website and you can all have it Done for you completely for free all Right now ladies and gents this was not

Intended this just came to my mind while I'm actually filming this video here if You want to go ahead and take action one Of the best ways to get started is by Using a website called Shopify I've been Using Shopify since 2018 I still have About three or four of my stores there And with that you're able to set up any Branded store you can set up a Print-on-demand service you can you can Sell any type of e-commerce item on There and you can get started for as Little as one dollar using my link down Below now last but not least I just Mentioned this a little bit too but Automated coding is going to be huge Maybe you take a little boot camp you Try for yourself you're able to build Out these apps completely for free just Using this AI that does it for you I Believe that there is going to be some Value made where people can start Selling these type of features these Type of tools these type of apps and you Can find yourself making some pretty Good money even through this recession Now those are just three ideas off the Top of my head and there are still going To be so much more that you can do What's even more exciting about the Future of AI is that it's still in Development so if you happen to miss out On the crypto Bull Run last year or Maybe you're skeptical of nfts and the

Metaverse and you didn't even get out in Time or you didn't even enter it all at Once AI is going on right now it's here To stay and you can fully take advantage Of the future of what it has to offer so If you guys want to see another video Talking more about Ai and maybe I can Even give you like a step-by-step Blueprint on actual business ideas I go From an idea to an executed income Driven money machine that brings passive Income to your pocket let me know Down Below in the comments I think this is a Cool little series that we can start Getting into and I'd love to share more If you haven't done so already subscribe To the channel comment down below your Favorite part about AI if you're worried If you're scared or if you're excited I Have links Down Below in the description For my Instagram Twitter if you guys Want to shoot me a follow there and like Always have an amazing blessed day and I'll see y'all soon peace


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