Hoodie Allen talks Snoop Dogg & Gary Vee – NFTs For Independent Artists

Yo would you guys like to own a thing that 
represents you own part of No Interruption   Oh my God that's my my favorite song growing 
up I don't want to own the vinyl I want to own   The song when I think about what would make it 
valuable it is how can I create a really unique   Experience and drive value back to fans the idea 
of using blockchain technology to offer your fans   Your supporters actual ownership really at the end 
of the day it's about the fan to artist connection   Hey altcoin daily audience today we interview 
Hoodie Allen an American rapper singer songwriter   And an old friend of ours in this interview we 
talk Snoop Dogg Steve Aoki Blau garyvee crypto and   Nfts of course now Hoodie Allen doesn't have an 
nft project to sell you he's here because we asked   Him to come on to give us his real thoughts as 
a popular musician on the NF team cryptocurrency   Space watch do artists actually think of nfts like 
I said us and Hoodie we go way back so stay tuned   At the end of this video I include a little 
bit of us growing out hit the like button and   Let's get right to Hoodie altcoin daily audience 
smash up that like button today we are joined by   Popular musical artist rapper Music Maker Hoodie 
Allen he's got a new album coming out March 17th   Called bub you know him for No Interruption Cake 
Boy famous for [ __ ] those are my favorite songs   But Hoodie Allen welcome to the show thanks for 
having me are we telling the audience that we go   Way back or are we keeping it a secret let's do 
it back as as transparent as the blockchain baby   As our audience knows we're actors and filmmakers 
in Los Angeles that was our first love and we were   Actually in a couple Hoodie Allen music videos 
movie and the one on the golf course Show Me What   You're Made Of Show Me What You're Made Of 2014. 
so nearly 10 years of of knowing you guys and   Um it's really cool to be doing this not probably 
the collaboration that we expected uh if you take   2014 version of ourselves but here we are ready 
to nerd it up on the interweb about some crypto   I know so cool Austin before I jump in well and by 
the way speaking of that transition like dude to   Me you're you're an artist that grew through the 
ranks without a label without signing to those   Big corporate entities to me that's a lot like 
the crypto story you know Gathering a community   On your own can you just go over your background 
and how you transcended or put out albums in music   Without those labels yeah totally so uh what you 
said is right I've sort of operated out outside   The traditional system most people think about oh 
you getting some popularity online record label   Start calling you sign to a label and then you're 
kind of in the The Music Machine I've kind of   Operated outside of that where uh the internet was 
my fan base and my label and my everything so you   Know it was the source where people found me and 
then would come see me in concert and I've kind of   Done everything independently with without kind 
of the uh record label so it's it's afforded me   A lot of creativity and ownership over you know 
the the music that I've made and when I want to   Put things out it's also I think Been instrumental 
in terms of building that community that you speak   To which I think is one of the most important 
things that an artist can kind of have which is  

A is a community that matters to them and um and 
that they can build that isn't sort of beholden to   Even the social media entities you know 
so building that sort of thing outside   Of the traditional framework has been hugely 
a good like Learning lesson in ball business   Definitely and before we jump into like your 
thoughts on nfts or what the music industry   Or your friends think of nfts because obviously 
in the past few years Snoop Dogg Steve Aoki Sia   Kings of Leon they've all gotten into some extent 
or another certainly Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki to   The top people as far as popular music at nfps but 
before we get to that can you just uh give us now   Your experience in crypto have you ever bought any 
crypto what are your thoughts I have a ledger that   Means I'm serious I have a cold hard wallet 
whatever you call it um I I was talked in and   Talked into I was definitely on the sidelines for 
a while um well I think back in 20 I want to say   Back in 2016 I was on tour in Europe and people 
were talking about Bitcoin and I remember buying   Uh some Bitcoin plus really like weird alt coins 
on binance and I've subsequently forgotten my   Binance password and even though every once in 
10 months I think I can crack this I can figure   This out it never works so luckily I don't think 
that was too big of an investment I think it was   Under a thousand dollars but still it's gone that 
that is gone since then I got a little smarter   Um and tried to take advice from my friends 
who were kind of more experienced in the space   Um and learn more do a little more of my 
own like research online and feel it out   And I started uh mostly just kind of investing in 
Bitcoin um you know like a little bit every week   Um and I do have some ethereum as well and 
I do have a few nfts although I I definitely   Have different opinions on different aspects of 
the crypto space especially how it translates to   Artists and what I do as well because there's 
a lot of potential I'm sure we'll get into it   Yeah let's Jump Right In because that's what I 
want to know because we talk about what crypto   Can do we bring people on the the promise 
of nfts the promise of crypto but you're   Actually in the music industry some people music 
industry are into it some people are against it   Um so I don't know where should we start I 
mean what's your understanding of uh nfts   Or digital Collectibles do you see the 
the value in that or or no well I'm a   Huge collectible guy in general so like I even 
during the the pandemic I kind of found myself   Um starting a collection with sports cards which 
is I guess a physical collectible right and the   Tangible value that's held in that is mostly 
tied to a mix of gambling if you're talking   About people who are active players or Nostalgia 
hey I grew up with this team this team matters to   Me this player matters to me that's why I want to 
own this card um when it comes to nfts I think the   The there are some similarities with like you 
know you take it back to uh crypto punks right   Some some of the reason or the staying power of 
crypto punks kind of exists in that same long   Form of like hey this is the first of something 
and that's why it's going to matter long term  

But I guess the downside and this is kind of 
in any unregulated space is uh there's a lot   Of room for like grifting and and like kind of 
making value out of thin air so I like believe   Full-heartedly in like the human tribalism of like 
I like this and so I wear this hat that is this   And this represents me but sometimes we've sort 
of created uh value out of thin air when it maybe   Doesn't exist and I think some crypto projects 
as the market has gotten cooled off a little bit   Um we people aren't talking about them you know 
and they've kind of I don't know if they've   Gone to zero but they've gone the volume 
and the price has gone down considerably   And especially in 2021 that was the hype this 
was healthy in a sense to to clean out and see   Who's still standing and if this technology 
is actually valuable and I hear all the time   From artists that plain and simple the hope 
with nfts is it offers a more direct line of   Communication and Community to your audience do 
you I know artists have released their full albums   As nfts they're trying it out do you see that 
as like the most viable use case as an artist   Well I I think there's I think there's some real 
interesting I like when I when I think about what   Would make it valuable it is how can I create 
a really unique experience and drive value back   To fans and there are some aspects in like sort of 
the web 3 space that just aren't Maybe created yet   Or potentially ready yet we're trying to create 
that that wedge and that value feels a little bit   Like Oregon Trail where we're like we're on like 
the we're on like the uh the horse and buggy and   We have no one's driving a Tesla yet to make 
it the super easy connection but I keep dying   Of dysentery yeah you just it is the dysentery 
gets you every time you're like what the hell   Um like it's interesting a friend of mine um Blau 
who is sort of like you know uh he's a DJ and kind   Of like one of the early people to kind of connect 
the music and nfts he has a company called royal   Are you guys familiar with royal definitely and 
Blau a little bit Yeah Royal was an idea that I   Had in my head that he beat me to and I was like 
damn it this was such a good idea which is sort of   Um the idea of using blockchain technology to 
offer your fans your supporters actual ownership   Physical tangible ownership interest in your 
music and then being able to kind of also create   A secondary Market where those shares of the music 
that are represented by the nfts can be sold and   Traded now I don't really know how much I feel 
about that secondary Market versus the ownership   Model but the ownership model that feels like such 
a collectible it's like saying hey yo would you   Guys like to own a thing that represents you own 
part of No Interruption oh my God that's my my   Favorite song growing up I wanna I don't wanna 
own the vinyl I want to own the song right and   The thing that I'm still trying to figure out cut 
me off if I'm being too rambly is I'm not sure yet   If these are investment vehicles or Collectibles 
and I think there's maybe things that need to be   You know ironed out in that regard 
because I they feel a little bit more like   Um a collectible that doesn't necessarily 
going to derive you profit as opposed to  

Something that you're doing to make money on and 
maybe that's a good thing but I definitely would   Love your thoughts on all that yeah I mean I I'm 
feeling what you're saying I think also in 2021   Besides just straight up bad ideas just the whole 
Market got overvalued so even if there was a good   Idea if it goes down such a large percent people 
just get like burnt out and they don't you know   Really are aren't as into it as much I think 
when we're talking about nfts as straight up   Collectibles versus investment vehicles well 
straight up Collectibles I think it's a it's   Going to be a natural part of our future I think 
the world is only trending more digital I mean   When we were kids it was just starting to get 
really digital people were just starting to get   Online in 100 years it's only going to become 
more easy and every you know humans are into   Collectibles you're into Collectibles I'm into 
Collectibles yeah if you drop like um an album   That's a collectible or or a t-shirt those things 
can get knocked off like crazy now if you drop a   Digital collectible now you have the verifiable 
proof that this is the actual one and that you   Know may not be a big deal to some people now 
but as the world Trends more and more digital   You know if you have a collectible your baseball 
cards in your house what do 20 of your friends see   That the whole year if that maybe it's just you 
and your girlfriend your one friend whoever saw   That the whole year but if you have a digital 
collectible and more and more friendships and   Communities are happening online you know soon 
hundreds thousands millions of your friends can   See that and it just creates you know a greater 
you know it creates that Community online as   People you know move online that's what I think 
as far as Collectibles go yeah it's it's super   Interesting it's also funny because when you 
look at all these things like art and things   That are kind of considered like high-end and 
collectible in nature oftentimes they're meant   To be put away almost in a sense like people don't 
even they like put their art their high value art   In like storage somewhere because they don't 
want to show it off and it's it's almost like   A bragging rights thing but I yeah I I think 
anything that can draw like as as a musician   I always want to think about this stuff because 
really at the end of the day it's about the fan   To artist connection and that's how I've sort of 
grown everything for myself and the idea of and   And maybe this is where more of my interest would 
lie in the future is kind of like the I guess the   Concept of like a Dao right and empowering 
your fans to have impactful decision-making   Um almost like rights within your community 
and how can that be represented I I assume you   Know that's where the blockchain kind of comes 
into place to create like hey well we can this   Person's part of this and they've participated and 
they've bought this or however it works or maybe   You're giving it away for free to your thousand 
biggest fans it doesn't always have to be about   Commerce but it is really about creating that 
that relationship that could potentially live   Offline and not be I know right now like the main 
thing is like Discord but Discord is still like  

Web 2 right I mean that relationship is still kind 
of owned by a third company there's not really a   It's it's great but it's not direct if Discord 
disappears how do you connect to those people   And you're totally right I think with you know 
what the blockchain I think will do it's not   As if you know the blockchain you know it's not 
magic obviously we all know that it just create   You can verifiably prove that you bought the album 
back in the day that you were at the concert back   In the day and it really relies on how much 
the artists or the author or the publisher   Cares to you know do things for the fans you've 
always been super fan oriented every concert is   Like hey whoever buys the first t-shirt let's 
take pictures let's do all this stuff and it is   So really just the blockchain it gives you that 
verifiable proof and even you know years later   And uh you know not to mention if you're dropping 
another digital collectible or something you can   Just send it right to their wallet um I I think 
that that prolonged continued connection where   You're thinking about how can I reward these 
people for you know their loyalty or you know   You can create games around it or just like the 
community building in general as long as you're   Thinking of ways to uniquely um provide value to 
people and make them feel special that's what it   Is at the end of the day you know and there's 
probably you know like I I see it as like you   Know maybe the new form of fan club and I I think 
like a fan clubs in general have existed since   I don't know probably the 80s maybe beforehand 
where you you'd pay a certain amount yearly for   A subscription and then you'd get these things 
in the mail or give you part of this list but   Like you said we're TR as we Trend digital some 
of those some of the ways that you know will   Contract in the future are going to feel more 
commonplace to like oh I don't want to do this   Here I want to do this online I want to do this 
in my wallet everyone has a wallet on their phone   And we just we just have to get to that place 
right and I actually think Steve Aoki out of all   The people we named I mean from what I've seen in 
his interviews I think you know he truly does it   The best I'm not necessarily in the Steve Aoki nft 
Community but the way he talks about it he is you   Know this tier system they're kind of like a DOT 
which you're talking about this tier system for   His nfts and some of the some of the people he's 
meeting up with some of the people they're helping   Him craft the songs who was it Blau or who is the 
you know the big person in the past couple years   Where you're like wow they're getting into it well 
maybe this is uh maybe I have to take a second   Look at this uh I mean you know it's interesting 
because uh the the nft spaces has a lot of   Good marketers in it right so and sometimes you 
have to Builder through it where it's like okay   Um because you know there's there's a there's a 
marketing that comes from um real genuine passion   From it sometimes there's marketing that comes 
from I don't want to call it scams but you know   People who under promise or under deliver but see 
a way to make uh you know a quick cash I I think   Um even if I was point to someone I think garyvee 
is probably the maybe the the best person who's in  

Terms of community building that I've seen and I 
think some of my fellow musicians have maybe some   Somehow done the worst job occasionally because 
they're just because they're just being told hey   Do this this equals money and they don't really 
understand it so they're not in it for the long   Term and I I think with someone like garyvee um 
it seems like I don't know like personally I don't   Know that V friends is the vision that he sees it 
in terms of its um mainstream crossover appeal I   Don't know but I know that I know that he's trying 
and he's trying to integrate in all those sort of   Ways so that if you are a first-time believer in 
him he's going to keep trying and if it doesn't   Work he he's not going to abandon and pivot to 
something new just for another cash grab which is   Kind of what maybe the influencer marketing space 
generally goes to it's like oh [ __ ] that flopped   Well I'll just create another thing leave those 
people behind and maybe I can get another people   To get in on this this will be the one you know so 
I admire that aspect for sure I definitely look at   Gary as an example one of the guys doing it right 
out of all this unknown technology unknown way   To do it he's Paving the way for sure one of my 
final questions and this is just sort of like in   Summation we kind of already touched on some of 
this as a musician right now out there doing it   What's like a pain Point stopping you today 
from from launching nfts for your community   Yeah that's a great question I I think it comes 
down to two things for me the the first one is   Um I care a lot about um the the well-being of 
of that audience and who could possibly get it   So I I'd rather take a little bit more time to 
do something right than to do something and lose   Trust because you don't you can't regain that 
trust if if someone decides to you know kind of   Put their trust in you and usually one of the 
ways is saying hey I'm investing in you or an   Idea that you have or an album um that's that's 
special and you don't want to like kind of break   That trust because you know I'm sure there are 
a lot of people who got into crypto or the NFC   Space for the first time at the height of it lost 
money and it's going to be very hard to get those   People back you know if they're for if their 
one and only experience in it is like negative   That that that's tough that it's it's tough to 
re-engage those people and convince them that   Like oh hey this is why that happened and it will 
be better trust me sort of next time so there's   There's that bit of just wanting to do things 
right and diligently and then the second part   Is I think it's it's just you know still not um 
as easily adoptable for people as and I I don't   Know what the pinpoint is on that and what the 
change is and I'd love to pick your brain on it   But until it until the point where everyone just 
understands how to use a metamask or there's a   Better tool or you know like until it gets to that 
point where it's where it's easy I think there's   Going to be some uh hesitance for for launching 
full-on in and you know that that adoption process   Obviously takes a while like my Dad recently 
in the last two years he's on Spotify he's   Got Spotify on his phone that's how he listens to 
music he doesn't listen to the radio anymore I was  

On Spotify 10 years before he was on Spotify 
right but now he's there and he's adopted it   And he would never go back to to listening to the 
radio in his car he doesn't and we need that same   Change for the space where it just becomes easier 
just once once my dad is in there then I know   We're there you know what I mean Mr Allen keep us 
updated yeah oh yeah I'm talking to your dad I'm   Talking to your dad he's mystery oh true yes Mr 
Allen please Begin Again get your [ __ ] together   Right I'm sure that's what his dad goes by but 
uh um my final question hoodie is uh you know   Tell us about this album um it's been a little bit 
since you released an album we're looking forward   To it it's called bub correct yes um well it's 
a little different than some of the stuff I've   Made in the past I I think people typically 
would associate me with like pop rap you know   Upbeat fun stuff this is a little bit more in the 
Rock genre a little bit more alternative and Indie   Um I wrote it about uh the end of a relationship 
that I had and I kind of you know spill my guts   A little bit more but it's still uh catchy 
and fun so I think if you if you've liked my   Music in the past hopefully you'll enjoy this and 
maybe if you're someone who kind of likes maybe a   Little bit more Indie alternative rock stuff this 
could be a nice entry point to yeah check it out   What's the number one song people you know want 
from you in in what in at a concert in general in   General or yeah come up to you or at a concert 
oh gosh it's hard you know the uh it's I just   I just got back from uh tour in Europe and I was 
very surprised because the most the most popular   Songs were obviously sort of like the classics 
like the no faith in Brooklyn No Interruption   From like my first album but also some of the new 
stuff that are going to be on this album like a   Song called Hey Ben and happy again those were 
like the loudest received songs so it's really   Cool to kind of watch um an audience grow with you 
and stick with you and that's you know that's like   The the greatest like gift you could ask for as 
an artist I like to Ben it reminded me of Scotty   Doesn't Know from Euro trip just you know a little 
bit 100 a nicer version of it perhaps yeah totally   Uh all right hoodie thank you so much for coming 
on Final thoughts for the altcoin daily audience   Yeah um I'm gonna be tuning in if you're not 
subscribed and you're watching this subscribe I'm   Plugging unplugging the subscriptions right now 
and yeah I'm excited to see where the space goes   I think there's I think you know it's all about 
patience because I think change takes time and uh   Don't you know be in it for the long run that's 
how that's that's how everything works in life   See zoom out a little bit and and that's how you 
really find the the value in what you do awesome   Thanks so much for coming on today hoodie you know 
what I'll I'll get the nft as soon as you drop it   Can't wait you'll you'll I'll put you on the 
white list he knows all the terminology in a   Metamasky name Ledger all right no sponsorships 
it's just it's just what I know yeah for sure   Thank you guys so much what's up boys good 
to see you what's up man great to see you   Appreciate you taking the time of course man I've 
been interacting with your account without knowing  

That it was you guys for however long that that's 
been wait are you wearing a happy camper t-shirt   I was there dude in Los Angeles well yeah you've 
been there way before the happy camper uh era so   Yeah but I got the shirt at the concert I think 
it was probably in 2016 ish it was definitely in   2016-ish thanks so much that's awesome yeah great 
show Ed Sheeran came out I think black bear might   Have been there I can't remember but yeah it was 
great uh black bear had not left the tour yet no   Controversy had happened oh yeah yeah but Ed 
Sheeran came out too that was so fun oh my God   Yeah that was really fun look I've never heard 
it I thought that you know the crowd gets loud   And you never hear a crowd get louder in my 
life than Ed Sheeran coming out I was like oh   You guys suck for me yeah they went crazy but the 
whole thing is good I remember somebody was like   Play James Franco and you're like does the band 
even know that the drummer starts you know doing   A beat and you did James Franco's dope yeah our 
our little fake spontaneity it wasn't fake but   Yeah it was it was definitely spontaneous but you 
know you're like oh I don't know how I'll ever do   This for sure I'm a pro I can make this happen 
are we are we recording do you want to set it   Up how you want to do this yeah we are but we 
probably won't use any of that although the Ed   Sheeran story was great or the you know the vibing 
or the remember to repurpose however you'd like


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