HISTORIC: All Bitcoin ETFs Approved! What’s Next? (5 Altcoins + Price Prediction)

Bitcoin is now 15 years old spot Bitcoin ETFs have finally been approved the Catalyst that we've all been waiting for Has finally happened this is huge this Is not going to be an easy task capital Is moving and it's going to move very Rapidly smash the like button if you Bought Bitcoin before black rock smash The like button if you're bullish on This entire industry so what does this All mean for you over the next 10 Minutes I'll explain everything save This video to reference later let's Start here the 24 hours leading up to All of this the approval was crazy this All started in a very anticlimactic way With a fake tweet putting out fake news From a hacked Secx Twitter account basically Announcing that all the Bitcoin ETFs Have finally been approved Cryptocurrency holders went crazy for This I did it Oh God yes yes however people started to Question whether this was all legit Whether the SEC would announce on Twitter SLX first and then their website Second minutes later we found out we got Rugged Gary Gensler tweeting from his Personal account the sec's Twitter Account was compromised an unauthorized Tweet was posted the SEC has not Approved the listings and trading of Spot Bitcoin exchange traded products

Seemed like a major rug pull and the Market got volatile we don't often take A look at one minute charts but this is What happened minute by minute the sec's Official Twitter account posted Bitcoin ETFs are all approved the market pumped But then dumped interesting that the Dump happened actually before Gary Gansler announced that the sec's Twitter Account was hacked that happened right Here and interestingly we saw another Pump then the SEC regained control of Their Twitter account they deleted the Original this happened rather fast they Got control back rather fast the SEC Tweets that they were hacked and have Not approved the ETFs and then the Market kind of tapers out very curious This whole order of events the art the Artist even McDonald's was making fun of Us this was out of pocket times like This I remember what the great Elon Musk Has said about the look at you I I I I Want I want to be clear I do not respect The SEC I do not respect them But but you're abiding by the settlement Aren't you because I respect the justice System however it happened here we are The Bitcoin ETFs are about to start Trading so now that this is happening Let's talk about the potential impact on Bitcoin's price and let's go to The Experts like the CBOE digital President John Palmer he's seen tons of ETFs and

Other Financial products launch what can We expect the potential impact of the Bitcoin ETF on bitcoin's price listen to What he says then we'll go further Impact on price for those who've been Speculating the past month or two or Three now that this day is going to come Has it moved as much as it's going to Move is this the the day it gets Announced it moves another you know 2034 I mean what are we talking about here It's hard to expect because we have to Really see how the capital flows into The ETF I I think obviously an approval Is bullish but we've seen a big move Recently so the the best part here is That it's there's going to be additional Investors that get access to to bitcoin That maybe don't really want to natively Hold it themselves do you see it Becoming something I mean I remember We've had people on this broadcast that Come on Kathy Wood said goes to $500,000 uh a Bitcoin we had people Years ago come on be a million dollars Of Bitcoin do you think that's Directionally where this all goes do you Think that there's sort of a cap on on What it is do you think every every Investor in in the world decides that They need to have some portion of their Um Assets in Bitcoin I think it depends Again on on how much we see flow in Right Bitcoin right now market cap is

Just over 900 915 billion right so even A successful ETF launch in one year Could be 10 or 15 billion do in AUM that Would be quite successful compared to Some of you know even some of the most Successful ETF launches so even that is You know we're only talking one or two% Of the current market cap Bitcoin so how Much is that really going to inflate the Price you know to to the the levels you Mentioned 500,000 or a million time will Tell um but again we also know there's a Fixed supply of Bitcoin so what the how That impacts the supply and demand Dynamics of the market and how much Capital is actually flowing into the Atfs I think will be very focused it all Depends how much Bitcoin flows in it all Depends how much Bitcoin Flows In well Let me give you some insight into how Institutions are thinking about Bitcoin This new asset that they can invest in Listen one other thing I will say say About Bitcoin I think people don't Understand and this is part of the part Of the Innovation that's really Important think about Bitcoin is a Commodity right the SEC said it's Commodity it is a commodity one coin is The same as the next okay fine um every Commodity in the world if you increase Its price the supply goes up if if gold Went to 10,000 tomorrow we'd mine more Gold If corn went up if oil went to $300

A barrel we'd drill for more oil you Would get more higher price you would Get more no matter where the price of Bitcoin goes the issuance schedule set There's not going to be any more it Comes out you know every block is you Know 6.25 coins right now soon to be Half of that so um you know it's that's That's unique and as a result of that The world has never seen anything that Really kind of looks like this which is Why you know I mean Ronnie stord had a Great chart on it show I mean Bitcoin From inception has grown at 145% Compound annually and it's got a lower Sharp ratio than any other asset I mean This is an amazing beat East it really Is and so so I you know look but it's But it's volatile and to some it's scary And I get all of that but you know I've Long contended that anybody who has zero Of this is really really missing the Most asymmetric bet that I've ever seen In 40 plus years of of making trying to Make asymmetric bets so what are the Numbers because really the only question Is what will the inflows be now it's Very interesting we already know that Millions and Millions have been seeded Into these ETFs funds are starting to Flow capital is moving and it's going to Move very rapidly we also got this piece Of news we reported this to you the Other day this would be big black rock

Has lined up over two billion for the Very first week for their Bitcoin ETF Launch the question is can we confirm This is this true what happens next if This is true and we can confirm this Bloomberg analyst Eric balunis says he Was able to confirm reports for the Black Rock ETF that they have already Lined up 2 billion in investment and he Explains why they do this listen to him So much Insight okay so I was able to Corroborate that piece of information First of all came from Vanek that guy's Very reputable I know but like he Doesn't want to say that so the fact That he would volunteer that tells me It's probably true he would rather not That be true right so it's not like he Has anything to gain from that and then I corroborated with somebody who's very Inside this his so I've got two people Saying that is true now black rock also Has a history of doing this when they Launched some of their esgf they lined Up some institutional investors so when It launched they didn't put it in a seed They actually had it come in the first Day as if it were a big flow so when you Look at the top successful day one and Week one ETFs ever um I think black Rock's six or seven out of the top 10 Simply because of this lining up of Money thing it's a way to sort of game The system in a in a way it's totally

Fine I mean honestly if you're going to Put two billion in you'd rather put it In on day one so it shows up as flow Volume versus before it's smart PR Because when you have two billion in a Fund and the volume's big and the flows Look good all sudden looks like there's A party going on it's like oh I want to Be part of that party so volume and Assets are the strongest marketing out There and so it makes total sense for Them to do this they are very shrewd and They've done it before so it lines up With their history and I've got two Sources so I also know a couple issuers Who planning something similar although I don't think the funds are nearly that Big but if we have black rocket 2 and we Have let's say two other issuers at like 300 million something like that you're Already looking right there at a record Day one or week one of all time record Inflows are what we're looking at Particularly because even in the final Hours each applicant was slashing their Fees the Bitcoin ETF fees just keep Dropping Black Rock has just cut the fee On spot Bitcoin ETF to just2 5% they're Really going for the juggler here Looking to crush the others before They're even born just brutal Arc also Cut bitwise cut even lower Terror doome Life the big question I've been seeing In the comments is hey how easily can

They just increase their fees later and The answer is they won't they don't ETFs Only cut fees they never raised them Advisers would flip out if they did this Their brands would be stained this is Reason number 36 why ETFs are so popular With investors they don't pull it like That money flows to where it's treated Best understand this understand the fee Slashing we have been seeing up until The final hours by this evening Somebody's going to be offering a free Tesla and a date with their sister for You to choose their ETF instead of the Others these fees are insanely low so Understand the sentiment around Bitcoin And crypto as an asset class in the Mainstream has just flipped in such a Pivotal way this is how the mainstream Is talking about Bitcoin now I'm very Excited about this I've had differences Of opinion with people about the use Case of Bitcoin but there's no doubt That owning Bitcoin in an ETF structure Is far safer than the current system Those who want to this is the safe way To own it just like owning a gold ETF in 2004 all a sudden all these gold old Guys with gold coins in their basement Hoing them I I lost my ba I lost a lot To the key and people losing their Passwords to to bitcoin there's an ETF Now there's an ETF and nobody worries About holding gold in the base you can

If you want go ahead knock yourself out But nobody worries about it anymore so Now that the Black Rock ETF plus 10 Others have officially happened I'm Anticipating Bitcoin prices this cycle Certainly over alltime highs certainly Hitting 100K I think between 100K and 200k is not only possible now it becomes Way more likely guys subscribe to the Channel join the altcoin daily team this Bull market is just getting started Because now the question is besides the Inflows into the Bitcoin ETF now the Narrative and anticipation is around Who's next Black Rock has applied for an Ethereum ETF many people think an xrp ETF could come into fruition I think a Salana ETF before xrp I think ethereum First I think a basket of alts is uh is Certainly like in the future but it's You know that's what I think it's Interesting that the CIO of Valkyrie Says that hey ethereum ETF maybe xrp Before ethereum this is possible Subscribe to the channel see you Tomorrow how soon before you turn around And try to make other spot products for Different crypto assets you know I think We're going to see a lot of filings come Out for uh ethereum I even think we Might see something for ripple given uh The recent progress uh you notice that Grayscale just added Ripple to one of Their trusts that's publicly traded so

It wouldn't surprise me if we saw Ripple Or ethereum spot ETFs out there I really Don't know if we're going to do that or Not I think those are more retail plays And people have other ways to access Them but uh given given that this this Market anything can happen anything Could happen


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