Highlights from TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020

We shouldn't build technology just for Technology's sake it should be to Support happy healthy human life [Music] I've been fascinated by this concept of Beaming yourself to a robot I think Probably all of you have seen the movie Avatar and I think right now sort of a Stage we're starting to see more Applications that could be built around That kind of concept I'm super interested in healthcare and Especially now climate applications of Robotics and AI so can we start to crack Some of the hard problems using data [Music] You make AI better you lose that's the Default condition And we have to change that by taking Some concrete steps so if you think About corporations as machines that Maximize quarterly profits They're getting smarter right and They're actually destroying the world And whether you like it or not the rest Of the human race has lost that Particular chess match [Applause] We believe that robots really should be Amplifying people not replacing people So if you see a person you know mounting A tire there's a robot there assisting The person the workers are then Empowered to actually improve the system

Without worrying about losing their job To a robot I wouldn't Unreasonable valuations I would just do What you're doing just be more Disciplined and sort of keep your hand On your poles to to understand what's Going on [Music]


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