hey guy’s – let’s have a real honest conversation

Ladies and gents welcome back to another Video this one is a little bit different Here because this is a video where I Just want to have like a one-on-one Conversation with y'all and one of the Videos that I've been meaning to film is Just go over some of the reflections of Last year some of the key lessons I've Learned I also want to talk about what In the Jung is going on with this YouTube channel because I've been Flip-flopping crypto to uh credit cards Now and now I was doing crypto and then Back to credit cards I'm like a ball Just going back and forth on a wall so I Want to share with you guys what you can Expect to see on this channel some of The personal plans I got going on Because wow 2022 I had the least amount Of growth compared to what I had in 2021 Which we'll go over it was actually my Best year yet so I had less views less Subscribers but the best year let me Explain why it was such an amazing year And I'm also going to be sharing with You those life lessons and also some of The things that I look forward to for This year so I got some bullet points I Also got my journal that I was writing In when I was reflecting in the cabin it Was actually kind of a little bit of a Scary trip the cabin was like in the Woods of Virginia the first night I was There looking out you know I got a

Little puppy sleeping right underneath My feet right now I look up see a wolf It could have been one of those wolves That looked like from the movie Twilight So this one is fully unscripted guys It's just gonna be a little conversation That I want to have with y'all I'm not Sure how long this video is going to be Because I just want to put it all out There if y'all want to listen to this While you're on a drive or you know You're making some food doing something Else I think that'll help the time go a Little by a little bit by faster so 2020 Guys just to give you a little rerun of Where we are just in case anyone is new 2020 it was right around 2019 I decided To start YouTube 2021 I gained 900 000 Subscribers it was in that year because Of the crypto Bull Run I do believe that We were at that time one of the fastest Growing Finance channels the growth was Insane I think I gained like 500 000 Subscribers in the span of two months it Was a mixture of the live streams we Were doing just the content we were Pushing out and the enormous amount of Love and attention we're getting from Everyone within the market in 2022 I Gained pretty much the similar amount of Subs last year than I did in 2020. I Would not have changed anything from the Lessons that I learned so the reason why The year of 2022 was just one of the

Best years that I've had was because I've learned more lessons outside of Just the goals that I had with work past Years I've been so focused on hitting x Amount of Revenue I need to hit x amount Of subscribers I need to hit x amount of Views and I was always so pressed on Hitting these type of metrics where Sometimes you know this is the reason I Got burnt out so many times before on my YouTube channel if you guys have been Following along there are periods where I would you know do like a live stream For one to two weeks I'd be sacrificing My health and literally for anyone who Doesn't know a lot of my close friends And you know some other YouTubers know This but when we're doing those AMC live Streams it was nuts the views we were Getting was nuts I remember at one point We had 30 000 plus viewers there's like 32 35 000 viewers live on my old MacBook this Was a Macbook that was still like Outdated with the old Intel chip before They came out the Apple chip I'm reading Chat I have to like make sure I give the Shout outs to the donors because those Are coming in I was so grateful for Those that those time and I didn't want To miss any of those and at the same Time I'd like make sure the screen Recording was proper so you guys could See it I remember my fan on my computer

It had sounded like like some f45 jet Turbine engines it was just like I Sacrificed my my health like I already Have a pretty sensitive stomach Um and I remember that whole week like I Could not use the bathroom I could not Go dookie doo and drop a jungy poo in The hole I couldn't not so that whole Week my digestive system was like messed Up where I actually thought I had to go To the hospital yeah like I was bloated I was in pain but there were moments Where like even after I went through all Of that it was because I was grinding You know for the views and I was Grinding I want and I always told myself If I catch the momentum I need to like Sacrifice my health and even back then I Even told myself if I don't need to I'm Gonna skip Sunday church service for me To work because I need to work seven Days a week 25 hours every single day And boy oh boy man those are some Lessons learned so I'm kind of just Getting out out of that grind phase that I've had to really hypnotize myself to Be in because when I first started my Entrepreneurial Journey which was about Four or five years ago this was me in Community College you know sitting after Classes in the library working on my Shopify store like connecting things With oberlo uh buying inventory looking Up Amazon FBA and it was just so much

That I had to do where I never had that Type of work ethic so I had to force Myself to learn it pick it up and now I'm kind of learning to unlearn the more Toxic work ethics that I had and I'm in A state more of balance I'm on track I Believe that we will still be able to Make more money but the goal is to make More money to get good viewership to Establish really powerful connections For you guys watching this video right Here all while I still have my health my Priorities and I'm able to keep balance Within my life 2022 I finally started to Learn that I finally started to learn That there is more to this life than to Just me working and getting as many Subscribers and Views as possible Because during the whole crypto bull Market I remember anytime I would go out I get recognized whether it was like at The gym whether it was on vacation just Walking outside or going through my Apartment I was getting recognized maybe Two to three times a day and I was like Wow this is really cool but slowly that You know that feeling went away it's Always still great meeting people and I Still run into you guys the other day I Was at Tyson's mall and I ran into a Viewer there a subscriber there you know We literally had like a 20-minute Conversation in the middle of the mall But regardless the whole point of that

Is I'm so grateful for the moments that I can meet you guys so don't ever take That for granted if y'all ever see me Say what's up say holler because I'll Take the time to Um really just you know getting to know You guys establish that connection I Love doing that I'm always so grateful For it I had wanted that feeling for so Long where I was like you know if I go Out like yeah this is gonna be cool I'm About to get met up with like two three People it's gonna be such a amazing Thing that that feeling sort of went Away for me in 2022 I just realized like The priorities I had in life the things That I thought were cool you know the Money the fast cars the the subscribers This digital like Fame is it's pretty Worthless like that that's what I've Realized this past year and I'm getting To a point where I'm really just valuing More Um intimate connections hanging out with My family more this is spending more Quality time with people that I trust That I love Um you know I got a puppy recently I'm Learning to be more present and although This is something that I read constantly In books and you know it was it was a Practice that I was always intentional About through meditation through just Being mindful in my everyday tasks it

Started to be something I lost sighted Now me being more mindful it's really Been just such an amazing journey Because I've been able to experience I Feel like life to a better degree and Even for me starting this year I had Taken some steps to shy away from social Media a little bit even though it's Considered to be my job Um just being off of Instagram more and Being off of Twitter more and only using Them when I'm trying to post content or I generally need it in order to Establish Um you know like getting back to DMS Getting back to other companies things Like that you know I still had a lot of Great materialistic things done which I Keep a little bit more low-key about I Know some of you guys will know and Actually not something guys most guys Will know like I don't like to boast too Much about certain things I think back Then when I started YouTube I was always Just so the right word would be turned Off and I would just think like man These people who are like flexors like People who you know they got the Wi-Fi Money and the bio and they're always Just like flexing like rented turo cars And you know showing this lifestyle that I know for a fact they don't live it's One thing if you actually live that Lifestyle and portray it and then it's

Another thing when you don't live that Lifestyle and then you portray all the Flexing I just told myself if I ever get To a point where I even am able to say Like I made it I never ever want to get Classified or put into that zone where People feel discouraged by the Achievements that I have that's why Whenever I talk about certain things I Try to use it in the context of Inspiration where it can help other People it can give you guys a form of Motivation knowing that if I've been Able to do it that you have been to Other than me ever trying to impress Other people that is never my goal it Has been good and I think I'm also Learning too the balance where I would Not want to post anything about my cars Or moving into like a new apartment I Would not want to post anything about The house getting built because I'm Mindful of the fact that we're in a Recession I grew up my whole life dirt Poor always worrying about money and I'm Always just afraid that if I post too Much about certain things that someone Who's in a worse situation like I feel Bad thinking about what I have compared To Um the situations that other people are In I'm learning to realize like I can't Be thinking that way and that there are Always going to be more people that I

Can Inspire and to help out so it's just A balance now this past year also one of The most significant things that have Happened to me was to be able to trust People it's to be able to hire others And I don't think I've talked about on This channel too much yet about how the Whole scaling process for my channel has Been but I'm convinced that if I just Kept going at the pace that I was I Would have either sacrificed different Parts of my life such as you know going To the gym maintaining my health uh or You know having a social life too Outside of YouTube and just been Completely focused on work where I've Been able to hire the right people and It's been an excruciating process hiring Has been one of the most toughest things Ever because originally when starting This YouTube channel I've done Everything from creating thumbnails Teaching myself to edit to learning even Just small things like Ken burning the Screens putting such Transitions and Sound effects on videos to scripting to Outlining to building the Sops within Our own business to negotiating with Sponsors and companies to knowing how Affiliates work and all that I had to do Everything even like Studio Design Knowing how audio Works what the best Camera is how to find the right f-stop And and you know to get the right

Lighting all of that it's been almost a Year now but I actually had one of my Close friends and I grew up playing Rugby with he was in a crazy crazy Player Um I remember we would play like International Teams back in high school Just because our team was ranked we Played a team from Australia I still Have an image of my buddy who is now my CEO who's been working with me who could Not even get tackled by four people we Just give him the ball by the try line He could not get tackled run over four People he was working at a corporate job He reached out to me Brian I'ma work for You Um like let me help you in any way that I can I see what you're doing I love What you've built up and I told him no I'm good like I'm good I want to just I'm gonna do this my way and I was so Stubborn in thinking like I couldn't Outsource or teach people all the things That I knew because I know it all and I And people aren't going to get to the Level that I'm at I'll let that thought Go um and the way that happened was he Kept actually begging to work with me And I told him you know I'll give you a Shot let's do this and his work was so Phenomenal I was so impressed by just How much he was able to learn and how Much it had helped me and being able to

Actually focus more on the business Focusing more on the content where since Then that trust I gave out which really Didn't even start with me because I was So just stubborn at it it had led to me Now having a team I think we have six or Seven people now and we're still growing We've had to fire other people before in The past which is a very very tough Thing to do as well I realize there are People who can do things a lot better Than me when it comes to editing this Video I would not be able to edit to This degree or if I was editing to this Degree the videos would be coming out at Such a slower pace so people now that I Trust that can do it at a better process Even now like something else that I had Hired which has been one of the best Hires that I've ever made as well was uh Getting a virtual assistant which is now My own personal assistant that has Helped me so much she knows all the ins And outs of what I do she's learned so Much and I just would not be able to be Here in this position and growing this Channel if I had not found the right People that I have so that alone right There is the biggest lesson that I've Learned because I had now gone from a Mindset of it's me it's me I gotta grow It all I'm gonna grow the team grow the Subs I got you know to now it's like I'm Doing this together with my team we're

Gonna grow I find out what the goals of My team members are you want this dream House you want to move out at this point You want to live here Um you have this dream wedding you want To come visit this area I think of all Those and now I use all of the efforts Of me wanting to show more love building Up my team showing the gratitude that I Can and really funneling it in together So it's a team effort biggest reflection Of this past year for me is going to be A mixture of all those things it's just Realizing money's not everything I can't Do things alone having a good team of People that you can trust is the best Thing ever and to also be careful about You know other people as well because This past year as well I've had people Really crazy people uh blackmail me I've Had people who have wanted to take away From the efforts of that of what we've Built like really crazy crazy people too And I think a lot of that just comes From the craziness of like crypto it Brings out just a lot of desperation Thankfully enough just the love that I Always see from my main core audience And the love that I get from my team and My close friends and family it has been More than enough for the support that I Need in order to continue YouTube I Don't know I don't know if I would have Kept going at this rate just because it

Is a lot of work it is a lot of mental Taxing Um emotional just struggles every single Day we're on track for a lot of great Things a lot of amazing stuff has Accomplished the team is continuing to Scale in a very healthy way those are Some of my reflections of this past year The biggest thing I want to note though More on like a philosophical level is That I've just been able to pray more be More mindful about reading scripture Reading the bible really just growing Myself spiritually as well in addition To everything that we're doing on this Channel you know it is really just odd Or for a YouTuber to be able to talk About his faith I'm Christian not the Best Christian in the world at all I Still get angry and annoyed and pissed Off all the time but I do try my best to Be able to uphold values and to be able To live within at least the framework And the objective that I see that the Lord has placed on my life as well so I Feel like the last four months I've Grown the most spiritually as well which Is more than I can ask everything is Really just connecting together in Pieces over the past four or five years Like what my purpose has really been Placed upon as I've had a bit more Perspective on this I'm just realizing How many more like Finance creators and

Other YouTubers are actually Christian And like coming out and talking about Their faith guys if you do a little bit Of research just you know Mr Beast used To have like a Bible verse in his Channel Banner he used to go to Sunday School with some of the other bigger YouTubers in addition to that you know Like Ryan Trahan he's come out and Talked about it on a podcast you know Even other Finance creators there have Been a lot of other ones I know coffee Zilla has been crushing it I know even Him him he's got his own faith that he's Talked about there is a little bit there There's got to be some similarity when I'm seeing like a lot of these mid-20 Millionaires and we're all sharing the Same similar type of Faith there is some Application of principle that I would Consider looking more into but at the Same time there's not a Channel about Religion it's never gonna be solely Focused on religion or that that's what I think at this point who knows so that Right there is just a little bit of Where I'm at right now Faith and my Growth as an entrepreneur my growth in My own personal brand too all right so Those are my reflections of the past Year but what is coming up for this next Year like what what we got going on some Things that I want to start rotating Back into on this channel is really just

Diversifying my content and really being Able to bring forth the best of myself Certain videos where I'm like wow you Know a lot of good delivery the views Are amazing when you get a couple Million views I assume but even those Videos like I I'm not that proud of them I always think man I could have done This better why did I say this sentence Three times in a row or you know why why Didn't I add this extra b-roll or you Know get a bit better quality I feel Like that's one of the issues though of Being a creative it's just chasing Perfection which is always Um fleeing from us in those moments so For this year I want to pursue more Projects where I can just be more of Myself I enjoy making those it takes a Little bit more work because on a normal Day I'm not doing that much I'm Literally just walking my dog feeding Him then at work then I walk him again And I feed them then I work a bit more And then I'll go to the gym and then I'll work a bit more and then I'll wind Down get dinner somewhere like I don't Think it's that interesting but my goal This year is not really focused on Trying to have the biggest YouTube Channel it's really trying to deepen the Connection that I can have one-on-one With people who have been along with me On this journey and to inspire more

People so that's gonna entail just Switching up the content I do plan on The short term to just ramp up credit Cards like I want us to get back to a a Place where I'm able to provide and give Out everything little thing that I know About credit cards I Want It All Out on YouTube I want it to be presented in the Best ability possible I've made a ton of Guides already those guides have been Very successful with you guys reaching Out letting me know how much it has Changed people's lives how you know it's Literally made people so many so much Money over the past few months and over The past few years too I want to keep Having my eggs of content placed Alongside that and that also just flows And is very congruent With Me growing The business too because at the same Time I'm always thinking about two Things it's like providing as much value As possible it's also growing the Business so I can now feed my team that I have make sure that I can get the pay Raises and the salaries of all my people Because even for this past year one Thing that I did we hire new people Anyone who wasn't a new hire anyone who Was with me for the past year everyone Got a huge huge work bonus and a huge Salary increase and this is always one Of those things where I told myself if I Ever get in a situation where I have

Like employees and like people are Working underneath me I always always Want them to feel valued and I always Want to be in a position where I can Give them the pay raises that they Deserve I want to keep doing that for my Team that entails me making more content Making more valuable content and also Entails you guys helping me out with Those affiliate links and you guys do That so well naturally that's why my Videos I don't ever push it or say You Must sign up for the affiliate link like Three times in a video it's like y'all Support me either way the money flows to Me either way and I'm so so grateful for That because I get DMS and messages Brian Um you know your video that I watched Like two years ago helped me out so much And I've been applying for your cards Whenever I apply for something I just go Back to your YouTube channel hit that Affiliate link like those messages are Crazy and that is what is continuing to Allow me to do what I do it's what Allows the quality of this channel to Continue going up it's what allows me to Scale it allows me to you know treat Myself to some of the things I like Because I ain't even gonna like front About that too there are things that I'm Into I love cars I love design I love Clothes I love shoes I love sneakers

Even though I'm trying to be a bit more Less materialistic trying to be more Minimal in nature you know I'm not going To lie about that like a lot of the Support I get it goes into not just my Team it helps me my family my hobbies Everything that I do I appreciate it I Think the whole point of that is I Sincerely really appreciate like every Single thing that you guys have done in Terms of other upcoming projects uh in Terms like for YouTube y'all are just Gonna have to wait and see you know Sometimes you guys might question like What's the point of this video didn't You already make a video on this it's Gonna happen but I'm revamping Revitalizing putting in new updated Information to some of our more Successful content from before if the Market had flipped we're going up 10 20 Every single day like we were in the Bull run then obviously my circumstance And my you know just overall strategy With how I'm trying to take YouTube it Will completely change I would focus on That but as things are slow the Market's Not doing much it's in these moments Where I'm thinking more of those Evergreen videos to lay out for this Year to understand how we can decide to Pivot if we want in certain directions I Know there's a mass majority of people That came from like the whole Andrew

Tate scene where they're into Entrepreneurship hustle mentality Um dopamine topics and it's crazy Because these are things that I've been Doing for the past four to five years I Just never thought to really talk about On this channel this year I want to Expand my boundaries I want to talk more About different things that I put into Practice trying new side hustles making More money going even back into Ecom Starting up Shopify the list goes on and On those are all things that I want to Start discovering for this year and I Just hope that whatever I do the value Is there whether it's entertainment or Info it's going to be continuous good Value and I promise to put as much Research and intention and the fact Checks that I do before I post any video That goes up we actually have been Working on another project this is a Physical e-commerce project which I had The idea for for about four to five Years finally within the last six months To the last year we've been getting out Of r d on this we talked to a whole Bunch of Manufacturers one of the Reasons why I was in Korea as well just Going more into the manufacture scene Right now if you guys don't know though China is on complete lockdown because Kovich has destroyed them and right now They're also in the middle of something

Called uh Chinese New Year and it's During that time where they don't really Work as much in combination with covid Right now it looks like this is getting Delayed more I thought I would actually Have the sample come in soon and then we Can get started on full manufacturing Within the next like four months so in The summer time but I do think it's Going to extend to the next six to nine Months when that does come out it is Going to be crazy I'm actually more Excited about this project than most Other things coming up right now it's Gonna be so amazing when it comes out so When that does I'll be posting all about It on YouTube Instagram Twitter social Media it'll be amazing aside from that We are building out a few other Ventures On the digital side I have a whole new Company coming up in terms of this Really cool digital thing I don't want To say anything more than that going to Be amazing it is something new it is Going to provide tremendous amounts of Value we're building it up it takes time For the coding and everything to take Place in addition to that the whole Personal blog website that's getting a Full facelift we've got an amazing Creative Design agency working with us I'm going to lead into a few more things And that actually goes into our Membership group so I started a

Membership group off patreon during the Crypto Bull Run there was so much demand For that membership group where it would Sell out instantly the whole patreon Website where I was hosting it on would Start glitching out people would sell Out within like five to ten seconds it Was like literally a shoe sneaker drop And I remember my emails being like like Patreon sign ups now this past year the Crypto Market's going down it's hard for Me to continue posting about crypto Trades if I posted any trade or started Doing day trades or like even hold Positions over the last six months People would have kept losing money so I Had made a conscious decision to hold Off slow down on that make the Announcements with a membership group It's been slow and steady we still have Our Core group member user base which I'm so thankful for every single member To be in but that's another business That I want to fully revamp so we're Trying to move off patreon because they Take enormous amount of fees not the Best platform to use the whole patreon Bot always be like kicking out random People that should be in the group that Are still paying so we're moving that Over full in-house it takes a while for Those things to get built out because It's all done from code code's like a Completely different language that

Revamp we've been working on for the Past five to six months we're in like Our third or fourth reiteration of our Full blueprint plan I'm trying to come Out and revamp this whole membership Group where it's still viable within any Type of bear market and it's more Focused on personal development this Time around because as the crypto Markets are slowing down the interest is Going down I'll tell you where my Interest lies right now it's in being a Better person it's in being able to make More money saving more money Um knowing how to invest properly across Different types of Diversified places so Not just focused on one thing so this Whole revamp is going to be a game Changer when that comes out I'm gonna Talk more about it on this channel but Still right now it's within the works I Was going to invest into commercial real Estate deal this is going to be what was It 40 million dollar commercial real Estate deal I chose to back out of that One just because the markets are still a Bit more funky and I do want to hold on To more cash and at the same time as Great as commercial real estate and as Great as some of these restaurant Investments are when the markets do Rebound instead of having like Consistent slow and steady cash flow Which is always good for a diversified

Portfolio my restaurant that I invested Into guso Japanese barbecue in Rockville Town center of Maryland that thing has Been a very solid stable source of Income just passive income coming in and I wish if I had you know like three to Five more of those type of restaurants Where just automatically it's coming in I wouldn't really have to worry as much Even now to this level I would not have To worry that much about finances as Well but still it's about finding the Right restaurants building them up Investing at the right time investing The right amount as well and then also Knowing that when I invest in those I'm Going to be investing away from the Other markets which could have a serious Rebound so that restaurant user has been Absolutely amazing so far if you guys Want to go in there let the server know On Monday through Friday Monday through Thursday sorry just don't do this on a Weekend doing a weekday let them know Hey I'm a Brian junk viewer I have a Discount code in the POS system it'll Give you like 10 off your meal as well I Want to invest more into my local Community I've also been thinking moving Away from Maryland going into Virginia But with this house that's coming along Which is actually going to be built in a Few weeks so you're going to see the Full Studio change I'm like trying to

Figure out where that's going to be Because another venture that I've wanted To pursue which I'm also realizing how Much I have on my plate I'm purchasing This one a bit more aside I want to open A gym up in Maryland but now I'm Thinking might be in Virginia and this Is because all the gyms in my area they All have their little caveats they're Not perfect I have a lot of friends that I think we can build a really solid Community in and even the last like four Three four months you know Fitness is Always huge to me I hit a lot of my Power lifting goals earlier on even with My my previous book I went up to 192 Pounds I'm right now 167 pounds those Are very important for me and that's why I think having a gym would also solidify The community that I have it really just Ties back in to the whole Focus that There's more to life than just work and Money having enough money to get by and Achieve those dreams that's amazing and Always setting the bar higher for Finances is amazing but also look past That because health happiness and Community and and you know spending time Real quality time with others that stuff Is priceless now those are pretty much The plans you know everything is always Changing with me at one point I was Touring commercial offices thinking I'd Have like 10 to 20 employees and we're

Going to scale up during the crypto Bowl Run I was thinking we'd be like the First crypto News Channel and have that All automated and it would be really Cool like to be an office setting Because my whole team is pretty much Virtual right now uh we have you know we Have one in the Philippines we got my Boy in the in the Canadian when my in Canada we have one in India we have one In Ukraine I mean we are the most like Diverse spread out uh team that I can Think of but it comes together so well Just man it is amazing just even Thinking about that other upcoming Things house is coming along so Full House Tour will come about even with the House it's not perfect because I was so Busy during the freaking crypto Bull Run Guys that I told my designer and my real Estate agent at the time to do Everything and there's some things that I wish man like now I wish I changed Like I got no ethernet ports I forgot How important ethernet ports are guys in All of my rooms none of them haven't I Have an ethernet port by the TVs and Like one in the outdoor Courtyard area But ethernet is what allows me to like Upload all these videos much faster so Like I got to spend a bit more money now Because I decide to save more money back Then trying to Outsource these things Regardless I'm still very grateful very

Fortunate Um that I have the ability to live in The house because I don't know if I can Live in an apartment no more there's a Lot of stuff so I'm just excited to move Out into a a bigger home and and from There expand the studio one of the first Things that I'm doing is hosting like a Little Mastermind retreat at my uh crib With some of the other entrepreneurs That I know it's going to be an amazing Time hopefully as things continue to Scale I can have more opportunities Where I expand this where even you guys Can come along uh where maybe we host Some meetups where we do some things at The restaurant or you know just local Fun things other than that once this House situation comes along I'm still Continuing to invest into the markets Very slowly also when it comes to credit Cards I'm going to start just going up a Bit more and how many I apply for I took The last one to two years off in that But now I really want to practice what I Preach start building out my credit Cards once again more and that'll just Tie into more content that I can make And also it'll Revitalize the passion That is now also growing once again for The credit card space because at a Certain point I was kind of burnt out From credit cards like I think before The crypto Bowl run I was like what else

Can I talk about like I can't talk about The trifecta 5 10 20 times in a single Year there's only so many times I can Talk about it and with credit cards it Feels like I already know everything I Do also know that updates are getting Made every single like month and Sometimes new car changes are happening So yeah so for this year I have plans I Don't know if everything is going to go According to that plan but I'm gonna Trust in God that all of it is going to Work out like it has for the last four To five years I've been so blessed just An insane amount I'm just going to trust The process it's less stress than ever Before I even have like a little Snowboarding trip again which I haven't Taken in the last I think it's been four Years now since I've gone snowboarding So things that I really love doing even Like playing rugby I'm gonna play I'm Probably gonna play one season of it I Have not played rugby in a long time Either just because I committed to work And if I do that I want to get some Little cinematic shots maybe a vlog in The day of a life of like a D1 Um like men's club team athlete like Those things I think will be amazing to See my content is going to keep evolving But like always thank you to everyone Who has stuck around and continue to Support no matter what I used to see

YouTube tube as a money printing machine But right now especially the last like I Would say one to two years I've shifted That mindset where instead of it just Being like a cash cow it's more of an Algorithm where it allows me to connect Further with you guys one to one and I Just want to keep doing that I want to Keep building our relationship because I'd rather have a hundred people that Like know me very well that I know very Well rather than a million people that Are just like whatever relationships you Know so for additional goals this year And key lessons focusing more on others Not about me so I want all my team Members to get paid even more I want Them to continue scaling Um and even with our higher executive Possession positions that I have within My team I want them eventually all to Get paid around the six figure Mark I Want to continue to cultivate and deepen My relationship not only with you guys But also with God I also want to travel And enjoy more time with my family my Friends and my puppy which is growing Really fast and my main mission that is Never going to change is to continue Helping as many people as I can on this Platform it's also just recognizing my Weekend weakness a lot I know that I'm Not the most sophisticated I know I'm Not the most smartest I know I don't

Have the most experience on YouTube There are other channels that have been Doing much better like jobs than me like See I can't even put into words Sometimes what I want to say there are Much more literate channels than me much More smarter channels than me there are People who have such a good work ethic I Will pride myself in that my work ethic Is usually unchallenged like I will Continue to put in the work when I can At a good balance Pace but I'm also Trying to take forward this year in Recognizing a lot of my weakness knowing That I'm not the best or the smartest But I'm willing to put in the work and The maximum amount of effort that I can So the biggest lesson out of everything It really for me starts with patience And being patient with certain things Happening certain businesses coming Around and me being patient with my team Members or us finding the next perfect Hire no one's going to be perfect but There are some amazing people I know That are out there and I also want to Just continue to change the lives of Others and being able to break y'all out Of poverty Financial stress or for you Guys to be able to hit any financial Goals like making six figures or making A million dollars if y'all are watching If I could do it you all could do it There's no excuse around that if I can

Do it y'all can do it so that is going To be the video right there I feel like I went through all the bullet points That I had all the right things will Come out and some of the best things Happen when you are the most patient About it and this year is going to be Amazing so you guys let me know what Y'all resonated with most if you guys Have any life-changing goals that you Know you're sticking by that you're Trying out with please let me know down Below too like always be sure to follow Me on Instagram Twitter if you haven't Done already that's where we can get to Know each other more I post more about My personal life there Oh yeah it's your homeboy credit Brian And credit a out here if you all do Appreciate the content I am monetizing My dog you know rent ain't free his chew Toys are so expensive do it for Astro if You guys enjoyed this video If y'all Appreciate the conversation drop a like For Astro I appreciate you guys I really Do Thank you and I'll see y'all soon love You all peace


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