Have You Seen THIS? CRYPTO Wealth & Who Has It ALL!!

All righty ladies and Gentlemen let's Play a little game can you guess how Many crypto Millionaires and Billionaires are out there what about The names of the people who made the top 10 and where are the biggest crypto hubs Well if you're stuck for answers they're Never fear because in this video we'll Take you through a report that looks at Where are the big wealth in crypto has Settled so if you want to know who You've got to catch up with when the Next bull market comes and where you'll Have to move to if you want the big Crypto players is Neighbors someday well Then keep watching The report that we're looking at today Is called the crypto wealth report it is The first report of its kind and covers Two broad areas the first looks at the Global crypto wealth statistics which I'll get into shortly the second uses Various parameters to rank crypto Friendly host countries including crypto Adoption tax friendliness and so on Before we get into the meat of this Report a word about Henley and partners The main authors of this report Alongside the global wealth intelligence Company knew world wealth so Hanley and Partners is set up to help make the Lives of the Uber Rich easier and help Them maximize their wealth they advise Facilitate new passports for residences

And high net worth individuals they'll Point you to the best tax saving Destinations and also link you up with Top financial advisors so you can Presumably grow your wealth and reduce Your tax bill And while they're at it they'll also Help get your children into the best Universities all of course for a pretty Hefty fee and if you can still make a Hefty serving of BS at this time of day Henley and partners and I quote work Towards a world where sensible flows of People and capital between countries Contributes to global peace and Prosperity they also and I quote make Life safer and more enjoyable for anyone We engage with including those whose Places of birth and citizenship have Made them less fortunate Okay Hanley and partners are not Contributing to Global peace and Prosperity any more than I'm solving Climate change let's not kid ourselves Here Anyway let's get into the reason that You're all watching this starts on the Crypto Rich this part of the report was Compiled by new world wealth the company Reportedly and I quote tracks the Movements and spending habits of over 150 000 High net worth individuals in its In-house database you heard that right

And I know what you're thinking surely They can't be tracking the movements and Spending habits off the people this Shocked us too so we reached out to new World wealth for some clarification Thankfully they cleared things up they Don't have access to people's spending Habits instead they use their in-house Wealth distribution models to really Determine the total number of crypto Millionaires and supplement this with Public information on the really big Players in the crypto space in other Words their figures are best gas Estimates not gossable so with that Cleared up let's get into the top Findings well the biggest takeaway is That there are 88 200 crypto Millionaires 182 centimillionaires as in people with Hundreds of millions of USD and 22 Crypto billionaires on this beautiful Planet of ours now 88 200 sounds like a Staggering number and it is but New Wealth World estimates that there are 20 Million millionaires so relative to that Figure the number of crypto millionaires Is pretty modest another thing is worth Noting that you can see from the chart And that is the number of Bitcoin Millionaires is approximately half of The number of total crypto millionaires But when it comes to the billionaires Club bitcoiners only make up around a

Quarter of the total crypto billionaires Figure this is new worldwide explains to Us is and I quote mainly due to large Holdings of the founders and initial Investors of other cryptocurrencies In total the report claims there are 210 Million people who own BTC and 425 Million people who own any crypto at all This larger figure aligns with the Figures recently produced by Triple A a Singapore based crypto payments company So who is part of the crypto Billionaires Club unfortunately the Report doesn't name any names Fortunately though Forbes does and so For this next section of the video will Rely on the Forbes rich list to compile A list of names who are most likely to Be crypto billionaires the top dog as Far as the money's girl is Shang Pang Xiao or CZ the founder of binance the World's biggest exchange has a whopping 10.2 billion according to the Publication now binance may be in hot Water at the moment with an ongoing Legal battle with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission and recent Resignations from top level Executives But CZ is sitting pretty when it comes To his personal net worth next up we Have Brian Armstrong whose exchange Coinbase is the biggest in North America By traded volume his personal Fortune According to Forbes is a jaw-dropping

3.6 billion now if you want to see more From Brian we have a video about the 10 Crypto innovations that he is most Excited about which I'll link in the Description below In third position we apparently have Barry silbert who's the founder and CEO Of digital currency group or dcg Dcg is a major crypto conglomerate with A host of companies under its umbrella One of these companies is Genesis who Filed for bankruptcy in January of this Year with liabilities estimated between 1 and 10 billion So while Barry is still rolling in the Dough dcg is in a pretty sticky Situation right now if you want to learn More about dcg you are in luck we have a Video on the topic in the description Below In fourth we have Chris Larsen with Three billion he co-founded Ripple Labs Along with Jeff mccallop who's in fifth Place with 2.7 billion Both men saw their fortunes jumped this Summer when Ripple's partial victory Over the SEC caused xrp coin to pump However as you can see on the chart the Price of xrp has since dropped again to Its pre-summer levels I guess Chris and Jed will have to make do with a mega Couple of billion each in joint 6th and 7th with 1.8 billion each we have nikhil Viswanathan and Joe Lau co-founders of

Alchemy a blockchain developer platform Whose software Powers thousands of web 3 Companies next in eighth and Ninth Place We have the Winkle boss twins Tyler and Cameron with around 1.5 billion each if You're new to crypto these names may Sound familiar from The Social Network a Movie about Facebook's early days if You're not new to crypto you'll know the Twins were extremely early adopters and Invested a lot of money that they were Awarded when settling with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook into Bitcoin They then went on to found Gemini Exchange Oh and they're also six foot five Olympians so some people really can have It all finishing off the top 10 list we Have another Duo both valued at 1.3 Billion the first is Bitcoin Maxi and High priest Michael sailor the founder And until last year the CEO of software Company microstrategy one of the largest Corporate Holdings of Bitcoin The Firm Holds over 150 000 BTC and same set on Acquiring even more despite a Forbes Headshot that looks like that of a Supervillain Michael must be a happy man With 1.3 billion to his name the other Investor is Matthew rozak Matthew Co-founded block a blockchain Consultancy that helps Banks store Digital assets securely and also the Chicago blockchain Center a blockchain

Accelerator he is also part of an Investor group that looks to buy crypto Media firms coindesk from Barry Silverbirds and dcg now just outside top 10 we have major VC investor Tim Draper And coinbase co-founder Fred urson who Both have around 1.2 billion each According to Forbes but from this point It does become tricky to determine who Else is a crypto billionaire I mean There is Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto who has around 1 million BTC at Today's prices this would Place Satoshi At the top spot with around 26 billion But we don't really know his real Identity or in fact if he is even a he At all so he or she is off the list then There also are a few honorable Dimensions like the founders of the nft Marketplace openc Devin fitzger and Alex Atlier who were each worth over 2 Billion last year but their wealth Hasn't been updated on the Forbes list So they don't make the cut Nfts also haven't exactly had a great Year so that's really no surprise Also ethereum's co-founder metallic Buterin has been on many crypto Billionaire lists in the past but he's Surprisingly not on the Forbes list Maybe that's why he's been selling eth Recently we also had a few people drop Abruptly from the rich list of 2022. the First of these was song Shi Hong who is

The founder of dunamoo which owns update The South Korea's top crypto exchange Last year Sheehan was worth more than 3.7 billion dollars now he is out of the Billionaires club with a paltry at 950 Million we also had Sam bagman freed who Was worth 24 billion dollars last year According to Forbes But since the implosion of his exchange FTX he is now in a Detention Center a Waiting trial on four charges in New York Slightly cheaper accommodation in the Bahamas Penthouse that he used to reside In Gary Wang ftx's CTO is also in the Billionaires club last year but this Year unsurprisingly he is not I'm sure we're forgetting a few names And if you want to try and complete the List of the 22 billionaires I'll leave a Few resources in the description below Now let's move on to the second part of The report Hanley and partners have Created a so-called crypto adoption Index this index uses hundreds of data Points in an effort to really determine The most crypto friendly countries it Ranks countries across six key Parameters namely public adoption Infrastructure adoption Innovation and Technology regulatory environment Economic factors and of course tax Friendliness in total the report comes

Up with 22 crypto-friendly hubs because We all enjoy a good listical I'll lay Out the top 10. for chisels and giggles And this time I'll count up from 10. if You want to check out the full 22 you Can find the whole report in the Description below So at number 10 we have Malaysia with a Review that sounds like every child's Score report card it has potential must Try harder It has a rapidly grown crypto community And is in the early stages of creating a Regulatory framework one to watch for The future Next there's Malta the so-called Blockchain Island it has low public Adoption but a lot of potential with and I quote infrastructure adoption and tax Friendliness malta's Peak blockchain Bubble was in 2018 after the government Launched a new blockchain-friendly Regulations and the malta digital Innovation Authority Mida A little fun fact Malta was a place that I called home for quite a few years and It still has a lot of crypto folk in Residence Next Canada takes the eighth spot it's In top 10 for crypto adoption and has Well-established infrastructure for Crypto exchanges according to the report But its policies are described as Cautious when it comes to crypto

Next we have the UK which I'll dedicate A few more words to because it used to Be home of the coin Bureau on the one Hand is noted in a separate report by Hanley and partners the UK used to be And I quote one of the world's top Destinations for migrating Millionaires And for many years from 1980 all the way Through to 2010 however from 2017 I.E 6 Months after the brexit referendum to 2022 the UK has and I quote lost Approximately 12 500 more High net worth Individuals than it gained throughout Migration and is expected to lose Another 3200 millionaires to migration In 2023 That's bad news for the UK on the plus Side the financial service and markets Act that was introduced earlier this Year actually provides the UK with Regulatory Clarity when it comes to Crypto assets moreover prime minister Rishi sunak has stated that he wants the UK to become a crypto Hub so maybe just Maybe some of the wealth will flow back To the UK in the future moving on and Taking six spot is Australia while it Ranks low in terms of tax friendliness The land down under has strong scores For infrastructure adoption and Innovation and Technology providing its Stance as a contender in the global Sphere good on you might In this spot we have the USA the land of

The free is home to Major crypto firms Has strong adoption levels excellent Infrastructure and some of the best Mines in the crypto Biz surprisingly its Score for regulatory environment is high I say surprisingly because the SEC is Filing lawsuits left right and Center Accusing top exchanges and crypto Companies offselling unregistered Securities Four years there have been calls in the US for more regulatory Clarity and Warnings that if legislators don't Clarify the rules major crypto Businesses will move abroad to score the U.S high on regulatory environment Suggests someone was either smoking Something weird or having a bit of a Laugh Anyway in four spot we have Hong Kong Unlike mainland China where crypto is Essentially banned Hong Kong is working Hard to become a top crypto Herb in June Hong Kong's government established a Task force to promote the development of Web 3. it also has recently been awarded Licenses to crypto exchanges Hadley and partners score it high in Terms of tax friendliness economic Factors and Innovation and Technology So next we get into the metal category And the bronze medal goes to the Columbia's new home the United Arab Emirates or the UAE the UAE gets full

Marks when it comes to tax friendliness If you want to learn more about this Then you are in luck as we have a Dedicated video on the topic which You'll find below Beyond tax the report commends the Country for offering high levels of Economic stability I have to say the Crypto Community here is as strong as it Gets there's literally a crypto or web 3 Event every day here once the Temperature starts to step below 1000 Degrees Celsius Second up whether it's Rolling Hills Chocolate Delights and secretive Bankers We have Switzerland while public Adoption of crypto is low it's 3.9 out Of 10. when it comes to the other Indicators Switzerland is doing well the Big plus for Switzerland as the report Notes is the well-established crypto Infrastructure robust legal framework Reputation for privacy and security as Well as its unique blend of traditional Finance strength and cutting-edge Innovation Also it's important to note that many Crypto firms including ethereum cardano And Tesla's Foundation are registered in Sug a small town also known as the Crypto Valley Finally a Dremel please the gold medal Goes to Singapore the Island state Nestled in Southeast Asia takes the top

Marks because as the report mentions its Government cooperates closely with banks Businesses and the public to optimize The development of crypto in the sector And this is true the country's main Regulatory body the monetary authority Of Singapore or Mas has done a great job Combining customer protection with the Ease of doing business There are a huge and growing number of Crypto firms in the country as well as Top crypto events moreover crypto Adoption in Singapore is high according To a 2021 study 43 of singaporeans own Crypto it's likely the figure has Increased since then but it's the Country's zero percent capital gains Taxes that have really set Singapore Apart according to the report authors They give it 10 out of 10 on taxation So there you have it two Less in one Video we really do spoil you don't we Now let us know what you think about the Report's findings are you surprised by The number of crypto millionaires should Someone have been added to the crypto Billionaires list and what about the Crypto hubs some big crypto cities like Berlin and Lisbon were not in the top Ten so what are your thoughts on that And what is life like as a crypto hodler Where you live I would love to hear from You in the comments now if you like this Video and learn something from it please

Like it and share it and make sure You're both subscribed to coinbiro and Also coin Bureau clips also I highly Recommend you to head over to the coin Bureau steel page where you can find Some of the best discount deals and the Nicest crypto merch in the industry it Helps support our Channel and lets us Continue to provide you with the best Crypto content out there thank you for Watching and I'll see you next time Thank you [Music]


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