Have You Seen This CRYPTO REPORT!? Here’s What It Says!

The crypto Market has been crazy lately And everyone has been trying to make Sense of it one of the best analyzes I've seen so far comes from a recent Report by cointelegraph research it Breaks down everything that's been going On in the crypto Market recently and it Even includes forecasts for crypto Niches like Venture Capital gaming and Crypto stocks so today I'm going to Summarize This research report and tell You what it says about where the crypto Market could be headed next this is a Video you do not want to miss The report I'll be summarizing today is Titled quote Bulls remain hopeful as Market moves sideways it was published By cointelegraph research earlier this Month and I'll leave a link to it in the Description Note that cointelegraph's director of Research will be speaking at our Upcoming conference in London and you Can find a link to tickets for the event In the description as well Now the report begins with a few key Highlights and an assessment of what Phase the crypto Market is currently in The authors note that the medium-term Expectations of participants have Started to turn more bullish despite the Patchy price action note that too much Bullishness would be a bad sign as for The highlights the authors note that BTC

Is still up around 70 year to date D5 Has been volatile brc20 tokens and Ordinals nfts on bitcoin will likely Increase minor revenues the open Interest for Bitcoin options on the CME Hit a record high crypto VC investment Is up almost 200 the nft market is Getting wrecked the number of game fire Users is growing crypto Miner clean Spark has purchased 45 000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs and JP Morgan is working on Digital Securities Lending oh Now the most noteworthy highlight is the Record levels of open interest for Bitcoin options on the CME this is Bullish because it suggests that there's Significant institutional interest in Crypto however it's also somewhat Bearish because it suggests that Institutions don't want direct exposure This makes sense considering that crypto Exchanges stable coins and other Fiat to Crypto on and off ramps have been facing Extreme regulatory scrutiny in the United States Large crypto market makers have also Pulled back meaning that investing Directly would result in lots of Slippage for institutional size trades In any case as you can see the authors Also created a sort of score for the Market The score is from one to five with one Being a high risk state which is

Obviously bearish and five being a Healthy state which is obviously bullish The crypto Market itself currently has a Score of 3.2 which is of course a Cautionary phase Now the first part of the report is About btc's recent price action the Authors note that the macd indicator on Btc's daily chart suggests that its Price will go higher in the short term Funnily enough you can see a clear Divergence between btc's price and the Macd this suggests a medium-term Reversal now this ties into the author's Forecast which was surprisingly tame They note that BTC will see quote Limited volatility in the short term Something that was invalidated the week After the report was published BTC Crashed by almost 10 percent it's not Their fault though crypto prices are Unpredictable If you want to know our forecast for BTC And the crypto Market you can check out Our video about whether the crypto bull Market is back using the link in the Description speaking of the recent BTC Crash the author's on-chain analysis Reveals that most of the selling we saw During the 10 crash in April and the Subsequent 10 crash in May came from Newer BTC holders this makes sense Considering newer investors have weaker Hands can't stomach a measly 10

Correction hmm Anyways the second part of the report is About defy the first thing that stuck Out to me was that tron's D5 protocols Apparently have almost 2.5 million Active users despite having a total Value locked that's almost 10x less than Ethereum's D5 protocols the user count There was just north of 150k The authors focus on the fact that there Was lots of uncertainty about what Impact ethereum's chappella upgrade Would have on eth some of you may recall There was no shortage of headlines about The billions of dollars of eth waiting To be unstaked and presumably sold in The end eth pumped by four percent The authors also noted that D5 Protocols Are starting to make use of zero Knowledge proof scaling Solutions such As ZK sync in order to save on fees the Tvl of zksync supported protocols has Already hit 125 million dollars to put Things into perspective zksync was first Introduced back in March two months ago This ties in to the author's forecast Which is positive for D5 however they Note that macroeconomic factors could Have a quote significant impact on defy This month it's not entirely clear which Factors the authors are referring to but I suspect it has to do with competition For yield from U.S bonds if I'm correct We could see interest in defy increase

When the FED pauses and especially when It starts to lower interest rates it Just so happens that Defy is one of the Crypto categories that we have our eye On for the next bull market and you can Find out what the others are using the Link in the description Anyhow the third part of the report is About Bitcoin mining which is a bigger Deal than you think if you watched our Video about when the bottom of the Crypto bear Market will be you'll know That the Bitcoin mining hash rate tends To Fall by around 50 percent near the BTC bottom this hasn't happened in fact The Bitcoin hash rate has continued to Hit all-time highs This probably has something to do with All the fees that brc20 tokens and Ordinals nfts are creating for Bitcoin Miners this is something the authors Take note of and they say that the fees Being generated aren't that significant Yet but could be soon As bullish as that is the author's own Analysis forecasts a decline in hash Rate that's because they note that Intel Has announced that it will stop Manufacturing Bitcoin mining Rigs and Texas recently passed a law that limits Incentives for Bitcoin miners they note That one Miner has already shut down as A result the author's actual forecast Says the same thing BTC prices close to

30k have given them some quote much Needed relief but the competition is Intense and badly managed miners could Go out of business I'll add that the Mining difficulty has also increased the Break-even price is now close to 20K Anywho the fourth part of the report is About regulations the authors note that U.S politicians are preparing stablecoin Regulations which we covered in a recent Video and that the G20 is working on a Global crypto framework they also touch On the eu's mica crypto regulations Which were finally passed just recently I'll quickly note that the financial Stability board or FSB will be releasing Global crypto regulation recommendations This summer for context the FSB is an Unaccountable and unelected organization Closely aligned with U.S interests and It looks like its recommendations will Be very anti-crypto Now what's awesome is that the authors Provide an amazing visualization of Mica's key Provisions the most important One is that D5 protocols will not be Regulated so long as they are Sufficiently decentralized unfortunately The EU seems to be working on D5 Specific regulations too make no mistake Crypto regulations are required for the Next crypto bull run to begin luckily There are many places that are in the Process of passing Pro crypto

Regulations and not just the EU The authors note this in their forecast These crypto regulations will increase Crypto's legitimacy and I couldn't help But notice that the authors provided a Score for each of these crypto niches Surprisingly the scores for Bitcoin defy And Mining were all four out of five not Surprisingly the score for regulation is Two and this makes me wonder what Categories 5 and 1 look like in the eyes Of the authors On that note the fifth part of the Report is about derivatives which the Authors put down as a three out of five They reiterate that the cme's Bitcoin Option Futures have hit record levels of Open interest they also note that the Annualized basis yield for BTC suggests That investors are becoming more Uncertain for reference the BTC Annualized basis yield quote represents The cost or benefit of holding a long Position in Bitcoin Futures and can Provide insight into the market Sentiment of Futures Traders as you can See this yield has been declining Signaling a potentially bearish Short-term trend This relates to the author's forecast Wherein they note that bullish Traders Are betting on btc's price to be 32k at The end of May and bearish Traders are Betting on btc's price to be 25k at the

End of May specifically the 26th of May The authors note that these were the Same targets Traders had last month Now I'd be remiss if I didn't mention All the volatility that's being caused By leveraged trading these days if You've been keeping up with our weekly Crypto reviews you'll know that long Liquidations and short squeezes have Been primary drivers of price action in Recent weeks and this seems to be Getting worse what this means is that You need to be very careful when you're Trading and be aware of all the key Levels that your favorite cryptos could Go to if they pump or dump and if you Have no idea what key levels are I Suggest subscribing to coin Bureau Trading Dan will tell you everything you Need to know the link is up in the top Right Now the sixth part of the report is About venture capital or VC the authors Restate that VC investing went up by 170 In April totaling almost 900 million Dollars the breakdown of where all that Money went can be seen here While most of the deals were in defy Most of the money went to infrastructure The authors underscore a whopping 220 Million dollar investment in core weave A quote specialized cloud provider However it's not entirely clear if core Weave is a crypto project it doesn't

Seem to have a white paper or token but Ico drops notes that it will be selling An erc20 token soon take note In their forecast the author's cautioned That although the month-over-month Increase in VC investing is impressive It's not a trend this can clearly be Seen in the infographic they provide Crypto VC investing fell off a cliff Last year and hasn't yet recovered even So there's still lots of money being Thrown around The authors stress that crypto VC Investment is heavily dependent on macro Factors namely interest rates so long as The FED continues to keep rates High Speculative VC investing will be minimal And this further underscores the fact That the crypto projects raising money Now are very high quality take note I'll Also quickly note that the authors gave This crypto Niche a 4 out of 5 which Again begs the question of what a five Looks like now the seventh part of the Report is about nfts the authors note That quote there are concerns about the Nft market going into freefall hence the Two out of five rating their evidence For this free fall is the 65 decline in Nft sales and the 50 drop in active Wallets Oddly enough nft lending is up by 16 Degens The author cite the ongoing nft

Marketplace Wars and the lack of Excitement around the niche as two Possible reasons I would add a third and That's that most of these jpegs have no Actual value don't get me wrong some nft Collections do have value but most of Them will go to zero like most cryptos That said I must commend the nft niche For its relative resiliency most nft Collections have been holding up quite Well despite the declines over the last Year this begs the question of what Exactly happened that caused it to Collapse if you think you have an answer Drop a comment down below Now when it comes to the forecast the Authors have for nfts they say that nft Marketplaces will continue to Trend Downwards in terms of activity they also Argue that the size of the nft lending Sector isn't significant enough to Influence the rest of the nft market I'd Say it also invites regulatory scrutiny Say I wonder if that's why nft holders Are abandoning ship speculation aside The eighth part of the report is about Game fire which the authors give a three Out of five they note that the number of New crypto Gamers has been increasing With almost half a million newcomers in April however it's hard to ignore the Gradual decline in average monthly users The authors take note of this decline But also note that the market cap of

Gamefly cryptos has remained steady at Around 14 billion dollars they also Believe the decline could be partially Due to the decline in the nft market and Because only one new crypto game was Released in April I suppose that Explains it in terms of a forecast the Authors are neutral they note that there Doesn't seem to be any significant Development in the game fine Niche but That it also seems to be trending Sideways they expect the same to Continue for the foreseeable future I Imagine that assumes similarly neutral Crypto market conditions as a side note GameFly is another one of the crypto Niches that we're bullish on that's Because GameFly Taps into the Entertainment aspect of crypto adoption Which remains mostly untapped the thing Is that there are 2 000 GameFly titles Betting on the base layer blockchain Makes more sense or so they say Now the ninth part of the report is About crypto stocks the authors note a Bunch of updates about Argo blockchain Bit deer clean spark coinbase and Marathon digital they also note that Some crypto stocks outperformed BTC in March This is why they consider crypto stocks To be a leveraged bet on BTC boldly they Argued that crypto stocks have exited The 2022 crypto bear Market already

This is a bold claim because of all the Regulatory issues that these crypto Companies face and not just coinbase Bitcoin miner Marathon digital was Recently sued by the SEC 2. the authors Then discuss all the measures being Taken to restrict crypto mining in the United States and not just in Texas North Carolina Arizona and Arkansas are All introducing similar restrictions Never mind the Biden administration's Plans to tax Bitcoin miners into Oblivion in the name of ESG it seems That the authors also forgot to include A forecast for this crypto Niche but Their three out of five ratings suggests They remain neutral I reckon It Ultimately depends on which crypto Stocks we're talking about Bitcoin Mining stocks could continue to do well If BTC prices stay elevated and ESG Regulators stay away more about ESG in The description I digress And the final part of the report is About security tokens for those Unfamiliar security tokens are basically Tokenized Securities think tokenized Stocks art and even real estate Some of you might remember the so-called Sto boom that emerged not long after the Ico boom during the previous cycle bull Market memories aside the authors note That the total market cap of security Tokens has remained steady around 15

Billion dollars they note that INX is The primary platform where security Tokens are traded which is probably why I can't think of any others off the top Of my head might be something worth Covering The authors also note that interest in Security tokens is increasing around the World they discuss developments in Japan Liechtenstein and the UK I wouldn't say This is necessarily bullish though Because I presume the bank of England Doesn't want tokenized real estate to Trade on ethereum if you watched our Video about the future of finance that The central banks want to see you'll Know that they want to create their own Blockchains and tokenize all the assets In the economy including your ID the Moment this happens you will owe nothing And be happy because you won't even Notice What's scary is that real estate is the Largest category of security token and I Suspect this will continue to be the Case take a second to consider that if The ownership of your house is tokenized On a government blockchain then you Technically won't own it the government Will Scary indeed the authors give this Niche A three out of five and their forecast Notes that the security token industry Doesn't seem to be affected by

Developments in the crypto Market this Makes me wonder why they included it in This report I suspect the answer is that Someday all these assets will be Tokenized on crypto blockchains let's Hope so And that is about all for today's video Folks so if you enjoyed it let me know By Smashing that like button be sure to Bash that subscribe button too and ping That notification Bell so you don't miss The next one also take a second to share This video with your crypto friends and Crypto inclined family members If you happen to be in the market for a New exchange then the coin Bureau deals Page is where you should go we have Trading fee discounts of up to 60 and Bonuses of almost 40K all of that is Linked to below so thank you all for Watching and I'll see you next time Foreign [Music]


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