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One of the biggest differences between Cryptocurrency and the traditional Financial system is that cryptocurrency Is transparent all wallets balances and Transactions are publicly viewable by Anyone This transparency has made it possible To do elaborate on-chain analysis that Can reveal some very valuable Information and chainalysis recently Released a report with no shortage of Such info Today i’m going to give you a bit of Background about chain analysis report Summarize what it says in simple terms And tell you what it could all mean for The crypto market [Music] Before we explore the blockchain there’s Something i need to explain if you’re Here for financial advice i’m afraid That’s not something you’ll obtain Education and entertainment are the only Things this video contains please Contact a financial advisor if your Portfolio is looking lame Now if this is the first time you see This bloke my name is guy and some call Me the crypto pope I create crypto content whose quality is So high you can almost see the green Smoke Coins tokens news and reviews are just a Few of the topics i have for you to toke

If you’re already stoked subscribe to The channel and ping that notification Bell for more crypto dope okay that’s Enough of the intro jokes let’s look at This report and what it means for us Cryptofolk If you’ve never heard of chainalysis Before here’s what you need to know Chainalysis is the biggest blockchain Analytics company in cryptocurrency and Its job is to track cryptocurrency Transactions mostly for the purposes of Regulatory compliance Chain analysis claims it can track Almost every cryptocurrency out there The company is based in the united States and it’s been around since 2014. It has over 500 clients including most Cryptocurrency exchanges and has also Worked very closely with governments Around the world most notably the us Government now this might lead you to Believe that chain analysis is Anti-crypto but this doesn’t seem to be The case at all Besides holding btc on its corporate Balance sheet chain alice’s co-founder And chief strategy officer jonathan Levin has testified to u.s politicians In defense of cryptocurrency on many Occasions Q analysis being the biggest blockchain Analytics company also means that it has Become the de facto source of truth when

Governments have questions about Cryptocurrency and let’s just say it Seems to be more lenient in its Transaction tracking compared with other Blockchain analytics companies On that note you can find out exactly How they track transactions by watching Our video about the biggest blockchain Analytics companies which will be down In the description Now in addition to helping public and Private institutions keep track of Crypto transactions chanalysis regularly Provides in-depth research reports which Can provide some extremely valuable Information about specific Cryptocurrencies and the crypto market As a whole Today’s research report is titled quote The chanalysis state of web3 report Which gives an overview of the current State of cryptocurrency The report was released at the end of June and i’ll leave a link to the full Text in the description if you’re Interested note that you’ll have to Enter some personal information to Access the report blockchain analytics Companies eh All right enough jokes for one day i say Sit back and relax while i unpack this Crazy crypto report as always i’ll give You my thoughts as we go along The chain analysis report begins with a

Brief introduction where the authors Argue that all companies will eventually Become crypto companies and users will Access their services using browser Extension wallets like metamask What’s odd is that the authors note that Around eight percent of americans hold Cryptocurrency which is far off from the 20 statistic given during a recent Hearing about the future of Crypto-regulation in the united states Which we covered in another video That’ll be in the description of course The authors then talk about how crypto Will make it possible to cut the Middleman out of the equation notably Middlemen who make important decisions Such as who gets to have a mortgage The authors explain that algorithms will Decide this automatically instead and I’m not so sure how i feel about that The authors also explain how crypto will Make it possible for users to own and Have a say over the services they use With tokens and decentralized autonomous Organizations or dows which they see as Expanding to other crypto niches outside Of d5 before going mainstream When it comes to on-chain trends the Authors note that there continues to be Lots of interest in d5 despite the Crypto bear market that most transaction Volume is coming from smart contract Crypto currencies and that most of these

Transactions are related to stable coins As you can see the smart contract Related activities that are attracting The most transaction fees and transfers Are decentralized exchanges borrowing And lending protocols nfts Infrastructure related protocols and to A lesser extent daos Whereas d5 protocols and dows are Typically attracting experienced crypto Users and investors nfts seem to be the Gateway into crypto for new and Inexperienced users and investors the Authors know this because the wallets Interacting with nfts tend to be much Newer neat stuff The authors end the introduction by Calling on the crypto community to do Three things get as many new users into Cryptocurrency as possible make Decentralized applications and browser Extension wallets used to interact with Them more user-friendly and focus on Stuff like nfts that’s easy to grasp Challenge accepted Now the first part of the chain analysis Report concerns the largest layer 1 Crypto currencies and the authors begin By explaining that layer 1 crypto Currencies are those which are used to Pay transaction fees on their respective Blockchains so btc for bitcoin ether Ethereum and so on Speaking of ethereum the authors talk

All about the adoption it has seen from Both users and developers and correctly Point out that ethereum’s slow Transaction speeds and high fees have Resulted in the creation of multiple So-called ethereum killers including Solana and algorand What’s annoying is that the authors say Solana uses proof of history as its Consensus mechanism which isn’t Technically correct If you watched our video about crypto Consensus mechanisms you’ll know that Proof of history is a part of solana’s Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism take Notes folks The authors then pivot to comparing Bitcoin ethereum and algorand which is a Peculiar combination to say the least That’s because algorand hasn’t seen Nearly the same amount of adoption as The first two and the image here says it All it’s the number of unique active Wallet addresses on each blockchain At first i thought this peculiar Combination was because algorand might Have sponsored the report but apparently That’s not the case As such i suspect that it might just be The bias of the author or possibly a Subtle sign that algorand is a much Bigger deal than most crypto holders Believe Take notes indeed

Now the authors found that large Institutions have the biggest presence On ethereum that smaller institutions Have the biggest presence on bitcoin and That professional investors have the Biggest presence on algorand The authors also found that Institutional interest in bitcoin has Remained the same over the last year or So whereas it has declined slightly for Ethereum and declined significantly for Algorand Again this makes me wonder why this Trifecta of coins was chosen Not to go off on too much of a tangent But the authors note that the Institutional interest in algorand Started to decline sometime in september This happens to be around the time that Algorands accelerated vesting ended You can learn more about that using the Link in the description Anyways the authors then turn to Discussing the problems with ethereum And this is where they make another Minor mistake The author’s note visa can process 1500 Transactions per second when visa can Actually process closer to 65 000 Transactions per second as per its own Fact sheet i suspect that 1 500 figure Comes from the fact that visa processes An average of 1500 transactions per Second on any given day which is

Obviously nowhere close to the number of Transactions per second the visa network Can actually handle I digress Now aside from scalability the authors Take issue with ethereum’s high Transaction fees which are quote Virtually always at least 20 or more of The transaction cost The authors note that the only time Ethereum transaction fees compete with Legacy payment networks is when the Amount of crypto being sent is more than 500 in which case the transaction fee Accounts for around four percent of Total transaction on average which is Equivalent to most credit cards The authors also argue that ethereum’s Eip 1559 upgrade hasn’t done nearly Enough to increase the predictability of Transaction fees something the upgrade Was supposed to do They provide tables for ethereum Transaction fees before and after Eip1559 as proof and Well fair enough The authors then discuss a few ethereum Competitors starting with solano here They correctly note that proof of History is part of solana’s Proof-of-stake consensus Had me worried there What’s interesting is that it appears The authors reached out to solana’s

Developers to confirm its transaction Speed and the developers specified quote Transactions per second generally Between 1500 and 3500 with a maximum of 65 000 depending on transaction Complexity This suggests that solana’s max smart Contract transaction speed is lower than 65 000 which makes sense and something I’ll be sure to discuss when we cover Solana again you can find our most Recent update about the project in the Description Anyhow what’s also interesting is that The solana developers told the authors That the number of daily active users on Solana has increased by 40 Over the last three months which either Means that solana is handling the crypto Bear market very well or that solana Simply saw a temporary resurgence in Users The second ethereum competitor the Author’s cover is again algorand and What’s funny is the only thing they Really say is quote most transaction Volume for algorand is moving through Big centralized exchanges but its Staking rewards pool also sees Significant activity The third ethereum competitor the Author’s cover is bnb chain formerly Known as binance chain The authors note that quote bnb chain

Can’t be said to be fully trustless in The technical sense as it’s maintained By a centralized legally incorporated Business entity which is of course Binance This is something we mentioned in our Recent bnb update and the authors also Point to the fact that much of bnb Supply is held by the binance team as Evidence of centralization something we Also mentioned in our recent bnb update That is of course in the description by The way The fourth ethereum competitor the Author’s cover is avalanche and after Explaining how it works the authors note That most dapps on avalanche are related To defy something which ultimately Resulted in avax getting hit hard by Terror’s collapse more about that in the Description too The authors end this section by claiming That ethereum is unlikely to be Dethroned as the biggest smart contract Cryptocurrency anytime soon and even Claim that the current crypto bear Market could kill off most if not all of The so-called ethereum killers despite All the investment they’ve received Bold claim The second part of the report concerns Digital identity which is a term that Makes many crypto holders uncomfortable Including myself

The thing is that there’s such a thing As a decentralized digital identity that Allows users to maintain control of Their identity and is therefore much Less dystopian This seems to be the angle the authors Take when they talk about how browser Extension wallets like metamask could Become de facto digital identities in The future economy they also talk about Ethereum name service and the immense Value of its human readable wallet Addresses in this context The authors note that over 1.1 million Ens domains have been registered by over 400 000 unique ethereum wallets and as You can see most of these ens domains Were registered in just the last couple Of months The authors also applaud ens’s Integrations with the icann registry and Ipfs Now i honestly expected a bit more from This section especially since Decentralized digital identities will be Extremely important for cryptocurrency’s Evolution I was also expecting to see something About the soul-bound nfts proposed by Ethereum creator vitali buterin more About those In the description Anyhow the third part of the report Concerns defy and here the authors begin

By examining the exponential adoption of Decentralized exchanges or dexes As you can see dexes surpassed Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges Sexes by transaction fees in early 2021 And have maintained their lead since Then Not surprisingly the authors found that Transaction volumes on dexes and sexes Are closely related to the current state Of the crypto market with pumps Resulting in more transaction volume and Vice versa the authors note that sexes Have held up much better during the Recent slump which is also not Surprising The authors also note that 85 percent of All dex transaction volume is coming From just five dexes which is once again Not all that surprising though it is Annoying that the authors don’t specify Which dexes these are It’s a similar story for sexes with 50 Of all sex trading volume coming from The top sexes now get your minds out of The gutter guys this is crypto not Amsterdam Now the authors take this discrepancy as Evidence that the dex game seems to be More of a winner takes all arrangement And they suspect that this might have to Do with the lack of liquidity in the Crypto market Obviously nobody wants to trade on the

Decks with lots of slippage so users Stick to the same ones The authors then measured the Profitability of providing said Liquidity on these dexes for users to Trade with and what’s frustrating is That they don’t specify how much the Average lp has been earning just the Total amount for all lps which is quote Fluctuated between 50 and 100 million Dollars The authors end this section by Speculating on whether dexes will Continue to lead in terms of transaction Fees and they argue that it all boils Down to three things whether dex fees Can stay low whether they can survive Regulations and whether they can Convince investors that they’re super Safe Now as many of you will know surviving Regulations is code for becoming fully Decentralized and you can find out Exactly what that means using the link In the description Moving on The fourth part of the report concerns Defy again but this time the authors Focus on lending and staking A footnote on this page specifies that This section doesn’t have to do with Centralized lending and staking with Platforms like celsius that part comes Later what’s odd is that the authors

Include staking on proof of stake Cryptocurrencies in this section even Though it’s not exactly related to d5 In any case the authors begin by Showcasing the largest cryptocurrencies By staked value these are solana cardano And ethereum’s beacon chain Once upon a time Terror was second but let’s not bring up Too many painful memories that part Comes later too yay Now the authors then provide this Amazing infographic which shows you the Staking rewards associated with some of The largest proof-of-stake Cryptocurrencies as you can see the Larger the cryptocurrency the lower the Staking reward The authors believe this is because of The lower risk these larger cryptos Carry The authors also take a second to talk About lido finance’s staked eth or st Eth and how its misuse in borrowing and Lending protocols quote turns what by Design is a relatively low risk asset Into a high risk one more about lido Finance in the description After quickly explaining how borrowing And lending protocols work the authors Reveal that the amount of crypto being Sent to borrowing and lending protocols Actually increased significantly at the End of may though something tells me

This has to do with all the loans Borrowers were paying back The authors point out that ave has Remained the most popular borrowing and Lending protocol which really makes me Wonder why they didn’t label the dexes They mentioned earlier because naming Names doesn’t seem to be an issue here In any case the authors also found that Around 84 percent of crypto borrowed From protocols like rv is sent to other D5 protocols with around 38 percent Going to decentralized exchanges The authors correctly point out that all This leverage can become a problem when The crypto market goes wonky As we’ve seen The fifth part of the chain analysis Report concerns decentralized autonomous Organizations or dows and this is the Part of the report that made the crypto Headlines That’s because fewer than one percent of Token holders hold 90 percent of the Voting power across the 10 dows the Authors analyzed which are presumably The biggest ones Obviously that is not exactly Decentralized nor is it a good thing for The crypto projects these dows are for Now the authors don’t note which dows They’re talking about here either but a Few come to mind most notably the dow For decentraland where a whale rejected

A series of governance proposals that Were passing between the time we shot Our last update on the project and the Time we uploaded it pretty wild What’s worse is that the authors found That the governance requirements of the 10 dows they analyzed are out of reach For the average crypto holder with a Proposal requiring between 0.1 And 1 of a token’s circulating supply to Be tabled And requiring one to four percent of a Token circulating supply to pass as a Result there are only a handful of dow Participants that have the power to Table and pass proposals which is no Good for decentralization As the authors point out quote there are Several trade-offs at play here if too Many holders can create a proposal the Average proposal’s quality may fall and The dow may be riddled with governance Spam but if too few can the community May come to feel that decentralized Governance rings false The authors even go as far as to explain What recently happened with solend one Of solana’s largest d5 protocols the Tldr there is that a single solend whale Voted to take away the funds of a solana Whale who was close to being liquidated On the platform a proposal which was Reversed the very next day Now while there are many different types

Of dows for defy nft collections grant Protocols play-to-earn games venture Funds charities and virtual worlds the Dows for d5 protocols hold more than Eighty percent of all the money held by All dows with nearly eight billion Dollars in crypto What’s fascinating is that the most held Cryptocurrency by dows is the usdc Stablecoin with nearly 60 of dows Holding the de facto digital dollar However only a small percentage of them Hold most of their treasuries in usdc With the average dow treasury having up To 10 exposure to usdc The authors speculate that the limited Use of these massive treasuries boils Down to regulatory uncertainty and the Legal status of dows which makes sense Another thing that makes sense is the Fact that most of the funds going into Dow treasuries are coming from advanced Crypto users with more than 80 percent Of dow funds coming from d5 protocols Now the authors end this section by Expressing their excitement about the Future of daos and highlighting the fact That we all have a front row seat to see Their evolution over the coming years I happen to believe dows could Eventually replace governments and you Can learn about that using the link down Below Anywho the sixth part of the report

Concerns nfts and the authors begin by Pointing out that nft related Transactions have fluctuated Significantly since 2021 and actually Appear to be in a long-term uptrend Despite the recent drop-off in nft Interest What’s insane is that 37 billion of Crypto has been sent to nft marketplaces Since the start of the year To put things into perspective 40 Billion dollars of crypto was sent to Nft marketplaces across all of 2021. Sounds to me like the crypto bear market Hasn’t hit nfts yet Another indicator in this regard is the Number of active nft buyers and sellers Which likewise remains insanely high Despite the crypto bear market what’s More is that this number continues to Grow but it may be because long time nft Holders are coming back to capitalize on Some of their gains if any What’s interesting is that most nft Holders and traders come from central And southern asia with africa coming in Close second Now i suspect this has to do with Play-to-earn games like axi infinity Which are extremely popular in countries Like the philippines you can learn more About axi infinity using the link in the Description Now given the locations of most nft

Holders and traders it should come as no Surprise that most are classified as Retail according to chain analysis’s Criteria When looking at this nft data in terms Of transaction value it’s clear to see That most of the actual trading volume Is coming from nft collectors with a Surprisingly small amount coming from Institutional investors The authors note that institutional Activity in nfts hit its peak of 74 in October last year because of the board Ape yacht club Note that the authors define Institutional as more than 100k in value Which is why lots of board yacht club Activity corresponds to large Institutional readings those apes are Pricey The authors end this section with a Screenshot of google search trends for Nfts in the united states which shows a Big drop-off in interest and a question Of whether the nft niche will be able to Attract the same amount of interest in The future now the fact that the authors Used search trends from the united States is a bit suspect because when you Look at global search trends for nfts It’s clear to see that interest in this Crypto niche has completely fallen off a Cliff Looks like the authors needed a bit of

Copium The seventh part of the report concerns Two nft related niches which are of Course metaverses and blockchain gaming The authors begin by dropping a Bombshell and that’s that the cost of Land in metaverse worlds has increased By almost 9x since september 2019 and Continues to rise The authors attribute this to the fact That like real life real estate virtual Land can be monetized they note access To private events and exclusive Communities as the primary reason why The virtual land bubble continues to Grow There’s also the prospect of leasing Land in the future Now if you’re wondering where the most Expensive virtual land can be found the Authors have got you covered with this Useful infographic as you can see board Ape yacht club’s other deeds Decentraland and the sandbox take the Lead with four-figure starting prices What’s interesting is that most virtual Landowners don’t seem to hold on to Their parcels for too long save for a Few exceptions As you might have guessed this is likely Because virtual landowners are big fans Of flipping their parcels for a profit i Suppose there’s not much else you can do With it at the moment

The authors then discuss the possibility Of all these metaverse worlds becoming Interoperable including with those Created by centralized tech giants such As meta and microsoft the authors cite The recently formed metaverse standards Forum as proof that this is on the cards But something tells me this setting of Standards by centralized tech giants is Meant to cut crypto out of the equation Rather than integrate with it The authors also state that the success Of these metaverse worlds ultimately Depends on the quality of the hardware Used to interact with them virtual Reality and augmented reality headsets Will be critical in driving adoption and The authors note that the growth on that Front has been close to exponential As for blockchain gaming the authors Highlight the fact that blockchain Gaming activity has increased by more Than 20x over the last year and if you Watched our recent video about Cointelegraph’s nft and metaverse report You’ll know that most of this figure is Coming from axi infinity The authors then go through a thought Experiment of what it would be like for A centralized gaming giant to get Involved in blockchain gaming and they Guesstimate just how much money these Gaming companies and their gamers could Make by incorporating things like nfts

Short answer quite a bit Unfortunately the authors don’t Elaborate too much more about blockchain Gaming and instead end the section by Not so subtly revealing that they are Working with gaming giants to Incorporate cryptocurrency for their Blockchain aspirations If you’re curious about the top Blockchain games out there today you can Check out our video about that using the Link in the description and now back to The report The eighth part of the report concerns Every crypto holder’s favorite topic and That’s safety and compliance Now as i mentioned earlier chain Analysis seems to be pretty tame when it Comes to these kind of topics case in Point one of the first sentences says Quote operators in the industry Associated with that technology need to Work to stamp out abuse by bad actors Sometimes with the help of the public Sector sometimes is the key word here And i take it as a suggestion that Crypto can regulate itself The authors then present one of my Favorite statistics in cryptocurrency And that’s that just 0.15 of cryptocurrency transactions are Related to illicit activity the authors Acknowledge this amazing statistic but Stress that there’s still some shady

Stuff going on in d5 specifically Hackers trying to get their stolen Crypto out and money launderers trying To make their ill-gotten crypto clean as Many of you will know most of the hacks In crypto have been perpetrated against D5 protocols though it should be noted That it’s not clear whether the authors Include flash loans in these statistics In my opinion using flashlights is not a Form of hacking it’s a form of Admittedly extreme arbitrage In any case what’s crazy is that most of The hackers appear to be from north Korea with the hermit kingdom acquiring Over 840 million dollars in crypto since The start of the year their most Lucrative year yet now this is pretty Concerning because north korea is using This money to fund its weapons research As for money laundering defy is the Go-to for those folks too with nearly 70 Percent of crypto laundering being done With d5 protocols this year so far What’s funny is that nfts aren’t noted As a money laundering option here if you Watched our video about nfts and money Laundering you’ll know that it seems to Be a lot more prevalent than chain Analysis is apparently able to detect Coincidentally the next subsection Mentions nfts but it focuses on wash Trading which by chanalysis’s own Account hasn’t been all that profitable

For its perpetrators The ninth part of the report concerns Another exciting topic and that’s Mitigating financial risk In all seriousness this section is Extremely interesting because it’s Enormously relevant to all the stuff That’s been happening lately you know Three hours capital going under celsius Apparently being insolvent voyager Digital declaring bankruptcy all that Fun stuff The authors begin by pointing out that Crypto has become highly correlated with Tech stocks and that’s something i spent A lot of time talking about in our Recent video about how low the crypto Market could go that is of course in the Description if you missed it Now the authors take this correlation as A sign that cryptocurrency is starting To mature as an asset class since the Correlation suggests that btc and even Many altcoins are finding their way into Institutional portfolios I reckon we touched on that earlier the Authors then explain how Cryptocurrency’s transparency makes it Superior to the traditional financial System during market downturns because You can see exactly who’s getting Wrecked on chain and what effects this Could have on other investors and Projects in the ecosystem

The authors argue that the reason why The crypto bear market has been so Brutal is because of defy though i would Push back against that a bit as btc’s Volatility is roughly where it should be Relative to tech stocks The evidence for the author’s argument Is that the number of d5 protocols along With the amount of money they received Ballooned during the bull market Prepping the stage for a big pop On the c5 side the authors believe that Crypto platforms like celsius were Pushed to offer even higher returns on Crypto to continue adding new users and In the middle of a crypto market Meltdown this meant looking for riskier And riskier ways to earn the yield they Needed behind the scenes The authors actually managed to figure Out exactly what these crypto platforms Were doing to earn this extreme yield on Chain and yield generating strategies Related to lending came in at close to 40 percent in the second quarter of this Year That is more or less consistent with What we found in our analysis of Celsius’s sudden decline and you can Find that video In the description The authors end this section by Appropriately noting quote some projects That were hastily built or services that

Didn’t properly manage risk will fail And that’s a natural process for any new Technology or industry Instead of calling for the regulation of Defy the authors call on regulators to Look closer at centralized crypto Platforms and understand how they’re Using defy to assess whether they’re Operating in a way that’s truly in the Best interests of their users are men to That The 10th 10th 10 part the 10th part of the chain Analysis report concerns terror’s Collapse which i’m sure you’re all sick Of hearing about but trust me when i say You want to hear this On the 7th of may terror withdrew ust From curve finances 3 pool in Preparation for migration to the 4-pool This reduced the liquidity in the 3-pool Which made it easier for someone to move Ust’s price below its one dollar peg Note that the timing of this three-pool Withdrawal was not publicly known three Minutes later two traders dumped ust Into the three pool the first swapping 85 million ust for usdc and the second Swapping 100 million ust for usdc This pushed ust below its peg and ust Holders started to panic as the crypto Market was already in a general decline Although the authors don’t mention this Celsius was actually the first mover

After ust fell below its peg it pulled Half a billion dollars of ust out of Anchor protocol out of caution in order To protect its users funds but this Caused even more panic in the markets Leading to a sell-off of both luna and Ust What the authors do mention is the Extensive recovery efforts that were Taking place at the same time Three unknown whales deposited 480 Million of tethers usdt into the three Pool to try and stabilize ust’s price in The three days that followed On the fourth day terra’s luna Foundation guard emptied the clip of its Billions in btc reserves but it was just Barely enough to prop up ust’s peg until The next day when it completely lost its Peg and began its death spiral down to Zero along with luna it’s certainly nice To see yet another confirmation of what We discovered on our end about terra’s Collapse and you can find out what we Found using the link in the description Now after explaining the difference Between algorithmic crypto Collateralized and fiat-backed stable Coins the authors admit that there isn’t All that much on-chain evidence to Suggest that tera’s collapse caused the Crypto market crash that was going on at The time The authors believe it’s more than

Likely that btc’s correlation with tech Stocks was the primary factor since tech Stocks were simultaneously on the Decline while luna became a lunk Even so the authors don’t doubt that Tera’s collapse did damage to the crypto Market recall that avalanche was hit Hard The authors even have some on-chain Evidence to this effect as they found That quote hundreds of billions more Stable coins than usual were sold for Cash which is odd given that the market Caps of all stable coins combined isn’t That large probably a typo In any case quote redemptions peaked Across all stablecoins algorithmic and Asset-backed This suggests that the collapse scared Many investors away from stablecoins Altogether not just those of a certain Class The authors acknowledged that usdt Briefly fell below its peg but managed To regain it after it processed 13 Billion of usdt redemptions crazy how These massive figures are just normal in Crypto The authors conclude the report with Quote ust’s collapse may pose a threat To consumer confidence in the short term And serve as a legislative catalyst in The long term but it’s unlikely to stop The growth of responsible innovation in

The industry Fortunately thanks to blockchain’s Transparency we can learn from these Incidents educate others and continue to Build trust in cryptocurrency So this brings me to the big question And that’s what this report means for Cryptocurrency In short it’s a sign that the crypto Market isn’t in nearly as bad of a shape As crypto prices would have you believe On chain activities suggest that the Fundamentals for cryptocurrency continue To improve even in newer crypto niches Like nfts and d5 Not only that but this report was Published in the middle of the crypto Bear market obviously this report isn’t Exactly meant to be read by regular Folks like you and me it’s something That’s meant for more private and public Institutions and experienced investors The fact that chanalysis wrote this Report suggests there’s still lots of Demand for this kind of crypto content From these entities and that’s pretty Damn bullish if you ask me Either that or it’s a sign that the Regulators are coming in and chanalysis Is trying to put out some positive info To prevent a crackdown but let’s not Jinx it On that note i want to take a second to Give a shout out to chainalysis for

Putting together such an incredible Report Critical comments aside this information Is extremely valuable to everyone who’s Involved in crypto and i cannot wait to Cover the next one And that is all for today’s video about Chain alice’s massive crypto report if You found it as interesting as i did Smash that like button to let them know If you plan on coming back for more Massive crypto report summaries Subscribe to the channel and ping that Notification bell down below If you’re looking for more from me you Can check out our second channel called Coin bureau clips and our podcast called You guessed it the coin bureau podcast Where do i come up with these names I’m also active on twitter tiktok and Instagram and i provide detailed crypto Market updates multiple times a day on Telegram If you’re wondering which cryptos i hold My weekly newsletter is where you should Go it’s also where i explain how the Crypto market might ebb and flow and What topics i’m planning on covering in Future videos Last but certainly not least take some Time to check out the coin bureau merch Store and see if there’s anything that Suits you for the summer You can find your way to all of these

Resources and more using the links down In the description Thank you all so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one until then Stay cool stay safe and Stay crypto [Music] You


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