Hands-on with DJI’s Osmo Mobile 3

Foreign [Music] Friends here at TechCrunch again this Time DJI sent us the osmo mobile 3 Gimbal to try out for a couple weeks While the ant took hers out to Europe I Tested mine out here in the Bay Area With my friend Steely and we went Skating here are a few things we liked And didn't like about the osmo mobile 3. [Music] The first thing we noticed about the Third generation gimbal was that it was Foldable lightweight and compact it fits Right in your fanny pack wait what Balancing it was quick and easy and we Were able to mount the moment anamorphic Lens on our phones without needing a Counterbalance on the back you have the Record button the M button that lets you Shift between modes like video and photo Landscape and portrait and also doubles Up as the on and off switch on the side Is a slide it lets you zoom in and out And on the front is a trigger button That multi-functions from tracking a Subject in the middle of the frame Switching from front facing camera to Selfie mode and putting you in sports Mode for fast moving subjects [Music] The gimbal of the interface is simple And intuitive once you get your muscle Memory down with all the different

Functions it was a cinch to use although It's a solid mobile phone gimbal for Basic stuff there's room for improvement Balancing the phone was easy but we had Some issues balancing it with the Anamorphic lens a DJI rep told us a Counterweight wouldn't be needed for the Moment lens but we had to shift the Phone a bit to adjust for the lenses Weight which sometimes cause the clamps To press down on the phone's buttons and Capture a screenshot or even worse Activate Siri [Music] The functions are great when they work But sometimes they just don't active Track doesn't work when you turn your Head away or if the subject just moves a Little too fast the memo app links up Quickly and easily to your phone via Bluetooth and includes a plethora of Features and settings there are certain Functions that we wish the app would Have like log and the ability to view a Frame stretched when using an anamorphic Lens or just the ability to adjust the View depending on which lens you use and Ultimately you're still limited to your Phone's camera capabilities quality is Still bad in low light settings with the IPhone 10 the front-facing camera selfie Mode is still unflattering and with a Fixed lens you're still zooming in and Out digitally which means your footage

Will get noisier the closer you zoom in [Music] With added tools like gesture control Story mode Hitchcock Dolly zoom and Hyperlapse the osmo 3 breaks up the Monotony of regular footage and makes Shooting more fun overall it's a great Hardware design upgrade for DJI a Feature-rich app and intuitive controls Make it easy to use it's a must-have for Content creators influencers and regular Folks for anal retentive video makers Like us we just needed a little bit more The osmo mobile 3 is available now for 119 and 139 for the combo which includes The grip tripod and the carrying case [Music] [Music] Foreign


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