Halos offers a home maintenance app

Foreign We are hellos and we are developing this Platform or app called Dobby Dobby is a Year driven zero touch and fully digital Home Maintenance app for homeowners and We are primarily targeting single-family Homeowners so they are our users now Here is the unique part we are Distributing this platform through Property insurance companies so they are The buyers and why it is of critically Important problem for property insurance When we actually give you policy for the Homeowners we don't know what happened After that in your life how you maintain Your home what are the things that are Getting changed so for years we try to Solve this customer engagement problem And with Dobby we plan to like you know Solve that problem so homeowners they Are getting an app that will help them To Outsource all things Home Maintenance And the buyers the insurance side they Will get to do the customer engagement And get more data to build better Product and product prevention and all Those things so that's what we're doing So is there a monitoring element of of This and if so is it it tapping into Like cameras in the home to monitor a Property talk to me about the logistics And how this all breaks down yep Absolutely that's a great question so It's broken down into three parts the

Very first one is a preventive Maintenance so as insurance company Distribute this to their policyholders We start the engagement with someone Coming to your house and do our Inventory and the Home Maintenance Prevent preventive one almost going to a Dentist for an annual checkup and things Like that we get that property Inspection report and we then create a Short-term midterm and long-term goals For the homeowners so that's the first Piece preventive second one is the on Demand so what happens actually you Don't know when something may be broken Like in a water pipe or something like That you open the Dobby app and you Submit the request and we send a Handyman or plumber whatever needed to You in the next 24 hours so that's the Second phase third piece is what is your Actual question that is we are tapping Into Property Data with the data and Many different data sources applying Simple logic to Advanced machine Learning and telling people what to fix And when and that's kind of we're also Tracking who is regularly maintaining Their home and things like that the Smart home piece is there we are already Integrated with Google home and Samsung And over time we'll be adding more open API devices as such so if I understand That correctly just to wrap up the app

Itself is free you're making money Through Um an agreement through insurance Companies so are you working with any Insurance companies if so how many are On your network yep so we started last Year we launched the product and now we Are working with two insurance companies In the US one of the top five homeowners Insurance companies and in the Canada There is this large Mortgage Bank as Well as insurance company they are also Working with us so we are running two Pocs right now and hope to complete Those in the first next to quarter this Year in the following year Great thanks so much for joining me on Stage thank you


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