Globalism is COLLAPSING!! Watch This If You Want To Survive!!

Why do you invest in cryptocurrency why Why why chances are it's because you Believe that it's the only way you can Get ahead financially I want to be rich If that is the case then you should know It's not just you a growing number of People believe the only way to make Meaningful amounts of money is to take Massive risks with the little money they Have and this trend is only Accelerating that's why today we're Going to explain exactly what this Belief is where it came from the effects It's having when it will be addressed And how you can overcome these Dynamics In the Meantime now believe it or not but the Belief that you can only get ahead Financially by taking massive risks with The little money you have has a name Financial nihilism the term was coined By entrepreneur and podcaster Dimitri Kofinas and it's starting to become a Hot Topic particularly in crypto Dimitri's definition of financial Nihilism is actually different from what I just mentioned though in fact it's Even more accurate according to Dimitri Financial nihilism is basically the Belief or rather the realization that There is a disconnect between how much Something costs and how much it's Actually Worth Housing is a perfect Example there have been viral posts

Showcasing houses in cities like Toronto London Sydney and NYC that are worth Obscene amounts of money despite being Objectively low quality other viral Posts meanwhile have pointed out that These properties cost the same as Literal Castles another excellent example is the Stock market most stocks are worth Exponentially more than the revenues of Their Associated companies would justify And if we're honest this is even truer In crypto just consider that Dogecoin is Currently worth more more than the Warner Brothers media conglomerate and Yet the cost of housing keeps going up Stock prices keep going up and the value Of meme coins continues to increase not Only that but every time it looks like The bubble is about to burst governments And central banks step in to inflate it Again making the rich richer and the Poor poorer so this begs the question of Where this disconnect between price and Value came from from Dimitri's Perspective globalism seems to be the Answer now for the purposes of this Video you can think of globalism as Being an economic policy that operates On a global rather than a national scale In Practical terms this means Outsourcing operations from countries Where labor is expensive to countries Where labor is cheap in order to cut

Costs and maximize profits this has been Happening since the late 1980s and and It has had a profound impact on the World in ways which aren't always Evident at first glance for starters Globalism has caused the price of most Goods and some services to fall sharply Of course this has been good for the Average person because it's meant that They can buy more stuff than they could In the past it's also been good for Powerful people because they've been Able to make more money globalism has Also kept interest rates low Particularly in the West if you watched Our video about the man who predicted Everything that's because the countries That were exporting all the goods that Western countries were buying would use That money to buy Western Government Debt which had the effect of keeping Rates low obviously this too has been Good for the average person because it Means they've been able to borrow more But it's been even better for powerful People because they've been able to Borrow even more now whereas the average Person spend their borrowed money on Goods powerful people spent it on assets And this has had two significant effects The first was that it caused the prices Of assets the average person needs like For instance a house to rise faster than Their wages at the same time the prices

Of most Goods continued to fall due to Global Outsourcing the result is the Disconnect between assets and the Economy that we see today the second Effect this has had is an abnormal Concentration of wealth among a small Group of powerful people who have Benefited the most from globalization Hence why they're often referred to as Globalists now naturally most globalists Either lead or are very invested in the Largest global corporations Dimitri Noted in an interview that these Globalists have amassed enough money and Influence to create quasi governmental Structures that are even more Influential than democratically elected Governments the world economic Forum or We is an easy example and it's just one Of many such structures logically these Quazi governmental structures Fundamentally exist to serve the Interests of the globalists not the Average person the result is the Disconnect between the interests of the Average person and their governments Whose policies are ultimately dictated By globalist institutions and by the way Way if you're enjoying the video so far Be sure to smash that like button to Help others find it and subscribe to the Channel and ping that notification Bell So you don't miss the next One Alas poor yorck I knew him

Horatio a fellow of infinite Gest of Most excellent fancy he hath borne me on His back a thousand times and yet for All his Vitality he [Music] Knewthat fees Now your Exchange sign up bonuses of up To $60,000 wherefore art thy discounts on Hardware wallets Too if thou Hast only beheld the link in The description below how thou wouldst Have marveled at these Riches Alas poor Yorck I knew him a Ratio so now that we understand where This financial nihilism is coming from We can take a closer look at exactly What effects it's been having on society The markets Etc all this was detailed in A recent blog post by Travis King the CIO of crypto VC firm ikigai Asset Management who has helped popular ize The term Financial nihilism in his blog Post Travis underscores the fact that Financial nihilism goes hand inhand with Populism which he defines as the feeling That the powerful people are Disregarding the interests of the Average person notably this ties into to What I just mentioned about globalist Institutions and their agendas Travis

Also highlights what I mentioned earlier And that's that the best example to use When understanding where Financial Nihilism is coming from is to look at The cost of housing compared to median Income he notes that the median house Price is 7.5x more than the median income in the United States to put things into Perspective recent reports suggest that Owning a house is now unaffordable for 99% of Americans Travis correctly points Out that the monetary and fiscal Response to the pandemic was the Catalyst that put this disconnect into Overdrive and what's caused Financial Nihilism to increase to refresh your Memory roughly $5 trillion was spent on Pandemic stimulus at least according to Official statistics even though a lot of This money was handed out to the average Person most people went on to spend this Money at the mega corporations that Belong to the globalists news flash this Is why Universal basic income or Ubi Will never work the money handed out by The government will just flow back back Into the pockets of the globalists Something Dimitri has noted as well Meanwhile most small businesses were Forced to close their doors due to Pandemic restrictions if there was any Single policy decision that proved that Government policy is dictated by

Globalists shutting down small Businesses while keeping the big Businesses open during the pandemic is Undeniably the one anyways the outcome Of all the pandemic money printing is That the top 1% now hold more wealth Than the entire middle class I'll Reiterate that this increasing wealth Concentration has been the trend since The rise of globalism in the late 1980s Though it's accelerated in recent years And possibly by Design more about how Black Rock predicted the pandemic Response in the description I digress Now to drive the point home Travis Outlines two eye-opening statistics the First is that the total share of real Estate value is the lowest for Millennials when compared to other Demographic groups in other words when Other Generations were as old as Millennials are now they had a higher Share of real estate value the second Statistic looks at total household Wealth Travis notes that total household Wealth has increased by 7x since the 1980s yet Millennials only hold around 9% of that wealth by contrast Gen X has 1% and Boomers have 51% presumably Because they benefited the most from Globalization I'll repeat that globalism Was beneficial for the average person When it first began it resulted in lower Prices for goods while asset prices were

Still affordable as time went on however The real wages of the average person Stopped keeping Pace with the price of Assets due to the Outsourcing of Labor And asset acquisitions by globalists This can actually be seen in Travis's Comparison of median income versus the S&P 500 as you can see median income was Quite stable compared to the S&P 500 Between the late 80s and mid90s median Income then fell off a cliff during the 2001c bubble and again after the 2008 Financial crisis now given these dismal Facts and stats the natural question is What can you do about it well gives the Answer from a financial nihilist Perspective quote you take bigger risks You feel driven to take bigger risks to Try and leap frog from your Current Financial position mostly paycheck to Paycheck buying a home feels nearly Impossible saddled with student loans Salary increases not keeping up expense Increases to something more tenable so You gamble You Gamble to prove his point Travis pulls Up G gambling Revenue which is going up And to the right even more than Nvidia Stock as a matter of fact casinos in the US saw record levels of Revenue in 2023 Travis provides even more granular data Including the number of bets on specific Events like the Super Bowl he also

Provides data about zero day to expiry Options for those unfamiliar zero day to Expiry options effectively allow you to Bet on whether a stock will be higher or Lower at the end of the day Zero day to Expiry options make up 43% of all S&P Options volume a parabolic increase Since the pandemic interestingly Travis Argues that the average Financial Nihilist is doing all of this because They're aware of how unhinged fiscal and Monetary policy have become this is Interesting because it's unlikely that The average person is aware of these Macro factors they just know intuitively That something is wrong Travis then Introduces crypto into the equation Which he calls quote the Roman Coliseum For asset price and risk-taking Distortions that's because the Returns On some cryptos have been magnitudes Larger than any zero day to expiry Option or mem stock Travis provides a Few examples as proof then he proclaims That crypto is at its core a populist Movement quote a countercultural Movement a Young Person's movement Boomers don't get it it's our thing it's The one thing we can actually beat Boomers at so far Travis then makes a Very bold and somewhat scary prediction In short he predicts that the $ 53 Trillion of wealth that Boomers Currently hold will be passed down to

Millennials and that Millennials will Plow most of this money into crypto in The shorter term Travis predicts that This crypto cycle will showcase the most Degenerate Behavior we've ever seen to Date and so far his prediction has been Playing out perfectly with all kinds of Objectively worthless meme coins hitting Market caps in the billions of dollars It's honestly pretty terrifying to think That this is what most of the crypto Bull market will look like Travis's Advice is to give in and embrace it Rather than fight it though quote you Can wish that weren't the case you can Wish the crypto Market would be more Sound-minded more more sober more Focused on providing solutions to real Problems more rooted in reasonable Valuation methodologies less bubish but I believe those wishes will be left Ungranted now this would certainly Explain why our most viewed video so far This year is about how to find meme Coins however this assumes that the Causes of financial nihilism won't be Addressed well the large number of views Of videos about the we suggest the Awareness of these causes is rising fast This pertains to when the causes of all This financial nihilism will be Addressed if at all I'll start by Reminding you that the root cause of Financial nihilism is economic globalism

Now seeing as nationalism is the Opposite of globalism it stands to Reason then that the solution is some Kind of economic nationalism this s Sounds insane Until you realize that It's already happening the onshoring and Friend Shoring we keep hearing about is Essentially economic nationalism in Practical terms it means bringing back Most of the operations that had been Outsourced as part of globalism Regardless of the costs and therein lies The first problem regardless of the Costs it's easy to forget the key Benefit that globalism has had for the Average person most goods and some Services becoming cheaper because of Outsourcing operations like Manufacturing bringing all that back Will cause the prices of goods to rise And this will happen while the prices of Assets are peaking a double whammy for The average person if you think about it It's literally the reverse of what Happened when globalism began it's the Opposite of The Sweet Spot in the '90s When Goods prices were falling and Assets were still affordable conversely The transition towards nationalism will Be a sour spot where the prices of goods Will start to rise rapidly while assets Remain unaffordable the Silver Lining is That the wages for the average person Will eventually rise and some would say

That we're seeing the early signs of That but it also means that the amount Of money that the powerful people are Making will simultaneously start to come Down it goes without saying that they Don't want this to happen happen you Could go as far as to say that they Can't allow it to happen because they've Accumulated so much debt that they can't Pay back put differently the people in Power cannot allow the wages of the Average person to rise because it will Lower the amount of money they are Making they also can't allow interest Rates to rise because that will make the Debts they took on during the low Interest rate period of globalism Impossible to pay back now this explains Why globalists are obsessed with tech Technologies like AI it means they can Keep wages suppressed and continue Making money in an economically Nationalist environment it explains why They're obsessed with Technologies like Cbdcs it means they can control interest Rates and debts it also explains why Many of the nationalists that we've seen Elected around the world are affiliated With the we they're not actually Nationalists they're globalists with the Same agenda the craziest part is that The average person is starting to see This and it's further eroding the trust They have in institutions this is

Something Dimitri has stressed in his Interviews the biggest problem in Addressing Financial nihilism is the Fact that the trust in the institutions That are supposed to implement the Solutions is gone and that's because the Institutions themselves have become Corrupted by globalist interests this Means there's only one solution to the Cause of financial nihilism and and That's to create new institutions that Represent the interests of the average Person rather than the interests of the Globalists this process is likewise in Its early stages and it could be decades Before it fully plays out just like Globalism in its early days so this Brings me to the big question and that's How you can overcome these Dynamics in The meantime specifically how can you Manage the fact that asset prices are Likely to Peak while while the prices of Goods start to rise rapidly the answer Seems to depend on both time frame and Location in terms of time frame Travis's Prediction that this will be the most Speculative crypto Market cycle is so Far proving to be correct and will Likely continue to be he's also correct In saying that the crypto Market will Offer the highest returns of any Speculative asset class when you combine This with the fact that globalist Investors like Black Rock are also

Starting to get more involved in the Crypto Market you realize that crypto Likely offers the highest chances of Improving your financial situation in The next few years not Financial advice Just working off the framework if you Want to thrive financially in a Globalist environment you need to follow The lead of the globalists it's no Coincidence that people are starting to Copytrade the likes of Nancy Pelosi the Catch is that you need to get out of These Investments at the same time they Do or indeed earlier that is easier said Than done the awesome thing about crypto Is that all transactions are transparent And publicly viewable which means you Can watch what the so-called smart money Is doing in real time there have been Many cases where people identified mem Coins before they pumped by watching These transactions say did you know that A bunch of billionaires have been Selling stocks lately more about that in The description moving on Now I want to emphasize that this Strategy may only work for another few Years after that it's possible that we Will see a mass sell-off in assets as Over-leverage globalists start trying to Pay back some of their debts this Assumes though that they fail in their Efforts to control wages and interest Rates which seems likely if you've

Watched any of our videos about cbdcs You'll know that creating and Implementing these Technologies is also Easy ass set get them done you'll also Know that forcing people to adopt these Technologies and forcing them to use Them are two very different things the Former is easy the latter not so much in Any case if the globalists fail to Implement these Technologies then asset Prices will fall while Goods prices and Wages will rise in this environment you Want to focus on doing what so many of Us have tried to do in order to keep up In this environment and that's to Actually work hard preferably in Industries being reshored remember that Bringing operations back on Shore is Going to require unprecedented amounts Of energy and resources positioning Yourself to benefit from these Industries would be ideal you don't even Need to work in them per se you just Need to be close enough to these Industrial hubs to benefit by proxy this Relates to the second factor in managing The side effects of globalism and that's Location if we assume that the Globalists succeed in implementing cbdcs And the like then chances are that there Will be some countries and regions where Their reach will be non-existent or at Least not as pervasive it's hard to say Right now which countries and regions

These will be but it should become Evident as time goes on from our Perspective it appears that the Countries that are the least likely to Fall in line with globalist ideals are The ones which suffered from them the Most such as the bricks countries and Their allies the funny thing is that you May want to consider relocating even if The globalists fail to implement their Dystopian Tech that's just because some Countries will be incapable of onshoring Effectively be it due to resource or Manpower constraints Europe and the UK Seem to be at particular risk of this Outcome in some then surviving globalism And its inevitable collapse will involve Involve being Nimble in terms of your Investments work and location for now We're in a globalist environment which Means the only way to survive is to Mimic what the globalists are doing with Their Investments and moving to avoid Their grasp once we begin to enter a More nationalistic environment however Your survival will depend more on your Ability to work than your ability to Invest and this could likewise require Relocation just make sure though to pick A country that won't likely end up in a Kinetic War because of its nationalism We all know how that story Goes and that my friends is all for Today's video so if you found it helpful

Help us out by Smashing that like button If you want to keep getting this kind of Helpful content subscribe to the channel And ping that notification Bell if you Want to help others understand how to Survive globalism be sure to share this Video with them as always thank you all So much for watching and I will see you In the next one this is Guy signing off [Music]


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