GET RICH in Crypto (HERE is How) (Best 5 Ways) | Beginner’s Guide

You take your disposable income and you Decide to invest in a particular project You know that you want to take profit at X then once your first Target hits or Once you start to hit your targets you Then pull out your initial investment And you pull out some profit and so what You have is an asset that you own Essentially free and clear you've taken Your risk out you've removed money out And you can either take your disposable Income that you've pulled out as profit Invested somewhere else or the initial Income invest it somewhere else or maybe Take your family out Crypto wendio shares her top five tips On how you can get rich in crypto tick Tock's number one crypto female Influencer Wendy has had a lot of Success in crypto over the years and now She's here to share her secrets with you Without further Ado Wendy oh You have experience going from not a lot Of money if I could be so bold I'm not Exactly sure two you've made it in a lot Of people's minds their version of Making it I think you've made it now You're a humble person I don't know how Often you talk about this but I know a Little bit of your story so you know People are going to be looking at the Title and thinking what gives Wendy oh The authority to talk about this but I Know that you have plenty of authority

So you know give us a little bit of your History Wendy Um do you have experience going from not A lot of money to life-changing money Tell us how you did it feel free to brag A little bit okay well full disclosure I'm just a mom and I like to make peanut Butter sandwiches in the morning and for Lunch you know part of what we do Um but as far as me going from not Having a lot of money to being okay now Is was a journey and a lot of it was Self-education I taught myself how to Trade um I bought two used books on eBay And it was the beginner's guide to Technical analysis and the dummies guide To Candlestick charting and that's just Basically learning the understanding of Of charts and trading and on this show With you guys are with you I want to Talk about three things that people can Do to help them make a lot of money if That's okay Sure I'd love that let's guys if you're Watching at home which everybody is hit The like button support the content and Do you want to jump to number one Wendy Yeah well I might have four for you That's great okay so the first one is Very easy well it's not easy it's easy To find but it's hard work and that is Self-education I know all of you have 10 Minutes per day do you have 10 minutes Per day that you're like scrolling on

Some sort of social media app or just Wasting time Yeah when I follow you on Twitter trying To catch up with what's going on with Wendy oh but I could spare 10 minutes Okay so take 10 minutes away from you Know scrolling on Twitter whatever and Practice self-education Is 100 free website and it has the Basics of investing like open interest Technical analysis support and Resistance so spend times learning spend Time learning some of those terms and It's going to give you a little bit of a Trading or investing Edge also too There's a lot of free resources online They can people can definitely go to Altcoin Daily's Channel and get some of The breaking crypto news to help them Make good fundamental investing Decisions with their disposable income Stay informed guys subscribe to the Channel for continued education and Staying up to date on the market and Subscribe to Wendy's Channel Put your first tip Wendy is basically Don't take for granted that you need to Continually be educating yourself and You like resources like Investopedia you Said Free resources out there like Investopedia is free you can go and you Can Google up a lot of these different Terms a lot of the trading platforms you

Can actually demo trade on those and That's free you don't have to put any Capital up and then it kind of forces You to practice risk management I guess That kind of segues into the second Topic over here and that is having our Tip and that is having a trading or Investing plan that's knowing what Disposable income is how much disposable Income do you want to use do you have a Timeline how long do you want to stay in This particular investment like a dollar Cost averaging when do you want to cut Your position how much profit do you Want to make there's a lot of different Factors too and I get a lot of people Like well Wendy what exactly do I put in My trading or investing journal and my Answer is not the most favorable answer Because each person has different goals Than I do I know that you and I we have Different goals like I've got a Six-year-old I got to take care of and Then you just kind of hang out right That's right maybe one day but as far as I know no six-year-old yeah no Six-year-old yet but that's part of it Is understanding like what your goals And needs are what you want to prepare For what you want to plan for and how to Properly execute that and then I guess That goes into our wait wait so you're Saying number two was have a plan and Basically practice proper risk

Management because a lot of people just Come in and they put money somewhere Have really no plan to realize those Gains correct Okay following well let me ask you this Um have you ever had a 401k yes when we When did you plan to cash out that 401k Uh I don't know don't people cash it out When they're gonna retire right so you Actually did have an investing plan with Your 401k you were contributing money And you knew that you were going to cash It out right when you were able to Retire so you don't incur any penalties So I think we could take that same Concept and put it into crypto Bitcoin Stocks or whatever kind of assets you're Trading how long are you going to hold This Bitcoin for how long are you going To hold coin one two three four five It's good to have these types of ideas And this kind of segues us into our next Topic maybe potentially I don't know Yeah hit me with it all right I'm gonna Hit you with it boxing or Not just the info okay all right I'm Sorry I got excited here okay so the Next one is creating a moon bag and I'm Waiting for you to ask me what a moon Bag is yeah what is a what is a moon bag That sounds promising so a moon bag Basically means that you have first off You have a trading and investing plan You know a little bit about trading and

Investing you've got your disposable Income you've researched this great Project known as meme coin 69 420 one two three four five just Kidding just kidding just kidding Anyways it could be Bitcoin it could be Whatever it is you want so you take your Disposable income and you decide to Invest in a particular project you know That you want to take profit at X and You're planning to hold this for a Certain amount of time and then once Your first Target hits or once you start To hit your targets you then pull out Your initial investment and you pull out Some profit and this could be a Short-term trade this could be a Long-term trade this could be five years Ten years whatever whatever that is Whatever it looks like to you and so What you have is an asset that you own Essentially free and clear you've taken Your risk out you've removed money out And you can either take your disposable Income that you've pulled out as profit Invested somewhere else or the initial Income invest it somewhere else or maybe Take your family out but you still have Some Skin in the game with this asset so you Can still kind of participate with that Community especially in crypto and nfts Yeah so you're saying never sell Although you know step number two is

Have a plan to realize profit number Three is never sell or consider this Never sell 100 keep that Moon bag In you know like I don't know if you Mentioned this but like If you don't have a moon bag and say the Coin keeps shooting up you're going to Have intense fomo you're going to feel Like oh man I missed out I want to you Know buy more probably near the top But if you keep that Moon bag you'll Still be part of the community you'll Still be seeing your portfolio grow with With that amount but you've already Realized those gains with step number Two Yep and two if you do decide later on Like let's say you invest subpenny and Then project goes up to a penny and you Have 10 times your investment let's just Say for example but then the project Goes up to 10 cents like with a lot of People that got into Dogecoin early so You're able to remove additional profit As number continues to climb if that's Something that you do want to do so you Pretty much get to dictate what happens With that particular investment and You're in control Excellent Now was there a bonus yes let's I'd love To hear it all right so this is in Relation to nfts nfts are kind of new For the trading and investing our nfts

Still viable Wendy of course they are Why wouldn't they be I don't know I mean We had the one cycle of major nfts and Now Tell me give me the tip because I Wanna Know Okay so the tip here is Um well you're an actor right that's Right Okay filmmaker that's even more Important so you're an actor filmmaker You write a really cool piece and you Want to be able to get it self-funded Um you and your brother want to promote It however you want or let's say you Want to promote it however you want nfts Allow you complete ownership which is Super cool and let's say this piece that You create it completely goes viral and It becomes this cult classic like some Of these Disney movies or whatever that May be and then you're like you know What people might want to participate And have a per have a buy some of that Art project because technically it's art So they can you can fractionalize it do All kinds of stuff so nfts are still Here but I like to introduce the moon Bag concept with nfts because a lot of People they just buy one nft or they Meant one nft and they get that fomo and They don't want to sell it because the Community could ostracize them so what I Like to do is I like to Mint two nfts or

Buy two nfts number goes up I wait to what I try to do is I wait to Try to get enough profit to recoup my Initial investment and to cover the cost Of the other nft so I have a complete Moon bag of those that nft and then I Just kind of hang out I'm part of the Community I get to go to the fun parties And I've made additional capital and I Can go toss that into something else I like that I'd even go as far to say if You have the means get three nfts you Sell one initially with the pump you Keep one so you're forever in the Community and then you can sell one more If it ever really moons like board Apes Wow you just taught me something new oh My gosh Wendy really appreciate you coming on Today guys go subscribe to her down Below she's made it in crypto she was Humble at the beginning didn't really Give her story but she's you know this Is exactly what you know these best Practices she uses IUS people use to Really do well in crypto Wendy final Thoughts for the altcoin daily audience Final Alpha my final thoughts are you Guys should make sure that you are Subscribed to this Channel all coin Daily does a great job at breaking down Some of this complex news for you guys Also too one last piece of advice Believe in yourself you matter you're

Important and you will be able to make Money in any industry just as long as You have a set of rules for yourself Some of my set of rules include if I'm Traveling I don't like to trade if I'm Hungry I don't like to trade if I'm Tired swapping any of that type of stuff So just make sure that you have a set List of rules you figure out what works For you what doesn't work for you Journal your trades and investment focus On both the winnings and the losings and Take notes as to what worked and what Didn't work and understand why and if You're starting to feel like you're Gonna get into a losing trade go back And look at some of your previous trades And see how that worked out for you you Got this People are going to say it's too simple I wanted some crazy complex advice but Honestly those are the people who need To hear it the most Wendy thank you so Much for coming on today


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