Gary Gensler admits DEFEAT w BlackRock Bitcoin ETF! JPMorgan is buying Ethereum!

Gary Gensler just admitted that a spot Bitcoin ETF is inevitable something big Is happening in crypto JP Morgan Chase Says ethereum will likely outperform Bitcoin in 2024 but wait a minute didn't Jamie Diamond just fud crypto to Congress last week I've always been Deeply opposed to crypto Bitcoin Etc you Pointed out the only true use case for It is criminals drug traffickers anti Money loaring tax avoidance and that is A use case uh because it is somewhat Anonymous not fully and because you can Move money instantaneously and because It doesn't go through as you mentioned All these systems have built up over Many years nor your customer sanctions Ofac it's they can get bypass all of That I if I was the governments I'd Close it down but if you pull the Curtain back and look to see what They're actually doing instead of just What they're saying you will see that JP Morgan is currently changing its Business model to incorporate and fit Into an Ever increasingly crypto World On September 12th Jamie Diamond says Bitcoin is a fraud he says he'll fire Anyone of his Traders buying Bitcoin Bitcoin drops 24% when Jamie Diamond Speaks people listen people listen so That weekend we found out that the Largest buyer of a of a Bitcoin fund That's in Europe that buys physical

Bitcoin right the largest buyer was Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan and that's Not Illegal he says it's a fraud says he Fire anyone that buys yes and at the Same time his company is buying it his Company is buying it so IR it's just I Mean so unethical so what's their why Why are they saying that ethereum will Likely outperform Bitcoin next year JP Morgan expects ethereum to outperform Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 202 24 quote we believe that next year Ethereum will reassert itself and Recapture market share within the Cryptocurrency ecosystem JP Morgan Analyst wrote in a note on Wednesday he Continues the main catalyst for this is The EIP 4844 upgrade or Proto dank Sharding which is expected to take place During the first half of 2024 we believe That this ethereum upgrade will likely Prove a bigger step towards improving Ethereum network activity thus helping Ethereum to outperform now if you're Unfamiliar Proto sharding is an initial Step towards the full implementation of Dank sharding a more efficient form of Sharding for ethereum this upgrade is Particularly beneficial for layer 2 Networks like arbitrum and optimism as It provides an additional temporary data Space to increase Network throughput and Reduce transaction fees for layer 2

Networks On eth In in essence data blobs Enhance the efficiency of layer 2 Networks without altering the ethereum Block size so this is going to make Doing transactions on ethereum very Cheap this is going to make ethereum Itself very very usable for Builders for Users for daps you know I think JP Morgan is right to analyze ethereum in This way because even listening to Vitalic vitalic says after this upgrade Ethereum will pretty much be 100% done Meaning ready for Prime Time ready for Mainstream when can we call ethereum Done if we really have to call it done End of 2023 2023 is going to be the year When rollups really come to maturity we Have 4844 that gives robs more space and We have the trading wheels on rollups Like really get weakened a lot that kind Of gets us to like most of charting Being finished and then rups going fully Trust us and then there is full tank Charting for me person personally I Think after the changes that would be The first points where I would feel Comfortable saying even if nothing else Happens past that point I would be happy With ethereum if we need to we can stop There we're not going to stop there Right and we want to kind of like go Ahead and try to actually make sure that The ethereum ecosystem gets support 500 Million users before the bull where 500

Million users are knocking on the door Actually ends up happening that's Probably the next part of the future the Transition from ethereum as this kind of Very theoretical ecosystem that still Discovering and finding itself to Ethereum as an ecosystem that actually Is you know tries to be useful and Usable and uh you know secure and and All those things and like actually Provide value for hundreds of millions Of people so it's interesting that JP Morgan realizes this about theum they're Paying attention and they're changing Their business model around to fit their Investment thesis and this is the time To make your cryptocurrency predictions For the next year I'm curious to know What you think in the comments below you Know something I think I shared a series Of these subscribe to us on X to see the Full list but one of my predictions for This coming year is salana becomes a top Five blockchain by market cap and users And then speculation for a salana ETF Will begin what do you think about this Hey let me know your predictions in the Comments below the fact is this if you Believe something has a fundamental Durable value prop and it is being fed To All Hell by every body on this site That's the time to accumulate this has Been true since forever ask the S Bros From the deep Bearer who bought it when

The chorus here was saying that it was Dead and it I'm extremely bullish on the Next year of cryptocurrency and I get it Making your first $10,000 trading Altcoins is hard but once you achieve This the next $10,000 becomes that much Easier do you realize that combined with The ETF the Bitcoin having is one of the Biggest catalysts we have in crypto There are five phases of the Bitcoin Having this is the ultimate guide for 2023 and 2024 you can see the phases Right here let's let wrecked Capital Describe this to you enjoy this one Minute summary right here we're going to Be focusing on the five phases of the Bitcoin Haring the preh Haring period is When we see lots of upside deviation Lots of downside deviation and also Sometimes just plain consolidation and After that preh harving period we'd see A preh harving rally 2 months before the Haring event in 2016 we saw a breakout From this re accumulation range to new Highs but in 2019 we had to First crash Before recovering in a v-shaped reversal To Rally to these highs that we've Struggled with before entering into Preing retrace which is phase three can Be anything from 20% downside to 38% Downside but once we clear beyond all Those phases we tend to see Reaccumulation and the same thing occurs After Haring 2016 as well and then

Finally phase five where we see post Harving parabolic price action once we Break out from the reaccumulation range Of multiple weeks maybe even multiple Months we tend to see parabolic price Action towards the upside all the way to New alltime highs and look Satoshi Nakamoto is actually more of a genius Than People realize when it comes to Bitcoin's tokenomics and the havs Bitcoin's Havingsex here a lot of people admire Satoshi nakamoto's genius in in creating Bitcoin but his genius actually goes a Little further than that if you look at The Bitcoin having events you have them Plotted on your chart and you look at Where they are with the S&P 500 and then You also bring up the US election cycle And plot that on the chart well they Both line up pretty much at the same Exact time the Intentional done by Satoshi usually we Have the having just before the election And inauguration same thing in 2021 Having takes place just before the Election and inauguration and in this Case that will happen once again April Will be the having Then followed by the Election and usually on average what we Have is a bullish Market going into These election Cycles turns out Satoshi's genius goes a lot deeper than We thought hey make sure you subscribe

To us on YouTube we bring you one video Every day keeping you informed on Everything going on in crypto and again You need to know what to look for you Need to know who to follow to really see What's going on so what are we talking About well Google has just updated its Crypto ad policy amid January spot Bitcoin ETF anticipation so Google Updates its crypto ad policy for the Spot Bitcoin ETF check this out Google Is revising its crypto ad policy to Include the advertising of Cryptocurrency coin trusts targeting the United States the recent update due to Be enacted on January 29th will enable Google Certified advertisers to promote Such products provided that they meet The tech Giants requirements this change Will allow cryptocoin trusts to serve Ads targeting the US provided they Complete our certification process and Have voluntarily registered with the SEC By filing form 102g and this is not a one-off thing This is a continuation Google's crypto Policies have regularly been updated Over time in September Google enabled Advertisers to promote nft games using Its services as long as they are not Advertising gambling related content in April Google allowed the promotion of Hardware wallets in June 2021 Google's Rules were updated to allow crypto

Software hot wallet promotion targeting The US in addition to cryptocurrency Exchanges and with black rock and others Meeting with the SE EC about their ETFs On a near daily basis Gary Gensler is Quietly admitting defeat on bitcoin ETFs He says quote we're taking a new look at This based on court rulings there's a Lot going on in cryptocurrency my Friends make sure you subscribe Gary Gensler just admitted that a spot Bitcoin ETF is inevitable approval Process going for spot Bitcoin ETF I Know you're facing a window in early January what does that look like well Sarah we have I think it's between eight And a dozen filings I I'm a chair of a Commission I'm not to prejudge anything So that's going through the process Right now uh and as you might know uh we Had in the past uh uh denied a number of These applications but the courts uh Here in the District of Columbia uh Weighed in on that and so we're taking a New look at this uh based upon those Court Rulings Market's excited about it


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