Gary Cardone – Bitcoin Price Will EXPLODE! [Turn $1k into $1M]

I can't buy any more watches Villas Airplanes homes like I'm getting rid of Stuff and then going oh let me take that And put it in Bitcoin now is the time to Buy Bitcoin if it can go to 1 million it Can go to 10 billion finite is finite Which means the price could go infinite And it should go infinite at least According to entrepreneur and investor Gary Cardone we haven't even seen come To the table yet it's not even shown up I mean I just went through metrics with Bitwise it's freak staggering I've been Doing this my whole life I have never Seen data like this the conversation in This interview gets real what's your Number one piece of advice to go from $1,000 to a million so smash the like Button this is the perfect video to send To somebody who truly wants to Understand the bull case for Bitcoin now Let me introduce Our Guest Gary Cardone Joining us today to share some rather Interesting Alpha on the Bitcoin crypto Market he is a lifelong entrepreneur Founder of Cardone digital Ventures into Bitcoin blockchain AI Gary how are you Doing today good man I'm doing awesome If you're not doing awesome this week in Bitcoin there's something wrong with you You need to go see your psychologist get A little retrained exactly exactly I was Surprised in the past year or so seeing You come

Out such a Bitcoin bll is that a fair Way to describe you it seems like you're Really into It well when I come out of the closet I Do come out I mean I just come on all The way out but I study something really Really I mean you don't you didn't see The the student in me for the prior Three years but yes I have absolutely Come out probably a little bit over a Year and really have come out of the Closet I think this might be the most Awesome investment opportunity I have Ever seen in my life by many many Factors and I've been blessed to see Like four monster waves so yeah you're Absolutely correct I've come out very Very bullish uh with my pocketbook not Just theoretical exercise by the way so Please you know break down your Bitcoin Investment thesis simply for us like Obviously you and me are both Believers But you know for the folks at home on The fence not really sure like really Bitcoin like what is your investment Thesis well uh you're the perfect got to Ask that question uh you and I you're an Identical twin correct correct and you Know better than than anybody here other Than you and I that you are no more like Your brother than I am like my brother That I am so unique so Finite and Humanity doesn't even know how to treat

That over the history of thousands of Years what do we do to people that have Differences than we do we make them Wrong So if we can't even value finite in Human creature creative terms I'm quite Certain that we are under grossly Incapable of placing a Financial dollar Number that replicates the value of Something that is truly finite and that Cannot be artificially increased in the Volume of the production of that product So this is why I I think everything ends Up being sucked into Bitcoin because Finite uh there isn't any other finite No oil no gas no natural gas no gasoline No diesel no nuclear weapons Land concrete everything can be built Infinitely if you have enough money and Energy and that cannot happen in Bitcoin And that changes everything that is that These power models that everybody's Talking about I got it you went to Stanford and Harvard a never modeled This never there is not a model for this So power to the law of six billion I Think is more to the 21 million is going To be gonna that's what's got me so Interested because my first background Was In the the most important Commodities on The planet outside of food which is oil And natural gas and electricity and

Anytime the price goes goes over 100 Bucks man oil just floods the market Natural gas goes to three bucks natural Gas floods the market we're going to see What finite really looks like and it's Going to show up in the value that's Placed on just that one characteristic Of Bitcoin which I maintain it has 13 Characteristics that are really really Important to me but the finite Characteristic of a Bitcoin is by Far if if that were the only reason for Me to invest in Bitcoin it would be far Enough So Bitcoin just fundamentally so Different so game-changing you're Bullish but then in this like macro Backdrop do you think this is still Bitcoin's time or how do you see you Know Bitcoin is so unique but at this Time in the world how do you think about It I mean dude this is this is 15y old I Like to keep things really simple this Is the only 15y old I Know n Nvidia is a a $2.3 trillion Market cap company I don't know what its Earnings are going to report Tonight um it's been in the making for 25 years it makes machines it is most Definitely not a finite resource Bitcoin it's time has come to be on the World stage I don't know any other 15 Year olds that have been invited in Every private Country Club on planet

Earth Bitcoin has a membership forever Now into every country club 99 for the Largest companies in the world just Dropped a 100 million each a 100 million Each into these ETFs and they're the Small money they're the small money Coming to this if you don't jump on this Train right now to me this is the least Risk lowest price anyone's ever been Able to invest in Bitcoin ever ever even The $30 guys the $3 guys the 3 Cent guys Okay this is the cheapest Point $70,000 with what we know today and we Have war is sitting on our doorstep gold And silver are performing as as if we're Going to war The World Is In conflict With everything all the old constructs Any construct Between players on the global chess Board that were agreed to in the last 20 Years they're all being Deconstructed why they're failing to Live in the world we're moving into They're they're literally analog models Like a little Remember the the little trains that you Used to play with when you and your Brother well they don't have any of Those anymore because they're boring They got cool things now like remote Control helicopters and you know so We're not going to go back To uh horse and Buggy we're probably going to move into

A world where you and I aren't allowed To drive on a highway because we become The risk factor right so we're going to Digitize planet Earth this is the way I Got really really psyched up about Bitcoin we are digitizing planet Earth And nothing analog is coming with It it's not going to even participate Dude it's it's like throwing a woman Into uh you know a Mike Tyson Fight I that's a great analogy um and I Totally agree with you the world is only Trending more digital uh you know people Are only countries only getting more Authoritative the world is only you know Shoving us into these more centralized Options we need a decentralized digital Uh way to opt out like Bitcoin now you Say that you put your money where your Mouth is could you give us some Indication how much you put in a Bitcoin well now you know that you Should never ask that question Ain shame On you for asking me how much Bitcoin I Have what a Heresy uh let me let me put it this way There's a number of different answers One not enough yet Two let's talk about liquid Networth my My job here is to educate I have no Interest in influencing anyone to do Anything I about how bad my Education was and I think the education Around the planet's horrible so instead

Of just bitching I'm like okay I'll Spend a few hours a week and make my Contribution based on what I know and I'm just sharing my journey with other People of how I'm looking at my own Investment so this is just me talking to Me about how I run my money and my kids Money if they're good if they behave Themselves but I I think about this as An allocation between net worth what is My total worth liquid and illiquid Versus liquid net worth okay so I've Allocated 85 88% of all my liquid net worth in the Bitcoin wow There are businesses and activities that I have that if they were all to Liquidate tomorrow Morning uh and it's large sums of money Uh if $200 million for instance dropped Into me tomorrow because I liquidated One of my companies I would deploy 88 to 90% of that into Bitcoin most certainly I would do it like right now this second Today I wouldn't even DCA and I just go Blow it in um And and the reason for that is that Unlike most of the people that are Listening to this they're going to think Hey this guy's Crazy uh the truth is great wealth is Not made by Diversification okay so if you think Diversification is a strategy to get

Rich you're wrong diversification is a Strategy that is deployed once you get Rich and you get Scared okay I've done this now five Times I will repeat it over and over Find a freaking problem get really Involved in it and put all your chips on The damn table and don't take outside Money like I've never taken anybody's Money from debt or other investors I Just keep investing in my own company Like node 4y you know I deployed some of My Bitcoin money into node 40 so that Because I see node 40 is an awesome tool To be able to track all this digital Things that we're going to do in the Future in brief I se 40 in your bio what Is node 40 node 40 is a institutional Grade Financial Context Computing system that basically Turns any smart contracts Bitcoin Doge Whatever whatever digital assets that You've been playing with investing in it Protects you from a Draconian overreach Of an IRS an inland revenue of saying Hey I need this much money it literally Will take any portfol folio and spin out Technologically a quality of earnings of What actually happened where the money Came from when it moved how it moved was It a liquidation event or was it just a Transfer uh it's my way of protecting my Children from getting scavenged over a Billion dollars in Bitcoin when I'm dead

Dude when I'm dead like people aren't Thinking about this if this stuff is Worth a million dollars one day Bitcoin's worth a million dollars and I Think it will be you better be treating It like it's a million milon doll today And that means keeping records right all The old stuff Aon all the old stuff that That the analog world needed reporting Analytics forensics audits that all is Going to continue in the new world the Problem is you're not going to use a Spreadsheet to do it or a pencil and an Eraser 46% of people holding Bitcoin are Going to get a Divorce 100% are going to die every Bitcoin holder is a Seller you're all sellers dude the Question is going to be when you sell it Is it a force sale and does the force Sale actually help your family or are You actually going to get hammered by Professionals Auditors $1,700 an hour lawyers who don't have Any capacity to measure this stuff and The flaws I've seen in accounting on This is staggering so to me I'll Continue continue to buy if I can invest In companies that help make this space More radically available to Legacy Players that's good for the industry Definitely now let me ask you this Gary Because you mentioned you think like Kathy Wood like a lot of smart people

You think Bitcoin eventually hits $1 Million my question for you though is in The context of this cycle whatever that Is you know the next couple years one to Three Years finish this sentence I think bit Coin clears at least this Price what what's the time period I just Want to be clear on the duration it is What is that yeah this cycle so you know A lot of people you know in the past With bitcoin's fouryear Cycles a lot of People would think that the cycle would Top out near Q3 Q4 of 2025 so we have Less than two years but you know it's Probably not going to happen exactly Like the past so I try to keep it a Little bit ambiguous it was more like You know eventually bitco is going to Top out for the cycle consolidate and Then keep going to a million I was just Wondering what your number was for like This Cycle I don't know and and so I'll Finish I'll finish the sence will be my Answer I don't care okay I don't care Because I'm not in it for the cycle I Think that's the wrong way to look at it Is the this cycle this cycle is 8 to 12 Years of the Greatest transfer of power power man We're talking about not just wealth Power and freedom this planet has ever Seen

Ever okay that my 75 year old sister or Your 12y old sister can invest in Bitcoin today has never happened before Okay there's been never any time when Their big old gold mine is found and the Slaves get to trolley through it before The Big Boys show up never okay the Kings and the Queen que always get That's mine thank you very much and they Give a little Penance to the guy that Found it or shoot him in the back of the Head um this is truly a remarkable event And if you believe that we're digitizing This shouldn't even be about money see Quite Frankly the only reason Kathy and other People are going a million dollars is That dude if it can go to one million it Can go to 10 billion that there when Finite is finite which means the price Could go infinite and it should go Infinite If there is a lock I know people that Spend 600 Grand on a automobile man I Know rock stars that'll spend $20,000 on Some Sneakers okay or half a million dollars On a watch I mean I got a $3,000 watch Here and I probably paid too much for it Half a million dollars for a watch There's 21 million units when these People figure Out okay oh my God there's first off There is nothing finite on planet Earth

Never had has been except human beings And what do we do to them treat them Like Humanity does not have the Ability to measure finite isn't that Crazy huh that is crazy so so I don't Know what the Cycle's going to do but I Know I'm going to get bloody bloody Rich Over the next 10 years and be happy Doing it and that I'm able to front run The biggest money on planet Earth which By the way we haven't even seen come to The table yet dude it's not even shown Up I mean I just went through metrics With bitwise it's freaking staggering Man like I I've been doing this my whole Life I have never seen data like this Let me ask you this you do I sound Bullish enough to you yeah you sound Pretty bullish and in our last few Questions I want to ask you about the Crypto Market as a whole you know some Of the spaces you do it's like Bitcoin Centric and there's a lot of reason to Be you know bullish on bitcoin first and Foremost it is you know uh finite um but You know the cryptocurrency market is Exploding would you say you're bullish On crypto as Well Crypto no I I mean so you're more of a Maxim Maximalist I'm a Bitcoin first guy okay Uh and this is the way I look at it Because I get grief from both sides it's

I've never seen kind of this Dynamic it Does bug me a little bit but I think It's the maturity level it's the Hypocrisy that pisses me off more than Anything but that's for a different Conversation um I think a lot of people Are changing their tune with like Larry Thinkink and you know bitwise and you Know all these high players saying hey We think there's value Here well there is value look look we Are tokenizing planet Earth it's going To happen it's going to happen because There's a lot of money in doing it and Also there's a if you really roll Out it's going to save a lot of Industries like real estate will be Saved by tokenization of multi dwelling And Commercial Real Estate and I think That's what the Larry thinks and the Hench Cliffs understand that's the real Play for them um but but the crypto World is a toilet bowl and that doesn't Mean there's not some good stuff in that Toilet bowl the problem is when you have An FTX and it flushes out even the good Stuff gets washed down so is a salana Going to be a player look I don't know I Mean maybe probably there's so much to Do but what these other companies and Entities and thought leaders are doing Is they're looking at Bitcoin saying Look it's not perfect okay it's not

Perfect nothing's perfect until it's all Built you have like we're C dude we have Released Ferraris into a world and There's no highways there's no stop Signs there's no red lights yield signs You don't even have a regulatory process We're using 1930 rules and constructs we Have congressmen and Senators who have Bitcoin on their Balance sheet today and I think they're Just figuring it out dude in the next Six months we're going to know that Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi both Have Bitcoin on their freaking balance Sheet think about it oh no no no dude It's absolutely happening when you see The list of ETF providers there's no way These rich FS aren't being allocated Bitcoin and if it's not in this round It's getting ready to be in the next Round because the next round is going to Be the Wirehouses so every congressman and Senator that you know I got a letter From a congresswoman today hey what do You think about this bill we want to Know what you think about this bill is The right thing this is uh the one that Just came out like six hours ago or Something so they're all gonna own it Dude because they're going to get Allocated into the ATF see this is Really awesome and once they get see oh Wow 200 ,000 went to 450 well they're

Going to vote against it no chance They're going to support it ethereum Looks to be getting an ETF are you an Eth guy Or I own 11 I own 11 eth man oh really That's my that's my bag I sold all the Ethereum I had I I had a balanced Portfolio and I just I didn't like it I The more I looked at Bitcoin the more I Like Bitcoin and ethereum are not the Same thing not even close if V talic Gets hit by an airplane in his if he Dies in his airplane ethereum prices Will go down you'd be stupid to think That a 30-year-old kid in his team could Like over five six years create this Organization that would be so well Refined that it could handle a death Like that I I just you know I mean what Dogecoin isn't gonna have a change of Elon like I have an option on I bought Dogecoin if Elon does I think Dogecoin Goes up as a piece of M memorabilia so I Bought Dogecoin I think Dogecoin is a Better investment than ethereum for that Reason and that reason Only but for me it's a call option it's A call option on X working and they will Need a payment Rail and why wouldn't They use a token like that you wouldn't Want to use Bitcoin to do trades inside X dude like I ain't using my gold I Don't use my my my 50 caliber m107 Barrett

To shoot a Woodpecker right I use a BB Gun right why would I waste that ammo I Using Bitcoin to buy potato chips makes No sense to me but using a coin a token What's the US dollar it's a token Man okay it's just a piece of paper Though it's a really analog token so Some of these guys are going to work uh Some won't Bitcoin will be the stable Player and I'm cool with people Competing with Bitcoin it'll make Bitcoin better more competitive faster And it gives us time to for for full Adoption fullon Global Adoption this is the way markets really Work and no matter what you want this is How markets work you have Competition I appreciate you giving us Your thought process it's interesting to Hear what you think on bitcoin and Crypto and everything one of my final Questions for you Gary and I encourage Everybody to go follow him check out his Links below is this might be more of Like a big picture almost business Advice but certainly can be related to Crypto but you you know you're a Successful entrepreneur a lot of people Watching want to be where you are what's Your number one piece of advice to go From a, do to a million dollars like Entrepreneurial advice or investing I Would find people that I could really

Believe in that I can validate like when You ask me hey how much Bitcoin own I Don't get all freaked out about I'm like A lot not enough but you like hundreds And hundreds I would like I think a Thousand is the right allocation for me With what I want to do with my the the Rest of my life uh it'll take me a lot Of pain to get there but I think I can Get there uh I would grab hold of people That um you you know really have quality Value and learn from them like be be Willing to be an apprentice you know be Willing to learn from instead of looking At all these books it's not teaching Anyone and then work your ass off man And and the best way to turn a th000 Into a million would Be go do some labor add 10 hours or 20 Hours to your work week be the best Bitcoin miner you can be which is Generate Fiat immediately turn that Fiat Into Bitcoin and then hold on and do nothing And go back to work okay go go mow the Grass go do whatever you need to do to Make some more money and turn it into Bitcoin you will be the most successful Bitcoin miner in the history of mankind Without stealing Electricity because that's where the Great Bitcoin miners came from right They stole the electricity and then they Got a bunch of Bitcoin for free 300

Bucks um so you know and get around high Quality people man always high quality People I really appreciate your Perspective today Gary thank you so much Everybody check out his below just you Know final question give us your final Thoughts on bitcoin what you want the Audience to know about Bitcoin and Certainly plug anything you want to plug As well to me one should ask themselves Why like I didn't need to come into this Industry I don't need to do this why Would a guy like me be like I'll engage With a young guy like you and your Brother and um spend time talking about This it there must be something and I'm Not getting paid for it what other than Me getting some likes and hey look at Gary uh there's quite a bit of work as You know yeah and uh there must be Something really really important here And for me to share so openly The Wager I'm making is really my testimony to one This is how I've done my whole life is Make these big big big bets real Consolidated hey I'm all in bro This if I had some more like I'm just Looking around dude trying if I could Sell my art That I really love doing and buy Bitcoin I would do that because I think it's a Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and when One of these comes along look ju ju this Is where all am ask yourself this

Weekend what have you run across in your Life that is Finite that is cannot be Manufactured okay other than human Beings which we tend to Devalue what have you you seen in your Life that is truly finite and if you Come up with the same answer I came up Which is I don't know Anything then I'm pretty sure Bitcoin is Going to be the greatest investment Opportunity with the least amount of Risk like I sleep like a baby man I Don't look at my the prices all the time I don't give up what the price is the Only time I want to know what the price Is oh it dropped $20,000 dude sell Something okay sell the damn Sell a house sell something but right Now what I'm doing I'm doing exactly What I just told you to do hey go most Some more grass produce some more Fiat Take the Fiat every month dude I have Real estate with my brother I get Distributions this is this is like I I Disagree with a lot of the O ogs that Are going hey we're going to take money From pensions and bonds and real estate We don't need to take anything from Anything what about all those Distributions just rolling into Bitcoin Because these people people like me We're already Max allocated all this I can't buy any more watches Villas

Airplanes homes like I'm getting rid of Stuff and then going oh let me take that And put it in a Bitcoin this is a 15-year-old child that's been welcomed Into every rich country club on the Planet dude that's awesome I get to buy A little piece of that action in the First decade of its lifespan wow To me it's an o'r how's that for an Ending I appreciate it Gary I appreciate It I love it guys smash the like button Check out Gary stuff below appreciate You Gary thank you appreciate what you Guys are doing keep up the great work


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