Garry Gensler gets grilled by Congress | Highlight

Let me be clear chairman guinsler our Patience is wearing thin among your Expansive rulemaking uh agenda items There is not a single initiative aimed At improving access to Capital your Efforts to choke off the digital asset Ecosystem which has created real harm For consumers and our markets is clear To all you refuse to be transparent with Congress regarding your interactions With FTX and sand bankman freed your Lack of responsiveness to this Committee's legitimate oversight Continues to be unacceptable and you Should not want to be the first SEC Chair to receive a congressional Subpoena I'm looking at for the American Investors who've been hurt by the crypto Mr kler despite your years of rhetoric Like today I'm convinced you are not an Impartial regulator instead it's clear That you are working to consolidate your Own power even though it means crushing Opportunities for everyday Americans it Cannot be understated that a common Theme throughout your career sir is your Relentless loyalty to the largest Financial institutions at the clear Expense of innovation competition and Everyday Americans


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